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The UsuryFree Eye Opener is the electronic arm of the UsuryFree Network. It seeks active usuryfree creatives to help advance our mission of creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet. Our motto is 'peace and plenty before 2020.' The UsuryFree Eye Opener publishes not only articles related to the problems associated with our orthodox, usury-based 1/(s-i) system but also to the solutions as offered by active usuryfree creatives - and much more for your re-education.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seeking Usuryfree Creatives Who Will Double as SDI Entrepreneurs

Readers are invited to search for a unique, business opportunity with usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs, or simply add yet another stream of monthly earnings to your respective SDI Portfolios.

The paragraph below explains a bit about who “usuryfree creatives” are and what we are motivated to do.

“UsuryFree Creatives reject usury and the NWO (New World Order). What is usury? Usury is the correct word to to define 'interest on debt' as exacted by the creditor (the bank) on the debtor (the borrower). Usury is a scourge. It is never created and put into circulation by the banking institutions BUT it is exacted as a regular payment (usually monthly). The function of usury is to directly legalize plunder by the banks. If the debtor cannot pay both the principal and the usury portion of any loan or mortgage that bank has the power to steal the wealth from we-the-people. This action is absolutely immoral and it must be stopped. The control of the usury machinery by the banking syndicate will be stopped in this 21st Century when enough people are awakened to the greatest scam of the 20th Century.”

When I got notice that FB was going to be archiving these former groups, I created a page for “UsuryFree Network.”

You are invited to visit and “like” the page for “UsuryFree Network."

The paragraph below explains a bit about who “SDI entrepreneurs” are and what we are motivated to do.

“SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs are otherwise commonly defined as network or multi-level marketing distributors or associates. SDI entrepreneurs who are community-minded, are attracted to the SDI industry as it offers diversity and the networking element has the potential to play a leading role in the re-education process as well as the re-building of local community. Successful SDI entrepreneurs who are awakening to what is really going on in the bigger world of global politics and raw power are setting goals to not only acquire sufficient earnings from their respective SDI Portfolios to cover their living expenses but also to help fund “The UsuryFree Resolution” - that teaches ‘universal truth’ to those who are ready and willing to be ‘de-educated’ and ‘re-educated’ about topics that formal education neglects to teach.

This article ‘Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry’ offers essential background information for both UsuryFree Creatives, SDI entrepreneurs and/or otherwise.”

Yet another article that offers an abundance of background information for SDI entrepreneurs is titled: "The SDI Industry Likely To Offer Optimal "UsuryFree" Opportunities."

Making a decision to become a usuryfree creative who doubles as an SDI entrepreneur is the first step to help with the re-building our country that has been in economic decline.

Adding an honourable SDI opportunity to your SDI Portfolio is the next, best step to take a leadoing role is re-educating those who are ready and willing to be re-educated.

Together, it is our intention to do our part to improve the “health and wealth” of every SDI entrepreneur who enrols with our team of committed SDI entrepreneurs.

Look for the optimal SDI opportunity - one that offers far more than sales and marketing opportunity. When one is enrolled with our SDI team of usuryfree creatives - we will learn lots that formal education neglects to teach. Our database of SDI entrepreneurs are actively promoting noteworthy SDI opportunities as the optimal vehicles for (a) not only earnings solid sources of secondary income(s) but also for (b) networking the ‘truth’ to large databases of awakening SDI entrepreneurs.

Readers are invited to review the recent posts at The UsuryFree Eye Opener and at The SDI Eye Opener to determine if becoming a usuryfree creative who doubles as an SDI entrepreneur is a choice for you.

By promoting an optimal SDI opportunity - within the popular SDI industry, we are extending our influence both locally and globally.

Our SDI (Self Directed Income) team is making progress and moving forward with our intent to build a solid network of usuryfree creatives who are dedicated to maintianing and supporting our own loyal networks - that are connected locally and internationally.

Why buy from the giant trans-national corporations that are manouvering their selfish New World Order plans? Instead, we advocate buying locally (when possible) and/or from each other in our loyal networks of awakend and open-minded SDI entrepreneurs.

You are invited to read this post at The UsuryFree Eye Opener: “The UsuryFree Network Mibilizes.”

AND - I invite you to read “Networking Solutions and Aiding Debtors To Avoid Taxes and Evade Usury .”

Look for a unique, SDI opportunity that offers some truly amazing benefits and our SDI team continually seeks better ways to serve our own loyal network of usuryfree creatives.

We are committed to building a global network of usuryfree creatives (and ‘becoming usuryfree creatives’) - who will double as active SDI entrepreneurs, thereby earning secondary sources of income(s) to help finance the “usuryfree resolution.”

Informed and motivated usuryfree creatives who double as active SDI entrepreneurs are leading the way to re-educate people on the “truth” about modern money creation, and therefore, helping us promote the usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet.

Comments and feedback welcomed.

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy aka “Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy”


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