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The UsuryFree Eye Opener is the electronic arm of the UsuryFree Network. It seeks active usuryfree creatives to help advance our mission of creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet. Our motto is 'peace and plenty before 2020.' The UsuryFree Eye Opener publishes not only articles related to the problems associated with our orthodox, usury-based 1/(s-i) system but also to the solutions as offered by active usuryfree creatives - and much more for your re-education.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The UsuryFree Network Mobilizes !!

- Using the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity as a Mobilizer, Fundraiser and an Online Community Builder ...

Usuryfree creatives have been talking about mobilizing - locally and globally - all across Canada and elsewhere in recent years.

We, the usuryfree creatives who double as SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs have decided to activate the UsuryFree Network and commence the mission of mobilizing debtors to action.

As our numbers are continually increasing, it is obvious that more and more debtors are being re-educated on the truth about modern, money creation.

Debtors are becoming aware that "usury" is the design flaw in our money system that is the root cause of "wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack" and all of the related problems, and as committed usuryfree creatives who double as active SDI entrepreneurs, they are acquiring first-hand experience from having the opportunity to exchange skills, goods and/or services by negotiating trades/exchanges using any usuryfree community currency as a complement with federal cash.

The UsuryFree Network is seeking leaders within the SDI industry - formerly referred to as the multi-level or network marketing industry - who support this mobilization idea to come forth, enrol with our SDI team and thereafter, offer to share their specific resources, financial and/or otherwise.

Send an email to: to offer your gift or donation if you have abundant financial resources and you are ready and willing to help adavance the mission for everyone on this planet to experience the reality of usuryfree living.

The UsuryFree Network has established a bank account at the Ottawa-Carleton Credit Union, 14 Chamberlain Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1V9. Account No. 2010866. Donations gratefully accepted to help advance the “UsuryFree Resolution.”

However, instead of direct cash donations it is recommended that each supporter commit to becoming a usuryfree creative who doubles as an SDI entrepreneur. At this time, we are networking the “Gemfortunes” SDI opportunity. Here is a link to one of our most recent enrollees: - where you can familiarize yourself with the uniqueness of the “Gemfortunes” SDI opportunity.

Supporters of the mission of the UsuryFree Network are enrolling NOW with this time-stamped, Gemfortunes SDI opportunity.Their individual and collective actions are proving this “Gemfortunes” SDI opportunity is a very effective mobilizing element. It is expected that many more debtors will choose to participate as usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs to expedite the long term mobilization process.

The UsuryFree Network has acquired a toll free number (Tel: 1.888. NOUSURY or 1.888.668.7879) to facilitate the mobilization process with the its growing network of SDI entrepreneurs. This telephone number will be used mainly to receive calls from active usuryfree creatives and/or prospective SDI entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to work with our co-operative SDI team.

The UsuryFree Network has acquired the domain name for “usuryfreeliving” - a place where we can share information, resources, products and/or services.

Over the years, the UsuryFree Network has hosted a number of meetings or gatherings in various locations in Canada. Now, and in the future, there are, and will be high-tech and social networking tools surfacing so that usuryfree creatives and SDI entrepreneurs can effectively communicate from their respective “home offices,” consequently, there may be less meetings at hotels or community halls and more “online meetings.”

We are exploring how the corporate and team leaders within our inter-connected, networks of SDI entrepreneurs can easily offer all participants the ability to barter and trade their talents, skills, goods and services by making the "usuryfree" LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) software a part of their marketing infrastructure using their own ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Years ago, both AOL and Microsoft have previously turned down John “The Engineer” Turmel’s proposal to launch an international "usuryfree" currency unit to facilitate trades/exchanges.

Committed usuryfree creatives remain hopeful that in the not-too-distant future, a leadership team within the SDI industry will emerge with a vision of the future of "usuryfree" e-commerce and launch a software that will facilitate our trades whereby we use a combination of any usuryfree community currency with federal cash.

The UsuryFree Network challenges usury free creatives and SDI entrepreneurs to build a very large database of informed debtors who will demand that their respective, corporate teams listen to what is most important to them - NOT paying "usury."

Usuryfree creatives maintain that as more and more SDI entrepreneurs learn how the design flaw of "usury" inflicts economic suffering and pain they will demand that SDI “home office” corporations set up and manage e-commerce accounts so that each participating SDI entrepreneur can not only purchase products and/or services from the “home office” company but also from each other.

Without a doubt, the "usuryfree" LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) software is evolving to where it can be used globally as well as locally. Given the ease of modern technology there is no reason why it could not immediately be added to the infrastructure of any SDI “home office” comapny.

The ultimate motivation could be created by explaining to each participating SDI entrepreneur, the amount of "usury" that will be saved by when the “home office” SDI Corporation agrees to provide the "usuryfree" software to facilitate trades among their active and growing networks. Indeed, even self-insurance (for vehicles and/or homes) is now possible with any growing database - especially an ever-expanding database of active SDI entrepreneurs.

