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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Networking With The SDI Industry

By Tom J Kennedy

"It's 2014 and as an active usuryfree creative networking within the usuryfree community currency movement, I am now set to network with SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs who are active in the SDI industry – otherwise referred to as (a) multi-level marketing or (b) network marketing.

We-the-people are making conscious decisions about how we create our earnings and how we spend our money. Given `golden handshakes, being laid off or just plain fired and bingo - we-the-people need to be open to pulling silver linings out of dark clouds. Opportunity is knocking and doors are opening within both the usuryfree community currency movement as well as the SDI industry and deeper desperation is motivating more and more people to listen, learn and take action.

We know orthodox economics is in peril when unemployment approaches double digits. Ask the Argentines! I remember in the early 1980's when `usury' rates were 20%+ and I was actively recruiting local businesses in the Ottawa area to join the local LETSystem. Countless owners of small to medium-sized businesses would say: "It's a great idea, but come back when you have 1000+ members on your database."

Without a doubt, that minority group within we-the-people who understood the `power and potential' of creating and spending our own private, `usuryfree,' currency were slightly ahead of our time. Now as we progress into the 21 st Century, alternative economics seems ready to blossom.

There is not only an economic benefit but also a social benefit to bartering and trading with like-minded people within our respective communities. Likewise, there is economic and social benefit as well as the bonus of personal growth and development derived from success as an SDI entrepreneur.

When twinned, the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry offer unlimited promise as we-the-people know in our hearts that if we envision different economic results we must willfully choose to `re-educate' ourselves so that we really understand how the design flaw of `usury' enslaves us and creates poverty, scarcity and lack.

Additionally, we-the-people must understand how seeking to become `usuryfree' in 2014 liberates us from economic bondage forever if we commit ourselves to creating and spending our own `usuryfree' time currency. The act of creating and spending our own `usuryfree' time currency seems foreign to us until we-the-people experience the feeling of empowerism when we sign our own name on an I.O.U. note.

The reality of empowering ourselves by establishing our own retail/wholesale enterprise in our own name is a distant thought for most employees until we `re-educate' ourselves to think like an SDI entrepreneur. The possibilities are limitless now that home-based enterprises (SDI enterprises are the most common home-based enterprises with approximately 3.5+ million in Canada) are easy to start-up given reduced transaction costs and the ease of modern technology.

Both the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry have evolved similarly during the latter half of the 20th Century. Let's first track the evolution of the usuryfree community currency movement. Barter and trading was well established in the early years of the 20th Century in rural Canada. It blossomed during the Great Depression of the 1930's and even made inroads in smaller urban communities. Informal barter and trading remained a key component of rural economics throughout the 20th entire Century." ( snip) ...

NOTE: Readers are invited to read the complete article at The SDI Eye Opener at this link:

We’re Dying To Pay The Debt!

By Sydney White

Talking heads in serious suits intone the mantra “Pay down the debt.” Applause and worship go to those saviours who announce that they have “paid dwon” more on the debt than previous politicians. “Operating on a deficit,” even in times of recession is blasphemy; and those who suggest it are treated to righteous scorn by the hired guns on monetarism in industry and academia.

From time to time, announcements are made by the priests of the temple who proclaim, in weighty tones to the waiting multitiudes, that belts must be tightened, that unfortunately we must sell out our public assets and investments to the privateers because we have mismanaged them. They have become inefficient.

Of course they have! Funding and technology have been withdrawn!

After Maurice Strong removed all the technicians from Ontario’s hydro system, it was stolen from the people. This past January 27, the newspapers made the announcement, what we knew all along would happen: the rates are going up.

In the United States, headlines blasted the news that “Twenty-two states, freezing in the dark, refuse to privatize their hydro” – and they didn’t. But the will of Canadians has been ignored; token hearings were closeted. Private deals choked off any publicity about our vehement opposition. “We,” supposedly have accepted our loss. The taste of corruption is bitter in our mouths.

A few months ago, Ontario’s public education already underfunded, was robbed to reward those who can afford private schools. As defined by the opposition in the legislature, this transfer of money is essentially a voucher system, paid by public school children. The Americans refused the voucher system when it was touted a couple of years ago. Despite the propaganda, the elitist plan didn’t get a foot in the door. But here, Canadians had no say whatsoever in preven ting the few from inculcating a system that according to both the provincial Liberals and the NDP, will cause segregation and elitism.

