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Monday, December 31, 2012

UsuryFree Time-Based Currency

...  The Best Alternative Currency!
By Tom J. Kennedy

Information about the usuryfree time currency movement and/or actions by ‘usuryfree creatives’ is being shared with we-the-people at kitchen tables, in small community workshops, at university lectures, on the internet and through audio and video presentations. A new way of economic thinking is being unveiled for this 21st Century as we-the-people seek to empower ourselves and re-build our respective local communities.
Orthodox economists of the 20th Century adhered to the concept that ‘whoever owns the gold makes the rules.’ This catchy phrase was translated to mean that the usury elitists (the banking syndicate) who controlled the creation of the world’s money, (unknown to the masses) likewise controlled the world’s raw materials and therefore controlled the distribution and sale of all popular commodities consumed by we-the-people.
The ‘usuryfree creatives’ of this 21st Century are teaching we-the-people to empower ourselves by the simple action of creating our own ‘usuryfree’ time currency which are really IUO’s (for time) created by the issuer to complete an immediate trade whereby the holder of the IUO accepts to defer his trade to the future. These usuryfree, time-based IOU’s are backed by the honesty, integrity, skills, talents and/or products created and/or distributed by the issuer of the IOU.
This action of we-the-people creating and spending our own ‘usuryfree’ time currency thwarts the traditional control by the greedy action of the usury elitists who would rather we-the-people continue to use their currency (our federal dollars) and pay them a fee (interest which ought to be correctly called usury). Why should we-the-people continue to use their currency and pay them a fee (usury) when we-the-people can now create and spend our own time-based currency for FREE? Think about it! Really think about it !!
During the 19th and 20th centuries, the usury elitists of this world stole and secured the world’s wealth by controlling consumer markets for products manufactured from raw materials. At every step of the process from raw materials, to factories to distribution networks, every enterprise sought loans from bankers and we-the-people paid the usury because every free enterpriser factored the usury component into the selling price of all products and/or services. In summary, every product or service offered for sale has a “usury” component that is added at every level of the process from the manufacturing to the final retail store and consumers simply pay a higher price because of the “usury” factor.
During the latter decades of the 20th Century various distribution gurus surfaced to provide the convenience of one-stop shopping for the masses who were often too busy working to earn the money to pay their taxes and usury to consider how they were being scammed. These distribution gurus and their shareholders amassed fortunes of money from we-the-people who agreed to surrender the growth of local communities by choosing to spend their money with the real enemy - the usury elitists. Consider how during the 1980’s and 1990’s the big box stores and the giant corporate retailers flooded urban and rural areas of North America with a high cost of economic fallout for local communities everywhere with a 60 miles radius of the convenient one-stop commerce centre.
The ‘usuryfree creatives’ of this 21st Century are no longer subservient to the usury elitists. Neither are they focused on creating a need and then offering solution that will create them (and their shareholders) wheelbarrows full of money by offering a solution to the need that they created. Instead, the ‘usuryfree’ creatives advocate transforming the basic ideas that have conditioned we-the-people to believe the lies, deceit and deception about the actual creation of money.
The ‘usuryfree creatives’ create demand by teaching we-the-people how to resolve our economic shortage by the simple action of creating and spending our own ‘usuryfree’ time-based currency. Yes, the solution is so simple that it repels the mind.
Additionally, the ‘usuryfree creatives’ seek to shift we-the-people away from the usury-based federal currency created and managed by the banking syndicate of usury elitists. The ‘usuryfree creatives’ are encouraging we-the-people to shop locally, that’s with home-based enterprisers and small to medium-sized community businesses thereby supporting quality demand while willingly sacrificing quantity demand. By wilfully choosing to spend our money differently we-the-people can receive better service (quality demand) from our respective home-based and local businesses while we only have to slightly compromise on the size and amount or products purchased (quantity demand) by avoiding the big box stores and giant corporate retailers.The growth of the SDI (Self Directed Income)industry and the realization by more and more ‘re-educated’ individuals that indeed we-the-people can now create and spend our own ‘usuryfree’ time-based currency is driving these new engines of economic progress. More details at the SDI Eye Opener.
Without a doubt, ‘usuryfree,’ time-based economics will lead the way in transforming our global society from one of war, poverty, scarcity and lack to one of abundance, prosperity, peace and plenty before 2020. No one will be left behind in this new ‘usuryfree’ society with its new economic rules for ‘usuryfree’ living. Everyone will be able to pursue his/her passion as a free enterpriser in a world of unified co-operation where we will become honourable stewards of property rather than greedy and selfish owners protecting our scarcity from others.
Indeed, the ‘usuryfree creatives’ are leading the way as they implement the UsuryFree Resolution to create a ‘usuryfree,’ time-based currency for the whole planet. This UsuryFree Resolution will resolve the centuries of damage on modern society inflicted by the enforcement of a flawed economic system whereby the function of usury was the killer part of the financial machinery, though most of the drivers (employees within the various sectors of the financial syndicate) and most of the passengers (the majority of we-the-people) were completely unaware of its potential and how easily this killer machine could have been fixed.
Much thanks goes to John C. ‘The Engineer’ Turmel whose tireless crusade along with his genius Bank Math has played a significant role in exposing ‘usury’ as the design flaw in the orthodox economic system of usury-based, debt money.


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