During any transition period, traders can offer those products which have "usury-bearing" federal cash costs for sale at a negotiated ratio of "usuryfree" currency and "usury-bearing" federal currency. As participating traders find more and more places to spend their "usuryfree" currency they will use more and more of it and less and less of the "usury-bearing" currency.

During the last two weeks of August 2011, a number of usuryfree creatives have made a commitment to work the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity in co-operation with The UsuryFree Network. Each of these usuryfree creatives who now double as SDI entrepreneurs are now positioned to add new recruits as they set out to build their respective pyramid/cells of 13.

Currently, our SDI team is growing daily as those who are already enrolled are mutiplying and duplicating our efforts. Indeed, our SDI team is beginnign to grow globally and exponentially.

The pitch to acquire new enrollees with the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity is easy when people understand the mission of The UsuryFree Network.

All debtors are likely to choose to participate with the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity, when they know that all of the SDI entrepreneurs with The UsuryFree Network are invited to work co-operatively with the intention of creating sufficient monthly earnings so that each and every SDI entrepreneur will be in a position to commit a small percentage of their SDI earnings to further The UsuryFree network’s goal of mobilizing debtors - everywhere.

Readers are invited to read the examples of one SDI entrepreneur’s “Commitment.” Anyone is invited to adapt this idea of “commitment” to suit their individual abundance.

The UsuryFree Network is teaching each new SDI entrepreneur about the “Power of 13” the as the optimal method of building a solid SDI community. Additionally, each debtor who joins our SDI Team is encouraged to make a list of any talents, skills, products and/or services that they offer.

Eventually we will combine everyone's list and create a grand database so that we can purchase all of our products and servies from within our own loyal network.

Each new SDI entrepreneur in the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity will be invited to "gift-it-forward today" (GIFT) by offering a short-term, usuryfree loan of $300 (or less - depending on the amount needed) to motivated prospects for the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity, who are currently experiencing a shortage of cash.

As we increase our own loyal database we will accelerate the trading and exchange process so that we can use more and more of the "usuryfree" community currency and less and less of our "usury-bearing" federal cash. 

When 500,000+ debtors are buying and selling with a "usuryfree" community currency there will be evidence of political will to have governments create the "usuryfree" currency instead of borrowing from the banking elite and using our incomes taxes to pay them "usury."

(I am remembering and will paraphrase what Ottawa Mayor, Bob Chiarelli said during the municipal election campaign in November of 2000.):  "I do not see evidence of a political will at the municipal level of politics to initiate any project with the "usuryfree" LETS software."

Each new recruit to the SDI industry is encouraged to commit 13 hours each month towards "re-educating" themselves on "what they don't know they don't know." The Cyberclass Network is suggested as a starting place as it has various good cyberclassrooms where one can begin this "re-education" process for FREE. And, of course, the twin blogs, the UsuryFree Eye Opener and the SDI Eye Opener are recommended as regular places to visit and read the updates.

What's more, each new recruit with our SDI Team gets SDI (Self Directed Income) support for FREE as you set out to build multiple sources of income with your new SDI Portfolio.

As well, each new recruit with our SDI Team will learn about "grassroots politics" from the "libertarian" perspective. Though I do believe that "if voting worked to favour the common people, they (the usury elite) would make it illegal" there are ways that we can use the system against itself by taking advantage of “tax credits” for donations to officially registered political parties.

The UsuryFree Network will support groups and/or organizations which clearly understand that the mission is to create a "usuryfree" society. The UsuryFree Network will likewise support any active groups and/or organizations which are deemed to be doing critical work to help us to usher in this new age of "peace and plenty" by 2020.

For example, “the Kogi” who occasionally visit Canada from Columbia are worthy of our support as they are seeking to reclaim, protect and preserve planet earth and life itself.

The UsuryFree Network will be adding other worthy causes to a list as we move ahead to create a "usuryfree" scoiety.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for "peace and plenty" by 2020

I AM and I DO

Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy

PS: If you are debtor who is also (or is becoming) a motivated and a committed usuryfree creative, ready and willing to enrol with the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity as an active SDI entrepreneur - then you are invited to click on the link below and enrol NOW:


At 6:16 PM, Blogger usuryfree said...

I just checked the Gold Board where my "usuryfree" position is shown on the 2nd level. On the Gold Board with me are SDI entrepreneurs from: Russia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, USA and Canada.

It is exciting to networking with SDI entrepreneurs from all around the world as we build our team of committed usuryfree creatives who double as active SDI entrepreneurs.

BTW, as of 9:00 PM (EST) on Monday, August 29, 2011, there are now 1900 SDI entrepreneurs networking the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity.


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