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Friday, June 22, 2012

Twinning Two Timely Trends

By Tom J. Kennedy

- The SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry 
 - The UsuryFree Community Currency Movement
The SDI industry, formerly or otherwise referred to as (a) the Multi-Level Marketing industry (b) the Network Marketing industry (c) Consumer-Direct Marketing industry (d) Referral Marketing industry is the fastest growing component of modern sales and marketing. The SDI industry was birthed in the mid-20th Century and it has been evolving to become ever more popular as we progress into this 21st Century. 

Readers who are not yet familiar with the SDI industry are invited to review the postings at The SDI Eye Opener to acquire a better understanding of this unique sales and marketing industry.

Readers are especially invited to read this article which has more relevant, background information: “Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry

The UsuryFree Community Currency Movement is likewise gaining much credibility, acceptance and popularity as consumers shift their consciousness and make a choice to spend their money differently. Indeed, as their (the bankers’) orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money teeters on the slippery slope of self-destruction, more and more local communities are choosing to launch a usuryfree community currency that can be used as a complement with their diminishing amounts of federal cash. 
The functioning model of a usuryfree time currency is surfacing to become the usuryfree community currency of choice, given that the measure of time is universal on planet earth and acknowledging that labour is commonly associated with an hourly wage.
The UsuryFree Community Currency Movement embraces the historical concept of barter and with some added bells and whistles. Since the early 1980’s, the UsuryFree Community Currency movement has been birthing various hybrid models of mutual exchange whereby a usuryfree time currency is being used as a complement with federal cash to negotiate trades/exchanges in our respective local communities.
Readers who are learning about the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement are invited to review the postings at The UsuryFree Eye Opener.    
For over 25 years, I have been encouraging sales and marketing companies in the direct sales industry - especially the SDI companies - to do some research and then seriously consider adding a usuryfree time currency as an integral component of their respective marketing infrastructure. Any SDI company could issue and launch a usuryfree time currency that would function in a manner similar to, BUT not exactly the same as “Loyalty Points” or “Air Miles” etc. 
Any SDI company is invited to start a beta program with an established percentage of 10%, whereby that SDI company could accept 10% of a usuryfree time currency for the purchase of products and/or services and likewise pay out any earned commissions by the sales force with 10% of usuryfree time currency. After a short time, when this model is fully functional, the above-suggested percentages could be increased as the usuryfree time currency becomes more popular than the usury-based, federal cash.
I have also been encouraging the system operators of any usuryfree community currency (time currency of otherwise) to reach out in the meantime and invite SDI entrepreneurs to join their local database and offer their products and/or services for sale, agreeing to accept a percentage of the usuryfree time currency for any negotiated exchanges. Historically, there has been much misunderstanding of the SDI industry and during the 1980’s and early 1990’s, some local LETSystems were so misguided that SDI entrepreneurs were denied an opportunity to join the local barter and trading networks.
The SDI industry continues to lead the way as the optimal, sales and marketing model that supports the decentralization concept that is evidently having an impact as the more astute shoppers choose to spend their money locally. The surge of local barter and trading systems also fosters decentralized, self-sustaining, local economies. Since the early 1980’s, the barter and trading models have evolved to become much more than a token revolution. When twinned, the SDI industry and the UsuryFree Community Currency movement will create optimal, economic structures to facilitate and advance the decentralizing process as we evolve in this 21st Century. It is noteworthy that all who choose to participate will experience mutual, financial benefits as they learn how to throw off the yoke of usury.
Starting immediately, any SDI entrepreneur who supplies products and/or services to consumers is invited to enrol with any barter and trading network and accept any existing usuryfree community currency as partial payment for any product and/or service. Inviting active, SDI entrepreneurs to participate in local bater and trading systems will vastly increase the database of available products and/or services making any existing barter and trading network more attractive for other prospects,
In the meantime, any SDI entrepreneur is invited to encourage the home office of their chosen SDI company to take a leadership role and implement a usuryfree time currency as part of the marketing infrastructure for the distribution of their products and/or services. When the home office of an SDI company accepts the challenge to launch a usuryfree time currency, everyone enrolled as a distributor or associate in their sales and marketing teams will be able to participate immediately.
All SDI entrepreneurs who become members of any barter and trading system will have the marketing edge over non-connected, retail stores. In any local community, the first SDI entrepreneurs trading and exchanging products and/or services with any usuryfree community currency will have the first opportunity to pitch all local free enterprisers. Indeed, SDI entrepreneurs have the potential to expand any barter and trading database real fast since the leaders of the various sales and marketing teams have access to the contact details for those SDI entrepreneurs who are enrolled after them in their respective respective networks - often this includes multiple thousands of active SDI entrepreneurs in various countries all over the world.
This action by the SDI entrepreneurs will create exciting growth for the participating barter and trading systems which will never serve humanity optimally by staying small. Of course, these pioneering SDI entrepreneurs will have a definite head start in serving consumers’ preferences and all others will beat a path to their door to ask: “What are you doing and how are you doing it?”
Whole new markets will be opened up for participating barter and trading systems simply by inviting other free enterprisers to connect with them to facilitate exchanges. SDI entrepreneurs are quite likely to accept higher percentages of their profits in any usuryfree community currency when they are assured that the home office of their chosen SDI company comes on board and agrees to accept a percentage of usuryfree community currency for payment of products and/or services when they make their wholesale purchases.
In summary, the ideal scenario would be that a home office of an SDI company would accept the invitation to (a) research the usuryfree community currency movement and (b) launch a usuryfree time currency so that their active SDI entrepreneurs could agree to accept partial payment for products and/or services in a usuryfree community currency. By arranging to pay out an equal percentage of any commissions directly into the accounts of any participating SDI entrepreneurs - everyone who participates wins!
Which SDI company will lead the way and implement this timely and innovative concept?
Since most home offices of SDI companies accept “usury-bearing” credit cards - whereby the banks extract 3% to 5% from each transaction - why not participate with any barter and trading system which can easily facilitate trade between both retail consumers and wholesale SDI entrepreneurs - while evading the 3% to 5% fee for each transaction.
I believe that the software of any barter and trading system can be adapted so that trades or exchanges can be tracked with dual accounts - one account for federal cash and another account for any usuryfree community currency - thereby making these systems more popular than conventional banks. The fee that is currently being exacted by the bankers for each recorded transaction would be saved by the purchaser.
Another attractive consideration is that any SDI entrepreneur and any home office of an SDI company that accepts a percentage of sales in any usuryfree community currency is invited to demand to pay that same percentage of taxes (federal, provincial/state, municipal) with a usuryfree community currency. This ought not be a problem, since every level of government regularly buys products and/or services from local businesses (the taxpayers). Additionally, the staff at these various levels of government could be invited to accept a portion of their monthly pay cheques in a usuryfree community currency. Obviously, this will require a re-education process, but it is definitely a worthwhile idea to pursue.
Readers are invited to read this article which has more relevant, background information: “The Innovative Proposal” 
Historically, the SDI industry has an attrition rate of approximately 90% in any given 12 month period. For example, by the mid-1990’s there were more than 10 million ex-Amway distributors worldwide. Add on the hundreds, perhaps thousands of other SDI companies that have left people jaded and you begin to see that this high rate of attrition must be addressed NOW.

