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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Earth Plus 5%

By Larry Hannigan - Australia 1971

Fabian was excited as he once more rehearsed his speech for the crowd certain to turn up tomorrow. He had always wanted prestige and power and now his dreams were going to come true. He was a craftsman working with silver and gold, making jewelry and ornaments, but he became dissatisfied with working for a living. He needed excitement, a challenge, and now his plan was ready to begin.

For generations the people used the barter system. A man supported his own family by providing all their needs or else he specialised in a particular trade. Whatever surpluses he might have from his own production, he exchanged or swapped for the surplus of others.

Market day was always noisy and dusty, yet people looked forward to the shouting and waving, and especially the companionship. It used to be a happy place, but now there were too many people, too much arguing. There was no time for chatting - a better system was needed.

Generally, the people had been happy, and enjoyed the fruits of their work.

In each community a simple Government had been formed to make sure that each person's freedoms and rights were protected and that no man was forced to do anything against his will by any other man, or any group of men.

This was the Government's one and only purpose and each Governor was voluntarily supported by the local community who elected him.

However, market day was the one problem they could not solve. Was a knife worth one or two baskets of corn? Was a cow worth more than a wagon … and so on. No one could think of a better system.

Fabian had advertised, "I have the solution to our bartering problems, and I invite everyone to a public meeting tomorrow."

The next day there was a great assembly in the town square and Fabian explained all about the new system which he called "money". It sounded good. "How are we to start?" the people asked.

"The gold which I fashion into ornaments and jewelry is an excellent metal. It does not tarnish or rust, and will last a long time. I will make some gold into coins and we shall call each coin a dollar."

He explained how values would work, and that "money" would be really a medium for exchange - a much better system than bartering.

One of the Governors questioned, "Some people can dig gold and make coins for themselves", he said, "This would be most unfair".

Fabian was ready with the answer. "Only those coins approved by the Government can be used, and these will have special markings stamped on them." This seemed reasonable and it was proposed that each man be given an equal number. "But I deserve the most," said the candle-maker. "Everyone uses my candles." "No", said the farmer, "without food there is no life, surely we should get the most." And so the bickering continued.

Fabian let them argue for a while and finally he said, "Since none of you can agree, I suggest you obtain the number you require from me. There will be no limit, except for your ability to repay. The more you obtain, the more you must repay in one year's time. "And what will you receive?" the people asked.

"Since I am providing a service, that is, the money supply, I am entitled to payment for my work. Let us say that for every 100 pieces you obtain, you repay me 105 for every year that you owe the debt. The 5 will be my charge, and I shall call this charge interest."

There seemed to be no other way, and besides, 5% seemed little enough charge. "Come back next Friday and we will begin."

Fabian wasted no time. He made coins day and night, and at the end of the week he was ready. The people were queued up at his shop, and after the coins were inspected and approved by the Governors the system commenced. Some borrowed only a few and they went off to try the new system.

They found money to be marvellous, and they soon valued everything in gold coins or dollars. The value they placed on everything was called a "price", and the price mainly depended on the amount of work required to produce it. If it took a lot of work the price was high, but if it was produced with little effort it was quite inexpensive. (snip) ...

Read and/or listen to the complete article at this website:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kennedy Hours - my own usuryfree wampum ...

A long time ago, a very good friend of mine gave me a piece of good advice about group or committee work. He said: "The best committee for action, - to get things done - is a committee of three, where two stay at home."

I have been advocating the concept of "usuryfree community currency" since I first learned of Michael Linton's initiative in the early 1980's when he created the usuryfree, LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software to facilitate trades/exchanges among community participants in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

I was active with the Ottawa LETSystem in the 1980's and 1990's until it folded for lack of 'interest,' (pun intended). I helped found and launch the Tamworth Hours project in 2004 and the Unity Project in the Madawaska Valley shortly thereafter. These projects flounder along with a only a few dedicated and active participants while most people choose to stand by the sidelines and wait to see if the concept works.

Well, various models of usuryfree community currency have evolved since the first LETSystem was created. All of the models work, now we can create hybrids by adapting the optimal elements from any or all of the proven models of usuryfree community currency.

Additionally, the concept of shopping within our own loyal networks of 'locavores' - people who make a conscious decision to shop locally instead of shopping with the giant transnational corporations is gaining widesparead support. So, instead of waiting for any group or committee to launch a usuryfree community currency, I have taken the initiative to launch my own, personal, usuryfree wampum called "Kennedy Hours."

I prefer to refer to "Kennedy Hours" as my personal, usuryfree wampum to avoid any hassles from the so-called "authorities" from any and all levels of government. The words "money" and/or "currency" seem to rattle the bureaucrats who are intent on serving and protecting the usurers - the banking cartel that has been ruling the world for centuries.