Regardless of opposition meetings at the Ontario Legislature and protests trying to shore up the foundation of equal opportunity, our objections were so much chaff in the wind. The logic of the Red Queen prevailed; since the public system didn’t have enough funding, the private schools would help out by taking the dissatisfied students. They would get $3500. For each student. The public school system would lose $700. For each student they lost. How’s that for a direct hit without a helicopter gun ship? All because “there’s just not enough funding” to give our children a public education.

The first direct attack on our health came with the Ontario government’s budget cuts to the Ministry of the Environment, particularly regarding water inspections. Much to their chagrin (and it seems to be the only emotion they felt) the “svings” resulted in seven lives lost and the debilitation of more than 2000. The reason given for the cuts was there wasn’t enough funding; we couldn’t afford to keep our water safe.

Now our health care is being vivisected behind closed doors by those who have stolen our other public investments. Until we encounter a health emergency, we will not know exactly what services have been de-listed.

The first step in this legalized robbery is to call our public investments “monopolies.” Since they are  shared and supported by all, they cannot be honestly and logically defined as monopolies, But whatever semantics will enable this theft to take place will be used,

The most believed propaganda is, of course, that “there is no more funding available from the federal government.” We are told, once again, that there is no alternative, that we will just have to hand over our hard-won assets to the private sector. That is a lie. But like so many lemmings, most misinformed and over-worked Canadians have resigned themselves to plunge into the arctic waters of privatization, there to await an early and budget-convenient death.

We are told that the credit we have earned as contributors to the welfare of our nation has simply eroded. The decades of taxes we have paid into our social investments are no longer valid. We are not citizens first, but debtors: and to serve the debt is preached as the highest morality.

As we cast our inheritance on the pyre, the flames of compound interest reach new heights, We buckle our belts and lean into the task of dragging yet another stone to the pyramid. Our children will be born in the traces and they will carry on the labour when we die. Instead of homes, mortgages will be inherited: after the mortgage is paid, the home will be taken to pay for home care. Each generation will have to start from scratch: lifetimes of work will leave nothing to our families.

Despite the horrors that march nearer every day, no one ever asks, “To whom do we owe this debt?” If your child should come to you asking for money to pay someone back, you would certainly ask him who his creditor was. Yet, in this country of untold natural riches, we have a debt of more than $600 billion of which 95 percent is interest (usury), compounding as I write. Who, indeed is collecting all our earthly goods? Secondly, and more importantly: why with trillions in natural wealth, do we have this monstrous debt at all? Why do we suffer from an accounting system where the profits are privatized and the debt is socialized? The system that is arbitrarily inflicted on us is one of social debt, one that ignores our contribution to our nation. As Keynes said, “Classical economists have overthrown the understanding of ordinary people and they are wrong as well.”

Everything that is logical in economics has been turned upside down. For instance, Africa is held up as a “poor” continent. Dying children plead from the television for food. But Africa is the victim of mass murder and robbery. The people are poor, but the continent is rich – in diamonds, gold, oil and rich land. It is the people who own nothing, while mauraders and carpetbaggers steal their inheritance. If we don’t wake up, and soon, we will lose our inheritance. It just won’t be as noticeable.

Like Africa’s countries, we are rich with trillions in natural resources. But luckier than Africa, we solved the problem of funding for infrastructure. This was done during the Second World War and for 30 years afterward when our government borrowed all it needed for infrastructure – including our universal health care system – as zero or low rates of interest from the Bank of Canada, our government’s own bank. Thanks to the character of our central bank, more than half of all new money was created by our bank, at no interest – the only way for new money to be created.

Not only did this legitimate accounting keep us out of debt, it also forced the private banks to keep their interest as low as the central bank.

Unfortunately, since 1974 when Jean Chretien became finance minister, the Bank of Canada has been creating less and less new money, while allowing the private banks to create more and more. Today our central bank creates a mere 2 percent of each year’s new money supply – while the private banks are now creating 98 percent of the new money.

The unspoken crime involved here is that the new money or credit being churned out by the private bankers is not based on loans, which may or may not be repaid.

These loans do not come from deposits. They are merely figures in the computer that are entered as deposits, but they do not exist.

Today, banks lend out more than 400 times what they actually have in their depositors’ accounts. When banks tell you they lend out deposits, they do not disclose that they lend out their money-from-thin-air deposits. They want us to believe that all deposits come from us and are real.

