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Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's The Usury, Stupid !!

By Tom J. Kennedy

James Carville, Bill Clinton's campaign manager is cited as inventing the quote: "It's the economy, stupid." This became the mantra for Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign. It would have been more appropriate to post this sign at Clinton's headquarters: "It's the usury, stupid." I'm wondering if any candidates in future elections in Canada will adopt the mantra: "It's the usury, stupid."

Due to the work of many competent researchers during the latter years of the 20th Century, it has now become apparent that "it's the usury, stupid."

To fully understand the nature of any modern or historic economy one must be re-educated about the design flaw of usury and its function in modern orthodox economics. It can be simply defined as: 'the positive feedback instability in the chips 'system.'

Since the early 1980's, a healthy economic environment has been created in many communities in Canada, the United States and elsewhere where usuryfree, mutual credit systems have been implemented. It seems that when the function of usury is eliminated, these faltering local economies are revitalized.

Economists who follow conventional economies continue to make errors about the cause of inflation in spite of the fact that during the 1980's, John 'The Engineer' Turmel from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada proved conclusively that inflation is directly caused by the design flaw of usury.

Economics with no equation for inflation (J) teach that it is the inverse function of the interest rate so they think raising interest will lower inflation. The Engineer with the equation for inflation J = I (P+I) teaches that inflation is the direct function of the interest rate. Solving the equation by making I=0 makes J=0 too.

Without a doubt, during the 20th Century, there was a misallocation of research dollars in matters relating to economics, just as there was a similar misallocation of research dollars in matters relating to energy, biology, health and wellness, metaphysics, spirituality etc.

When citizens are convinced (by mind-control) that interest - which ought to be correctly called usury - on money is necessary, they accept without question the current state of violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack that continues to dominate the world in a negative fashion as we progress into this 21st Century.

Since the modern dawning of the Age of UsuryFree Living, in the early 1980's when Michael Linton created the usuryfree LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software, we have an abundance of proof positive that we no longer need to be subservient to the banking power that has been ruling this world for centuries. We can now create and spend our own currency for FREE instead of using their (the bankers') currency and agreeing to pay them a FEE (Usury).

Accommodations are one of the most popular commodities that can be traded with our own usuryfree community currency. I often travel to cities all across Canada. I create my own IOU's for FREE. Those who offer accommodations accept my IOUs and they know that other people will accept these IOUs at a future date.

The world of usuryfree creatives is now expanding as more and more people experience the reality of usuryfree living as they learn to acquire the products and/or services for their personal, family and business needs by negotiating trades locally by using a usuryfree community currency. What we need is an umbrella group with an online database that will serve us locally, nationally and globally.

Why doesn't the Court of Public Review (the common people) know that the experience of usuryfree living is now a distinct possibility? Some researchers refer to the public as the 'sheople' who have been conditioned by their hypnotic TVs to worship as false idol, Mammon. Indeed, it's mammon that is the motive for almost every TV crime. There are some common sayings: 'I did it for the money,' or 'He would have ruined me' etc.

I suppose it's not the people's fault if they've been lied to by the mainstream print and electronic media which effectively control the news. For example, the media distorts the meaning of these two key words: 'correlation and causation.' It's one thing to link interest (usury) to an economic malaise, it's quite another thing to unequivocally state that usury is the direct cause of the ever-present shortage of money that afflicts modern society. To do so it to reveal that usury is a direct, controlling lever that is causing the malfunction on our orthodox, economic machine.

An analogy is appropriate to explain. Let's begin the analogy by asking this simple question: "Does the ignition key control your vehicle?" Some people might answer 'yes' because they know that the key is needed to start the vehicle. The question repeated is: "Does the ignition key actually control the vehicle?"

Consider that if the ignition key did control the vehicle no driver would be needed. In truth, the key is 'correlated' with the control of the vehicle. The driver who turns the key in the ignition actually controls the vehicle by driving it. Similarly, specific economic elements are correlated with the behavior and characteristics of the complete economic organism.

However, the economic organism does not malfunction until something triggers it. So what activates the shortage of funds in our orthodox economic system? The answer is elegantly revealed in John 'The Engineer' Turmel's 1991 paper entitled 'The Affidavit and Ballad of the Banking Systems Engineer.' and and

In the book, Grace and Mortgage by Bishop Peter Selby, Bishop of Worcester, ISBN 0-232-52170-0, page 116 it is written:

"As Galbraith remarks, higher interest rates, it is hoped, will curb inflation. These comments of Galbraith illustrate why, although the raising of interest rates is the weapon against inflation chosen by those who profit by it, it is also clear that as a method it cannot finally work. John Turmel, a Canadian civil engineer and campaigner against usury, has in two long articles brought algebra, plumbing and poetry to bear on the task."

