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Thursday, November 03, 2011

David Dees speaks with "graphics"

David Dees does a remarkable job of creating "graphics" that speak thousands of words - on countless inter-related topics - that are all connected in one way or another to our faltering and failing, economic system of usury-based, debt money.

David Dees does the graphics that Jeff Rense posts regularly at his website:

The art of David Dees is free to use for non-profit purposes, and he encourages you to openly distribute it to others with the hope it will educate, enlighten, deprogram, and at least, entertain.

Use the art of David Dees to network the message - you can discern the messages by simply viewing the artwork....

This short DVD posted at Youtube (see below) is called "David Dees Soft Kill" and is from TheOneDollarDVDProject

Be informed and share!!

NOTE: I have posted a series of graphics by David Dees at My Photos section at Facebook:

David Dees Archive at the Jeff Rense website:

David Dees Illustrations

David Dees UFO Archive


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