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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hour Money - The Optimal SDI Income Opportunity

By Tom J Kennedy

Aspiring and active SDI entrepreneurs are hereby invited to support the self-financing, Love Revolution by adding the unique "Hour Money" opportunity to their SDI Portfolio.

Wayne Walton, is the founder of Hour Money, an international network of local, usuryfree monetary reform, Love Revolutionaries. Wayne has assumed a leadership role in advocating monetary reform through grass-roots, bottom-up, direct action. The goal of Hour Money is to co-create, usuryfree, local currency systems that will serve humanity. Hour Money is attracting supporters on the right and on the left.

Wayne Walton

For the Love Revolution to be successful we need to recruit part-time and full time Love Revolutionaries to promote the Love Currency. To promote Hour Money in a professional manner, it will be essential for participating SDI entrepreneurs to earn income in partial conventional Federal Reserve Notes and in partial usuryfree time currency – otherwise referred to as Hour Money.

As the Love Revolution evolves, SDI entrepreneurs will voluntarily agree to accept a higher percentage of any earned compensation in Hour Money.

Initially, new Hour Money systems must be launched in towns where the prominent Hour Money activists live. This is important as the participating SDI entrepreneurs need access to participating, local enterprises where they can spend the Hour Money that they earn.

It is a challenge to persuade people to willingly accept Hour Money instead of relying on their (the bankers’) usury-based, debt money. So we must find creative ways to prove that Hour Money provides more benefits that usury-based, debt money.

Hour Money - as a social currency - has the potential to unite the left and the right from the political arena and eventually Hour Money will become the currency of choice thereby defunding their (the bankers') usury-based, debt money system.

The key to attracting active and aspiring SDI entrepreneurs to promote the Love Revolution is to offer greater economic rewards than those currently being offered by the usury-based, debt money system.

This means finding sources of (a) Federal Reserve Note Income and (b) Hour Money income. These are explained in detail on the PDF file (see below).

Additionally, Jubilee Shares (JS) are being considered for founders and active promoters of the Love Revolution. These Jubilee Shares will be different than Hour Money and will potentially change in value as they are an investment. More details about the Jubilee Shares are also explained in the PDF file (see below).

The Love Revolution is intent on building a sustainable marketing system, so that all participating SDI entrepreneurs will remain as such – thereby finding a solution to the high levels of attrition that has been the key problem within the SDI industry since its birth in the mid-20th Century.

Read more background details about the Hour Money opportunity in this PDF file titled:

Lots more printed and video information is posted at the Hour Money website and the Hour Money Blog.

NOTE: Readers are invited to send a "friend request" to Wayne Walton at Facebook and tell him that you got the referral from Tom J Kennedy. Then Wayne will be able to keep you updated on the progress of "Hour Money."
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