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Monday, January 09, 2012

Introducing Andrew Gavin Marshall

Permit me to introduce my readers to Andrew Gavin Marshall - a 24 year old independent researcher and writer based out of Montreal, Canada.

Andrew has written dozens of articles, essays, and reports online and in print on a wide array of social, economic, and political issues, always from a highly critical perspective. His writing can be found on his blog,

Andrew Gavin Marshall is also Project Manager of The People's Book Project:

The People's Book Project is an initiative through which Andrew is attempting to write a comprehensive book on the institutions and ideas of power in our world, and what we can do about it.

Andrew is seeking funds to complete The People's Book Project. His most recent post is titled "Fundraiser Alert! The Book Project Takes On The American Empire" and is posted at this link:

Andrew has been frequently interviewed and a series of his interviews are posted at this link:

Andrew Gavin Marshall on Facebook:

Introducing Andrew Gavin Marshall's podcast:

Those with abundance are invited to offer a gift or donation to Andrew Gavin Marshall as he continues The People's Book Project in 2012. Gifts or donations can be made electronically online.

Andrew Gavin Marshall can be contacted by this email:


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