In view of all this, our government has committed a folly in taking on the risks of a private person. They have done this on our behalf and without our consent. This means that our physical and social foundations are at the mercy of privateers!

Now you know where your taxes are really going. Every single year we pay $45 billion in interest (usury) alone to a private consortium of bankers. And it is totally unnecessary.

Our Bank of Canada has the same charter it had when we were smart enough to use it. Why is our government, supposedly working for us, not borrowing from our central bank for our infrastructure? We are losing all our public investments because private banks have been permitted to gouge us through our government’s actions.

Before we are penniless and voiceless in our land, we must demand to know, “Why are we not borrowing from the Bank of Canada?”

New money from the Bank of Canada is backed by trillions in resources which we, as citizens, have the right to share. The “money” from private banks represents loans which are merely unbacked numbers in the computer. When they are paid off, they are simply erased.

Why have 40 years of the Bank of Canada’s history been hushed up? I assure you, discussion of that history is verboten – by the CBC, by every radio talk show, by Counterspin and, most regrettably, by our own Appalin’ Martin. Here is an excerpt from the Finance Minster’s letter to the Canadian Association for Equitable Economics, when he was asked about the Bank of Canada providing low or zero interest loans to the government. Despite the fact that martin knows well the history of our central bank, he replies: “If the bank had to borrow the funds that is loaned to the government, it would have to pay whatever interest rate prevailed in the market to get those funds. Accordingly, it could not afford to re-lend those funds to the government at low or zero interest.”

Note that he has avoided the question, and the historical truth, by beginning with “If.”

Nice try, Pauly, but it’s not going to fly. We know that we don’t have to borrow from any private bank and there are plenty of authorities who know it too.

As for Martin’s old ploy that government-created money will cause inflation, he remembers that it did not. We will simply return to the Bank of Canada the 48 percent money creation that the private banks have usurped, leaving the same amount of credits in circulation, but half of it without interest (usury) added.

Now for my next question: “How long do you think it will take the boys on the Hill to change the charter of our central bank so that any clause concerning loans to our government is surgically removed?” Like anything else, it will be done behind closed doors. And it will be done any time now.

If we are to save our water and our health care, we must remove the film from our eyes and act. Whether you have read my previous articles, or whether this is news to you – I ask you now to think about writing to any member of Parliament or anyone in the media that you think would help in getting this information to the public while we still can.

Diogenes himself would probably pale at the thought of what immense propaganda confronts us. But we are on the edge of the precipice now; what have we got to lose? Let us write letters to those who might care; enlighten the call-in shows when they say there is no alternative to privatization; and, lastly, let us write or call those who are telling us we have no way of funding our public investments!

At least they will know we are not fooled.

We know that this spurious monetary system has been superimposed over the economic reality that our true wealth is contained in our national resources, including the intellect and labour of our people. In a roundabout way, this truth was admitted by the International Monetary Fund in 1995 when they disclosed that they had listed nations according to their wealth. Canada was second to Australia, which topped the list. The criteria was the amount of natural resources and the education of the work force.

Now we know why the IMF is so eager to “help” countries to develop their resources – they’ve got more of that banker’s fiat money to lend at compound interest (usury), which will be paid in the true wealth of the country’s resources and labour.

There’s someone from the IMF in the Bank of Canada now. Let’s let them know that we’re not going quietly  “into that good night.”

I wish you a safe journey. Give it hell!


This article "We’re Dyimg To Pay The Debt!" is reprinted from the Spring 2002 issue of "Discourse and Disclosure."

Sydney White has been in public and diplomatic work all her adult life. A member of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform, she teaches “Studies In Propaganda” through the Free University of Toronto. Interested persons are invited to attend her next series of classes that will begin again in the Spring of 2014.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Kingdom Dream

By Wayne Walton

NOTE:  This is a vision for emancipation and abundance through self-issued monetary reform.

Question:  “How much more colorful and compassionate will the world be when artists issue money to control the government instead of banksters?”

Purpose: To win hearts and minds of artists everywhere to co-create a future which harnesses our true potential based upon self-issued money.

Intro: Shouldn’t there be just one place on planet earth; which isn’t controlled by the banksters? Just one place where the local people live independently without fear from the financial elite and their minions in government? Certainly there’s room in the US for just one county of 3100 to be controlled by locals. Just one place where the bank colony has been replaced by an art colony. Where artists issue money rather than bankers or their machines. Where creative artists of every possible expertise have abundant money to manifest their highest visions of enduring greatness.

