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Friday, December 20, 2013

Dean Clifford Meets His Member of Parliament

By Dean Clifford

I decided that I would meet with my alleged Member of Parliament, so I booked an appointment at the beginning of December. I wanted to see what these people actually know, and what their understanding is of their duties as an MP. I figured this would be a great chance to try to communicate with what we normally perceive, or what we have been led to believe, are our adversaries.

I found Mr. Bezan to be a well-mannered and regular guy who truly believes in what he does; granted, this is the Interlake of Manitoba, where most politicians are usually farmers – which turned out to be the case. So Mr. Bezan was down to earth, and was actually in agreement with my stance on the Nexen non-deal (fleecing) and FIPA, which is the agreement to allow the plunder of Canadian resources for the exclusive profit of the Chinese Communist Government.

Now, after having informed Mr. Bezan of some of my background, I followed up by informing him that I am what the media has taken to referring to as a “free man”. He later admitted to groaning inwardly when I said that; he admitted he didn’t know what to expect next, as he possibly expected me to start frothing at the mouth, jump on the table, and begin berating him and lunging for his jugular. So, imagine his surprise when I turned out to be rather well-informed and had some very legitimate concerns to raise with him. Imagine my surprise that he had many of the same concerns. We covered a variety of topics, and I even delved into helping him understand what the position of a true “free man” is and what our values are, presuming of course that I do speak for a number of people of like mind. 

I think he now knows that we are not crackheads trying to get free houses, or anarchists, but instead are the opposite of what the media has portrayed. We are well-informed individuals who are tired of lies, deceit, fraud, back-room deals, violations of our rights, and the legal plunder of our country. I even delved into the Live Birth Record, and how Acts and Statutes do not apply to the People – they are restrictions on government, as we have already existing rights that Canada clearly has recognized and has a clear duty to protect. I believe he knew nothing of some of the things I brought up, and he might actually be interested in learning. I was very forthright in telling him that I am not a taxpayer, I have not filed in 16 or 17 years, I have no driver’s license, I am a non-resident of Canada, I use private plates, and all the rest of it.

To accommodate for the attention span of the average adult, I will simply now skip to my follow-up communication to Mr. Bezan upon returning home and reflecting on the informal meeting we had, that lasted roughly one hour:

NOTE: Read Dean Clifford's follow-up letter to Mr. Bezan, his Member of Parliament at this website where the complete post is published.

Dean Clifford's website:


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