The world owes the Bishop of Worcester much for his treatise on mort-gage and grace.

Yes, John 'The Engineer' Turmel who is a perennial candidate in municipal, provincial and federal elections in Canada presents proof positive that the design flaw of usury controls orthodox economics so that it profits the lenders (bankers) obscenely while the common people endure severe financial stress because they signed impossible loan and mortgage contracts for lack of knowledge about how modern banking really works. John often refers to interest or usury as 'loan-sharking' and people quickly know why it must be abolished.

John 'The Engineer' Turmel currently holds the World Guinness Book of Records for running as a candidate in the most elections. Bravo to John for having the tenacity to keep repeating the uplifting message, that usuryfree living for the whole world is now possible, though few are listening.

Here's a quote from John: "It doesn't matter how many of the hypnotized sheople don't see heaven over the horizon. It more matters how many break their conditioning to see the same Eden we can see. Matthew 13:10 says their conditioning to worship Mammon will keep them forever hearing without hearing and seeing without seeing or understanding until Heaven arrives. In an instant. but more and more are seeing the vision of Global LETS once they've grasped the local vision. Some stay stuck at local forever though."

John cleverly points out that the falsehood about the design flaw of usury has been erroneously accepted for such a long period of time that economists and politicians have overlooked that it is a mistaken 'hypothesis' and not an absolute truth that 'raising interest (usury) rates fights inflation.' In summary, the Big Lie of Economics is that inflation is the inverse function of the interest rate.

In reality, the idea that usury controls modern orthodox economics by fostering the ongoing 'shortage of funds' is no longer a supposition. It has been proven that interest (usury) rates actually cause inflation. In addition, there is ample evidence to prove that usury is directly and/or indirectly related to violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack.

The best proof that inflation is the direct function of the interest rate is when Argentinian provinces dumped all that new social provincial bond currency into circulation despite the bankers screaming worries about inflation but inflation then down after the injection of all that new money proving that inflation is caused by foreclosure of collateral backing up the money rather than more money chasing the collateral.

On a positive note, a usuryfree solution has been proposed and is operational in countless communities all over the world.

But we're not hearing about them. I've heard Japan has made some astounding breakthroughs using smart-cards to account for their credits and to beat the counterfeiters. There was only one Reuters report on Argentinian farmers buying tractors from Ford for grain. Great breakthroughs are being made but there's no central location for the news except for occasional internet postings.

People are exchanging products and/or services by using a usuryfree community currency as a complement with their diminishing amounts of usury-based, federal cash. By using their own usuryfree community currency, people are freeing up federal cash to pay off any outstanding debt, because it's the usury function that makes any debt grow.

Of all the usuryfree community currencies that are surfacing, the usuryfree time currency is lauded as the optimal usuryfree currency since one hour has a capacity of sixty minutes in every continent. Therefore, time-traders will be able to trade internationally with ease since exchange rates will no longer apply. In the future, human time may very well be the best numeraire for human money.

Readers are invited to view Ithaca Hours This is one of the best and longest-running usuryfree, time currency trading systems in the world. Everyone is issued 4 Ithaca Hours as a beginning time-trader. This is a very conservative policy on the issuing of usuryfree community currency. Some researchers are suggesting that it would be appropriate for each participant to be issued one year's worth of time-credits. This amount could be a minimum of 1000 hours and a maximum of 2000 hours.

Tamworth Hours can be viewed at this website - as another models of a functioning usuryfree time currency.

In plain English, when it comes to local, national and global economic control, "It's the usury, stupid." And, when it comes to local, national and global trading, "It's the usuryfree time currency, NOW!"

It has been suggested that Interest is the demand for extra fecund cows or wheat while usury is the demand for extra sterile gold or credits.

Watch for more news headlines trumpeting the reality of usuryfree living and expect more sober truths about the usuryfree 'heaven' to be experienced in '2012', and beyond...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Dynamics of the New Resistance - No Time Left!

by Julian Rose

By all accounts time is speeding up and space-time is contracting. As we move further into 2012 this phenomenon is almost palpable. Just where do the hours and days go?

Terence McKenna, the late psychedelics-inspired luminary, spoke of an imminent convergence of time-lines that would bring about a ‘singularity’ event: the point where past, present and future become fused into the vibrant chords of the ‘here and now’. Just what might such an event portend?

Time is a human invention, a tool for measuring the changing circadian paths of the planets, the phases of the moon, the passage of night and day. It is a useful device, but can easily become the opposite when relied upon too heavily. Indeed, the division of time into hours, minutes and seconds has mostly been used to delineate the financial value of the working day – a far cry from its cosmic origins.

