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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Step Closer To UsuryFree Living or LaRiba Living

By Tom J. Kennedy

Although debtors are not yet experiencing a usuryfree lifestyle, usuryfree creative are convinced they are a step closer to achieving this ultimate goal.

The 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba which was held at the hotel – The Palace Of The Golden Horses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – on November 26th and 27th, 2012 – was the third in a series that has been held since 2010.

Once again this unique, international conference succeeded in bringing together competent researchers, private market participants, policy makers, academics and enthusiastic usuryfree creatives.

During this 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba, the distinguished guest speakers explored the effects that riba (usury) is having on debtors locally and globally.

In summary, the conclusion is that riba (usury) is wreaking havoc on debtors – individuals, families, small to medium-sized businesses, large corporations, municipalities, provinces/states, and countries.

By reviewing and studying the evil and immoral effects of the design flaw of riba (usury) on our orthodox, economic system of debt money, proposed economic lifeboats or remedies are suggested – that when followed will bring debtors one step closer to experiencing the reality of a riba-free (usuryfree) lifestyle.

Indeed, we are at a critical moment as the global crisis continues to deepen towards a Grand-daddy Depression of this 21st Century. The hope of usuryfree creative is that recommendations and resolutions coming from this 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba (Usury) will be implemented with a goal to target the killer machine of riba (usury).

Attendees at the conference are resolved that fundamental changes to the existing debt money system are essential if we-the-debtors are to save ourselves from future economic enslavement.

A key resolution is to focus on re-educating The Court Of Public Review with lessons about economics that formal education neglects to teach.

Individuals and organizations are invited to team-up with RIFCON with the sole objective of emancipating debtors (humankind) from the evil and immoral effects of the design flaw of riba (usury).

The crucial issue of housing and housing loans was addressed as a focus issue at the conference. The newly launched KOPSYA and the musharakal mutanaqisah home financing were two workable solutions presented at the conference to address the housing and housing loans issues.

The usuryfree time currency movement was lauded as the optimal currency of choice to be implemented in local communities that are seeking workable and proven strategies that can be relied on as economic lifeboats in the realm of micro-economics – should their usury-based titanic of debt money sink in the sea of macro-economics.

This year’s 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba (Usury) confronted the issues both at a micro and macro level. Both the organizers and the attendees are firm in their belief that in order to surmount and surpass any economic catastrophe, our proposed economic solutions must have high level resilience, responses that are hands on and reforms that are real and just.

I highly recommend for debtors from anywhere and everywhere to make plans to attend the 4th Annual World Conference on Riba (Usury) - the location and place will be made public - probably in February 2013. 

The organizing committee welcomes financial support for future conferences from individuals or companies that understand how "riba" or "usury" is causing economic havoc to debtors everywhere. If you as an individual or as owner of a company are ready and willing to play a role in making the world a better place - socially, economically and politically - then contact myself and I will put you in contact with the organizing committee for the 4th Annual World Conference on Riba (usury).

Indeed, we are one step closer to UsuryFree Living or LaRiba Living, but we still have many more steps to take before we will all experience the reality of usuryfree living.

After all, “None of us is freed from riba (usury), until all of use are freed from riba (usury)."


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