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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Worth A Trip To Tamworth, Ontario, Canada

 By Tom J. Kennedy

The months of July and August are usually prime times for garden tours with an abundance of blooming flowers and green grasses. Whether the weather is dry or wet SpindleTree Gardens offers a series of panoramas showcasing abundant flowers, perennial walks rose gardens, formal and informal water features. The unique walled kitchen garden makes SpindleTree Gardens one of the finest gardens that I have ever toured.

Though I am a native of Erinsville, Ontario, Canada – a suburb of Tamworth located in Stone Mills Township – and I had travelled past the signs for SpindleTree Gardens many times, at 6248 County Road 4 just south of the village of Tamworth, I had never taken the time to visit SpindleTree Gardens with its Tea Room and Gift Shop.

Then, one sunny day in late July of 2012, with our cameras in hand, my partner, Josee and myself donned our sunglasses and sun hats and spent the better part of an afternoon touring SpindleTree Gardens.

The weeds were clipped or pulled, the flowers were fed and watered and there was a fresh fragrance in the air. The friendly, garden staff, were extra busy preparing for a wedding on the weekend.

It was way back in 1988 that Susan Meisner and Tom Brown, self-described refugees from the metropolis of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, moved to the rural area of Tamworth in the Eastern Ontario Land O’Lakes Region.

Over the years, they have transformed a simple bungalow on 20 acres of marginal farmland into a wonderful haven of beauty and tranquility. Check out the articles and pictures at this BLOG:

Susan Meisner, an experienced chef, serves homemade soups, salads and sandwiches as well as a selection of English cream teas in the Tea Room.

Tom Brown, a talented architect has created a series of panoramas that showcase seasonal garden beauty along an abundance of meandering pathways that lead back to the Garden Tea Room where Susan Meisner serves a light menu of healthy selections of fresh lettuce and other vegetables grown at SpindleTree Gardens.

SpindleTree Gardens is designed to evolve throughout the seasonal changes. Fresh spring flowers give way to a beautiful tapestry of popular summer perennials.

Next comes the blaze of autumn leaves and rustling and ripened fall grasses. Of course, during the winter season, a blanket of snow protects the garden until the warmth of spring brings new life.

Tom’s latest work-in-progress is the new Orangery/Greenhouse. Any plants that require overwintering are stored in the east wing of the new Orangery. Read more about the Orangery/Greenhouse in this blog article

SpindleTree Gardens and the accompanying Gift Shop are open daily – except Tuesday and Thursday – 10 AM until 4:30 PM from Mother’s Day in May until Canadian Thanksgiving in October. Tom Brown offers a daily, guided tour at 11:00 AM sharp.

Weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and other special events including meetings and celebrations of all kinds can be scheduled at SpindleTree Gardens – call or email SpindleTree Gardens for more information.

We were so impressed with our visit to SpindleTree Gardens, that one year later we decided to purchase a gift certificate from SpindleTree Gardens as a unique wedding gift for my niece and her husband who were married at Calpin Lake in Erinsville, Ontario, on July 20, 2013. The gift certificate included a complete tour of SpindleTree Gardens with the luncheon.

On the weekend of July 20, 2013, my partner and I reserved a room at the At Home Bed and Breakfast at 12 Ottawa St. in the downtown village of Tamworth since we were attending my niece’s wedding at Calpin Lake in Erinsville on the Saturday evening.

Upon our arrival at the At Home Bed and Breakfast, the co-owner, Dorothy Burley warmly welcomed us and showed us to our upstairs room.

The At Home Bed and Breakfast house is a 150 year old brick house situated on the edge of the Salmon River. The open window on the east side of our room overlooked to fast, flowing water of the Salmon River. The soothing sound of water is ideal for inducing restful sleep.

A patio table complete with accompanying chairs and a backyard pool likewise make the outdoor experience a memorable one.

Dorothy Burley has previous experience as a professional chef, so our Sunday morning breakfast was a delightful combination of fresh fruits, a tasty omelette with whole grain toast, home-made jams and our choice of coffee or tea.

We learned that Dorothy and her husband Terry, moved from the metropolis of Toronto, Ontario, Canada to the village of Tamworth in 2006.

Together, they re-designed the kitchen area, sanded the floors to the original maple wood, stripped and re-varnished the stairs – making their At Home Bed and Breakfast a welcoming place to stay.

The rooms are clean, complete with TV and DVD player and free WiFi. Though we had the option of enjoying air conditioning we chose to sleep with open windows and the slow speed of the ceiling fan.

My partner and I enjoyed our stay at the At Home Bed and Breakfast and we highly recommend a trip to Tamworth, Ontario, Canada that includes a tour at SpindleTree Gardens and one or more overnight stays at the At Home Bed and Breakfast.

Learn more about Tamworth, Ontario, Canada, the community and the other local businesses at these websites:

NOTE: re: Tamworth Hours

In the fall of 2004, myself  with the support of various other usuryfree creatives launched the Tamworth Hours project – a usuryfree time currency to motivate consumers to shop locally.

After 4 years of marketing with the support of various articles in the local weekly newspapers the project was shelved for lack of participation. I guess we were slightly ahead of our time – for the usuryfree time currency movement continues to grow and expand all over the world.

The article “Did Tamworth Miss A Golden Opportunity” as first published by Grasshopper Media offers an abundance of background information about the Tamworth Hours project. With sufficient support from local businesses and consumers, the village of Tamworth could have become the “poster town” in Canada for the ever-expanding usuryfree time currency movement. Ithaca, New York is the "poster town" for the usuryfree time currency movement in the United States as they have had the Ithaca Hours fully operational since 1991.

Hopefully, the idea will be resurrected and implemented by local entreprenurs and visionaries - at some future date - when the conventional economy of usury-based debt money collapses.

PS: A framed picture of the Tamworth Hours hangs on the wall at the At Home Bed and Breakfast.

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