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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Remembering Chernobyl & The Lessons Learned From An Organic Farmer

"With the world's attention focused on the earthquake-induced nuclear disaster that has befallen Japan, and the ensuing radioactive fallout that is affecting the northeast portion of the island as well as Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States, our thoughts have gone back to an interview Acres U.S.A. founder Charles Walters had with Austrian farmer and composting researcher Siegfried Luebke following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986.

Immediately after that devastating incident the advice for farmers was to remove 12 inches of topsoil and stockpile it. Samples tested from Luebke's organic farm immediately after the event showed no detectable cesium residue. We have reprinted an interview that Walters had with Luebke that explains the amazing resilience that healthy, alive, microorganism-rich, organic soil has when under assault -- a lesson we can all heed and embrace, 25 years later." (snip) ...

Read the complete interview art this website for Acres U.S.A. Magazine:

Acres U.S.A. Magazine is North America's oldest, largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming.


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