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Monday, November 26, 2012

It Is Time To Advance The UsuryFree Resolution

By Tom J. Kennedy

UsuryFree Day (November 13th) has come and gone once again. The Information War continues - it's the banking interest vs the public interest - if and when we can untie the arm behind the public's back with knowledge and awareness, we will win!

Since 2005, usuryfree creative have been celebrating UsuryFree Day and the week that follows from November 13th until November 19th, is referred to as UsuryFree Week.

In 2012, during the 8th Annual UsuryFree Week a number of workshops and seminars were scheduled in various local communities. Below are links to some events in Ontario, Canada during the 8th Annual UsuryFree Week.

This year – 2012 – Winged Lion Awards were earned and bestowed on numerous usurfree creative for their leadership roles in helping to advance the UsuryFree Resolution. The Winged Lion awards were presented in Canada, the United States, the Philippines and Malaysia.
Keeping in mind this statement - “None of us is freed from usury, until all of us are freed from usury” - the key question still lingers. Is there any community where the people are truly experiencing a usuryfree lifestyle? The short answer is “No!”
It was May 13th, 2001 when The UsuryFree Resolution was launched by the UsuryFree Network. The ultimate resolve of the UsuryFree Resolution is that re-educated debtors everywhere would unite and work to usher in a New Age of UsuryFree Living – without the Revolution! We, the usuryfree creative simply resolved to promote and foster proven, economic models of usuryfree living, thereby allowing the broken model of usury-based, debt money to eventually collapse and disappear. The end result will be that usury will be abolished forever, and there will be peace, prosperity and abundance for every individual – anywhere on planet earth.
And furthermore, we resolve to forgive our former usurers. We will offer them (ASA) Amnesty, Security and Anonymity. Amnesty and Anonymity are self-explanatory. For Security, we will offer them – like everyone else – a free credit line in our new economic model of usuryfree time tokens. Therefore, there will be no acts of revenge, nor will there be any bloodshed in a revolution for monetary reform. It will simply happen as the shift in consciousness evolves from “Life With Usury” to “Life Without Usury.”
During the 8th Annual UsuryFree Week in 2012 we honoured the 11th Anniversay of the UsuryFree Resolution, but regrettably, we can hardly be proud of our record and we cannot celebrate and heroic victory for usuryfree living as debtors everywhere are still suffering severe, economic pain.
Hopefully, during this forthcoming Year of UsuryFreeLiving – from November 13, 2012 until November 13, 2013 – we can expand our campaign for usuryfree living beyond the sporadic but enthusiastic, local communities to include national and international participation.
When debtors first learn about the possibility of experiencing a usuryfree lifestyle, it is common for some of them to reject the idea as an impossibility. When she or he reads an article or views a short video clip on some aspect of monetary reform, the first thought often speaks volumes about future action or inaction.
Being motivated to shop locally and to learn how to use a usuryfree time currency in combination with federal cash to negotiate trades or exchanges with other participants often becomes the catalyst that motivates  debtors to action. They realize that if and when they learn how to use a usuryfree time currency to acquire individual, family and business needs, then they will use less federal cash. The idea is to use any saved federal cash to pay off any outstanding debts – for it is the growth of the debt by the function of usury that causes the greatest economic pain.
One of the main objectives of the UsuryFree Resolution is to point out to debtors that every federal dollar in circulation – whether it be paper notes or electronic blips on a computer screen comes into existence as a debt. The debtor who signs the promissory note has just agreed to an impossible contract whereby she or he agrees to repay both the principal plus the usury (interest) portion of the loan or mortgage – even though only the principal portion of the loan or mortgage was created as brand new money and issued into circulation.
Indeed, the truth about modern money creation is not commonly understood by debtors. Too many debtors are resigned to be forever subservient to their creditors (financial institutions). It is unfortunate that both parents in most family situations are too fatigued after their workdays – where they labour to earn just enough to surivive after they pay their monthly usury and taxes. They are just to tired to set aside any time to pursue a self-imposed course of study what formal education neglects to teach.
What is needed is local campaigns for usuryfree living to be tailored with national and international campaigns for usuryfree living.
Our proposed campaign for usuryfree living during this forthcoming Year of UsuryFree Living invites active usuryfree creative to make a genuine effort to reach out and re-educate a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a working colleague, and then when they have acquired sufficient knowledge, encourage them to multiply and duplicate your efforts. It is wise to follow the marketing model that is being perfected by the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry – formerly referred to as the multi-level or network marketing industry.
Whether or not we can achieve our goal of experiencing the reality of usuryfree living depends upon our students becoming teachers. In this re-education process, the roles of teachers and students become interchangeable and the interactive roles of communication must be perfected.
Developing a subculture of informed usuryfree creative is important and awake and aware debtors are more likely to be motivated to participate as activists focused on helping to usher in a new age of usuryfree living.
Indeed, it is time for us to rev up the UsuryFree Resolution. We need to resolve to learn the truth about modern money creation and learn about the proven and workable models of usuryfree time currency that are being birthed in numerous local communities.
No longer should we accept to forever be subservient debtors always paying usury to our creditors. It all boils down to this question. Would you pay usury (interest) to a creditor (banker) if you had the option of not paying or otherwise stated – evading usury (interest)?
It is high time for all ill-informed debtors to be re-educated and learn that indeed, in the past there was “Life Without Usury” and know that again in the not-too-distant future, there will be once again “Life Without Usury.”
When one student become a teacher and re-educates another and this process is multiplied and duplicated – potentially we could reach the magic 3% of the population needed to reach the tipping point that creates the shift in consciousness. 
Mathematicians have explained that when 3% of the population grasp and move ahead with an idea, the other 97% will soon follow. Let’s push those numbers of awakened individuals up to that magic 3% number as quickly as possible.


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