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Thursday, November 03, 2011

War Cycles Peace Cycles By Richard Kelly Hoskins

War Cycles Peace Cycles was authored by Richard Kelly Hoskins and first published in 1985. In the book, War Cycles Peace Cycles, Richard Kelly Hoskins points out the true history of the global, usury banking cartel. His straight forward writing style clearly explains how problmes related to wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack are directly and/or indirectly associated with the design flaw of usury - an evil, immoral, un-Godly and un-Christian practice.

Richard Kelly Hoskins diligently traces the history of usury banking, starting in ancient times and proceeding to the latter years of the 20th Century. He explains that inevitable, the practice of exacting usury on debtors by creditors leads to foreclosures, bankruptcies and eventually the decline of nations.

Early in the book, Richard Kelly Hoskins explains a micro example to show how usury is an evil debt trap. He explains that if only $10. exists, and the debtor seeks to borrow $10. but promises to pay back $11. (the princiapl plus 10% usury or interest), then that debtor has agreed to an impossible promise.

I draw your attention to this book review penned in 2003 and posted at this link at

WAR CYCLES-PEACE CYCLES is about usury and money manipulation. The Bible forbids usury--the lending at interest. However, Christians the world over have disregarded God's commandment and have fallen prey to the banking machinations of Christendom's enemies, the foremost of whom are the Jews. Here is where there are some problems with this book. It views everything in racial terms, and quotes Biblical texts to support Christian "Identity" theology--the belief that white Christians are the literal descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and that the Law and precepts of Jesus' teaching do not apply to non-white peoples. Contrary to liberal idealism, racial differences to exist, but this is outside the realm of Biblical study and should be discussed in another context. Not all Jews are involved so this book errs by indicting the Jews as a race, rather than certain Jews working behind the scenes to set up a New World Order in allegiance with many gentiles such as the Masons and the Skull and Bones. Also, money in and of itself is not the sole driving force behind the world's events, but it does play a MAJOR role.

The problem lies with who has the power to issue currency and authorize its circulation. Right now, the Federal Reserve and the nation's banks under its control have the power to. This is in violation of the Constitution which allows the Federal Government to print and issue its own money such as Greenbacks. All the government has to do when it is short on funds is to MAKE money and use it. If too much of this money is in circulation, then the government taxes it out. Currently, the banks issue their own money through loans. This has caused a lot of problems in world history. Hoskins explains how revoloutions, regicide and emancipation of slaves are done to secure more potential borrowers. When the blacks were freed after the Civil War, they became indebted and had to become tenant farmers, still stuck to the land. Slaves aren't freed for humanitarian reasons, sorry, but so that the lenders can have some more customers. When countries are defeated in war, they have to borrow money, and the System wants people in charge who won't repudiate the loans. This is what happened to Napoleon Bonaparte, Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy, Maximilian of Mexico, Nicholas II of Russia, Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Japan's military rulers and Ngo Dinh Diem of Vietnam.

America could be in an agricultural crisis because of usury banking. We need a return to Biblical law. The small farmers are overburdened by monthly mortgage payments, and the land and the food supply have suffered for it. Corperate farming uses too many pesticides, weed killers and artificial fertilizers. Why all the cancer, rashes and allergies today? Look at what's being placed in the environment by inefficient corperate farming. The Bible says that every seven years the land is supposed to not be tilled. There is a reason for that--to allow the nutrients to be replenished naturally. What is needed is for the banks to get off farmers' backs and return to traditional methods of farming.

WAR CYCLES concludes with an apocalyptic warning. Hoskins posists that America will be militarily assaulted in the future by third world nations that are jealous of America's food supply, but that somehow "Israel" (in Hoskins' view white Christians) will be delivered by divine intervention of some kind. The believers are in a fix--the media, banks, government, police, politicians and armed forces are under the control of anti-Christian forces. We only have God to rely on, and we better study what's going on and find out as much as we can. I don't know what the future holds, but it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.”

I learned lots when I first read War Cycles Peace Cycles way back in the mid-1980’s and I recommend it. The content is as timely now as it it was the day it was authored. It will be an eye opener about how the function of usury works to bring debtors to their knees.

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