McKenna’s singularity event describes the condensing of all ‘time’ (past events) into an ever more energised and suspended state of ‘presence’. For example, he speaks of the condensing of the last 64 years into just 12 months. A process that captures and passes through to us the vibratory ‘echo’ of significant historical events that have taken place over the intervening decades.

As these spiralling time lines pass ever closer to each other at ever shorter intervals, ‘time’ appears to speed up and we are moved ever closer to the ‘simultaneity’ event: an hourglass of tightly swirling energy whose vortex we ultimately pass through, emerging out on the ‘other side’.

Now, you don’t pass through a vortex and remain the same person you were when you went in! Such is the dynamic that our vibratory levels resonate at a higher frequency during this passage and at a higher level of consciousness. It is what the Saddhus of India extol their disciples to achieve: the state of “Be Here Now”. Westerners may prefer to call this experience a ‘rights of passage’. Those on this journey will get further support by dint of our planet’s shifting into an alignment with the centre of our Galaxy.

All this, you understand, is what I have gleaned (with added poetic licence) from the writings of others more fully versed in these matters than I. However, I find their discourses trigger an intuitive response which connects me up with thousands of others probably having similar experiences and similar observations. Are those of us who share such vibratory signals somehow emerging as a new power on this planet?

I believe we are. It is notable that our heightened perceptions are running in tandem with parallel ‘scientific’ lines of enquiry, such as the excitement generated among the scientific community by their probable discovery of what has been termed the ‘Higgs Boson’ (the God particle) at the particle collider centre near Zurich; the revealing of the manifestation of ‘intelligence’ within human cellular tissue in advanced biology circles and the first delineations of the invisible forces that bind the universe* in the field of spiritual/quantum enquiry.
What this seems to mean is that we, who go out into the world to confront the forces of destruction that are attempting to take control over our planet, are now being endowed with new powers to fulfill our task. Put another way, we are in an accelerating process of realisation of the potential which has always existed in each one of us to perform what one might term ‘superhuman’ tasks.

And let’s face it, the tasks we need to perform are superhuman if we are to wrest back control over our destinies.

Those who stand behind the top-down control system and manipulate events with their occult and Masonic practices are aware of the energy changes taking place at this time. They are trying to exploit them for their own ends via such events as the recently concluded London Olympic Games — a veritable coven of occult symbolism.

They wish to use such occasions to draw both human and non-human energies towards the realisation of their dark agenda, all the time keeping popular attention on the mundane and surface spectacle of ‘the big show’.

Such techniques ensure that any manifestation of deeper truths will be fogged out by the sheer size and intensity of the gladiatorial spectacle. In the case of the London Olympics, billions have demonstrated that they are only too pleased to show their supplication for the ‘greatest show on earth’. Central also to the ongoing agenda is the attempt to foment a major war in the Middle East and beyond.

However, the Illuminati manipulators cannot themselves pass through the process of metamorphosis that we are experiencing, and this is their Achilles heel.

As we become more conscious and further imbued with higher dimensional awareness, the ambitions of the Illuminati become ever more naked. Their despotic actions being revealed for what they are, highlighted like ink spots on a white canvas. The heightened powers that we experience are the awakening of our own latent potentials. For some this may prove a rather overwhelming experience, especially as it is accompanied by the rapid absorption of a lot of far reaching information which will inevitably contradict previously held assumptions, such as those put about by the world’s mainstream media.

To balance out this high voltage information intake it is increasingly important to become properly 'anchored'; our feet well and truly on the ground. Here, gardening, carpentry, bread making, food preparation and manual pursuits of all sorts – yes including the washing-up – should be performed on a regular basis as necessary counterparts to the often heady vibrational load that can otherwise overcome us.

This is the time to plot the practical sequence of events that will undermine the Illuminati and ultimately evict them from their pedestals of power. All this energy we are receiving must be turned into practical, pragmatic actions that lead to us wrestling back control of our lives and be used in support of all planetary beings suffering under the cosh of a global dictatorship in the making. Any residual elements of fear associated with taking such steps will be burned off once we come together in various groupings to build 'The New Resistance' and take on our oppressors.

As the simultaneity event draws closer, so do we gain clearer and clearer insights into the steps that need to be taken to get this process under way. Already, tens of thousands all over the world are orienting themselves into life situations that will support and be complementary to the new levels of awareness being acquired. I used the term “New Resistance” to describe a situation manifesting itself as 'non compliance' with the dictates of an increasingly authoritarian state. 'Non compliance' in the face of ever more brazen attempts to make us conform to the demands of a corporate cabal and despotic leadership fully intent upon the annihilation of our civil liberties and fundamental rights. 

