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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Usury No More

By Tom J. Kennedy
We have a native group here in Canada “Idle No More” getting lots of press over the past few months.

This article "Why Idle No More Matter To Us All" is relevant to the mission of "Idle No More."
It is time that the usuryfree community currency movement gets more exposure so now – during the “Year of UsuryFree Living,” the UsuryFree Network is adopting a new slogan that reads “Usury No More.”
The slogan “Usury No More” is intended to remind all debtors to support the UsuryFree Resolution during this Year of UsuryFree Living. To advocate “Usury No More” is to point out that the design flaw of usury is directly and/or indirectly the cause of violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack.
All debtors are affected, by the evil and immoral effects of usury on our orthodox, economic system of debt money. We must first acknowledge that indeed interest ought to be correctly called usury and honour the fact that the Christian Bible and various other holy books repeatedly have statements similar to this: “Thou shalt not take usury of another man.”
When we say “Usury No More” we declare that we reject usury, while promoting and and implementing usuryfree solutions. We now have the option of we-the-people creating and spending our own usuryfree time currency rather than relying on their (the bankers’) money and paying them a fee (usury).

On November 13th, 2012, usuryfree creatives designated 2013 as the Year of UsuryFree Living and encouraged local communities everywhere to launch a usuryfree time currency during the next 12 months. Debtors everywhere are invited to first become students and follow as self-imposed course of re-education and then take on the role of teachers to teach others “what they don’t know they don’t know.” Eventually, there will be “Usury No More.”
Since the early 1980’s, dedicated usuryfree creatives have been working to usher in the new age of usuryfree living. We recognize the likely backlash will come from the usuers (the banking cartel), so we encourage participating usuryfree creatives to stay strong and united in spirit to experience the reality of usuryfree living.

The slogan “Usury No More” encourages grassroots action by using social media, forums, teach-ins, rallies and meetings or gatherings in kitchens, community halls, church basements, libraries etc. Relationships or partnerships must be created locally first and then expanded nationally and internationally.

Usury No More will be repeated often during the Year of UsuryFree Living. The active usuryfree creatives feel it is urgent to take action NOW. Local communities everywhere are invited to launch a usuryfree time currency as an “economic lifeboat” before their (the bankers’) “usury Titanic” goes down.

On January 16. 2013, RIFCON posted the timely presentation that Tom J. Kennedy made at the 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba titled: “The Usuryfree Resolution: Time Will Usher In A New Age of Usuryfree Living”

The audio version is posted at this link: 

The printed version is also posted at this link

On January 17, 2013, Wayne Walton published a 107 page PDF document titled: “Hour Money Jubilee – Jubilee Debt Strike Book.” Wayne's book is now available at Amazon.

In mid-March 2013, The UsuryFree Network chose BonVoyage Elite as the optimal, fundraising opportunity for The UsuryFree Network. Details in this article:
Introducing BonVoyage Elite

Readers are invited to read and re-read the information about the BonVoyage Elite business opportunity and then make a decision to come on board by enrolling to work with our team of active “usuryfree creatives” who are intent on paying “Usury No More.”

In the past there was “Life Without Usury” and in the not-too-distant future there will be “Usury No More.” Let’s work together to re-build the spirit of community and thereby help to usher in the new age of usuryfree living during this – the Year of UsuryFree Living – and let’s begin by promoting the unique SDI opportunity being offered by BonVoyage Elite.


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