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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Geo-Engineering and Synthetic Reality

Disentangling Ourselves from Illusions & Setting our Spirit Free
By Jack Allis

NOTE: Though this well written article does not deal directly with "usury" or "usuryfree" issues, it certainly is related and necessary background information - and the author offers solution-oriented ideas as well. Please share with others in cyberspace.

"Geo-engineering is a technical term used to describe chemtrails. I didn't want to use chemtrails in my title or subject line because I was afraid it would scare everyone away. This is a subject that is clearly taboo. In case you don't know, chemtrails are the gunk that we can see being sprayed into our atmosphere, practically every day, throughout North America and many other countries, without any discussion, and without asking anybody's permission. People don't want to talk about it, or even see what's going on right in front of their eyes. They think it's just too paranoid, or way too much conspiracy nuttiness. The folks in the New Age accuse you of creating negative or dark energy for even thinking about such things.

Why such resistance, particularly at a time when so many people are waking up to so many of the other crimes in our world? I think it's because if this is true, it's just too huge, and it stretches people beyond where they are able to go. I think a lot of people believe that the powers that be (we'll talk about who they are shortly) are just not capable of something this evil. As you'll see shortly, they are. For many people, it also totally blows up their traditional understanding of how the world works, and they're just not ready for that. But I've got news for you. People better get themselves ready because things are coming to a head in our world. Worlds are changing. We are in the midst of the shift of the ages, and these monumental transformations are not going to wait for us.

Why do I make such a big deal out of this? Let's start with because it's one of the greatest crimes in a world that is loaded with them, and it is going on in broad daylight. In my world, that's a big deal. But there's more to it than that. My mission is always the same: to help people reconnect with their full power as spiritual beings, so that we can transform the world at this critical time. To do this it is imperative that we understand how the world really works, instead of the illusions that are foisted upon us, which are designed to strip us of our power, and enslave us. We cannot set our spirits free from the weight of these illusions unless we first know what they are.

In this article, we will journey down the rabbit hole of examining chemtrails, and follow the thread of what they are, who's doing it, and why. Along the way, we will be shedding light on a long string of illusions, which nicely illustrate the big picture of the total illusion of our world. This is what we must disentangle ourselves from. But we mustn't stop there, as so many do, which is why they get stuck in fear and helplessness. Once we are free, then the real work begins - to reach our full potential as multi-dimensional spiritual beings, which, ultimately is the primary source of our protection and our power to persevere and flourish in these challenging times.

So, let's start at the beginning. What are chemtrails? To answer this, we must first distinguish between contrails and chemtrails. The American Heritage College Dictionary (1997) defines a contrail as "a visible trail of streaks of condensed water vapor or ice crystals, sometimes forming in the wake of an aircraft." Another feature of contrails, about which there seems to be a general scientific consensus, is that they exist for a few moments, and then dissipate, and disappear. How is this different from what we see today? What we see today trailing behind jet aircraft are smoke-like fumes that stretch for long distances, sometimes virtually all the way across the sky. They are thick and puffy, sometimes with a grayish or brownish tint, and sometimes with dark lines, like shadows, along their edges. They do not dissipate. They tend to expand, commonly forming checkerboard-like patterns that fill the sky. They often expand to the point where they form their own cloud patterns, or fill the entire sky with a mist. Since chemtrails, our entire world has become mistier. The sky isn't as blue, and there aren't as many stars at night.

These are chemtrails. Direct observation and simple common sense tell us a few other things. First, they have not been around for that long, and nowhere near as long as jet aircraft technology. Chemtrails first started appearing late in the decade of the 1990's. At first, they were infrequent, smaller, and far less in number. If chemtrails are simply contrails, then it must follow that drastic changes occurred at this time in either jet aircraft technology or atmospheric conditions to bring this about. We know this is not the case, especially since chemtrails are everywhere, under all atmospheric conditions. We also know from independent researchers, with very powerful telescopes, that these aircraft are white tankers, with no identifiable markings.

Clearly, chemtrails are not contrails. Something is being sprayed from these aircraft. But what? What do chemtrails consists of? I must say at the outset that I am only going to be covering one angle on chemtrails, and it is the one I hear most commonly referenced. It's an angle that is also extremely pertinent to a primary theme of my work, which is our ability to survive as a species during this critical time of shift. My primary source is a DVD, What in the World are They Spraying? - produced by G. Edward Griffin ( It must be pointed out that chemtrails don't necessary consist of just one substance. They might consist of different things at different times, and there might be multiple objectives.

If the public ever wakes up to this crime, the official line will most certainly be that it is being done for our own good, to protect us. We will probably be told that it is to protect us from global warming, and that without this feat of geo-engineering, we would have been fried to a crisp by now. This angle has already been analyzed and debunked by credible scientists, and it is one of the many angles I am not going to go into in depth here. If you are interested in taking a look at the full array of theories and possibilities about chemtrails, I encourage you to do a search, but buckle your seatbelt for a wild ride. And beware of all the disinformation, and real craziness, so rampant on the Internet.