All good resistance strategies integrate both the components of ‘defence’ and ‘attack’. The defence of our fundamental needs and the attack that will unseat the Illuminati are to go hand in hand in this coming phase of campaign for an emancipated planet. The new energies and consciousness with which we are being endowed are specifically equipping us for this task.

The cosmic timing is impeccable and the Illuminati have no weapons in their arsenal capable of suppressing the rising tide of universal consciousness that is the central ingredient of the deepening year 2012.

Our strategic planning for the battle in which we have no alternative other than to become engaged demands concentration, creativity and courage. It is already in movement, and we must expect stiff resistance from those who deeply fear their coming fall from power. All the symptoms are already at play. The almost daily introduction of new forms of oppression; ever more onerous surveillance techniques; unauthorised arrests; false flag dramas; Internet interferences; weather manipulations; the fomenting of new wars; genetic manipulation of the food chain; mind control; depopulation via designed pandemics; banking heists; political and corporate despotism and much more. All tools in the relentless drive to achieve the long-term objectives of a New World Order and absolute control of all arteries of planetary life plus a vastly reduced world population.

Sinister it most certainly is. But we have allowed this situation to develop over decades through our passive acquiescence to each turn of the screw. And that is no longer possible.

Ultimately, true resistance is born out of the combined elements of a back-against-the-wall finality of the process of retreat, and the timely cosmic alignments that endow humanity with a greater capacity to confront and vanquish its oppressors. That is exactly where we are today. The merging of convergent time lines has brought us to the front line. There can be no turning back. We each have specific roles to play in this drama and these will emerge as we commit ourselves to the cause. There can be no sitting on the fence anymore. The fence itself is collapsing under the dead weight of decades of vacuous human intransigence. Words too. Use them carefully from now on as they carry more and more power. Power to build creative solutions and power to destroy.

All this, as the planet itself undergoes geological shifts and transformations of increasing magnitude. Let us remind ourselves that our Earth is a living being and is bound to show symptoms that reflect the predominant human condition. This is not to rule out cosmic influences; Earth is a place which reflects the inter-meshing of cosmic and human influences. It is the lack of comprehension of this fact that has lead to the dissonant dialogues on global warming and the overly simplistic conclusions of a tunnel vision oriented science. Here we see how only a partial answer can come from a partial comprehension. It’s similar to the diagnosis of a Western medical doctor in comparison with that of an Ayurvedic, Chinese or homeopathic practitioner.

As we close in on the singularity event, we see the connection between multiple elements and therefore become in an ever stronger position to take action in the process of healing our planet.

This is an urgent task indeed and one that undoubtedly requires us to respect this powerful Mahatma Ghandi insight “Civilisation, in the real sense of the term, consists not in the multiplication, but in the deliberate and voluntary reduction of wants.”

Here must we all go, for this is a profound truth that has been echoed down the centuries by the wisest minds. For us in the West, it is by pursuing an agenda of ‘voluntary simplicity’ that we can best offer a healing balm to planet Earth and to the overloaded material complexities of our own lives.

Even as the Polar ice cap melts and the waters rise; the heartlands of the USA burn to dust; wars rip apart Middle Eastern valleys and mountain tops; earthquakes shatter communities and block vital supplies – our response should remain consistent and answer to the deeper underlying causative agents that lie behind all these events.

We must forge ahead with the building of life-supporting ‘Arks’ even as we simultaneously confront the Illuminati bankster gangsters and their corporate accomplices. There is no time to lose. And anyway, time itself is undergoing this profound metamorphosis which is condensing all of history into a whirling vortex of cosmic cleansing and reordering. A reordering so complete that it will ultimately leave us freed of karma and in a place where there is quite literally ‘no time left’.

That’s where we are all headed, so drop off your old skin, and face the rising wind with the spirit of the warrior who kindles a flame in the plexus and compassion in the heart. And be prepared to ride out the storm and to come to the aid of those who need your helping hand.

This journey is unprecedented; the possibilities infinite. It is we who hold the outcome in our hands. No one else.

NOTE: Julian is a British pioneer organic farmer, writer and activist. He is currently president of the 'International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside' which is leading the fight against GMO in Poland. He is author of "Changing Course for Life - Local Solutions to Global Problems"

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Global Move Your Money Week!

