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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In Every Crisis There Is Opportunity

By Tom J. Kennedy
Many debtors (singles, families, businesses, municipalities, provinces/states, countries) are suffering increasing amounts of economic pain as this Recession of the 21st Century deepens to a Depression. The global economy is in shambles, unemployment rates keep rising, the mainstream media keeps broadcasting lies, deceits and deceptions and politicians offer no solution-oriented ideas.
Do not be overwhelmed and discouraged because of financial stress. Instead, think about the historical Chinese proverb that states: “In every crisis there is an opportunity.”
Embrace the ongoing and ever-worsening financial chaos as a true gift that is motivating debtors to seriously explore workable, economic alternatives. In general, debtors are creatures of habit and they commonly resist change until they endure a too high degree of economic pain. 
Debtors everywhere are shifting their perspective about modern money creation as they become aware that the design flaw of usury is the root cause of violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack.
These awakening debtors are re-educating themselves on economic topics that were not (and are still not) addressed in our institutions of formal education. Armed with new knowledge, from their self-imposed courses of economic reality, these awakened debtors are motivated to action. 
The most common action is for a committee (of one or more) to launch usuryfree community currency projects in their respective, local communities as the last, best solution to their financial woes caused by malfunctioning of the design flaw of usury within our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money.
It is my humble recommendation, that before the economic pain becomes too severe, debtors everywhere take action to acquire some basic financial know-how about proven, alternative, economic models. This requires debtors to invest some time and energy to learn about the various operational models of usuryfree community currencies.
With a bit of financial literacy, any debtor will eventually recognize that the model of a usuryfree, time currency is the optimal model of trading/bartering simply because one hour of time has a value of sixty minutes everywhere on planet earth. Time trading not only facilitates local trades, but also, has the potential to facilitate global trades given the ease of modern technology. Global time-trading will eliminate the exchange fees that are exacted on travellers as they move from one country to another.
Debtors are encouraged to talk openly about (a) the problems associated with our orthodox, economic system of debt money that is malfunctioning because of the design flaw of usury, and (b) the solutions being offered and experienced by those debtors who are participating by bartering/trading their skills, talents, products and/or services etc, within the usuryfree community currency movement. 
If each debtor re-educates him/herself and then invited one other debtor to likewise re-educate him/herself and thereby embrace the usuryfree, community currency movement, eventually the whole world will benefit.
Indeed, we can (and will) experience “peace and plenty by 2020” as Buckminster Fuller predicted way back in the mid-20th Century.
Motivated debtors are invited to begin their course of self-imposed study by reviewing the posts right here at The UsuryFree Eye Opener - and invite others to do likewise.


At 9:32 PM, Anonymous k-Roc said...

The fear peddlers are tools for the usurers. Usury-free advocates offer ABUNDANCE THIS YEAR.

Jubilee 2012!


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