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The UsuryFree Eye Opener is the electronic arm of the UsuryFree Network. It seeks active usuryfree creatives to help advance our mission of creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet. Our motto is 'peace and plenty before 2020.' The UsuryFree Eye Opener publishes not only articles related to the problems associated with our orthodox, usury-based 1/(s-i) system but also to the solutions as offered by active usuryfree creatives - and much more for your re-education.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Seeking UsuryFree Utopia in 2015 and Beyond

By Tom J. Kennedy

November 13, 2014 is UsuryFree Day and the following week is the 10th anniversary for UsuryFree Week. It is exciting that more and more debtors are awakening to the need for a shift from usury-bearing, debt money to usuryfree community currency - with a specific focus on usuryfree time currency as the optimal choice for local, national and international trades or exchanges. 

Each year during UsuryFree Week - November 13th to 19th, usuryfree creatives share information and resources on two specific topics (a) the problems associated with the design flaw of usury on our orthodox, economic debt money system and (b) solutions as offered by the usuryfree community currency movement.

During this coming year, more local communities will launch a usuryfree community currency and it will be mutually beneficial for all who choose to participate. AND know that a usuryfree time currency is the optimal community currrency.

On UsuryFree Day (November 13th) and during UsuryFree Week (November 13th to 19th) and in fact for the other 51 weeks of the year, we-the-usuryfree-creatives invite debtors everywhere to participate in the re-education process by sharing printed documents and/or video documentaries on topics related to money, banking, usury-based debt money and usuryfree community currencies. 

Together, we are showing the economic world a new direction for monetary reform. All debt-burdened debtors will eventually follow our example. 

The voice of usuryfree creatives who reject usury and the New World Order has been sorely missing from the ongoing debates about cutbacks and the ever-present shortage of funds. The awakening of my fellow-Canadians is helping to shatter that silence. In recent months, I have been hearing from countless Canadians like myself and my family.

They are rejecting the erosion of freedom and the intrusion of the police state. They are sick and tired of being over-taxed while rising usury rates diminish their monthly earnings. They are sick and tired of usurious service charges on their debit and credit card accounts, thereby creating record profits for the banking corporations.

They are sick and tired of the relentless attempts by Big Brother to shore up their cash by instilling fear in merchants so that they are afraid to accept $50. and $100. bills for the purchase of products and/or services. And they are especially sick and tired of politicians at the municipal, provincial and federal level of government forsaking leadership - and selling out to the usury elitists.

In summary, they are sick and tired of being financially enslaved, foreclosed upon, bankrupted, unemployed, destitute and dispossessed when their property is being seized, They correctly view their earnings or money as their property as well as their material possessions. Fourteen years into this 21st Century, we the usuryfree creatives, who are awakening, are vowing to spend our money differently to achieve a different result.

Our plans for a local and national network of home-based and small to medium-sized community businesses nudges the door open to initiate barter and trade within our own loyal database whereby each of us will create and spend our own usuryfree time currency. It has been suggested that we refer to this new database as the Third Market Network.

Indeed, we-the-people are prepared to break the cycle of oppression now that we have identified it and learned from where it comes. To understand the enslaving effect of the design flaw of usury, we must understand a few things. What is usury? What is its function? Who is really in control of the usury machinery? What can we do to effect change NOW?

What is usury? Usury is the correct word to define “interest on debt” as exacted by bankers. Usury is never created and issued into circulation simultaneously with the principal when a loan or mortgager is issued by the banking institutions. BUT, usury is exacted as a monthly payment. Its function is to directly legalize plunder by stealing the wealth from we-the-people.

The banking syndicate is really in control of the usury machinery. They are rich and we are poor BUT we are changing that. We are making change happen by making conscious decisions to spend our money differently. Permit me to clearly explain the problem and then I’ll focus on the solution.

Contrary to popular belief, money for consumer loans/mortgages is not borrowed from depositors’ funds. For every new mortgage, personal loan or vehicle loan, new money (the principal) is created out of nothing by the stroke of a banker’s pen because the federal government has given him/her the license to do so.

The rate of usury which is exacted on the loan is never directly created, therefore, the usury rate percentage as demanded by the banker on the debt is never in our orthodox monetary system. Consequently, the debt can never be repaid, instead more money is borrowed into existence and the debt grows exponentially.

It is important to understand that if one individual or business is fortunate to be able to earn sufficient money to pay back the principal and the usury, it follows that another individual or business will be short of funds and face bankruptcy or foreclosure. This is the reality of the design flaw of usury. There is simply not enough money circulating in the monetary system for the sum of all our loans/mortgages to be paid back.

We-the-people are playing in a usurious game of financial chairs whereby we are all scrambling to earn sufficient money to pay our usury and taxes while the system teaches us to try to take advantage of each other to earn that little extra to ensure our financial survival.

We have come to accept that selfish gratification at the expense of others, is acceptable in this vicious cycle. The shortage of funds that causes debt slavery and permeates every level of society is directly related to the function of usury, and it’s everywhere. Our current usury-based monetary system is immoral and genocidal. It’s time to change it NOW by spending our money within home-based businesses and/or with small to medium-sized businesses in our respective local communities.

It is time that we-the-people create a Third Market Network to enable astute consumers to purchase our goods and/or services from within a loyal database. By committing to do so we can also revive the concept of negotiating trades/exchanges for the mutual benefit of all who choose to participate.

After all, why should we-the-people keep using their (the bankers’) money and keep paying them a fee (usury) when we can now create and spend our own usuryfree time currency for FREE?

By covering our wholesale costs with federal cash and agreeing to accept a portion of our profit margins in UFOH’s which will be gratefully accepted by other participating traders within the Third Market Network, we are empowering ourselves and re-building the spirt of local community.

Indeed, we-the-people can effect the change we envision NOW by making a conscious decision to spend our money differently in 2014 and beyond. As an informed and astute consumer, you are invited to embrace the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry and make a commitment to spend a portion of your monthly purchases of products from your own home-based business and from other participating SDI entrepreneurs, thereby facilitating the bartering process which is being networked by awakened leaders in the SDI industry. More relevant information is posted at the UsuryFree SDI University.

This is money that you are spending anyway to support your lifestyle, so you will be simply making an informed choice to spend the amount of money differently. There is no additional expense to simply switch your shopping habits to shop-at-home and there’s many benefits available to those preferred customers who choose to do so. 

Readers are invited to research the home-based businesses and the SDI industry and seek to network with active SDI entrepreneurs in your respective, local community, and make a conscious decision to participate as a trader within the usuryfree time currency movement as it becomes more popular in this 21st Century.

I have proposed a (UFOH) UsuryFree Ottawa Hour - with a value of $12.00 for one hour of basic, unskilled or student labour. (see sample below) 

We need to raise sufficient funds to print the paper notes of UFOH’s and invite willing participants to create a list of “offers” and “requests” and then we can start negotiating trades/exchanges.

For more information send an email to: with “Third Market Network” or “UFOH” in the subject line.

Sample of UFOH (UsuryFree Ottawa Hour)

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