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Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Message To My Oppressors ...

By Frankie Gotz

My parents and sister fled from a communist country and came here to Canada as refugees. My godfather told me my father was well versed in political ideologies and was some what like me when it comes to my activist aspects. Maybe I really do have resistance in my bloodline. RIP dad I miss you, wish you were here so I could converse with you and you could tell me about communism. 

I'm the first generation of the Gotz family, my bloodline comes from Europe. I don't know who any of my grandparents were, I know nothing about who my family was. Well I am going to make a bloodline of resistance. It is royal families that are running the world, they don't want any other famliy to stand up to them. That's why they want to destroy the family unit. 

I'm against the power European American Canadian Elitists who wish to bring in socialism and marxist communism as one world government controlled by a one world bank using fiat digital currency. From my research Right now we live in a Corpoartist Facism. 

I have never been happier in my life, I have never been not depressed as much as I am right now. I've never had more energy to learn, research, investigate, do journalism, make videos, make songs, travel the land doing activism and truth it out hard in this info war against my oppressors, 

I can feel the resistance flowing through my veins, everytime I learn more and more about how things are. I've been learning since 2008 and my knowledge is only getting bigger. I feel the energy of every slave that has died from these intergenerational bloodlines. I feel their pain and anger, I feel nothing but resistance and ambition in my soul.


Just leave us alone, release any and all oppressed information including secret archeological discoveries, discoveries you've made in science, discoveries you've made about the earth, discoveries you've made about humans, discoveries you've made about the cosmos, secret technologies you have, and any and all knowledge that can let humanity be free and help humanity advance towards greatness. 

Stop spying on us and trying to control us through the educational system and the media. 

Stop poisoning us, and the land that you live on. Stop messing with nature including genetically modifying and/or engineering plants, animals, humans and diseases. Stop creating weapons of mass destruction including nuclear and oppressed weapons that the public doesn't know about.

Stop abusing the people with usury and credit. Let the market be free, the economy be driven by the people, not by all of you.

All of you have the power of the world, why can't we live in peace. Do good things for the people and they will love you and you can stay in power, stop abusing us and start loving us.

There are many of us and our numbers are growing, and generations of resistance members will be born into this movement and we won't stop until we see change.

I will never change, I will use my skills to participate in this info war against you. I will research and do what ever I can to bring change by positive actions. We will and can have this revolution without violence.

I have faith in the people, I don't think they are all dumb. I have faith that if I and the rest of the resistance info warriors just keep doing what we do our numbers will just grow and grow. 

And once there is enough of us and our numbers are insanely large you will see us make bigger moves against you. Please just set us free or we will set ourselves free. I promise you that.

NOTE: This post was originally posted at Frankie Gotz's wall at Facebook at this link:

NOTE: Frankie is one of journalists on the team and one of the main contributors to the informative postings at the Canadian Awareness Network.


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