I also prefer the model of a time-based, usuryfree personal wampum, as it can be traded locally, nationally and/or internationally - since one hour of time has a value of 60 minutes everywhere on planet earth. It is my humble observation that we can trade time without paying exchange fees to any orthodox, financial institution.

I have deemed my hour of basic, unskilled labour to be equivalent in value to $13.00 (Canadian Funds). I happen to like the number "13" and therefore, it is my choice to use "13" to value my one hour of basic, unskilled labour. This is more than the minimum wage BUT not greedy or excessive. Other private traders might choose to value their one hour of time at $12.00 (Canadian Funds) - simply because the number "12" is more easily divided and/or multiplied. Either value works and trades can be negotiated even if the hour values are different.

For example, I offer my time and basic labour to others within my loyal networks of family, friends, neighbours, and business associates in exchange for a one hour, usuryfree, time-note - the "Kennedy Hour" or a usuryfree, time-note of equivalent value, from any other family or clan known to my directly and/or indirectly.

When I offer consulting as a "usuryfree creative," it is valued according to my research, re-education, energy and time that I have invested over the past 30 years.

My offer of consulting as a "usuryfree creative" is valued at $104.00 (Canadian Funds) per hour. Another way of stating it is I offer one hour of consulting as a "usuryfree creative" in exchange for 8 "Kennedy Hours" or 8 usuryfree, time-notes of equivalent value. The mathematical calculation is as follows: 8 x $13.00 = $104.00

Any professional can do the mathematics and multiply the basic hourly rate by the multiplier to calculate the fair, market value of any skill or service offered.

I also offer various products and I agree to accept a portion of "Kennedy Hours" or any other usuryfree community currency as complement with a negotiated amount of federal cash. For example, I offer 500 ml bottles of colloidal silver as a natural anti-biotic. The retail value of a 500 ml bottle of colloidal silver is $30.00 (Canadian Funds). I accept $20.25 (Canadian Funds) and 3/4 of a "Kennedy Hour" (valued at $9.75) for a total of $30.00 - when I sell a bottle of colloidal silver to a participating locavore.

I offer various books for sale. For example, I offer the new book "Escape In Prison" by Madame Ghis. The retail value of the book is $20.00 (Canadian Funds). I accept $13.50 (Canadian Funds) and 1/2 of a "Kennedy Hour" (valued at $6.50) for a total of $20.00 - when I sell this book to a participating locavore.

I offer quality, organic healthy foods. For example, I on an order of organic foods with a retail value of $100.00 I accept $87.00 (Canadian Funds) and one "Kennedy Hour" (valued at $13.00).

I trust that these examples display how creating your own, usuryfree, personal wampum can be mutually beneficial for all who choose to participate.

You are invited to create and spend your own usuryfree, personal, wampum and list your "offers and "requests" and thereby expand our loyal and inter-connecting databases.

I live in eastern Ontario BUT know that I have negotiated exchanges with participating traders within my loyal networks in Tamworth, Napanee, Toronto, Brantford, Cambridge, Trenton, Kingston, Montreal and smaller towns in between.

NOTE: Readers are invited to view samples of other usuryfree community currencies at this link at Facebook:


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Before Money Disappears Again ...

Let Municipal Tax Credit Certificates Appear …

an article penned in 1986 by Tom J. Kenendy and published in the LEADS Newsletter is now posted at this website:

When the money lenders stop lending new money into circulation, money disappears. There was virtually no money in circulation after the ‘Crash of 1929.’ That is to say, money disappeared. There were groceries in the corner store; there were tools in the local hardware store; there were houses for sale on every street; there were countless thousands of laborers willing to work for less than 20 cents per hour, but no money. Why did the money disappear?

The answer is simple. What happened then had happened before, and will happen again. To better understand simple economics, study this example: “If there is only $10.00 in existence and you borrow it from someone under conditions that you repay the $10.00 plus 10% interest ($1.00), then you have agreed to the impossible.”

The first defaults under such a devious lending system are recorded from the Babylonian Economic System – 2000 B.C. The Baal priests were lending 10 Talents and demanding payment of 11 Talents. By this action the heathen Babylonians were in violation of God’s Law against usury and reducing tens of thousands of Babylonians to slavery. In this 21st Century, the orthodox banking system is in violation of God’s Law against usury, a millions of people (debtors) in North America are paying much more than 10% usury (interest) on outstanding credit card debt well beyond the billion dollar mark.

It is straightforward and easy to understand that if you borrow 10 units and you are forced to repay 11 units to the usurer or the supplier of the loan will eventually end up with your property as the units (money) disappear in repayment of your loan.

In 1929, the small floating supply of ready money that was in circulation was quickly used up to pay maturing debts. Since all properties already had IOU’s attached, there was absolutely nothing left to mortgage. Therefore, the citizens could not borrow new money into existence to replace the money that vanished when paid against former debts.

