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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Introducing "UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity (Exposing The Global Banking Fraud)

By Michael Tellinger
I have been talking about “my new book” for well over a year. It is finally here after nearly 8 years in the making. 
UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity (Exposing The Global Banking Fraud)
It is available in the following versions:
E-BOOK full colour Pdf: HERE
KINDLE version: HERE
Physical book from Amazon : HERE
In South Africa the book will be in book stores in early January 2014. In the USA and UK, I expect this to take a bit longer but you can order a physical book from Amazon if you need one urgently. Next week I will be making a special offer to the people in South Africa of delivery of the physical book. Unfortunately this is not possible right now to other countries because of….? Money!!! The high cost of postage.
This book evolved because of my research into origins of humankind, ancient human history and vanished civilisations. The discoveries I made in South Africa played a critical role in laying the foundation that paved the journey of connecting the dots of our enslavement, to the money-makers of the past and present.
The evidence I found made it very clear to me that there was a specific moment in human history when money was maliciously introduced into the human population as a cunning tool of enslavement. And so it has become a tool of absolute enslavement affecting every crevice of our existence. And for those who still do not believe this, there is a very unpleasant realisation and a period of rapid awakening awaiting them.
On the journey to finish this book, I have spent the past three years in the Supreme Court of Johannesburg, learning invaluable lessons about our legal system, while standing up to the banks and their vicious lawyers, only to realise that we, as living breathing human beings could never win against the banks in our courts – WHY? Because these are not the people’s courts. They belong to the government corporations and uphold the laws made by these corporations, to protect the corporation against the onslaught of human beings as they wake up from their slumber and realise that they are being enslaved by the financial and legal system itself. It is truly a magnificent deception.
And so, this is where we are. Waking up rapidly as a species to recognise the sheer magnitude of the lies and deceptions that we have all been lured into by our governments, the banks, and everything else we have been taught. What I can say with absolute certainty at this moment, is that: Nothing is as it seems. And that everything we have been told is a lie, intended to keep us trapped in a perpetual state of ignorance and servitude to those who have imposed themselves as the elite royalty and governments.
So I urge you to get a copy of my new book and immerse yourself in the content that takes you on an exciting journey from the origins of money, the devious actions of the royal banking bloodlines that have ruled the world for thousands of years, to the current draconian global economic system that enslaved all of us equally – rich or poor.
The major difference between this book and so many others is that it actually offers a simple and realistic solution.
I invite you to experience the euphoria of realising how simple the solutions are to these seemingly insurmountable problems that face us. WE are the 99.99% - we are the people that keep the moster alive – it is up to us to do something about it or simply remain ignorant and continue being abused and enslaved by our so-called leaders.
Please keep in mind that every cent from the sales of my books goes towards creating and building UBUNTU communities in South Africa and continuing the work of spreading the message of UBUNTU Contributionism to people all over the world. Also note that the UBUNTU Party is participating in the South African elections in 2014.
In pure truth, love and light
Michael of the family tellinger: 


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