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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Benefits of a Barter Based Economy.

By Wayne Walton

The "money power" is an international, land confiscation racket. They deliberately destroy self-sufficient, barter based economies in order to replace them with globalism and dependency.

The technology of barter scrip based money will bring other modern technology to simple barter based economy. Modern technology will be harnesses to deliver even greater benefits to an anti-monopoly society.

Prior to the introduction of the money monopoly indigenous people didn't suffer from wide-spread poverty, starvation, addiction, etc. is barter scrip.

Don't be confused:

Gold, silver, copper, Bitcoin are POOR ways to achieve a barter economy as they require an unnecessary monopoly. What if you live in Hawaii and there's no gold, silver, Bitcoin? Barter scrip is an excellent way to achieve a barter economy. Why? 

1. Barter is free and so is barter scrip. 
2. Barter can be performed by anyone. Barter scrip can be issued by anyone. 
3. Barter is completely anti-monopoly. Barter scrip requires no gold, silver, copper, Bitcoins which are monopolized by the elite. Poor people don't own commodity mines. 
4. Barter and barter scrip is what occurs organically during collapses. During the Great Depression or Argentina's economic collapse; gold/silver didn't save people who were starving. Most people were living pay check to paycheck before the collapse and had no gold/silver. 

During the Great Depression 3000 PAPER, barter scrip based currencies were started. Why? Because people wanted to innovate barter and had no scarce PRIVATE bank gold/silver. During Argentina's economic collapse PAPER Creditos saved the the common people from starvation. 

Academics are great on theory. Theories which cause people to starve in the real world. A restaurant owner issues money when they issue a gift certificate. Producer issued PAPER money is sound. When parasitic governments and bankers turn money into a business and a tool for domination paper/digits/gold/silver all fail.


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