Consider the case of the vanishing dollar. A consumer pays the grocer a dollar for a loaf of bread; the grocer gives the dollar to his banker as payment against his debt to avoid foreclosure. At the moment the banker’s computer accepts the $1.00 to cancel out the grocer’s $1.00 debt, the dollar vanishes. There is a dollar in circulation before the consumer spends it at the grocer’s, who immediately pays it to the banker, whereupon it disappears. Because of this simple transaction, there is $1.00 less in circulation.

The money vacuum of 1930’s was caused in precisely this manner without computers. Employers could not pay workers; renters could not pay rent; farmers could not buy seed; and consumers could not even buy groceries. Without knowing that the bankers control the monetary system and not the government, many people called for the government to print money. Of course, the government could not do this without violating a sacred agreement (contract) made with the bankers.

Finally, after the numbers of destitute swelled to a dangerous level, the government borrowed again from the bankers to pay for ‘make work’ programs. This action, of course, put new money in circulation again so that the bankers could once again exact usury.

The people of the United States being just as desperate as Canadians, decided to make and issue their own money just as their ancestors made ‘tallies’ when money disappeared. Various cities across the United States and Canada printed and issued usury free, paper scrip otherwise known as ‘Tax Credit Certificates.’ These tax credit certificates had value, for they were accepted as payment for taxes in the city which issues them. The City Fathers paid their policemen, firemen, and all city employees with this ‘scrip.’

Recognizing that this ‘scrip’ had value as a Tax Credit Certificate, free enterprisers agreed to accept it in exchange for goods and/or services. In fact, many free enterprisers followed the lead and issued their own unique ‘scrip’ redeemable in goods and/or services from their respective enterprises. In a short time all free enterprisers were trading ‘scrip.’

Municipal work projects which had been postponed because of a previous shortage of funds were now undertaken and successfully completed and paid for in ‘scrip.’ All ‘scrip’ was retired from circulation when it was tendered for municipal taxes. This municipal ‘scrip system’ which grew out of a need in the 1930’s all across North America left no debt in those local communities that participated. Rather, there emerged an abundance of different kinds of ‘scrip’ money in addition to the traditional, usury-bearing federal money. Free enterprisers in local communities held regular meetings to determine which kinds of scrip would be accepted on par with the municipal ‘tax credit certificates.’

Since the banks demanded only usury-bearing federal dollars, which were in short supply, as payment for debt, countless thousands of the destitute had their homes foreclosed. The public turned against the banks and the rates of usury did plummet to record low levels. However, the politicians who were indebted to the bankers made sure that only usury-bearing federal dollars could be accepted as payment for federal taxes. The politicians also initiated public works programs with more federal dollars borrowed from private bankers to start a new inflationary cycle.

While various forms of usuryfree, municipal ‘scrip’ were accepted in local communities, the usury-bearing federal dollars were accepted by law everywhere. Had the federal politicians sided with the people, the usuryfree ‘scrip’ could very well have won out over the usury-bearing federal dollars (and all of North America could have become freed of usury-bearing debt).

Various present indicators and parallels of history point to a day in the not-too-distant future when the moneylenders will stop lending again. When new money stops coming into circulation, usury payments on maturing debts will quickly cause the money to disappear in both the United States and Canada.

There will be goods available as well as skills to provide the services, but just like in the 1930’s there will be no way to make a transaction unless people learn to create and spend their own usuryfree time currency to permit them to engage in barter or trade. However, just as happened previously, the free enterprisers will quickly acquire an abundance of merchandise which they really don’t want or need and they will demand something that can be used to move the goods from the stocked shelves to homes and tables.

What they will demand is ‘Municipal Scrip’ or ‘Tax Credit Notes.’ Any municipal government ought to be able to have ‘Municipal Tax Credit Notes’ printed and ready to be in circulation within two days, given the ease of modern technology.

Since most of the present breed of municipal politicians will never have heard of this solution to the ‘shortage of funds,’ it is up to you, the reader of this article to initiate the learning process. Expect opposition from those who benefit from the growth of the debt (caused by the design flaw of usury), since the creation of ‘municipal scrip’ will slow their assignment to steadily foreclose on properties and buildings in local communities.

Send a copy of this article to your municipal politicians. Suggest that s/he start the ball rolling by lobbying other politicians to do what some communities did in the 1930’s; pay municipal employees, the local contractors, the policemen, the firemen, and the teachers with ‘municipal scrip’ redeemable for property taxes. Re-educate your municipal politicians NOW, don’t wait until the day when ‘Money Disappears Again.’

The ideas in this article are presented with a clear and concise approach in a book War Cycles/Peace Cycles authored by Richard Kelly Hoskins. His articles have been published in newsletters and magazines throughout North America. Having more than a quarter century of experience working with Wall Street in the mid-20th Century, Richard Kelly Hoskins gives a good understanding of the principles of usury and money from both a business point of view and a scriptural point of view.

