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Friday, May 03, 2013

A Monetary Poem

By Sydney White

Ben Franklin came to England
Where the streets were paved with the poor.
Ben Franklin came to England he looked and his heart was sore.
The people asked him how he fared.
He said, “We’re doing well, but why is it
That London looks like a living hell?
“The Bank of England chains us all.
For bread they give a stone.
And though we toil from dawn ‘til dusk
Nothing do we own.”

The Bank of England welcomed Ben.
They harkened to his tale.
Of democracy and colonial scrip
A peoples’ bank that could not fail.
Their appraising squint became a frown
They said “farewell” then sat them down.
What cursed angel told him this
“Our schemes are all for naught.
We’ve sold our very souls for gold
We won’t share what we’ve got!”

The bankers’ fists came pounding down
Honest money was taken away
In the Colonies, a land of plenty
There was the devil to pay!
The streets were quiet
The silence of sorrow
Carpenters today were beggars
On the morrow.
Nothing left to pay with
Nothing left to borrow.
With orchards full, no one could pick.
Forest to infinity,
No one could cut a stick.
Fathers shamed by penury,
Children getting sick.

The bankers turned back to their counting
No intuition struck their eye
Of anger and frustrating mounting.
That ought had gone awry.
They wined and dined from golden plates
Supported by the poor
Until the wild Colonials won
The Revolutionary War.

But the bankers’ blood lust never lacked.
They crept and coerced when
Democracy was slack.
Some Presidents fought back
Jackson and Lincoln staunchly led the attack
Then, in 1913, the Government was sacked.

Woodrow Wilson, on his deathbed
Bemoaned his crime
What ignorance, what naivety
What unmitigated nerve,
He cursed himself roundly
For the Federal Reserve.

They entered so quietly
On a calm Christmas night
And in the New Year
Gone were the rights
Of interest-free money
For an honest day’s toil
Replaced with indenture
And the bankers’ smiles were oil
Since then their net has circled the Globe
Now every nation is caught by the throat
With Ben Franklin, Jackson and Lincoln as well
I say from my heart, “Damn the Bankers to Hell.”

NOTE: Sydney While is an Investigative Journalist who offers a FREE, Fall and Spring Lecture Series titled “Studies In Propaganda” at the Free University of Toronto at 15 king’s College Circle, Room #161, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Sydney White’s Spring 2013 “Studies In Propaganda” schedule is posted by Conspiracy Culture at this link:


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