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Friday, February 07, 2014

Spiritual Economics Fosters Co-operative Capitalism

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By Charles Lookabill & Tom J. Kennedy

"The basic problem facing ALL but a very few wealthy, privileged citizens (Canadian, American or otherwise) is not understanding the similarities and differences between 
"free enterprise", "monopoly capitalism", "socialism", "communism", and "democracy".
The many similarities and differences could be readily established within the system of formal education were it itself dedicated to promoting "truth" without regard for those privileged few who would be over-exposed to the Light. Unless these similarities and differences are researched, understood and taught, the Court of Public Review will continue to be  ill-informed and thereby powerless as voters at the ballot box.
Co-operative capitalism - a synthesis of the many economic and political "isms" throughout history - will evolve when unfettered free enterprise is respected and honoured. Common citizens must experience unrestrained freedom to conduct personal affairs and business transactions with a bare minimum of interference from bureaucrats and politicians who pose as the "government".
Monopoly capitalism, communism, and socialism as the mainstream media portrays them are really one and the same. All three ultimately create a "two-caste" system of a privileged, few, very rich elitists and the submissive, brainwashed, (knowingly or unknowingly) masses are effectively controlled by USURY and through ignorance, fear, and intimidation. Each of these three "isms", sooner or later evolves to cause oppression in the respective economic systems where impersonal tyranny replaces trust and love among individuals and communities.
Democratic-republicanism is a political system in which the minority of voters retains representation in government against the so-called "winning" majority. Prior to 1913 A.D. the voter and all citizens of the United States Of America were given the benefits of this type of government, as a constitutional republic.
A democracy is defined as that form of government in which the simple majority rules absolutely with the simple minority having no jurisdiction, i.e. 51 out of 100 are permitted to set ALL policy. This ought to correctly be classified as "Mob Rule".
Monopoly capitalism is the total anti-thesis of the "democratic-republic". Monopoly capitalism as we are experiencing it in this 21st Century is an unfair economic system NOT owned by the people and NOT operated for the people.
Co-operative capitalism, on the other hand is a developing economic system whereby every individual citizen will own and operate at least one enterprise. The current de-centralization of everything will foster the growth of co-operative capitalism.
Whereas monopoly capitalism knows NO patriotism and does NOT support sovereignty or love of nation, co-operative capitalism is evolving from the bartering and trading that the usuryfree LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software is facilitating in local communities - worldwide. The monopoly capitalists seek to make transactions and earn a profit with whomever has the money to pay - even enemies.
Those who foster co-operative capitalism make barter and/or cash transactions that mutually profit both parties who are likely known to each other. Private USURY banking which drives monopoly capitalism is amoral, immoral, and ultimately inspired by greed and power. The LETSystem, the optimal model of a USURYFREE banking system that drives co-operative capitalism is inspired by co-operation and trust and is moral. Monopoly capitalism is carefully and deviously designed to keep the brainwashed masses in deep, debt bondage for life.
All modern governments, (all of which are directly or indirectly controlled by the monopoly capitalists) by their actions are revealing that it is their (the government's) goal that their citizens NOT be prosperous and free. In scarcity and need there is fear, intimidation, and subservience ... and through the medium of "created and continuous scarcity" there eventually results the effective CONTROL of the masses.
The private, central banking system common to both Canada and the USA has proven to be the most effective tool ever designed by the monopoly capitalists for total CONTROL of the masses. The private bankers enslave both individuals and massive populations. Through the devious device of USURY, a definite and purposeful design flaw in the central banking system - the Federal Reserve Bank (USA) and the Bank Of Canada (Canada) - all business operations, taxes, transportation, movement of money, politics, entertainment, food supplies, wars, poverty, inflation, education and denominational religious organizations have fallen under the tyrannical control of the privileged, few, extremely rich and powerful people.
Mayer Anslem Bauer, founder of the infamous House of Rothschild takes credit for the following statement: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care NOT who makes its laws!" In his concept, money power is above the law. Bauer understood the basic greed of mankind ... that the courts are corruptible ... and that each man has his price.
James Warburg was imported to the United States from the Rothschild European Central Bank to formulate the first central bank in North America. His sponsor was John D. Rockefeller, Sr. who had also taken Woodrow Wilson off the campus at Princeton University to prime him for the presidency and, thus, have a submissive president to forward the legislation that would bring into being the private "Federal Reserve Bank".
On Christmas Eve, 1913 A.D. legislation was enacted under severe pressure on the Congress from the White House ... and, with the stroke of a pen, EVERY American citizen was drawn into "economic slavery" to the greedy, international bankers and money lenders.
In 1941, two-thirds (2/3) of all manufacturing assets in USA were controlled by 1000 large corporations. Today, less than 200 GIANT corporations (monopoly capitalists) control this same percentage tht represents incomprehensible billions. These corporations are owned by LESS than TWO percent (2%) of the American population. The Lampman Report, published in 1962, indicated that 80% of ALL corporate stock was OWNED by the top 1.6% of the population... only 1.5 million people. But... the RICHEST of the RICH ... the top 5% of this upper 1.6% group owned FIFTY percent (50%) of this group's stock. Therefore, ONLY 75,000 people, each with assets in excess of $500,000 owned at least FORTY percent (40%) of ALL corporate stock in the United States.
The question must be asked: How is that person who is a member of the remaining 98.4% of the population to ultimately derive his rightful share of the riches of GOD's earth from which comes ALL wealth? Obviously, it cannot be done politically at this time because the political spectrum is still completely controlled by the massive money-power held by only 75,000 people, who are in turn, beholden to a deceitful money system controlled by a VERY FEW greedy, international bankers.
The various, respective Congresses and Parliaments throughout USA and Canada have been made up, in main, of bankers, attorneys and their ilk, who have been herded into bankers' associations, the American and Canadian Bar Associations or otherwise. These captive legislators write and enact the "special interest" tax laws with loopholes to benefit ONLY the VERY RICH and the SUPER RICH. thus, the stranglehold is forever maintained on the common citizens in both Canada and USA.
There is a viable, workable alternative for individuals and nations to gain freedom from this evil and violent web-of-conspiracy, Throughout history, too many men, women, and children have been destroyed in their efforts to bring "truth" before the COURT OF PUBLIC REVIEW (the masses). In the latter half of this 20th Century a new way of marketing (network distribution) and a way of trading (Letsystem) have evolved which, when twinned have the potential to wake up the masses so they can throw off the yoke of USURY.
Formerly called the (MLM) Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing industry and otherwise referred to as the (SDI) Self Directed Incomes industry, this method of marketing is the epitome of Scriptural teaching: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself".
The SDI industry is evolving to become the most popular form of marketing ever devised by men or women. This industry, born only in the 1950's, properly offers similar opportunity to anyone (without privilege) and properly shares very large percentages (50% to 80%) of earned profits with its worldwide networks of distributors and/or associates. It has often been said that: "The SDI industry is under the protection of "Light" because most honourable SDI entrepreneurs proudly promote a spiritual-based philosophy." (snip) ...
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