Before Money Disappears Again Let Municipal Tax Credit Certificates Appear … is reprinted from the LEADS Bi-Monthly Newsletter – Jan/Feb 1986

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Usury Poll

Monday, January 11, 2010

Genocide of the Debtor By Usury

By Tom J. Kennedy

Polish lawyer, Raphael Lemkin coined the word 'genocide' in 1944 to describe the Naxi atrocities of the Second World War. Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary defines 'genocide' as 'the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group." It is time to address all aspects of genocide as we progress into this 21st Century. There is an ongoing, well documented genocide that has been ever present in both Canada and the United Sates and elsewhere – The Genocide of the Debtor.

A compulsory unit of study ought to be drawn up to sensitize high school, college and university students to the plight of the debtor before they become indebted to any creditor. Small business owners and families on farms are experiencing serious problems as debtors with foreboding consequences for our children and grandchildren. Factories have moved to eastern Asia and rural farming communities are currently experiencing intense barbarism. The majority of the few small to medium-sized businesses and family farms that remain active are heavily indebted to their master-creditors – the global banking cartel. If the generation of youth are not informed of the truth about money and banking and usury, the genocide of these debtors could very well become the prominent atrocity of the 21st Century.

Emile Zola said of truth: "If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through, it will blow up everything in its way." There is evidence of a 'rural revolution' in Ontario. The most grim and extreme cases among the thousands of North American farmers facing bankruptcy and/or foreclosure (the situation continues to become more extreme with each passing month) at the whim of their creditors are not considered newsworthy by the mainstream media.

Bankers are an integral part of this devious scheme by charging any rate of interest or usury on borrowed money. In fact, usury together with the fraudulent practice of fractional reserve banking, is the rampaging, deadly economic cancer that is destroying us as individuals and collectively. In the Bible, usury is identified as a sin so great that God likens it to bloodshed: "Within you bribes are taken to shed blood, you take interest on loans, you oppress your neighbour by extortion – and you forget me, says the Lord, the Eternal. I shake my hand in horror at your extortion and your bloodshed." (Ezekiel 22: 12-13, Moffat)

Lindsey Williams had this to say about the farm crisis and the dilemma in rural communities in the mid-1980's:

"One-tenth of one percent of the farms in America are going into bankruptcy every thirty days. Recently, a farmer from South Dakota told me the following story. He said that his farm had been in their family for three generations. His great, great grandfather had homesteaded it. It has been successfully and profitably tended for three generations. A few years back when land values increased considerably, the bank persuaded the farmer to purchase more land and equipment by borrowing more money from the bank, using his land as collateral. Then the bottom dropped out of land prices because of the economy which had been intentionally manipulated by the internationalists. The banker came to the farmer and said that because land prices had dropped, he no longer had enough collateral to cover his loan, and even though he was current in his payments, he must pay the difference between the amount of the loan and the amount of collateral which he had to back up the loan. The farmer could not come up with the amount of money the banker was demanding. Later, the banker came to the farmer and announced that they were going to repossess, but the bank asked the farmer if he and his family would stay on the farm as tenant farmers. Was it to the advantage of the Internationalists to bring about a financial crisis for the farmer? Yes! They got the farm for the price of the combine. If a farmer can't afford to farm without borrowing money, then he surely can't afford to farm borrowing money and paying interest. I predict that the majority of the farms of America will be corporate farms within a few years, if the Internationalists have their way." (From Syndrome of Control)

Besides small to medium-sized business owners and farmers, individuals, families and governments (municipal, provincial and federal) are commonly heavily indebted to the global banking cartel through loans and mortgages. Let's not forget credit card debt.

Indeed, we can correctly define all of these entities as debtors. Two key questions arise. (1) Who are the profiteering creditors to whom each of these debtor entities are indebted? (2) It is fair to declare that these heavily burdened debtors are victims of genocide by usury as exacted by their debtors?

This brief essay offers possible answers to these intriguing questions about money in general and interest or usury in particular. There is a definite need for useful resources that will thoroughly cover these important topics that involve debtors and creditors. Paul Grignon's double DVD set entitled 'Money As Debt I & II’ is one such resource that is recommended viewing by every debtor who is paying usury tribute to a creditor (banker).

Likewise, Issac Isitan's DVD entitled 'Money – Who Creates It, Who Controls It?' There is another DVD, an historical masterpiece entitled 'The Money Masters,' which exposes the history of these profiteering creditors. Noting such resources answers the first key question. The second key question is to be answered by yourself after reading this essay and following up with your own self-imposed research.

The profiteering creators of this wicked, Babylonian money system who sit idly by and fill their pockets with usury stolen from those who can least afford it are the shareholders of the global banking cartel. By the way, the Federal Reserve Bank is privately controlled and the Bank of Canada is similarly controlled and both are dedicated to bringing debtors to their knees in whimpering subjection.