“The Kingdom Dream”

Please let your imagination take you to a future, real-life Dream community.  A completely self-sufficient, voluntary society free from force, fraud and monopoly. One Love of humanity has already created what locals call Summit Consciousness. Human empathy, compassion and abundance replaced materialism, fear and scarcity. Here, regular people have achieved diplomatic immunity from 1000‘s of arbitrary statutes, codes and rules that we are subject to today. Here humanity lives in harmony with itself and nature. 

Originally, this idea started in the Kingdom of Breckenridge, CO. But, quickly all of Summit County joined this Love Revolution. The foundation for this idea is that “lack of money” would never be a barrier to what needs to be done. Money, like all technology must a tool for emancipation not subjugation. Mountain Hour local currency is issued by the “have-nots”. This ensures that money is a tool to create abundance and justice for everyone . The idea that everyone is a king in a genuine kingdom. Therefore, everyone can issue money as sovereigns without subjects. 

The People of the Kingdom understand that life is “Just a Ride”. They “go big” and live zealous. They choose to live at 10,000’ altitude where Earth touches Heaven. People come here for the mountains not the money. Before the Love Revolution ski bums with masters degrees would wait on tables. Now, most of them have their own businesses, work less and have more time to explore the majestic mountains. In the old scarce money paradigm artists would have to sell their souls to earn bank money. Now, their soul power backs their own “self-issued” money. 

Arriving into Summit County from Denver is an immediate shock. The Eisenhower Tunnel bores through the Rocky Mountains at the continental divide. The nearly 2 mile long tunnel is like a trip from slavery to freedom. Travelers experience a new reality as soon as they arrive. Trucks and cars which are passing through continue underground across the 20 mile width of Summit County. All roads and walks are heated with organic, geo-thermal energy for maximum convenience, speed and safety. 

First time visitors have their mind blown as soon as they arrive at the welcome center. Many long-time, frustrated, political activists cry tears of joy. Think of arriving at the world’s greatest theme park without paying an admission fee. The welcome center doubles as a currency exchange. Here visitors receive a $110(11 Hours) worth of Mountain Hours local currency in exchange for $100. Visitors decide if they want physical or virtual Mountain Hours which are accepted at every business. Hours can be traded back when leaving, but many keep them as souvenirs; or make purchases online after they return home.  

A sign above the currency exchange reads: “Sorry for the inconvenience, but private bank monopoly money must be exchanged here.” This is one of the very few rules which are enforced here in the Kingdom. Residents conscientiously object to the violence that Federal Reserve Notes finance. The Kingdom pays their “fair share” in a very innovative way.

Individual Kingdom residents pay no income taxes. Meanwhile, their commercial energy is harnessed through the money system to build a far better world for all humanity. The Kingdom directly finances its own statewide, national and international initiatives for causes which it agrees with. 

For example, the Kingdom finances its own small fleet of boats which are cleaning up the plastic island in the Pacific Ocean. Another initiative funds the construction of new, free energy power to replace coal and nuclear power plants. In Detroit we’re funding a project to put people back to work building new fuel cars just like we have here. On the state-wide level industrial, bio-degradable hemp is being used to replace hundreds of petroleum products. 

Robyn, the Kingdom greeter in the welcome center, addresses visitors with a broad smile:

“Welcome to the Kingdom where everyone is a King or Queen”. Here we teach children of all ages that they have very special gifts which are the basis for their very own business. Then based on that business they issue their own money. All of Summit County is a learning laboratory for that aspiring artist found in all of us. Here, individual entrepreneurism has replaced globalism. ‘When you do what you love for a living; You never work a day in your life!’” 

The Kingdom is an art colony which was formerly a bank colony. As a bank colony aspiring entrepreneurs were typically reduced to starving artists. Today, our entire society is built to support artists to become their greatest selves. We have abundant money for creative souls and scarce money for soul-less multi-national corporations. 

“Would you like to drive into town? Or would you prefer riding in our free, state of the art, elevated tourist tram; or high speed underground train. The view is much more enjoyable while riding aboveground rather than driving. We’ll gladly valet your car and deliver your bags to your hotel. 

Would you like to vaporize some our community’s finest organics? Or perhaps a drink? If your diving, please review Summit County’s driving rules. There is no enforcement of victimless crimes. However, we do remove benefits for irresponsible, anti-social behavior. Public transportation is free 24 hours per day so there is no need to drive while under the influence. 

