liken the moment we are living as the early point in the movie, Jaws, in which the music intensifies as the shark moves closer towards devouring its human prey. Only in today’s America, the people are about to get hit from two directions.
Much has been written about the dead bankers. Most of these authors have no idea what they are talking about. The identified bankers who have been suicided are merely midlevel bankers. They are typically the Vice-President of the nothing department of JP Morgan. These “suicides” designed to look like murders are clear warning signs to the banking establishment which has been hijacked, not just the US, but all modern nations, that bad times are ahead. Jim Garrow said it on my show, the bankers are going to be targets by disaffected military and ex-intel officers. It looks like Garrow was completely correct.
It has been revealed to myself and others that there are presently assassinations of bankers, who are decision makers in these criminal banking cartels, but the identities of these bankers is not being revealed as they are not the midlevel bankers that you are reading about. These banksters are the ones who are creators of the false flag events carried out by the alphabet soup agencies and now, disaffected former military and paramilitary forces are sending a clear message that enough is enough.
These are the same bankers who are itching to bring about one final catastrophe in preparation to bring about martial law which will be enforced by “international peace-keeping forces” right here in the United States and these “Bastards from Basel” are quaking in their boots. They are being assassinated by former Seal teams, Army Rangers and disillusioned intelligence service operatives. You will soon be reading about this from journalists who have been given the details.
My source would not reveal the names of the big-time bankers who are getting whacked except to say that many of them are from London. For those who do not fit into the DMV crowd, this should make a lot of sense. I was also told that the assassinations are about to get political. I am just speculating, but how about ex-Goldman Sachs criminals who have moved into positions of political authority in the European Union?
Here is what you need to pay attention to in the upcoming days. First, this will be my last word on the subject because I do not have any more information than what is revealed here and that is by design. There are however, some who will soon be revealing with great detail what is truly going on between the leadership of our fired military, their paramilitary forces and the eventual response from the bankers.
Before you scoff at what I am writing here, I am going to say that I have learned for a fact, that these events and their implications will begin to surface in a very big manner over the next several days. In a week, the seriousness of these actions and the resulting threats will become clear to any self-aware person. No, I am not going to identify the writers who have been chosen to release this information except to say that I have been asked to tell the public to be aware that there are those who will be speaking out. And when they do speak out, you should listen. And why won’t I reveal the sources that I am aware of that will be revealing what is transpiring behind the scenes? It is because I am not going to place a bulls eye on their back.


Our system of governance and finance is about to reach a crisis point. The only real advice I have to offer is that I have been saying in earnest since last summer. You should transfer most of you cash in the bank into hard assets. Also, you should be personally prepared to whether the storm of no banks, no gas, no food deliveries. Surely, the other side is going to accelerate their plans in the face of what is going to happen. For those of you who understand baseball, I am convinced that I was tabbed to be the 8th inning setup man. The 9th inning closers will be revealing all in the next several days. You will not have long to wait and it will not be me that carries this message further.The moder day version of the Knights Templar is about to played out. When is the next Friday the 13th?" (snip) ...
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