It has not been commonplace for creditors to teach debtors about the evils of usury-producing loans. Neither have traditional economists, nor Christian clergy, nor formal educators been teaching the youth about the economic entrapment that can be attributed to the design flaw of usury on our orthodox money system.

What is evident is the creditor's lust for economic gain while inflicting maximum economic pain on the debtors. Too often the debtors have no one to turn to when economic disaster presents itself. The truth is that neither the dedicated employees of the creditors, nor the unsuspecting debtors have ever been taught about the creation of money and the exacting of usury. Therefore, they cannot recognize the lies, deceit and deception about usury and how it becomes the killer machine that eventually inflicts genocide on the debtors.

While everyone uses money and the majority of money is created through the process of usury-bearing debt, few people understand either the origin of money or the origin of usury. How can an ignorant employee of the creditor (the bank) provide a credible witness before a needy debtor if his/her education process neglected to teach the truth about historic or modern economic concepts? Genocide by usury would not exist in this 21st Century, if the creditors who control our orthodox, economic system did not seek to profit on the desperate need of debtors to borrow that which they lack.

The direct cause of usury on every loan or mortgage creates a 'shortage of money' thereby directly and/or indirectly causing violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack. Living with this gross misunderstanding or usury does not demonstrate true love to one another from the heart.

Indeed, it is truly unfortunate that usury is considered a normal aspect of our modern economy. Even the Christian churches which were historically opposed to usury by the conviction that it disobeyed God's law are now accepting of it. Many church organizations even charge usury when lending money to churches within their specific religious jurisdiction. It's time to challenge all Christian churches to call for the abolition of usury as they had done during the Middle Ages when all of those wonderful cathedrals were constructed in Europe.

It is no wonder that the death of thousands of people all over the world on a daily basis is attributed to the design flaw of usury. The daily, global, death rate of children attributed to the design flaw of usury is approximately 40,000 per day.

When creditors and debtors ignore God's Law about usury on loans how can they not expect increasing taxes, tyrannical governments and more and more per capita indebtedness? History proves absolutely, that usury eventually leads to economic slavery. There is plenty of evidence that too many debtors are experiencing genocide by usury as we witness larger portions of debtors' incomes going to support debt service (usury).

My hope is that an awakening be expedited and may debtors experience the reality of usuryfree living whether they be business owners, farmers, individuals, families or governments (municipal, provincial, federal). It is obvious that any goal of usuryfree living cannot be realized as long as the scourge of usury enslaves us.

Let us promote the usuryfree community currency movement at the grassroots while sharing knowledge and resources with leaders who are currently active within our various pyramidal structures (schools, churches, corporations, governments etc.). Let us strive to achieve a usuryfree economy in which debtors are no longer subservient to creditors. Let us co-operate and work together to create a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet. Let us do it NOW!

To acquire resources about the usuryfree community currency movement contact:

The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1
Tel: 1.888.NOUSURY Email:

It Is Time To Promote Proven and Workable Solutions

By Tom J. Kennedy

Thirty years ago, when I was 31 years young, I read a paperback authored by Gary Allen, entitled "NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY." On page 5 of the Introduction by John G. Schmitz, United States Congressman it is written: "This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again."

This significant event motivated me to prove Gary Allen wrong as at that time, I had full faith in the system that my parents and educators had exposed me to during my formal years of education. The more I read to prove Gary Allen wrong the more I learned how correct he was in his assessment of global banking, world politics and power. Over the years, I have learned that there exists a conspiratorial clique of usury elitists who manipulate policy at all levels of government thereby heavily influencing our lives - unknown to most fellow-Canadians.

Indeed, thirty years later, I can attest to the many ways that the reading of that little paperback was the catalyst to motivate me to become the ardent researcher, writer re-educator and usuryfree creative that I have become. Indeed, not only do I advocate that we-the-people learn how we can experience the reality of 100% usuryfree living, but also I view the electronic and print media quite differently than do my fellow-Canadians who still have full faith in the system or illusion that they are a part of.

As we progress into this 21st century the Internet is re-educating multiple millions of people by exposing the truth about the many problems that afflict modern society. It is becoming obvious to more and more dedicated researchers that the global banking cartel is and has been playing a key role in creating their New World Order. In fact, there is plenty of evidence being uncovered now indicating that the design flaw of usury on our orthodox system of debt money is the hidden fifth column that subtly controls almost every aspect of modern society – economics, food, energy, education, religion, politics etc.

Those of us who are dedicated to exposing the problems attributed to the lies, deceit and deception foisted upon us about orthodox economics during the 20th Century have come to be defined as usuryfree creatives as we also advocate creative solutions that can eventually lead to we-the-people experiencing the reality of usuryfree living.

