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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Smart Metres - Are they so 'smart' ???

It is my humble observation that people who are "smart" about the lies, deceit and deception surrounding our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money will also be "smart" about refusing "smart metres." Below are some links to relevant information - readers are invited to read and share...

“Smart metres” are wireless metres that permit utility companies to read gas, electric and water metres remotely. The utilitiy companies promote “smart metres” as a great convenience for them - probably to reduce their expenses and increae their profits. BUT according to testimonial reports from consumers, these “smart metres” are causing a wide range of health issues.

More info at the EMF Safety Network:

Consumer comments are posted at this link:

Likewise the Agriculture Defense Coalition has posted an abundnace of relevant information at their website at this icon ‘PG & E Smart Metres’ at this link:

Lots more information about how to refuse ‘smart metres’ at this website:

Smart Metre Dangers:

Californians seem to be leading the way with this self-imposed mission to refuse “smart metres.” People living in other states/provinces are invited to follow their lead and likewise refuse the ‘smart metres.’

Anyone with other relevant information or websites that you have found re: “smart metres’ - please share so that we can all be re-educated about the dangers of this ‘home invasion’ by the ‘stupid people’ who promote ‘smart metres.’


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