What are chemtrails? The research in What in the World are They Spraying? shows that chemtrails consist of tiny particles of metals. Specifically, these metals are aluminum, barium and strontium, with the percentages of aluminum far exceeding the other two. This finding is corroborated by most of the open-minded research. This can be measured because these particles don't dissolve or remain in the atmosphere, but rather fall to the Earth, and leave a residue, which is easy to distinguish from pollen or dust or similar looking residues. These metals are toxic to humans if ingested, as well as to other forms of animal, plant and organic life. Samples that were taken from water and soil in such pristine places as Mount Shasta, California and Hawaii showed levels of these metals, particularly aluminum, that were hundreds and thousands of times the normal levels.

The most shocking revelation comes from a sample of organic farmers, who observed that their plants, grown from natural seeds, were growing and reproducing at significantly diminished levels in this aluminum contaminated soil. Furthermore, they concluded, if the contamination continued at its current rate, the only seeds that would germinate in this soil would be seeds that were genetically engineered to be aluminum resistant.

I trust you can see that the ramifications of this are monstrous. It has become well known that there is an agenda to genetically modify and monopolize our commercial food supply, at the hands of the huge agricultural corporations, such as Monsanto. The supermarkets are already filled with this synthetic food. But this is even more insidious. It means the human beings of this planet would be incapable of sustaining themselves by growing their own natural food, with seeds they cultivated themselves. We have learned from our indigenous sisters and brothers that nothing is more important in life than our capability to sustain ourselves by living in harmony with the Earth and with the rest of the natural world. This is particularly true during these monumental times of transformation and shift, in which our old paradigm world is rapidly approaching its inevitable end. Our capability to sustain ourselves is the primary source of our power to recreate the world, and ourselves, and survive as the species nature designed us to be.

And keep in mind this is only one aspect of chemtrails. There are numerous other possibilities. We haven't even touched upon the very real possibility of weather modification, not forgetting that much of the extreme weather we are experiencing is a natural feature of the Earth changes that come with the shift. And I would be remiss in this regard if I didn't mention HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which is frequently referenced in relation to chemtrails. HAARP is a government/military installation in Alaska, which uses the highest of high-tech technology, including radio and electromagnetic waves, ostensibly to research the atmosphere, but clandestinely, as many believe, to influence and control it. There is another theory that maintains these metals or other substances are creating an electronic soup in the atmosphere, to facilitate the transmission of other electronic or high-tech signals.

There are other grim possibilities that deserve our attention. One is that chemtrails consist of biological organisms or agents, perhaps created in high-tech laboratories, as in germ warfare. It is believed by many that a new and very bizarre disease, Morgellons Disease, is caused by this. This is one of those things people have a hard time accepting because it's just too evil, but it's really not that far-fetched, especially when you consider the various other agendas that are poisoning the general population with so many highly toxic pharmaceuticals, like vaccines with children. There is another school of thought that believes that chemtrails exhibit features of nanotechnology, which means these particles are part organic and part artificial intelligence, like tiny computers. I know some of this stuff gets pretty far out, like science fiction. But once we begin to understand the diabolical nature of what we're dealing with, which we'll cover more of in a second, we can't take anything for granted.

Now that we know a little about this, let's talk about who's responsible for doing it, and what the overall objective is. This requires a little more time because the question of who's ultimately in charge is a complex and mysterious one. First of all, we can assume that this project comes from the highest levels because it is so massive and ubiquitous. Most people leap to the assumption that the Federal Government must be involved, in cahoots with the military establishment. This is incorrect. In fact, the US Government is powerless, including the president. It is a puppet, owned and controlled by people and interests external to it, a rubber stamp for decisions made higher up. If the military is involved, which is possible, it is under some other command. Remember President Eisenhower's parting words: beware of the military-industrial complex. And it's not the huge multi-national corporations, though they might be involved, many of which clearly overlap the government and the military. It's becoming more and more popular to blame these guys for everything. There's an element of truth to this, but it goes deeper. The same can be said for the ultra-rich families in Europe and the US, with names like Rothschild and Rockefeller, who own the largest international banks, as well as all the national banks, like the Federal Reserve, and which create our money. We're getting warmer, but it goes even deeper still.

As we move our way up this pyramid of power, things start to get very murky. This is because those who are at the top of this pyramid operate in secret. Nobody knows for certain who they really are. The closest we can come to identifying them is through elitist secret societies, such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group, which pose as public policy think tanks, but where, in fact, most of the important decisions are made, or at least handed down from somewhere else, and presented as policy. And tracing who these shadowy folks are is an exhaustive and complicated project, which basically involves examining the entire traditional version of the history of our civilization, dating back 6000 years to its beginnings in Sumer or Babylon. It also involves rewriting it because it is a hoax, one of the many illusions that are foisted upon us. For the complete story on this, I refer you to my latest book, Prophesy, Challenge & Blessing - Visions of 2012 & the Shift, particularly Chapter Five, Understanding the Dark Side, where there are also other references.

