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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Hour Money Jubilee's Two Hour Video Playlist

by Wayne Walton

Here's how we cut the bankers' strings without waiting, or a vote from the corrupt. "Be the Change" = Become The Bankers. 

Please watch this and critique. Monetary reform IMPLEMENTATION documentary:

Here is Hour Money Jubilee's 2 hour video playlist for the Paul Revere $100k video competition from

Save the link and tell me your favorites. Lot's of brand new, ground breaking info and consciousness.

"Use the power of the Ark to flip pyramids"

Playlist Table of Contents

1. "Jubilee, Let it Be" 2:15
2. Hour Money Jubilee Power Point Orientation. 6:53
3. HMJ Exposure. 9:00
4. "Abundance" - Wandering Monks music video. 4:45
5. Why is Usury Theft? 14:30
6. "Monay vs Energy" - Wandering Monks music video. 4:15
7. Bill Still tests Hour Money 15:30
8. "Officer of Peace"- Wandering Monks music video. 4:15
9. Jubilee Sheriff. 5:15
10. Jubilee Advocates. 20:15
11. Ark of the Covenant contents. 22:45
12. Jubilee Parade Ceremony. 11:30

The contest limited us to 2 Hours. We had about an additional hour of very unique videos which wouldn't fit. You are invited to do a search for these video clips (listed below) at any search engine and view them also.

Hour Money Jubilee: Unique selling proposition
Bud beats guns
Mother Nature vs Usury
Why is monetary reform so essential?
Hour Money Hope
3 Legged Chair Test
The 11th Commandment
Jubilee Animals
Activism 2.0

NOTE: Readers are also invited to purchase, download, read and re-read Wayne Walton's book titled "Hour Money Jubilee." Full details at "Hour Money Jubilee."


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