"Instead of a comment, an announcement of sorts. Actually an idea, not my own, but a good one because it was the most effective protest I’ve seen, before the depth of the rampant criminality in the banking sector became apparent.
It was called Bank Transfer Day and it really rattled the cages of the bank scum that has destroyed so much wealth, jeopardized the global economy and the very existence of entire countries.  The proposal is Global Move Your Money Week to be held the first week of October when the political environment will be most conducive to this message.
The thought came to me when I recently observed people standing in line, waiting to deposit their paychecks at the altars of their bank scum masters. Around them I saw urban blight, trash piling up and what used to be lawns turned to dirt.
There were empty stores, homes in foreclosure, and people scavenging for recyclable cans and bottles. But the altars of the bank scum were in perfect condition, shining in late afternoon sun,  lawns in perfect condition, parking lots almost as shiny as the polished railings that led to the altar.
I looked again at the worshipers, considered how they were feeding the beast that had caused all this decay, the bankrupting of the cities that were reported that same day, the massive job losses and the crimes that were never prosecuted.
And somewhere at the top of the building sat the criminals that caused all of it, like predators looking down on their prey, and I remembered this classic photo and story from Alexander Higgins.
Let it be known that Global Move Your Money Week will let these assholes know that their crimes will not be tolerated, that their criminality is indeed international, and that a global effort is required to effectively send the message. All of us, the entire world, stand up and say, “We’re tired of your bullshit, your crimes, your greed and your insolence. F*** you bank scum!”
Global Move Your Money Week: October 1-7, 2012 Spread the word far and wide. It is the only real means of protest available, the only thing that will really make a difference. And if you don’t participate, you are worshiping at the altar, feeding the beast, and therefore you are an accessory to the crimes they’ve committed against your community, your pension funds, your home valuations, your investments and your families. It's been done before as explained by Max Keiser when Occupy Wall Street was enjoying popular support in October 2011."
NOTE: This announcement is published at this website:

Monday, August 06, 2012

Cash substitute greases business wheels

By: Matthew Allen,

An alternative currency, created to keep small companies afloat during the 1930s recession, is still thriving as it marks its 75th anniversary milestone.

The current economic downturn reveals that the "WIR" credit system has evolved over the decades into a means of attracting new business as opposed to counteracting money supply shortages.

WIR was launched in Zurich in October 1934 as thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) struggled to cope with the consequences of the great global depression. Cash was hard to come by as stock markets crashed, banks collapsed and people with money hoarded their reserves.

The term WIR derived from the word "wirtschaftsring", or "economic circle". Wir is also the German word for "we", signifying togetherness and solidarity.

SMEs subscribed to the organised bartering system – backed by an unofficial form of currency – to enable them to trade with one another in the absence of real cash. The system was such a success that it quickly spread throughout Switzerland and the WIR Bank was given an official licence from the national authorities.

Unique system

The bank was authorised to grant WIR loans, initially backed by such collateral as building deeds, but later by cash deposits from members. Because the bank does not pay interest on WIR deposits, it can supply this line of credit at very low interest rates.

WIR Bank spokesman Michael Schnebli told that WIR has a stabilising effect on the normal monetary system by providing a complementary source of funding when liquidity dries up.

"By granting WIR credits we increase the amount of real money in the system because it frees up cash," he said. "Other countries also operate bartering systems, but our system is unique because we can issue loans."

The role and usage of WIR has also changed over time. SMEs advertise their willingness to accept the alternative currency as part payment for goods and services to give them the edge over other competition.

In this way, smaller suppliers can attract more business over larger companies that can provide goods cheaper, but want 100 per cent cash payment. Some 60,000 SMEs participate in the WIR network.

Double-sided view

"We get additional business from other small traders by using WIR," Karl Frei, owner of furniture making firm Freba and picture framing company Haus Zum Rahmen, told "We can use it to have our vehicles maintained at a garage and they can buy furniture from us."

Companies engage in a strategic game of WIR "placement", according to Frei. WIR "currency" has no value outside of the restricted business circle and attracts no interest if it is deposited at the WIR Bank, so it is in the interest of firms to keep it circulating to avoid having too much on their hands.

Some companies, therefore, have a rather double-sided view of WIR – it is good to attract new business and to spend, but it does not add value to their accounts. "People who don't use it often think we are crazy. WIR is appreciated but not loved by everyone," said Frei.

WIR Bank has constantly expanded to offer a full range of retail banking services, such as mortgage loans and savings accounts. It also now offers cash savings accounts and loans to complement its WIR business.

"We have to remain innovative to keep WIR competitive, but it has worked well in the past 75 years," said Schebli. "I see no reason why it cannot keep going for at the least the same period in the future.

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Introducing “”

I recently received this email from a fellow usuryfree blogger - Bart Klein. Should you choose to communicate with Bart Klein, please tell him that you got the referral from The UsuryFree Eye Opener.


"I am working on a similar project and you may be interested in publishing some of my material.

A short introduction of the plan you can find here:

There is much more on the website that is related to the issue.

