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Monday, December 16, 2013

What's Up - With UsuryFree Time Currencies?

By Kris Custer

Here’s what’s up. While the United States is going to the dogs with poverty the highest since 50 years, millions of unemployed people, and government support only for those who have enough already, We The People have taken matters into our own hands and created Mile High Hours, a local currency that adds money to communities and makes them less dependent on the Fed.

The idea of alternative currencies is not new, Ithaca Hours in NY has been in circulation for over 20 years. And now we have Mile High Hours in Colorado, which is modeled after the same principle as Ithaca Hours, but it’ll be way bigger. After Mountain Hours successfully launched in March 2012 and within six months signed up over 80 businesses in Summit County, It is the front range’s turn to get community support with a local, ‘organic’ currency. If you have questions about the Hours currency system and you don’t see them answered on this page, check out our FAQs page or send us an email.

During the Great Depression there were thousands of local, organic currency systems created because the national money was in short supply. That has occurred again today as there are record foreclosures, and bankruptcies in the US, and internationally. While Wall Street m
ay be getting bailed out, Main Street is struggling with a shortage of currency. If currency does not flow, then the local economy is sluggish, and stops.

Money and economy are the main reason that wars are being fought, with big banks at the forefront of creating misery and conflicts between countries. If there’s a money shortage and people are struggling to make a living, they’re more open to the idea of going to war and to colonize other nations. Banks cash in on both sides, giving loans to the aggressor as well as to the loser of the war in order to rebuild their country. 

Needless to say that the interest amounts these honorable financial institutions charge are monumental, and the horrific sacrifices and loss of lives that come with a war are nothing that a big banker would lose any sleep over. As an important part of peace building we have to put an end to these ‘money over lives’ atrocities. We The People need to gain control over our money which will make us less vulnerable to Wall Street blackmailing and being enslaved by the parasitic system.

Mile High Hours are denominated in time, as this is a universally known measure. “Time is Money” and it is backed up by our labor. Unskilled labor typically will make about 1 Mile High Hour (MMH) for an hour worked. Semi-skilled, and highly skilled will earn as much as two parties agree on just as they do now. Obviously, a doctor or any brick and mortar business will have much more training, and overhead to cover.

Before money existed societies bartered their time, services, and products. The People could get what they needed by trading. Money was invented to make these transactions much easier, so we can view MMH as barter receipts. Imagine we have 20 local businesses which all agree to accept Hours as money. Each business would be given $200 equivalent in Hours. $4,000 in Hours was equally distributed among each business in the co-operative without cost.

Now, the currency begins to flow and as each local business accepts Hours. People get what they need without the national FRN (Federal Reserve Notes). After all, the Fed is just a private company just like Federal Express. We have just as much a right to create money as the Federal Reserve. Of course we will need FRN’s for products which originate outside the county, and to pay bank debts, and most utilities. However, over time MHH will become more widely accepted. MMH is a complimentary currency which helps the overall system function with more fluidity.

For example, in Ithaca, NY the local credit union borrowed $30k equivalent from the currency co-operative. That’s right. The bank borrowed money from the People without interest for a building expansion. The contractors who bid on the work were required to accept Hours for a portion of their work. Not a problem for the contractors as Hours are accepted all over town. Ithaca, NY has been doing this for 20 years, and MHH is modeled after their very successful system. For more information on the Ithaca, NY hours system go to

What are the benefits of organic money?

1. Main St. needs more money. Many people don’t have enough to pay their bills.

2. Hour money listens as it is issued by the people for their benefit.

3. Hour money stays in our communities and does not take wealth away from us.

4. Hour money is debt, and interest free so it is sustainable and not subject to compounding debt which causes scarcity, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.

5. Hour money fails at the multi-national Big Box stores by design. By using our money we practice stewardship of our community, our independence, and our neighbors. Colorado is one of the most beautiful places on the planet with unique history, character, and charm. Hour money is a staunch line of defense to keep it that way.

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