We believe that everyone must play a role in the emancipation of the human spirit. That everyone is a super-hero who will help to unlock human potential. That everyone is an artist, or inventor who is capable of greatness. While in the Kingdom please put that best foot forward. Because the Kingdom is a voluntary society we are each required to self-govern. 

While you’re riding the train you can pick from any of our 10 better than Las Vegas style shows. While Vegas is Sin city; we like to say we’re “Sacred City’. But, don’t let that imply that you won’t have fun. In our shows we put YOU on stage. Here, everyone is a star. Think about that while enjoying an organic, raw green smoothie. 

Did you know that Summit County produces all of its own food in a year round, enclosed, stadium sized aqua-ponics facility. This keeps our food out of Fukushima and airline chemical fallout. Additionally, we have no landfill and all product packaging brought into the county is required to be re-used by the original manufacturers. 

If you would like to drive in town we would like to offer you a free rental car. You can park yours and use ours. You have the choice of 100% electric, 100% biodiesel or 100% hydrogen. Each are powered from renewable or free energy produced right here in the Kingdom. The cars are manufactured here too using industrial hemp. They’re specifically designed to last at least 50 years. We offer tours of each pollution free factory. But, what everyone loves to checkout is our Tesla free-energy facility. We’re very proud as the technology was introduced here. 

We’ve designed the Kingdom to be like Disney’s Magic Kingdom, but it’s a real world art colony where we live and play. In the Kingdom residents can issue their own money. Residents have no income and property taxes. We never pay interest while few people have any debt. Money is very abundant and most people can do what they love in a 15-20 week work year. Residents are share owners of the ski resorts and have free lift tickets. Vail Resorts, Walmart, Lowes, Whole Foods and the monopoly bankers left during the debt forgiveness Jubilee reset. Today, we use their former buildings for art fairs and farmers markets. 

Most business you walk into are locally owned and operated. You’ll meet genuine craftsmen and women and their apprentices. The Kingdom produces all of its own news, media and entertainment. You can view everything on TV or in person. We have daily parades and festivals with something for everyone. We highly recommend you checkout our community feature musical. “The Jubilee Sheriff of the Kingdom of Breckenridge”. Local performers train at our state of the art schools whose shows guarantee smiles and tears of joy.

Because land is scarce and we didn’t wish to drastically change the skyline; we’ve built a small resort town, administration buildings, mall, parking garages and employee housing below ground. You can spend an entire day exploring in Kingdom underground. It’s like Atlanta underground, but much more modern. Affordable housing used to be one of the greatest challenges in Summit County. We’ve eliminated that and created a space which is prettier than most cities. 

Inventors, architects, engineers, builders and creatives of all types were given the task creating something truly unique. To create a grand vision for our community which servedresident artists, entrepreneurs and families first. To make Summit County affordable for those who live here full time. Since we are self-sufficient we’re not dependent on outside tourism and therefore globalism. We’re not desperately chasing tourist dollars. We want tourists to come and then export our vision and systems.

For those of you on a spiritual journey we have specially trained shaman and healers. Our churches, mosques and synagogues offer the genuine message of the prophets which prohibit usury based money. Each preach One Love spiritual co-existence and have weekly services together. Regardless of your faith you’ll experience a slightly different, highly empowered version of it here. 

Many people arriving in the Kingdom have a difficult time waking up to the oppression they live under in their home community. Healers are specially trained to return souls to unity consciousness. Additionally, we offer training for activists to bring this Love Revolution back home. In the Kingdom we are all sovereigns without subjects. There is no force, authoritarianism or oppression. Activists from all over the planet come here seeking “Summit Consciousness”. It’s our mission to inspire the entire planet to recreate what we’re doing here. 

If you’re here for medical tourism, you may already know that we use natural organic plants to cure cancer and a broad range of other diseases. “Let food be thy medicine” is motto at our restaurants. Of course you can have raw green smoothies delivered to your room too. 

Finally, before I answer questions; I want each of you to know that YOU can issue money which we accept here. We have a class which teaches this absolutely essential knowledge. We don’t want anyone to be tricked by the banksters. Don’t be duped into thinking that anything other than you is the value which backs money. Kingdom College offers a simple 1 Hour long class taught by middle schoolers. 