Hope to hear from you soon."

Bart Klein Ikink


Proposal for the introduction of Natural Money
By Bart Klein

There is a need for an alternative to the current globalised economic system but reality does not always meet our needs. Therefore a proposal for an alternative should start with understanding the way markets behave. Most economists think that local currencies are less efficient and will remain marginal at best. Less efficient systems are destroyed by the laws of competition. Local communities are not able to compete with the global marketplace.

It does not have to be that way. One outstanding example demonstrates this. During the Great Depression the Austrian town of Wörgl introduced scrip money. The faster circulation of scrip within the local economy increased trade and created extra employment. The success was copied by neighbouring villages and a town. Soon two hundred Austrian townships were interested in adopting the idea. Then the central bank banned scrip money [+].

If scrip money had not been banned at that time, the success story would have spread and everybody would use scrip money today. It only takes one community like Wörgl to make it happen now. Copying the Wörgl experiment can unleash a power that will finish off the current financial system. Less efficient systems will be destroyed by the laws of competition. The global marketplace will not be able to compete with the local communities.

In the future there will be no more economic crises. There will be sufficient employment for everyone. The economy will become sustainable. Central governments and multinational corporations will crumble. The division of labour will be reversed. Jobs that do not contribute to the real economy will vanish. Once set in motion this development cannot be stopped. This may be just in time as the current globalized economic system is collapsing right in front of us.

The interest free community economy is just around the corner, but only if we do the right thing. We have the choice: muddle through and see civilization collapse before our eyes or make it happen and change the world.

Capitalism is suicide

Capitalism as we know it equals to collective suicide. Capitalists call our roadmap to destruction freedom of choice. Within the Capitalist economy we are free to choose which products to consume but we are not free to choose for our own survival. Those who take measures to save the Earth will be outcompeted by others who do not take these measures. Money dictates our choices and this can be called a dictatorship of money.

Mother Nature is not kind to those who destroy their own living conditions. Their demise will be caused by their own unfitness for survival. The Club of Rome already warned in 1972 with its report The Limits to Growth that the current economic system will end in disaster.

Money has become the most important measurement of value but money in itself is worthless. This makes everything worthless including human existence. Western culture is suicidal because it attaches too much value to money, while the value of our future existence cannot be expressed in terms of money. Currently food supplies are practically non-existent, nature is being destroyed and social structures are unravelling, while politicians and corporate interests block effective solutions [+].

All interest is usury

Interest causes wealth to concentrate as the poor pay interest to the rich. Interest can be seen as a tax on poverty to the benefit of the rich. Interest disrupts the flow of money in the economy and causes economic crises. Therefore an interest based economy is inefficient. The following example demonstrates this and also that interest on money is unsustainable in the long run:

If someone brought a 1/10 oz gold coin to the bank in the year 1 AD, and the money remained there until the year 2000 AD, collecting a yearly interest of 4%, the amount of gold in the account would have been 3.6 * 10^31 kilogramme of gold weighing 6,000,000 times the complete mass of the Earth.
If interest is charged on a limited scale or over a short timeframe then those problems do not surface. Over time it is inescapable that it reduces large numbers of people to a state of servitude to the money lenders. This is a long term development that transcends the life span of a human. Interest is the main reason why a number of civilisations have failed and why Western civilisation is about to fail. Therefore all interest is usury and the current financial system is a usury financial system [+].

In order to get rid of interest on money a holding fee on money is needed otherwise there is no reward for the risk of lending out money at 0% interest. Because money with a holding fee circulates in the economy no additional debts or money printing are needed to energize the economy. The economy will do well by itself so there is no need for government intervention. There will be no inflation so lending out money at 0% will be attractive.

Natural Money: the way to end the usury financial system


A superior power can end the current world order based on usury banking. Natural Money is money with a holding fee (scrip money) combined with a ban on charging interest. The superior efficiency of Natural Money can end the usury financial system. It will bring down the banks and Wall Street when it is used. Natural Money can end the current world order and can be the basis for the future economy based on local self sufficiency. It is possible because depreciating money drives out stable money in circulation.

Most people are afraid for change and they have good reasons for that. They want a better alternative and see it work before they accept it. This scheme has been tried before in Wörgl [+] and Lignières-en-Berry [+] with great success. The Wörgl experiment became explosive because many towns and villages wanted to copy it. For this reason the central bank of Austria banned it. The Lignières-en-Berry experiment was explosive because it would have replaced regular usury money within a few years. For this reason the government of France banned it. If the experiments had not been banned then everybody would use scrip money now.

