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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Banking and Finance - Famous Statements

These "Banking and Finance - Famous Statements were emailed to me and I hereby share them with readers at The UsuryFree Eye Opener. Since the first statment is about Australia, I am assuming that these statements were compliled by a usuryfree creative living in Australia. If anyone knows the author please share."

"The respective Australian governments, both state and federal, (not the people) have run up public debts over the years to near breaking point, and debiting those debts to us, the people, BUT WE, THE PEOPLE HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN CREDITED WITH THE ASSETS, THEREBY DEFRAUDING THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE OF OUR BIRTHRIGHT, AND DISPOSSESSING US OF OUR LEGITIMATE ASSETS, I.E., THE COMMON WEALTH OF THE LAND KNOWN AS THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA."

"Although most writers still confuse and underestimate the matter, banks certainly create credit, or more exactly, they create money."

(Quote from his book Oil In Troubled Waters, page 54) - Dr. Jim Cairns, one time Federal Treasurer.

"The policies of every federal government, irrespective of which party is in power, and most state governments over the last fifty (50) years have been nothing more or less than thinly veiled, incrementally introduced , warmed-up Marxism, under the appearance of, and masquerading as a constitutional monarchy."

“The Bank hath benefit of interest on all monies, which it creates out of nothing.” -The boastful statement of the co-founder (and the Financiers’ ‘Front Man’) of the (privately owned) Bank of England, William Patterson, upon its foundation in 1694.

“He who takes up usury for a loan of money acts unjustly, for he sells what does not exist. It is wrong in itself to take a price (usury) for the use of money lent. And as in the case of other offences against justice, one is bound to make restitution of his unjustly acquired money.” - Statement of St. Thomas Aquinas.

“We must go forward, cautiously, and consolidate each acquired position, because already, the inferior social stratum of society (the common people, Ed.,) is giving unceasing signs of agitation.

“Let us make use of the courts . . .

“When, through the law’s intervention, the common people shall have lost their homes, they will be more easy to control and more easy to govern, and they shall not be able to resist the strong hand of the Government acting in accordance with . . .the control of the leaders of finance."

“We must keep the people busy with political antagonisms."

“We’ll therefore speed up the question of reform (of tarrifs within) the Democratic Party; and we’ll put the spotlight on the question of protection …(for) the Republican Party."

“By dividing the electorate this way, we’ll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves, on questions that, for us, have no importance whatsoever." - United State Bankers magazine, 1892. As quoted in the Michael Journal, Jan-Feb., 2003

“The most hated sort of money-making and with the greatest reason, is usury, which makes a gain out of money itself, and not from the natural use of it – for money was intended merely for exchange, not for increase at interest. And this term interest, which implies the birth of money from money, is applied to the breeding of money, because the off-spring resembles the parent. Whereof of all modes of money-making, this is the most unnatural.” - Statement of Aristotle on Usury, 350 BC.

“The function of money is not to make money, but to move goods. Money is only one part of our transportation system. It moves goods from man to man. A dollar bill is like a postage stamp, it is no good unless it will move commodities between persons. If a postage stamp will not carry a letter or will not move goods, it is just the same as an engine that will not run. Someone will have to get out and fix it.” - Statement of Henry Ford.

“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin…..bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with a flick of the pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again…….take this great power away from them and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better world to live in …… but if you want to continue to be slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.” - The writings of Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England, at the University of Texas,1920.

“Of all the discoveries and inventions by which we live and die, this totally improbable helix of credit is the most cunning, the most liable, the least comprehended, and, next to high explosives, the most dangerous. All that bankers themselves know about it is how it works from day to day. Beyond that, it is a bit from Pandora.” - Statement by Garet Garret, author of “The Bubble that Broke the World”, and regarded as “the clearest expositor of economics in the United States”:

“When banks grant credit by creating or adding to deposits subject to check . . new dollars are created. They are credit dollars and they are created by the stroke of a pen rather than by dies and the stamping machines, but their purchasing power is not less than that of the dollars coined at the government mint . . . the principal way in which dollars are created in modern economic society is by borrowing.” - Statement of Sumner H. Slichter, Professor of Business Economics at Harvard:

“We have already learned that the most important kind of money is credit. The most important kind of credit is credit created out of thin air by the banking system. Eighty per cent of the volume of business in Canada uses money that isn’t there. Banks lend it out of nowhere to people, and when it is paid back, it returns to nowhere. It can’t be seen, yet it can make the difference between full employment and mass unemployment. MOST OF THE REVENUE OF BANKS IS INTEREST ON MONEY THAT DOES NOT EXIST.” - Statement of W. Trimble


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