Numerous, author researchers have been recently emerged to become very active in opening the eyes of multiple millions worldwide. These extraordinary individuals have played significant roles in the re-education process in the recent years and I have had the privilege of finding and using their resources and meeting many of them in real life situations.

There is Daniel Estulin, who published the book The True Story of the Bilderberg Group in September 2007, Alex Jones, who releases DVDs on a regular basis, David Icke, who publishes books on a regular basis and Paul Grignon who created the popular DVD Money As Debt I in 2006 and Money As Debt II in 2009.

An inspirational, David Wolfe, author of "Eating For Beauty" and "The Sunfood Diet Success System" and "Naked Chocolate," gives noteworthy presentations at Health Expos in various cities and online where he talks about the New World Order and briefly explains how the banking cartel and their ilk control the conventional, food industry.

David Wolfe's company, Sunfood Nutrition offers wholesome, organic food products inspired by the principles of sustainable agriculture, living in harmony with nature and ethical, global co-operation. David recommends that we eat as much raw, organic food as possible to take maximum advantage of the life energy and enzymes in the food. According to David, a healthy body transforms consciousness and raises energy levels. As active usuryfree creatives, we recognize the importance of consciousness-raising and high energy.

All of these author researchers and many more are dedicated to exposing the countless problems associated with the endless pursuit of greed, power and global domination as demonstrated by the actions of the usury elites who are members of the Bilderberg Group or similar groups such a the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission.

The time is now to promote the self-imposed re-education process whereby these books, DVDs and live seminar presentations are networked or shared with others who are ready and willing to be re-educated. Additionally, any solution-oriented ideas and concepts that are considered to be proven and workable models based on the time, energy, thought and creation invested by the pioneering usuryfree creatives ought to be likewise promoted to everyone, everywhere.

Spreading re-education and awareness can be by word of mouth or by click of mouse. The giant, trans-national corporations controlled and managed by the global elites otherwise referred to as the shadow government are likely to be members of the Bilderberg Group or any of the other New World Order groups. These powerful people will be dis-empowered by we-the-people who are now making conscious choices to spend our money differently.

Relying on the perception of competitive capitalism, the incumbent, patsy politicians along with the shadow government whose members double as owners and major shareholders of these giant, trans-national corporations have conditioned the masses of common consumers to depend upon them to cheaply manufacture but efficiently distribute their products and services thereby setting us up to ultimately support their selfish and greedy New World Order agenda by purchasing their inferior products.

Conscious consumers are now advocating a new design of co-operative capitalism that enriches and re-builds local communities thereby reducing any dependency upon the giant, trans-national corporations. Simply stated, more and more consumers are becoming aware that how they spend their money is more important than how they exercise their right and duty to vote as we progress into this 21st Century.
Of course, this means that we, the awakening consumers must understand that we can empower ourselves and drive any future markets by supporting the more conscious, local market.

This also means that we must be willing to change our shopping habits and spend less money with the giant, trans-national, retail corporations and franchises and spend more money with small to medium-sized community retail businesses, SDI - Self Directed Income – enterprises otherwise referred to as home-based businesses.

This is happening already, in various communities where people have learned that they can create and spend their own usuryfree community currency to be used as a complement with their diminishing amounts of federal cash. Participants commonly sign a usuryfree, promissory note thereby issuing themselves prudent amounts of the usuryfree community currency and their promise is to offer their products and services to others and accept a portion of usuryfree community currency for any negotiated exchanges. It is most significant that these promissory notes bear no interest, which ought to be correctly called usury.

These awakening consumers are advocating environmentally responsible living by purchasing green and friendly products such as non-toxic soaps and detergents, quality organic foods, fluorescent light bulbs, hybrid vehicles and safe construction materials.

Local wholesale entrepreneurs are recognizing that they can expedite this awareness and re-building process by agreeing to accept a small portion of any usuryfree community currency from any retailers who purchase products for re-sale. The retailers in turn can then accept a percentage of any usuryfree community currency from consumers who can now afford to exercise their right and duty to shop locally.

Some participating entrepreneurs treat the paper notes of usuryfree community currency as coupons thereby discounting the retail prices while others refer to them as gift certificates. However, the paper notes of usuryfree community currency are treated, it is very important that each unit be valued in the stated amount that is equivalent to Canadian dollars.

The government authorities expect the participating entrepreneurs to treat any usuryfree community currency as federal cash and pay any designated taxes in federal cash. The usuryfree creatives who are pioneering these workable and proven models of usuryfree community currency are advocating that any level of government can accept a portion of any usuryfree community currency as partial payment of any taxes.

They explain in simple terms that any level of government has contracts with local individuals and companies who would willingly accept a portion of any usuryfree community currency as partial payment for any negotiated contracts. All that is required to implement this idea is what is called 'political will' – otherwise defined as the support of the majority of voters in any election at any level of politics – municipal, provincial or state, or federal. Of course, the only entity cut out of these proposed transactions is the bank – and that's good.