For our purposes here, I am going to zip through this, and cover only the highlights. For many of you, this might be a leap, but we must include it. If we don't, our world simply makes no sense at all, and in a divinely ordered universe, it must. First of all, Western Civilization, or the white man's civilization, which has been the dominant force in the world since its beginning, has always been ruled and controlled by a few elite families. These families are also interrelated bloodlines, which can be traced back to the kings and queens of antiquity, and to the "gods" of virtually every ancient religious text, including the Bible. It is also a virtual certainty that highly advanced civilizations existed on this planet since far before the beginning of our so-called history, on a scale of tens or hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps far longer. It is another virtual certainty that extraterrestrials arrived on this planet during these same ancient time frames, and played the leading role in these civilizations. These ET's also interbred with the indigenous humans of those times, creating a race of genetic hybrids - part ET, part human. A compelling case can be made that these elite families were (and are) composed of these genetic hybrids. Another compelling case can be made that the entire white race is such a hybrid species. The most recent of these civilizations, Atlantis, was destroyed, in all probability, around 13,000 years ago by a geophysical catastrophe of global proportions, a great flood, which, again, is covered in ancient religious texts from cultures spanning the globe.

OK, now that we've got that out of the way, what else can we deduce about these folks at the top of the pyramid, let's call them the elite, by observing them throughout history. These people, or beings, have no affinity for planet Earth or its people. Its history has been one of continuous expansion and conquest, including the extermination of indigenous people around the globe, and the destruction of their way of life and their spirituality. Actually, their agenda is the polar opposite of the indigenous, for whom the most important thing in life was to live sustainably in harmony with the Earth and with the forces of nature. The elite worship at the altar of a different god. This is technology, and this means continuous technological progress, without limits, and without regard for preserving the eco-systems upon which human life depends. Their ultimate goal is a world where everything is controlled by technology, or other non-organic or synthetic processes, which are created by man, not nature. I refer to this as synthetic reality. This would include artificial intelligence, where people are replaced by machines, and where the rest of the natural world will be replaced by their synthetic equivalent. Basically, what they are doing is playing god. It is nothing less than a rebellion against the creation.

Can they succeed at this? Ultimately, no, they cannot. The laws of nature and of a divinely ordered universe will prevail. But they sure can make a mess of things on this planet as they try.

Where do human beings fit into all this? We are nothing more than pawns to be tinkered with, and to be deceived and manipulated into a state of slavery. Like the Earth and all of the other natural elements, humanity is slowly being poisoned by the food, water and air they ingest, by a vast array of pharmaceutical substances, and by having lost their connection with the rhythm and flow of life's vital energy. However, humanity is its own worst enemy in this because they consent to it. They do this by allowing themselves to fall for a trick. This is a deal, in which their controllers promise to protect them from all the evils in the world (which they create), and provide for all their basic needs from cradle to grave. For this, all humanity has to do is barter away its freedom and its spirit. It's nothing less than the proverbial pact with the devil.

Now that we know all this, what do we do with it? This is a very delicate matter, and one that most people get wrong. The New Age folks totally miss the boat by believing that the best way to handle this is by pretending it's not there, or coloring it over with their rose colored glasses. This is a total misapplication of the power of positive thinking. The truth is never a bad thing, even if we don't like it. However, this information is so huge and dastardly that it invariably rocks our world, and shakes us up emotionally. The mistake most people make is falling into the trap of fear and helplessness, and getting stuck there. Invariably, this is because they lack a spiritual basis. As the age-old wisdom says, when the spirit is alive within us, there is never anything to fear. Without this, the situation is indeed hopeless.

Whether we like it or not, we are engaged in a battle, and our opponents are far more powerful, at least in the physical realm. After all, they own and control the world. Ultimately, this battle will not be won or lost on the battlefield of the physical, but rather on that of the energetic, or the spiritual. This is where we must prevail, and this is where we must derive the primary source of our power, which is also supernatural power. The only way we can persevere in this great challenge is with the higher powers of our higher consciousness and spirituality. When enough of us reconnect with this power, we will hit a critical mass of energy. At this point, things will begin to shift, and to change in ways that we cannot even imagine, like David defeating Goliath.

How do we do this? My advice is always the same, regardless of the circumstances. We must learn to live in harmony again with the Earth and with spirit. We must reassume complete responsibility for our own lives, and detach ourselves as much as possible from the mainstream dependency system and from synthetic reality. We must disentangle ourselves from the illusions that enslave us, and begin to stand on our own two feet again, but we must remember how, and we must be prepared. They rely upon us to give them their power with our consent. If enough of us withdraw our consent, and just don't play the games anymore, this hideous system will not be able to sustain itself. Its power base will be gone. I know the inevitable collapse of the old paradigm world scares the dickens out of most people, but it would be the greatest blessing imaginable. It would provide us with the opportunity to start over, and get it right this time, to fulfill our magical heritage as spiritual beings, and shepherds of the Earth." (snip) ...

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