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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Modest Request by Vic Populi

If you, or any other members of the tax-honesty/usuryfree/"sovereign citizen" movement have original copies of any materials of any kind you would like to submit to my blog "Fight the Power", for publication (including but not necessarily limited to materials - affidavits, briefs, etc. - filed in the various "tax-honsty" court cases in which members of your group have been involved), I would like to extend a special invitation.

Alternatively, if you or your readers could refer websites and links on same, I would appreciate that as well. Although I have already reviewed a variety of websites, I will not deceive you by claiming I am familiar with all
web resources in this area.

Although the above invitation is intended to be general, I am particularly interested in constitutional, political, sociological and/or historical interpretations of Canadian confederation. Ideally,

I would like to have something (or multiple "somethings") to post on Canada Day 2013.


Vic Populi  Email:

PS. As you may be aware, I have posted a number of Mr. Dave Lindsay's court decisions on my own blog - including, most recently, my post "The System",


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