Making a usuryfree community currency an integral part of the infrastructure of any SDI company’s sales and marketing infrastructure might very well solve the attrition issue, since participating SDI entrepreneurs will have access to all of the products and/or services in any growing database of any barter and trading system. These participating SDI entrepreneurs will not be stressed about an ever-present shortage of federal cash and therefore, the high attrition rates in the SDI industry will certainly diminish.
Cash is often is short supply, but goods and/or services are rarely in short supply.
Any SDI companies and all SDI entrepreneurs who agree to accept a portion of any sale in a usuryfree community currency will be giving a distinct, competitive advantage to their teams - who in turn will be able to accept more usuryfree community currency and use even less federal cash as the databases grow. Eventually, we-the-people will take back our power and we will have a choice (a) continue to rely on their (the bankers’) usury-based, debt money system and try to survive by accepting “Life With Usury” or (b) embrace the concept of usuryfree money and enjoy the experience of “Life Without Usury.” 
Consider carefully that in any SDI enterprise, a usuryfree community currency can be paid (in an agreed upon percentage) to both employees as wages and to distributors or associates as commissioned sales people. When free enterprisers in local communities learn that SDI entrepreneurs and employees of SDI companies have lots of usuryfree community currency to spend, they will be astute enough to immediately seek to join a local barter and trading system to gain access to the abundant supply of products and/or services listed in the growing databases.
IOU’s in any usuryfree community currency will eventually become more popular, for as the usuryfree community currency movement gains acceptability, these usuryfree community currencies will have the same flexibility as cash. Any barter and trading system could also agree to accept any other currencies - such as Canadian Tire money - and this could be used to facilitate the exchange of small change for any negotiated transaction.
The resources and technology are now ready for SDI entrepreneurs and SDI companies to twin with active traders within the usuryfree community currency movement and work in mutually beneficial ways to save ourselves from further economic chaos. 
Which bater and trading group or network will be first to reach out and invite local SDI entrepreneurs to participate? History shows that “first” is better than “best.”
Anyone seeking further consultation on this unique and innovative concept of twinning the SDI industry with the UsuryFree Community Currency movement is invited to communicate with the author at this email address: (tom at cyberclass dot net) with “Twinning” in the Subject line.
Let’s make it happen! In the best of all possible world’s, we often say: “Let’s do it together!”

NOTE: Below is a link to a Letter titled: 

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