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Monday, January 21, 2013

How Private Usury Subverted the American Revolution

How Private Usury Subverted the American Revolution: How the War of Independence was lost with the Signing of the CONstutution.

"Before and after 1776 gold and silver loaned as private debt with interest was the basis for the money system. Unfortunately, their were no gold and silver mines in the former colonies, therefore they remained DEPENDENT on European bankers for a money supply. Just a DeBeers has a private monopoly over a semi-precious stone called a diamond. DeBeers engineers scarcity of diamonds to keep the value high. The difference is we are not required to used diamonds to pay our mortgage, private debts and taxes. Before and after the phony War of Independence Americans were required to use scarce gold/silver to pay their debts. While food and organic commodities were abundant they had no gold and silver. Usury made their debts compound and made debt contracts even more unpayable. Loan defaults, foreclosures, bankruptcies and loss of sovereignty were a mathematic certainty. Usury is the weaponization of the "love of money". Usury is an asset confiscation racket.

Private usury rules behind the scenes with either a monarchy, Articles of Confederation, CONstututional Republic, democracy, parliament, communism or a fascist dictatorship. It doesn't matter what form of government debt slaves choose for themselves so long as the private interest is collected. That private interest can be called taxes, if it makes the debt slaves happy. The debt slaves can vote for a new "administration" to collect revenue for the private usurers. It's better PR for the private bankers to have the political theater of an election so the debt slaves believe they have choice. But, as George Carlin says "you have no choice. you have owners". 

Indeed we have owners even if NO GOVERNMENT EXISTED. Governments are merely the private collection company for private usury. Almost all governments have been replaced by municipal corporations. Everything already has been privatized therefore we live under anarchy already. There is NO GOVERNMENT. Let's take that further. If there were no government, or private corporate revenue collectors we would still be debt slaves. The private bankers would then need to hire private individuals to seize property. That could be done with private debt courts and sheriffs all paid with the same control currency based upon debt and interest.

"Whoever pays the piper picks the tune". If enforcers are paid with private debt money; they will represent the interests of the private debt "money power". Or, as Jesus called them "the den of thieves". He exposed the "money changers" and their usury theft. The "money changers" had the mercanary Roman soldiers do the execution. Private usury has been warring on humanity for thousands of years. This is why Jews, Christians and Muslims all forbid usury before they were corrupted by that very same power.

The ONLY way the enforcers will protect the People from the private usurers is if; the People must pay with usury-free money! "The only REAL revolution is usury-free monetary reform and a Jubilee" -Wayne Walton. The colonists rebelled for this very reason. They wanted usury-free paper barter scrip and a debt Jubilee. They were losing their farms with scarce gold/silver money based upon usury. Usury is a means of terretorial conquest! They risked their lives fighting the British as they thought that they would live under sacred economics found in the Bible. They fought for Jubilee debt forgiveness and abundant usury-free paper money. The "money changers" financed both sides of the Revolution as is the norm. The "money power" will often "lower the flag" to give righteous warriers the illusion of victory. Meanwhile, the same cabal remains in charge with a new "form of government" usury collection.

Under the Articles of Confederation America was under near anarchy. The private usurers' tyranny was very naked as the Articles were very weak. The war against the King was over but the former colonists remained debt slaves. Elite lawyers had performed a bait and switch with the Jubilee. Debts were high and gold and silver money was scarce just as prior to the war. Farmers in western Massechusettes owed debts to the same Boston area financial interests. The same debt courts were foreclosing on their farms with the same sheriffs enforcing the same noxious, unpayable, usury-based contracts. Back then it was very obvious that the private bankers held the power. There was very little government to insulate the "money power" from the ire of the People. With a weak government the tyranny of "the den of thieves" was very obvious". The "money power" rules with big government, small government or even no government". Usury bankrupts the People on gold, silver, paper or digital money creation and lending.

The study of Shays' Rebellion gives great insight into the non-solution of simply creating "free markets". A "free market" for currency is like "free trade"; each destroys the sovereign independence of self-sufficient communities. The "free market" for currency rarely offers usury-free solutions. As the private usurers own all of the land on the planet, they will require loans to be paid with interest. That money will be issued by private usurers as a debt with interest. Competing control commodities based on usury will be the necessary forms of payment. They won't permit usury-free currency issued and loaned from the People's value themselves. Money will remain scarce so that their can engineer defaults and seize assets through "theft through color of law."

Please study the Shays' Debtors Rebellion for insights on how the "money power" hijacked the energy of honest souls. It's essential today as most "patriots" support the Rothschilds international gold/silver standard which is the exact thing that the former Colonists and Shays' rebelled from. We already have scarce FRN's; think of how much harder it will be to pay debts with even more scarce gold/silver. History repeats and the "money power" herds us toward their "loyal opposition" solutions.

The CONstitution gave greater power to the "money power" to collect interest called taxes. For PR purposes it's valuable for debt slaves to believe that they are voting for governments and paying taxes. Debt slaves become less productive when they realize that taxes are simply interest payments to private bankers. Debt slaves lie to themselves by using the words taxes and government rather than interest and private banks. A "CONstitutor" is one who takes on debts of another. "We the People in order to form a more perfect Union" were FORCED to take on the war debts of the elite. To be paid back in scarce gold and silver of course. The CONstitution was a debt repayment agreement. The few would benefit from the energy of the many: "privatize the profits and socialize the losses". They CONstitution benefitted the "money power" as now they could use public armies to collect their debts rather than hire a private army to do the same.

Today, the "money power" is "dividing and conquering" humanity in dozens of Hegelian dialects. It matters little what they get us to bicker about; so long as we bicker. In order for a tiny few to rule they must get debt slave to blame debt slave. Brother against Brother hate and division is what enslaves humanity all financed with usury debt. With control of money the Beast scripts what we bicker about. Today, that topic of division is gun control. However, just as during the Revolutionary War period gun control was a symptom of private bank tyranny. Many angry patriots are demanding secession and armed rebellion. They are far less educated about the destructive power of usury on scarce gold and silver than patriots 240 years ago. The correct solution then and now is debt Jubilee and usury-free sacred economics. 

This above portion was written by Wayne Walton of is usury-free, organic money which supports the universal debt Jubilee. Below is largely written by Michael Hoffman of Idaho. Please checkout his excellent book: "Usury in Christiandom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not". This details how the Church was anti-usury like Christ for 1500 years. Then how it become subverted like the rest of Western society in order that we become permanent debt slaves for Mammon." (snip) ...

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