The secret formula

Currently there are thousands of similar currencies and LETS systems but they did not achieve the success of Wörgl and Lignières-en-Berry. The hidden secret of success is the power that can bring down the usury financial system. In order to turn scrip money into a killer the following conditions must be met:
- The currency must be exchangeable in regular usury money but exchanging it must be less attractive than keeping it.
- At least initially the currency has to be backed with regular usury money.
- Local businesses must accept the money.
- There must be an incentive to use the money in the form of a holding fee.
- The money must be attractive.

There are two methods to produce an explosive experiment that can spread fast:
- A public currency issued by a government like in Wörgl that can be used as a payment for taxes [+].
A private currency issued by a community, a group of people like in Lignières-en-Berry or a corporation [+].” (snip) ...

Read lots more about “Naturalmoney” at this website:

The UsuryFree Resolution

The UsuryFree Resolution
(Officially launched on May 13, 2001 at 13:13:13)

A "usuryfree creative" is a natural person who works towards becoming "usuryfree." A natural person who is "usuryfree" does not pay any "usury" nor does s/he accept any "usury" for payment from another natural person. We as living, breathing human beings are correctly identified as "natural persons." To evolve with The UsuryFree Resolution, each "usuryfree creative" seeks to eventually become "usuryfree" as an individual. Expanding numbers of “usuryfree creatives” will eventually create a "usuryfree" society where everyone has the opportunity to experience the reality of usuryfree living.
What is The UsuryFree Resolution?
The UsuryFree Resolution is exactly that - a resolution to abolish "usury" and usher in the new age of "usuryfree living." The UsuryFree Resolution was officially launched in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on Sunday, May 13th, 2001, at 13:13:13 hours/minutes/seconds. At that time, we invited SDI entrepreneurs to embrace the concept of creating pyramid/cells of 13 to facilitate the expansion of the UsuryFree Resolution. The UsuryFree Network recommends building Pyramid/Cells of 13 from left to right sequence to help network relevant information to the widest audience possible.
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"The journey begins when we recognize that they way we have been conducting our lives is not making us happy." - Allen Watson, 1994

The UsuryFree Resolution was launched by The UsuryFree Network to mobilize thousands "usuryfree creatives" to assume the role of “protestor-instructors” with a goal to help re-educate those who are ready and willing to be re-educated.
All participating "usuryfree creatives" are encouraged to barter and trade their products, skills and/or services with "usuryfree" currencies - time currencies or otherwise.
The UsuryFree Resolution is becoming the catalyst to usher in the new age of "peace and plenty" by 2020 as all who choose to participate are learning how to shift their shopping habits away from the giant retail stores and big box stores back to local community and home-based businesses.

An Introduction:
There has been much discussion about whether "truthful" information wants to be free in the same way that living things want to be alive. Consider how all living things fight hardest just to stay alive. Consider also that "truthful" information about "immoral usury" and "illegal taxes" which ought to be FREE becomes the substance that fuels the burning desire for freedom. Consider also that the space of information can be likened to an ecoshpere built out of human brains and stored on paper, films and computers and thereby networked from natural person to natural person.
"Learning is wealth to the poor, an honor to the rich, an aid to the young, and a support and comfort to the aged. He who always seeks more light the more he finds, and finds more the more he seeks, is one of the few happy mortals who take and give in every point of time.  The tide and ebb of giving and receiving is the sum of human happiness, which he alone enjoys who always wishes to acquire new knowledge, and always finds it." - John Casper Lavater (1741-1801), Swiss theological

The issue of "re-educational" information about "usuryfree" economics being offered to everyone FREE of charge is of utmost importance. I endorse the idea of inviting the learners to "gift" the teachers according to their (the learners) means and according to the quality of the information that they are learning from the teacher(s). FREE information invites more FREE information and this leads to one discovery being birthed by a previous discovery. I am fully supportive of exchanging as much information as possible and exchanging it FREE is the optimal method of sourcing the "truth."
There have been very diverse information networks evolving in our the "Freedom Movement" and those who offer the most often get rewarded the least in the old world of "usury" finance. As we move into the new world of "usuryfree" living I have a gnosis that as we begin to earn sufficient incomes from our SDI (Self Directed Income) sources to pay our monthly living expenses, more and more information will become FREELY available and the we will evolve as intelligent spiritual beings freed from the yoke of "usury."
"The prudent see only the difficulties, the bold only the advantages, of a great enterprise; the hero sees both; diminishes the former and makes the later preponderate, and so conquers." - Johann Lavater

The UsuryFree Network emphasizes a deep belief in true freedom as well as a conviction that fellow human beings ought to be enjoying the benefits of "usuryfree" living while being fairly ruled by common law, not by laws made by the "usury elite" - many of whom are there by an accident of their birth.