We will make a difference at a faster rate when we unite in large numbers and promote these proven and workable ideas being practised by participants within the various usuryfree community currency groups or networks. When participants realize that they can save some federal cash by using a usuryfree community currency, they learn to pay off any usury-bearing debts with these savings thereby accelerating the process of experiencing the reality of a usuryfree lifestyle.

During the forthcoming Sixth Annual UsuryFree Week – November 13th to 19th, 2010 – usuryfree creatives from everywhere will create opportunities for discussions on how to promote the usuryfree community currency movement while avoiding the wrath of mis-informed, government authorities.

It is commonly agreed that an optimal strategy for the future is to avoid referring to any usuryfree community currency as a dollar – as that was the particular word that agitated the banking cartel in the 2007 attack on the Liberty Dollar group. As an alternative, it is suggested that we promote the idea of referring to future, usuryfree community currencies as wampum in honour the Native North Americans who used it historically to negotiate trades.

There are now quality, printing companies that have access to unique software packages that can be used to print paper notes of any usuryfree community currency that would be impossible to counterfeit. Other internet savvy entrepreneurs assure us that efficient search engines could effectively upload a collective, online database of usuryfree creatives who are using their usuryfree community currency as a complement with federal cash and make it available for inter-active trading.

Agreements need to be negotiated with a competent, service provider to list our initial lists of offers and requests. Our own ID card for usuryfree creatives would be appropriate also.

Potential investors with some capital that will permit us to move ahead with the operation of the online database of usuryfree creatives who are negotiating trades or exchanges by using a portion of any usuryfree community currency are invited to forward an email to with "Potential Investor" in the Subject line.

Readers are invited to review the information at these websites for more background information.

The UsuryFree Eye Opener
The SDI (Self Directed Income) Eye Opener
The UsuryFree Cyberclassroom
The Barter LETS Cyberclassroom
Community Currency Magazine
Calgary Dollars
Ithaca Hours

For links to other relevant background information go to any search engine and type any of these words or phrases: usuryfree community currency, usuryfree network, usuryfree living, usuryfree creatives, life without usury, Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

PRIVATE ENTERPRISE MONEY (A Non-Political Money System)

A book By E. C. Riegel, 1944

From the back cover:

"THERE is a fundamental evil of which the convulsion of war is but the dramatic manifestation and of which the nations must be purged before reconstruction can begin.


Billions upon billions of such unbacked money units are being created by governments and injected into the money stream. This has the same effect upon the politico-economic system as water has upon the food value of milk - it thins it until it will no longer sustain the business system. Hence we are developing economic anemia which is approaching the crisis of world-wide inflation and monetary collapse.

The obvious remedy is to back money. How can this be done? The only way is for the issuer to be prepared to give value in exchange for it when tendered. To do this, a money issuing government must go into the production of goods and services, just as Russia is doing, otherwise it produces inflation and perverts business.

The so-called capitalist governments are destroying business by issuing unbacked money. The Russian government backs its money but prohibits free enterprise. Must business be destroyed by one process or other? By no means. We now have "the book that meets the crisis."

PRIVATE ENTERPRISE MONEY is the first book to master the subject of money and thus solve the capitalist-collectivist enigma. It shows that money is necessarily perversive as a political instrument and that to escape both inflation and communization its issuance must be the exclusive prerogative of private enterprisers who can back their issues with goods and services and thus maintain a sound end stable money system and once and for all remove the threat of communization.

The whole issue between private enterprise end communism turns on the decision whether money shall issue from private enterprise or from government. The die is cast when choice is made between these alternatives. Accept the political money system (as we have up to now) and inflation must come, with collectivism the only escape. Adopt the private enterprise money system, and private enterprise and stable money must prevail."

Read the complete book at this website:

Local Currencies, Not Washington Post Platitudes, the Key to Economic Recovery

By Richard Cook

Steven Pearlstein, business columnist for the Washington Post, published a column on January 6 entitled, “Recession Over? Not Unless We Make a Major Shift.” The problem is that the “major shift” Pearlstein writes about won’t solve the problem even if it takes place.

So is the recession ending? The professional cheerleaders from Wall Street think so, now that the Dow-Jones has surged past 10,500. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is also cautiously optimistic as the Fed begins to dismantle some of the emergency bailout programs it had implemented to help save the financial system from total collapse after the meltdown of 2008.

How did the apparent turnaround come to pass? Pearlstein notes: “My best guess is that the current upswings in economic output, confidence and financial asset prices are largely a reflection of the extraordinary fiscal and monetary juice provided by Treasury and the Federal Reserve, along with the natural rebound that occurs after a collapse in consumer and business spending like that which occurred in the first half of 2009.”

