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Monday, January 21, 2013

Boycotting Can Be A Positive and Timely Tool

Boycotting Can Be A Positive and Timely Tool

By Tom J. Kennedy

 We must move beyond defeatism and apathy because that is what the PTB’s (Powers That Be) rely on to further their NWO (New World Order) agenda. It is apathy and defeatism that permit we-the-people to be controlled like sheep and herded into the slaughterhouse.
Boycotting the giant transnational corporations is a positive tool that is hard to combat. By refusing to play their (the PTB’s) game, we effectively do the ‘end run’ around their game and we win, they lose. The PTB’s have no competitive strategy to retaliate and it hurts them where they don’t want to be hurt – in their bank accounts.
A good place to start is to stop buying Chinese goods – especially those that were formerly made in Canada or the United States. In recent years, many corporations have moved offshore where their products are now made with cheap labour in sweatshops with appalling conditions which would not be tolerated by unions in Canada, the United States or any other civilized country.
Every time we buy products made by a transnational corporation with its cheap labour force in China or elsewhere in Asia, it helps their economy at the cost of our home economy – in Canada or the United States.
An optimal example from history is worth examining. During the 1930’s, the North American economy was in decline because of the Depression (intentionally caused by the PTB’s). The shortage of money caused the rural and urban economy in both Canada and the United States to foster home-produced products, agricultural and otherwise.
During this period of enforced isolationism, Canada and the United States stockpiled sufficient resources to provide the Allies with whatever materials it needed to win World War II (intentionally caused by the PTB’s) and remain the leaders of the so-called ‘free world’ until late in the 20th Century.
Now as the PTB’s are planning World War III, our last, best hope is for everybody to promote and actively support a boycott of the transnational corporations that import products - especially those that were formerly made in Canada or the United States. If they succeed in creating World War III and/or if mother earth cleanses herself naturally, then society as we know it will revert back to the mid-1800’s. Only those who are not totally dependent on the transnational corporations will survive and find the changes to be challenging, but quite refreshing.
Implementing a usuryfree time currency as a local currency created and spent by we-the-people is the optimal tool to foster the re-birth of community whereby we make a conscious choice to shop within our own loyal networks of small to medium-sized businesses and/or home-based businesses within our respective communities. Such action will erase defeatism and apathy and establish that renewed sense of genuine community that we somehow lost during the latter years of the 20th Century.
To begin your research on how your community can establish a usuryfree time currency, commit yourself to following a self-imposed course of study by going to any search engine and typing “usuryfree time currency.” You will find plenty of information.
Let’s create our own loyal networks, where we can purchase our products and/or services using a combination of federal cash (not credit cards, debit cards, or cheques) and a usuryfree time currency. 


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