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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Turn Of The Screw

By Sydney White

Currency paper and wealth – you must know the difference. The world is operating on paper; not on the wealth.

Give the coin to Ceasar and keep the wealth. The earth is wealth. Resources are wealth. The banking system is stealing all the true wealth with worthless paper that keeps the rest of the world in debt.

True wealth consists of hard assets such as land, water, forests and minerals. These are being mortgaged and foreclosed on nation after nation. Assets are being stolen from nations because governments do not, or will not, acknowledge the truth in economics. We have not education in true economics, but are indoctrinated into the conventional formulas taught by the bankers’ academics and corporate “experts.” When we have overturned that rule, we will have access to information and a media to disseminate it.

The propaganda is to get the consent of those to be sacrificed.

The debt money system keeps most of the world poor while the few are obscenely wealthy from compound interest (usury). They have stolen all the real wealth by renting counterfeit money. When the rent or interest (usury) cannot be paid on the money, tangible assets are taken from the borrowe (anyone using the privately created money). This is step one in the New World Order.

Step Two: Blame the poverty on over-taxing governments. Tell the people that they get nothing from the government for their taxes. As taxes become less and less, this of course benefits the very rich once again. The working class pays a larger percentage of taxes on an individual basis. The rich and the super rich do not want to be taxed any longer, so they are telling the working majority that they, too, can be rich if they get tax cuts. Baloney! Our taxes go to compound interest (usury) instead of infrastructure. Most people are unaware of this.

Step Three: When there are not enough taxes going to the public good, such as education and health care, these will be privatized for being inefficient. The planet will be basically a pyramid of expendable masses. At the tip of the pyramid will be the same people who started the debt money system. Nine-tenths of the pyramid will be used for cheap labour and wanton experimentation in depopulation. We are nearly there. The one-tenth will rule and decide which groups are to be depopulated and which groups are still useful to them.

No social revolution will last unless it deals with the monetary problem, a vicious system which takes from the producers and benefits only those who move paper. Usury is a crime which was condemned by all religions and all ancient moralists. In Cato’s De Rustico, we find the following dialogue: “ And what do you think of usury? What do you think of murder?”

And how is this murder, through debt accomplished? Listen up my friends.

History states that compound interest (usury) on loans goes back to Babylon. It was considered a crime for centuries, and any who committed it were forbidden burial in sacred grounds.

However, by the 14th Century. The goldsmith/bankers had revived this condemned practice. The rich as always, worried that the poor, lusting for food, might rob them; so they deposited their gold coins in the goldsmith’s vault. He charged the owners of the coins a fee for safekeeping and issued them receipts. When a depositor needed to pay a debt, he would retrieve some of his coins, have his receipts changed accordingly, and pay his bill.

He soon tired of the trip to the goldsmith and would simply give his receipts to his creditor, who would then have to collect the coins himself. But creditors too, thought it was tiresome going to the goldsmith. Soon everyone just exchanged receipts, even from country to country, as it was safer than carrying the gold. The goldsmith had become a banker!

Now comes the scam!

Over time, withdrawals became so rare that the goldsmith decided to take a well-calculated gamble, based on the law of averages and the trust of his depositors. He wrote out receipts of his own. However, he did not place any of his own coins in the vault to cover his receipts.

At this point, he had gone from banking to creating money.

He had no right to create money; only the monarch had that right. Since his depositors never came en masse to withdraw their gold, his fraud was never discovered.

He spent his unbacked receipts on goods and property.  Not only did the goldsmith spend the phony receipts, but he loaned out this non-existent money. He also acquired real property through foreclosure when debtors could not pay his interest (usury).

Soon he was wealthy and powerful. Though he had involved counterfeiting with banking, he still called himself a “banker.” Two hundred years and goldsmiths later, kings had been coerced to borrow from them and were in hock up to their necks – a ridiculous situation because monarchs had been creating coin and credit since ancient times.

