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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Soliciting Awakened & Enthusiastic SDI Entrepreneurs

NOTE: This message is directed at usury free creatives and debtors …

During the past 60 years, multiple thousands of fellow-Canadians and perhaps multiple millions from all over the world have said “Yes” to an SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunity - otherwise referred to as a Multi-Level or Network Marketing opportunity.

These part-time, SDI entrepreneurs who commonly double as wage-slaves ( (i.e. working for an employer) are discovering that be earning extra income(s) they are becoming more “free” and thereby a threat to the conventional, corporate connection - which is composed of global bankers, monopoly capitalists, politicians, and bureaucrats who would rather see them struggling in financial bondage.

As enthusiastic, free enterprisers, these SDI entrepreneurs are doing more individually and collectively to preserve freedom than any other identifiable group in Canada or elsewhere.

The meddling electronic and print media, controlled by monopoly capitalists do not try to conceal their pleasure in their reporting of negative news stories about the SDI industry. Editorial writers - who never disclose their identity - commonly print negative stories and falsely label legitimate SDI opportunities as “pyramid scams.”

Where are the conscientious reporters when multiple thousands of SDI entrepreneurs gather for annual conventions?

Perhaps it is time for a showdown on “truth” so that the “sponsored” and “unsponsored” can better understand why most global bankers, monopoly capitalists, politicians and bureaucrats are threatened by these active and awakened, SDI entrepreneurs. Could it be that many of the SDI entrepreneurs are awakened to their hidden agendas and backroom, New World Order plans for total financial enslavement of the debtors?

Consider these facts. These SDI entrepreneurs spend little or no money on conventional, print advertising in newspapers or magazines? Even more critical is the fact that direct selling by “word of mouth” and “click of mouse” is causing the giant, trans-national, retail corporations to feel the financial pinch? Many of these giant retailers are still paying big dollars for electronic and print advertisements and their sales are still declining.

By earning solid sources of secondary income(s), these SDI entrepreneurs are breaking the financial bondage being imposed on debtors by the global bankers, monopoly capitalists, politicians, and bureaucrats who would rather maintain the status quo and keep a “claim” on all debtors.

The real sting comes when these multiple millions of SDI entrepreneurs discover that as business owners they can legally deduct expenses incurred to build their respective SDI enterprises, and thereby qualify to receive significant tax refunds when they file their annual income tax returns.

The sin of the SDI entrepreneurs is that they get excited when they learn this new knowledge beyond the walls of formal education, and then they dare to share it with other debtors.

Let the word go forth as we progress into this 21st Century that the torch of freedom which was kindled by our enterprising ancestors and carried by our soldiers has now been passed to a new generation of SDI entrepreneurs.

Active SDI entrepreneurs are converting millions of (debtors) zombie-lost sheeple into alive, risk-taking, sovereign citizens. These SDI entrepreneurs have been tempered by new knowledge, irked by greedy governments, monopoly capitalists and bungling bureaucrats and disciplined by a deepening Depression. They are tired of slaving for wages and proud to be offered an SDI business opportunity and a “helping hand” from their SDI team, rather than expecting a handout from any level of government.

In my humble opinion, the conventional, corporate connection takes great pleasure in reporting falsehoods about the SDI industry in an effort to discredit the power and potential of this global movement of enthusiastic, free enterprisers.

This innovative, sales and marketing movement which is putting more money into the pockets of the middle class is being thwarted by “fright propaganda” printed and aired by insecure, monopoly capitalists and aimed to rob debtors of their choice to become financially free.

However, the ever-expanding, growth of the SDI industry reveals that the meddling electronic and print media is failing in their mission for SDI entrepreneurs from the middle class are waking up to the great “conspiracy.”

Readers are invited to become familiar with the SDI industry by frequenting the blog - The SDI Eye Opener and when readers are ready they are invited to begin building an SDI Portfolio so that they will have more than one source of solid, secondary income.

The Gemfortunes SDI opportunity is a unique, global SDI opportunity to add to one’s SDI Portfolio. It is totally online and simple. As an active SDI entrepreneur, one is required to enrol two SDI entrepreneurs who agree to make a purchase of $300. This qualifies every participating SDI entrepreneur to receive all commissions and bonuses within the compensation plan.

Over 2500 SDI entrepreneurs from all over the world have enrolled with the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity since it was launched in late July of 2011.

Other recommended SDI opportunities can be added to one’s SDI Portfolio as one becomes more familiar with the power and potential of participating with a team of awakened SDI entrepreneurs. For example, active SDI entrepreneurs are invited to read this information at this website (see below) and join NOW- for as soon as we have sufficient numbers this bank will be launched:

A quote worthy of sharing:
"To win without risk is to triumph without glory." - Pierre Corneille


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