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Saturday, May 25, 2013

How To Beat Monsanto - The Poison Peddlers

By Wayne Walton

Hate Monsanto? 

Ten reasons why the Ark of the Covenant is humanity's secret weapon to beat Monsanto's poison peddlers.

Poison food is a symptom of a poison money system and corporate culture. We must harness the power of the Ark to flip that pyramid of power.

For thousands of years Jews, Christians and Muslims each supported usuryFree Jubilee sacred economics. Each will unite under this reform and have history supporting the Ark. Beautiful Muslims included. Both believers and non-believers benefit.

1. The Ark is the Holy Grail of consciousness. The Ark is our own enlightened consciousness. It is THE time capsule of lesson's learned through thousands of years of blood, sweat and tears. Hard lessons create ancient wisdom. We must follow essential rules to build a benevolent society where the "money power" serves rather than dominates humanity.

2. UsuryFree money creation and lending create MASSIVE human abundance. Abundance is key so that the "have nots" can afford their own organic food like the elite. Scarcity of money is an illusion perped by bankers. Those bankers rule with a tiny minority and USURPED natural human sovereignty. Only through monetary reform can we win with a tiny minority.

3. Jubilee debt forgiveness permits humanity to unite in common cause. Jubilee dissolves "stone walls" of division without violence. The One is re-united. The power returns to the productive people from the debt parasites. More abundance and time for humanity. We have more time to prepare organic food for our families.

4. Bud(anointing oil), mushrooms(Manna) and DMT(Acacia Tree) are natural health and ascension tools found in the Ark. Each manifest unity consciousness. "Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere" -MLK

5. The Ark is the tool to connect us with the Source. In the movie Avatar they spoke to the Spirit Tree so that they could beat the Corporation.

6. Hour Money is usuryFree and based upon our "soul power". Massive, productive, human potential is unlocked. When we live without debt we can work in the vocation of our passion in a 15-30 week work year.

7. Hour Money is organic, decentralized and local so that organic, decentralized and local businesses are promoted. Communities have their own monetary systems so they can defend themselves from globalist colonization.

8. Hour Money is the love currency which validates human labor and worth.

9. The Ark contains the "Rod of Enlightenment" which aligns our consciousness to our highest and best selves. "We are the Change" and the "leaders" we've been waiting for. We follow our highest values instead of giving our power away to "false idols".

10. The Ark represents the Creation of a new, conscious society. We don't need to "end Monsanto". We need to Create a new system which makes Monsanto and the larger dominant, corporate government obsolete.

Like anything new this will be scoffed at by the majority at first. We must realize that we've been educated by psychopathic bankers through through their puppets in corporate government. We have a corporate State which has destroyed our self-worth. They have engineered a culture to focus on our flaws so that we buy their stuff.

They wish to keep us focused on materialism and the physical world which THEY dominate. However, we truth seekers dominate the spiritual, moral world. Therefore we must focus on the Beast's Achilles heal. Any money system is based upon our energy not the bankers/corporate government.

We must remove our benevolent, creative commercial energy from their corrupt, money system. With sovereign money humanity can manifest a script for our future where our greatest dreams become real.

This is the vision for united victory.


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