It is indeed time to enlighten the masses in a way similar to the French Revolution and the American Revolution - only this time, in the information war, instead of using weapons that kill, we will use the bullet of "usury" to help us network the "truth" and when we have successfully implemented "usury-free" finance we will abolish "usury" forever.

The UsuryFree Resolution Seeks Heroes of the 21st Century

The UsuryFree Network is seeking heroes of the 21st Century who have the ability to inspire imaginations and excite fellow human beings by tugging at their conscience and awakening their dreams while leading the way by their own example. Just as we know of historical heroes, The UsuryFree Network is searching for true heroes for The UsuryFree Resolution who can take the theory of "usuryfree" economics and weave it into our modern world of high-tech so that the poor, the homeless, the financially downtrodden and the squeezed middle class will all benefit.

The UsuryFree Network has chosen the vehicle of the SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry as the optimal networking machine with the potential to mobilize for The UsuryFree Resolution. It is conceivable that The UsuryFree Network will choose other vehicles to complement and/or advance The UsuryFree Resolution at the optimal pace in the future.
The UsuryFree network is currently searching for heroes who - when they learn about the design flaw of "usury" - will give unselfishly to advance the noble cause of a "usury-ree" society with "peace and plenty" for all before 2020. Surely such heroes exist within the following groups/movements: "Untax/Detax/Refusetax/Anti-tax," "LETS," "SDI," "Anti-Poverty," Anti-FTAA," "Labour Unions," "Wage Earners" and/or otherwise. The UsuryFree Network is now ready to network and mobilize with all who come forward.
Some activists of The UsuryFree Resolution will surely qualify to be nominated for future Nobel prizes which are awarded annually for outstanding achievement in various categories. I envision many tireless workers from The UsuryFree Resolution accepting such accolades when we usher in the new age of "peace and plenty” - hopefully before 2020.
The current orientation and occupations of those who will be motivated to join The UsuryFree Resolution will be wide and varied. There will be motivated youth and experienced elders, evolving entrepreneurs and formerly dedicated wage earners, noble politicians and disgruntled voters, inspired matriarchs and understanding patriarchs, as well as the spiritually inspired and those who are holding on to dogmatic religion. Few will have had any formal education about "usuryfree" economics and few will have had any formal training in networking or in creating "self directed incomes." Indeed, we are moving beyond the wage-earning mentality of the 20th Century and into the entrepreneurial mentality of the 21st Century.
In a "usuryfree" society after the success of The UsuryFree Resolution, we will no longer have to volunteer our time and energy while hoping for a societal-approved authority to appreciate our work. In a "usuryfree" society there will be abundance and everyone will be fairly rewarded for their time and work.
This 21st Century Usuryfree Resolution was actually birthed in the 20th Century with many heroes who come in all colours, sexes, religions and backgrounds. The uniting element was that they correctly identified "usury" as the design flaw in our orthodox, "usury-bearing" money system while at the same time focusing on the “usuryfree” LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software as the ultimate solution.
Some have been controversial one man bands using their talents, skills and wisdom and the political arena to advocate the cause of "usury-free" economics as a saving grace before humanity self-destructs. One such character with a global vision for "usuryfree" living is John "The Engineer" Turmel, who has been creating a local and global awakening about the evils of "usury" and the benefits of the "usury-free" LETS software since the early 1980's.

Michael Linton, the creator of the initial LETS software package chose to focus on LETS development in local communities and avoided the political arena. Both John C. "The Engineer" Turmel and Michael Linton have worked tirelessly to spread the word about the "usuryfree" LETS software and both have travelled the world during the 1980's and 1990's advancing the mission of "usuryfree" living.
Other are renowned for their work in local communities such as those who have volunteered to serve on committees and councils of the thousands of LETSystems al around the world. Many have been students first, and teachers after they have acquired this new knowledge about "usuryfree" economics - which they have never been taught in our formal educational institutions.
Some “usuryfree creatives” are working within the system as white knights using their influence and the workings of the system to advance the mission of abolishing "usury." These white knights prefer to remain nameless at this time.
Just as the heroes of past generations did spectacular things, so will the heroes of The UsuryFree Resolution of the 21st Century be recognized when the design flaw of "usury" is fully exposed and fixed. Then we will usher in the new age of "peace and plenty" - hopefully before 2020.
Consider being an active "usuryfree creative" and leading the way with The UsuryFree Resolution by becoming an active SDI entrepreneur and teaching your network or team.
Readers are invited to learn about the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry and how and why it will play a significant role in facilitating this shifting of shopping habits to local community and home-based businesses by reviewing the background information on this little known and less understood, but brilliant, marketing method. Click here.