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Monday, January 09, 2012

Mama Therese Departs Planet Earth

By John ‘KingofthePaupers’ Turmel

One of the greatest moms ever passed away on the afternoon of January 9, 2012. Born April 17th, 1929, Therese Turmel mother of John “KingofthePaupers” Turmel” and brother Raymond Turmel - school teacher, translator, always supportive of our mission of creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet.

She'd been suffering from Raynaud's disease, weak circulation to the point gangrene develops and the extremities end up amputated. Her hands were numbed and she'd already lost her first foot and her second foot had just started acting up. We were expecting it to have to be amputated like the first.

But this afternoon, she just stopped breathing while I was with her. I tried to shake her with no response. I called 911 and they had me do chest compressions for the 3 minutes until the emergency crew arrived. They got her pulse back and then took her to the hospital but when I got there, the 
doctor told me that she had passed away.

Keep in mind that this the mom who went to a bank to borrow money to get me the $3,000 I needed in 1974 to go gamble in Las Vegas on my first junket and set me off on my life of ease. That's at least $15,000 today. How many moms do you know would borrow money to send the kid to Vegas to start me off my my life of crime? 

Anyway, I had the honor and the pleasure of taking care of her in her last days and can admit that her passing away in 20 minutes was a blessing compared to the end I had envisioned she'd have suffered otherwise. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise though her brain was working fine. 

And she promised to take as good care of me the next time around in the next life as she had in this one. 

She wanted to be cremated and we'll have a memorial for her in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec where most of our relatives are based in the spring so she can be buried beside her parents. She had a great fun life and was a great fun person. Plus she did the dishes, ironing and proof-reading of all my 
official stuff. Useful until the end. Like her generation always sought to be. 

I guess we'll need a new Chief Financial Officer of the new Pauper Party of Ontario!

I know I'm going to miss her greatly and the greatest disappointment is that she will not be around to see the fulfillment of Mayan Prophecy, an interest-free world she helped me fight for all her life too. Just like her father Adelard and mother Angelina, she was staunch Social Crediter too!

I know what banquet table she's sitting at in Heaven, with the other great Abolitionists of usury in history! Bye mama. Loved living with you in this dimension, can't wait to see you in the next.

P.S. No need to send condolences, friends. I know how you feel. 

John C. "The Banking Systems Engineer" Turmel, KingofthePaupers, Great Canadian Gambler, TajProfessor, Author of the UNILETS interest-free time-based currency United Nations Millennium Declaration C6 in the

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NOTE: I (Tom J. Kennedy) had the privilege of meeting Therese Turmel in the early 1980’s very soon after I met John. I recall Therese Turmel as one of our Independent candidates in the Canadian federal election of 1984. Indeed, she was a remarkable mother and a truly dedicated usuryfree creative. May she rest in peace and enjoy usuryfree heaven.

A few quotes from Therese Turmel in one of John’s election campaigns in 1997:

“My name is Theresa Turmel, John Turmel's mother. I could start by saying that he was never like everybody else when he was young. Okay? And it used to bother me a lot when I would see him playing cards and playing solitaire and it turns out he's making his living out of that. So what can I say. I can't say I don't agree. And who keeps mother going with cars and sending her south and.. so, it was good that I didn't stop him from doing what he wanted to do... He wanted to go to Vegas and I just had a little house, was making payments, and everything, I was working though, working as translator, so anyway, I didn't have the money. He said "well, would you go make a loan?" Well, I'll go and try. So I got a three thousand dollar loan and he went to Vegas and he came back and he had sixteen hundred dollars more than when he left. So that was fine. I never regretted 
it. Why should I?”

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And I always enjoyed reading this article featuring Therese Turmel - “Pain Went To Pot.”


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