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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Principle of Usury Greed

By Tom J. Kennedy

Ten years ago I penned this article: “Usury-Freed Trumps Usury-Greed.” Ten years later the “Principle of Usury Greed” still dominates the orthodox, economic world of debt money.

The majority of people are still desperate debtors - that is they live in fear of their creditors because they owe sums of money that continue to grow because of the malfunction of usury. Our laws seem to favour the creditors who are granted the power to exact usury (interest) on the debtors’ loans and/or mortgages.

The fear factor emerges when debtors have trouble paying the principal and usury, because the creditor has the power to steal the property when the debtor cannot pay, and their “JUST US” court system commonly suppports the creditors. Most debtors live in fear and are unknowingly victims of financial and economic oppression because of this principle of usury greed.

The principle of usury greed is most destructive because it operates behind a smokescreen whereby formal education avoids teaching the t ruth about modern money creation.

The main objective of the principle of usury greed is to secure absolute control of all the wealth in this physical world. Indeed, the conquest of debtors is approaching its final completion, unless there is a quickening of the awakening.

Many debtors become dismayed when their self-imposed research reveals the truth about the design flaw of usury - the killer element within our modern, economic system of debt money.

Some debtors become so angry about being ignorant of the truth about modern (and historic) money creation that they stop their self-imposed research. They refuse to dissolve the money myths that have been built up over generations by the falsehoods accepted and promoted by fellow-debtors, church clergy, formal educators, misguided politicians and mis-informed media pundits.

Debtors are not expected to immediately believe or accept what they read in books, hear on CDs or view on DVDs for the first time however, to be honest with themselves, hopefully they will be motivated to pursue their own self-imposed research and acquire sufficient knowledge to aid them in making up their mind. Debtors are encouraged to study the facts and scrutinize them with the most powerful magnifying glass of truth.

The ultimate creditors - the global banking cartel - have discovered the secret of the principle of usury greed and apply it as masters of their craft in their mission (hidden agenda) of world power and dominance.

With a little effort and self-imposed research, debtors can become familiar with “what they didn’t know they didn’t know.” One of the key reasons the global bankers have been so successful with their lies, deceit and deception as it applies to modern money creation, is the incredible naivete of unsuspecting debtors, as well as the religious leaders and formal educators - all of whom fail to recognize and acknowledge the principle of usury greed. They fail to recognize and teach that the riches of the usurers have been accumulated through unscrupulous means.

Unfortunately, most debtors believe the Federal Reserve Banks in the Unites States are government owned. In fact, they are privately owned and under the control of the global bankers. These Federal Reserve Banks have a Board of Governors which compose the real shadow power that controls the federal government in the United States.

It was the policies of the Federal Reserve Banks that triggered the Depression of 1929, all subsequent recessions during the 20th Century and these multiple recessions of this 21st Century. Now they are intent on fomenting a forthcoming Depression that will make the 1929 Depression look like a Sunday picnic by comparison.

The time for action is now. The principle of usury greed must be explained to all debtors and the design flaw of usury must be exposed for the evil and immoral function that it causes on our modern economic system of debt money.

Indeed, we-the-people (the debtors) are in desperate danger of experiencing ultimate, economic slavery. In light of the crimes committed by the usurers pursuing the principle of usury greed against all debtors (individuals, families, municipalities, provinces/states, countries etc. various solutions must be explored.

Certainly, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry commands our attention as it is the leading sales and marketing industry of this 21st Century. A couple of SDI opportunities that are easily duplicated have been suggested as worthy vehicles to aid us in raising the necessary funds to network the optimal solutions that will lead us out of this current, worsening, financial crisis.

Readers are invited to read “Overcoming The Principle of Usury-Greed in the SDI Industry” to learn more.

Readers are also invited to arm themselves with true knowledge about modern money creation and make plans to host a local event to celebrate the forthcoming “Seventh Annual UsuryFree Week” from November 13th to 19th, 2011.


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