There is in fact a consensus among commentators that it’s been government money that has made the difference. But the government money has all come from borrowing. It’s why the national debt rose from about $9.5 trillion to almost $12 trillion in a little more than a year. Interest on the debt now approaches $400 billion a year.

But the debt can’t continue growing at such a rate. President Barack Obama has already said that with the emergency behind us the federal deficit must start to come down. The reason Congress is about to pass such a terribly flawed health care bill is that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will reduce federal health care costs by forcing millions of uninsured people into the private insurance system, cutting back on Medicare, and imposing a five percent tax surcharge on the wealthy.

So what is the economic engine that will keep the economy on track? Pearlstein dismisses all four of the most likely possibilities.

He says that consumer spending, with unemployment staying high, will not come back, writing, “It’s hard to see how American consumers can again become the engines of the U.S. or global economies.”

On more government spending, he says, “that’s also hard to imagine. State and local governments, in fact, are still cutting back spending in response to falling tax revenue, and there’s no political consensus for running up bigger federal deficits than we are running now.”

Another possible source of growth is new investment, but the economy is already built to overcapacity in many sectors, “including excess hotel rooms, airplanes, office buildings, shopping malls, cargo ships, aluminum smelters and the like.” Regarding another housing boom, forget it. Pearlstein writes, “…with 5 million vacant apartments and another wave of home foreclosures on the horizon, don’t count on the housing sector to lead the way out of this recession.”

Finally, there is trade. But even though the U.S. trade deficit has come down, its persistence “reflects a fundamental reality not likely to change anytime soon: We no longer produce much of what we like to consume, and cannot make up the difference with exports because of trade barriers and an overvalued currency.”

So what is left?

Here Pearlstein returns to a focus on investment by noting that American consumers have started to save again and that during the downturn businesses saved money by living with aging production equipment, physical plant, and computer systems. He comes out in favor of tax breaks for business to encourage investment, along with new government expenditures for infrastructure such as “basic research, clean-energy development and expanded public higher education.” These things, he says, will create new jobs which in turn should lead to more consumer purchasing power.

The trouble is, Pearlstein already dismissed the investment and public expenditure alternatives earlier in his analysis as being insufficient. More government debt could also lead to high levels of inflation and further devaluation of the dollar. Inflation caused by government and central bank “printing of money” kills enterprise at every level.

Pearlstein fails even to mention the severe constriction of bank lending to businesses that has made conditions much worse for the small business sector where half of all start-ups already fail within a year. Business giants can take refuge in their cash reserves, but even they cannot grow if consumers can’t buy more of their products.

Pearlstein’s prescriptions are mainly platitudes. Let’s be frank: without small business and the revitalization of local and regional economies, a real recovery cannot take place, and an unemployment rate that has terrorized the middle class with loss of jobs, incomes, savings, and health care cannot be overcome.

What is the answer then? It’s one that Pearlstein and the Washington Post, being in the mainstream of economic commentary, dare not mention: it’s local currency systems that alone can fill the gap left by the collapse of public finance due to debt and the failure of the banking system to function at all levels of the economy and not just for the benefit of the super-rich global capitalists.

If the federal government announced that it would begin to accept local currencies in payment of taxes, and state and local governments did the same, we would see an economic miracle that would astound the world.

Copyright 2010 by Richard C. Cook

The original article is posted at this URL at Richard Cook's website:

Richard C. Cook is a former government analyst who writes on public policy issues. His website is His new book is “We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform.”

Monday, January 04, 2010

"Community Exchange System"

"With the impending implosion of the usury-based, global money system, now is the time to seek a new way of 'doing' money, one not based on debt and controlled by a global monetary elite that seems happy about destroying our planet in the pursuit of profit.

Conventional money is created as debt by private financial institutions for their own profit-making purposes, not as a public service. This is the root cause of the economic, social and environmental problems that beset us. The amount of debt determines the quantity of money, which has nothing to do with the amount of money we need to live decent lives.

CES money is 'created' by its users so it can never be in short supply. So long as you can offer something of value you can have from the community goods and services of like value.

Join the growing community who have discovered a new way of 'doing' money, a healthy money that will create a healthy society.

CES money is public domain money. It is not 'owned' or controlled by anyone and as such belongs to the commons.
It is 'created' by the traders who use it, not by a third party outside the circuit of buyers and sellers (banks) who do so for their own parasitic gain.

When money is proprietary it confers the money power on those who 'create' and control it; when it is in the public domain the money power resides with its users, who can ensure that it is used for the public good.

Recover the money power by starting a new CES exchange in your area. Let the community decide how its efforts will be deployed instead of faceless and unaccountable individuals who do so for their private gain at others' expense.

Money and credit belong to the commons. Recapture these powerful forces for the common good. (snip) ...

Read lots more about "Community Exchange System" at this website: