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Monday, May 06, 2013

Arrest The Bankers

So long as we continue to ignore the root of our problems, our problems will persist. All of the issues we argue over, the issues that are used to divide us, are merely distractions, easily resolved without the manipulation that stems from that root.

The root that I speak of is commonly referred to as the military industrial complex. But even the war cartel has a root, and that root is the international banking system.

No government or corporation can function without the approval of the bankers. Without financing, no war can be waged, no toxin can be pumped into our environment or food, no prison can be built and no court can be convened.

The bankers choose our politicians. The voters may pick from the nominees, but the bankers do the nominating.

The bankers manufacture recessions and depressions to exert a greater control over social and political structures. The bankers finance the research that determines which technological advances are made, and which are not.

The bankers finance the wars, on both sides of the conflict. The bankers finance the media. None of these corporations or governments actually have the money to finance their day-to-day operations. They are all beholden to the bankers.

All of the issues that you hold dear to your heart, the issues we fight for, year after year, are manufactured by the bankers. No solutions are reached, no legitimate compromises are made and no justice is forthcoming because the bankers need to keep us divided to prevent us from uniting against them.

The bankers' efforts are designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to get our money, by any means necessary. The banking system does not need to rob us with guns. They simply manipulate currency by raising or lowering interest rates.

Setting the interest rates that banks borrow and loan money gives the bankers the power to virtually take the money directly from our wallets without ever interacting with us. Everything gets more expensive, while our money is worth less and less.

This scam, this thing known as fractional banking, is what they are distracting us from. The global economy is not real. The money is not real. There is nothing behind the currency. We are all working for imaginary money, paper that will eventually hold no value.

So while we march for equality, clean air, healthy food, clean water, justice in the courts, individual rights to privacy and all the other things we tend to march about, the bankers are chuckling as we return to work, toiling day-after-day, for their benefit.

Overthrow the banking cartel, arrest those who finance the lies, and then we can hold honest conversations about the myriad of other issues we face. These issues are important, but so long as the bankers are controlling the narrative, our debates and our votes do little more than to play into their wealthy hands.

Arrest the bankers!

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