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Monday, November 26, 2012

WELCOME To the New US Prisons without Bars

By Jim Kirwan
What this nation has worried about was some kind of take-over by armed troops 

from outside the US, via Martial Law. A takeover is coming, but it’s coming from 
the inside of this place. This is something far more deadly which has been 
growing like a typhoid-epidemic since it was first conceived back in the 1920’s. 
Its sponsors’ claim it will only:


It’s called AGENDA 21

This TRAP has been triggered and the provisions of its criminally designed 

treasons is about to spread its’ poisons over the entire continent. 
Masquerading as a grassroots-movement saying that “this is—ONLY—for 
the common good of all the people of the planet." The implication is that to 
save the planet we must end the rights of every human-being who is not 
part of the establishment. In fact this “supposedly-popular-movement” 
is something conceived of by the Gangs-of-the-Bankers and the Global-
investors that have never-ever risked even one thin dime on anything.

These creatures are the same people behind the global-one-world-government. 
This is their vision for the final straw in forcing the road-kill of this place to give 
away their own lives (for the common-good), while they vote in favor of living 
their lives inside a 220 square foot cell,instead of having their own home or 
house to live in, which many have already paid for. 

Above is THEIR MAP of this place. The red is the newly designated open-
space. “People” will be confined to the black dots. The congested-city spaces 
enable total control of the populations by stacking people like ants inside 
commercial ant-hills where life will NOT be possible to maintain. This is the 
BANKER’S DREAM which will end society and create the modern day 
collective that is neither modern nor collective—it’s just another form of world-

This is nothing but sheer GREED created by the same people that have brought 

us the New World Order and the illegality of United Nations AGENDA 21, as the 
only way to save the earth and of course the world. (1)

Maximum numbers of people will be allowed to live in only this way:

For people who don’t know what Agenda 21 is—basically it’s not what 
Agenda 21 is, it’s almost what it isn’t. It is the blueprint. It is the action-plan, 
to inventory and control all LAND, all WATER, all PLANTS, all MINERALS, 
all INFORMATION and all HUMAN BEINGS in the world! This quote is in the 
first video under this link. It’s in the 8 min. and 09 sec. video (1)

This global-project is being sold to the public as “locally” controlled and the originated 

policies supposedly have nothing whatever to do with AGENDA 21 or “sustainable 
communities.” In fact it has already been approved for New York City and San 
Francisco. In San Francisco the Board of Supervisors approved this criminal-
hijacking of the people of this city, by a ten to one approval-vote. San Francisco 
is my city...

For this treason to take effect in San Francisco, every member of the Board of Supervisors and
the Mayor MUST immediately abandon their current homes and property, as well as their bank-
accounts and assets in order to comply with living their lives in a 220 square-foot apartment;
such as they have just advocated for everyone living in San Francisco.

Until this happens, this public-hijacking must be immediately halted. Until a complete
and public-audit is concluded on the sponsors, the mayor and all the politicians in 

San Francisco who voted for this fraud—must be PUBLICLY revealed! Ironically this 
could all be stopped by isolating the investigation to one small city like San Francisco 
before it’s allowed to spread to rest of this nation. Think about it – this is crucial – this 
could also apply to Austin Texas, where things are very nearly in the same place as 
they have already reached in NYC & San Francisco. This is one case where the 
few could really make a difference BEFORE this global-disease can spread! 

Anything less than this will not suffice, because this is not a local or a state wide movement.
This is an international illegally-contrived device created by the globalist bankers and their
owners who are actively implementing illegally created models, (as defined in the paragraph
above describing Agenda 21) to dominate the entire planet, beginning with the USA.

The qualifications for anyone who continues to speak in favor of this farce must be
made-public and before anyone who advocates ‘for these changes’ must themselves,
be living in a 220 sq. foot cell to prove their belief in such a project—otherwise they 

can have no credibility on this topic. After all, this is something that its advocates 
assure us “IS FOR THE COMMON GOOD” so they themselves must first ‘LEAD BY 

A “calorie-card” will be issued that controls the calorie in-take of each ‘citizen’ 

(prisoner), who shall be strictly regulated, just as will be transportation, water, 
entertainment, media-access, virtually everything that any slave does will be totally 

The implementation of human control legislation is most likely to control each 

human’s intake of any natural substance on the planet to control population. They will 
deny medications. They will track all humans on the planet and will allow the UN to 
deny supplements to those who seek it out. (The Committee also made good progress 
in developing guidance on (a) proposed draft Principles and Guidelines for National 
Food Control Systems) Member countries. The lowest standards set for supplements 
is their goal… 

(2) Additional sites listed.

The United States' government support for the sustainable development Agenda 21 

is very clear: In 1992 while the real conference was going on, George Bush then 
president, was there ­ where he executed the Agenda and the 21 protocols on behalf 
of the United States, and brought it back to Washington D.C. Within a year Bill Clinton, 
BY EXECUTIVE ORDER, no congressional review, established The President's 
Counsel for 'Sustainable Development.'” (3)

If you want to live—then STOP this MOVEMENT NOW!

1) Globalists want Chinese-Style Control for Americans under AGENDA 21 – 43 MIN. 27


3) The Ninth Wave – AGENDA 21

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