Later on, William of Orange schemed with Oliver Cromwell to have Charles I beheaded, after which William took the throne of England and legalized the goldsmith’s fraud by signing into existence in 1694 the Bank of England, a private corporation. The fraud was legalized again in the United States when the same families of bankers’ stealthily hijacked the issuance of money from the United States’ Congress in 1913, and set up the “Federal Reserve,” – a private corporation.

Now the International Monetary Fund, the BIS (Bank OF International Settlements) and the World Bank have mortgaged the globe with compound interest (usury). And it all began with the covetous goldsmith.

Canadian chartered (private) banks in obedience to the Federal Reserve, now create 98 percent of the credit (money) which circulates – but as debt.

How is this done?

When you qualify for a bank loan, the bank types the amount into its computer as a deposit in your account. They do not print a bill or mint a coin. They do not loan you money that people have deposited. The amount they have typed into your account has just been created from nothing, out of thin air. You are allowed to write cheques and use a debit card on that account, and those cheques fly from bank to bank creating deposits in your creditors’ accounts, You may take out some cash in withdrawals, but essentially, you are passing paper or electronic numbers.

All loans circulate through the economy as money or credit. For every $400 the banks loan out, they have less than a dollar. The next time you qualify for a large loan, arrive at your bank with your briefcase and ask for the amount in your preferred denominations. Let me know what ensues.

When the loan is typed into your account as a deposit, you start paying interest (usury) on this money from thin air. If the rate is six cents on the dollar, you will have to get your six cents elsewhere. A private bank cannot create even six cents of real money. It can only create a loan.

Legitimate money is issued by a nationalized central bank and is backed by all the resources of the country, including intellectual property. There is no fear of a “run” on a nationalized bank.

Tragically, the Canadian government has been intimidated by the Federal Reserve and has reduced our legitimate money supply  to two percent. The Americans are even worse off as they have had their monetary system perverted and controlled since 1913.

Now for the worst part of the scam.

Since 98 percent of the credit circulating is created by bank loans, the private banking cartel can inflict a depression or a recession whenever they deem it profitable. All they have to do is call in the loans they have and stop making new loans. Even Milton Friedman admits that the Federal Reserve caused the Depression of the 1930’s simply by doing this. In 1929, with the same limitless resources that were there the day before the Depression, North Americans were in bread lines – simply because their only money and credit were purposely cut down by one-third.

After ten years of this, the Federal Reserve owned most of the United States.

For forty-one years, the Bank of Canada made loans, at no interest (usury) to our government, for physical and social infrastructure – a necessity, or capitalism turns on itself. Then our “government,” without consulting the citizens, phased out borrowing from our central bank.

As for the Americans, their self-described employee, bookkeeper and manage, the Federal Reserve, has taken possession of the assets of its employer, the United States, by this absurd ritual. If the government needs one billion dollars, instead of simpl,y issuing its own interest-free (usuryfree) money, it gives U.S. bonds to the (private) Federal Reserve, which then prints money in the amount of bonds, at a cost, in paper, to the “Federal Reserve” of $500. The government then uses that money to pay its obligations. But the government must pay interest (usury) on the one billion dollars to the Federal Reserve, which has merely printed bills. Worse, the Federal Reserve then loans out the U. S. government bonds at interest (usury).

Because of this foolishness, the U.S. A. has the highest debt on the globe –owed to its employees.

Applying the same inanity, Canada’s debt is now $577. Billion, and we pay $42 billion, unnecessarily, in interest (usury) every year to private banks. It is absurd to say that a nation’s government can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Any government that borrows from private bankers at compound interest (usury) instead of from its own central bank of minimal or no interest (usury), is not worthy to govern.

Take notice that we, the citizens of Canada, will not agree to employ the said Federal Reserve as we are aware of the results of such folly. We who are the government must reclaim the Charter of the Bank of Canada from those politicians who intentionally ignore its proper functions if we are too save our sovereignty.

Toronto resident, Sydney White is a member of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform, who informs Canadians through her classes on Studies in Propaganda which she teaches at the Free University of Toronto on Monday evenings.

NOTE: This article is reprinted from Discourse & Disclosure, January 2001.


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