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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Missouri levee blast eases threat to Illinois town (Cairo)


The Associated Press

WYATT, Mo. - "The dramatic, late-night demolition of a huge earthen levee sent chocolate-colored floodwaters pouring onto thousands of acres of Missouri farmland Tuesday, easing the threat to an Illinois town being menaced by the Mississippi River.

A staccato series of explosions lit up the night sky Monday over the Mississippi with orange flashes and opened a massive hole in the Birds Point levee. A wall of water up to 15 feet high swiftly filled corn, soybean and wheat fields in southeast Missouri.

Upstream at Cairo, Ill., which sits precariously at the confluence of the swollen Mississippi and Ohio rivers, preliminary readings suggested the explosion worked.

But across the river, clearing skies gave a heartbreaking view of the inundation triggered by the demolition. The torrent swamped an estimated 200 square miles, washing away crop prospects for this year and damaging or destroying as many as 100 homes.

A group of 25 farmers sued the federal government Tuesday, arguing that their land had been taken without adequate compensation.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said farmers who had crop insurance will be eligible for government reimbursements. Other forms of help may also be available.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, who stood behind the state’s failed legal fight to stop the levee break, said the state would do everything “within our power to make sure the levee is rebuilt and those fields, the most fertile fields in the heartland, are put back in production.”

Mark and Rebecca Dugan took pictures atop the Birds Point levee of their farmland — 3,000 acres. This year’s wheat was a bumper crop and ready for harvest. Mark figures it was worth $350,000 to $400,000. He estimates he will lose $1.8 million in gross revenue from the breach.

Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh, who made the levee decision, acknowledged it could be months before the water fully drains off the land. Sediment and moisture could do lasting damage.

“This is where generations and generations live,” Walsh said. “I understand that, but this was one of the relief valves for the system. We were forced to use that valve.” (snip) ...

NOTE: Read the comments below the article by the people too...

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AND Be sure and read the comments below by Dick Eastman:

"STEP IN or STARVE - Obama Administration nightime blowing up levee flooding tens of thousands of best Missouri farmland part of planned starvation-radiation-corexist-deflation and weather war sabotage -- from Dick Eastman --

STOP THEM -- they didn't blow that dam to save Cairo Illinois from backed up river flooding -- that town will die anyway from the destruction of agriculture -- best soil in America -- prime growing land -- under fifteen feet of rushing Mississippi -- top soil washed away --

STOP THEM -- depriving starving planet of essential corn, soybean and wheat in 2011 the great starvation year. The action by the Kenyan -- the man who only acts at banker bidding -- proven fraud president planted by Rothschild interests at war with "overpopulation" and wanting to finish killing 4 billion people in --David Rockefeller's lifetime for Chinese communists "security" and for Rothschild agribusiness and food futures speculation and the Kingdom of David that Zionism want to set up over the entire planet that billions of people on earth oppose or would oppose if they knew the plan -- BELIEVE IT __ GROTESQUE AND ABSURD AND INCONVENIENT OR TERRIFYING FOR YOU AS IT MAY SOUND TO YOU --IT'S REAL --

You do not realize how carefully calibrated every act of sabotage against world population of human beings, of families, of individuals, of humanity is being done -- computers know in advance how many million will die from acts like this -- will it be 10 million or 5 million or only one million? -- they have an very accurate knowledge of this -- blowing this levee -- totally unprecedented and done without debate -- shows the plan -- Cairo Ill. had flood insurance -- we are used to flooded small towns and can handle it -- we are not used to mass starvation that overwhelms our capacity for charity -- no one has an insurance policy against global starvation -- STOP THEM

You will rue the day you ignored this warning -- a million are dead -- more calculated actions will be taken in the months ahead -- perhaps a thousand acts to sabotage world food supply this year have been taken around the world --STOP THEM

It is the hardest thing for you to go out and organize a resistance from nothing in your town -- "what can my little town do against the globalist power if no one else in the world is resisting?" -- THAT IS THE THINKING THAT WILL KILL PEOPLE -- STOP IT AND STOP THEM!" (snip) ...

Dick Eastman -Yakima, Washington


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