Here YOU issue money which pays for the class itself. This simple, but essential lesson was the key to our Love Revolution. “In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must become again like a child”. Humanity has an awful lot to unlearn. We believe that confusion about money creation is a direct threat to all life. The Kingdom College money class is highly recommended for children of all ages. lol! Sorry to be so heavy, but we’re trying to save the world and need your help! Please, take some time to feed your brain. Now, what questions can I answer?

A visitor raises their hand for a question: “How do you travel out of Summit County with Mountain Hours?”

Robyn answers: That’s an excellent question with a 3 part answer: 1. We try to travel to other Hours systems which accept Mountain Hours. They are part of our extended tribe. Hours can be traded internationally like a time share via an international, virtual LETS system. 2. Residents can trade in their Hours for FRN’s when needed. 3. Many individuals outside the Kingdom accept Mountain Hours as they wish to travel here. 

Another visitor hand raises: “How do you pay for the massive infrastructure without income and property taxes. And you have no taxes on necessities. How do you do it?”

Robyn responds: “That’s a very involved question, but basically we birth brand new money rather than robbing from Peter to pay Paul. Since so many people are working in the vocation of their passion; they are extremely productive. We are growing out of our problems by massively growing the economic pie. Overall tax revenue is far greater today although it is derived from far fewer sources. Abundant, inflation-free Mountain Hours offers everyone peace of mind.” 

Robyn continues: 

“Summit consciousness is our guide in all things. We have full employment, free health care, secondary education and retirement. Human beings, nature and animals have greater value than money, badges, governments or corporations. When we say Kingdom we don’t mean we have a King or Queen. We mean everyone is a King or Queen. 

“Final question, please” says Robyn as she sees that the next group is waiting for her.

A man with a Ron Paul Revolution t-shirt shouts: “How did you do it? How do you keep from getting raided by the government?” 

Robyn replies: “Those in government work for the banksters as they’re paid with bank money. We simply offered the enforcers, politicians and judges a better deal. They recontracted and agreed to accept artists money instead. Their new oath is to enforce the “non-aggression principle”. Free marketers committed to create a voluntary money system which provided life essentials as a benefit. Both the political Left and Right got what they wanted and united. 

By issuing money themselves artists script their future instead of banksters. Don’t you want artists writing the script for your future instead of greedy banksters?

The man interrupts: “But, what stopped the Federal government from raiding you?”

Robyn replied: “The bankers minions did raid. But, they were not prepared for a genuine artist’ Love Revolution when they arrived. The White River National Forest was claimed as collateral for international bankers. I don’t want to spoil the ending. So, please go get tickets to our community musical: “The Jubilee Sheriff of the Kingdom of Breckenridge”!

I’ve got another group now and can’t answer anymore questions. But, you can tune into “Kingdom Talk Radio”! There you can speak with the actual monetary and political activists who actually stood up to the banksters mercenaries. We believe it’s the greatest story ever told. 

I’m sorry, but I must go now. Please decide if you would like to ride the Kingdom train or,  or test drive one of our eco-friendly cars. Please enjoy your visit and make the commitment to build a similar art colony where you live. lol! Somewhere warm so I can come visit!

Moral: “The Kingdom exists wherever artists issue money to replace fear and scarcity with peace of mind and abundance.” 

NOTE: This article is originally published at this website:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Introducing the UsuryFree SDI University

NOTE: This article 'Introducing the UsuryFree SDI University' is also posted at The SDI Eye Opener:

and at Facebook:

‘University’ is commonly defined as: “an institution of higher education usually for people who have finished twelve years of schooling and where they can obtain more specialized knowledge and skills, and get a degree to recognize their achievements.”

What is obvious is that our renowned universities of this 21st Century are focused on teaching content that is so 19th and 20th Century. Modern universities are neglecting to develop and teach about innovative issues and topics that are fueling the ‘consciousness resolution’ of this 21st Century. Furthermore, students are graduating with heavy debt loads and jobs as employees are often unavailable in their selected careers. The time for change is now.

Two movements that I have been actively participating for 30+ years are: (a) the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry, formerly or otherwise referred to as the multi-level marketing industry or the network marketing industry and (b) the usuryfree community currency industry.

I was introduced to the SDI industry in 1979 when I enroled as an Amway distributor and I was introduced to the usuryfree community currency industry in the early 1980’s when I learned about the usuryfree LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software created by Michael Linton.

Since the mid-1980’s, I have had a vision that by twinning the best ideas and concepts from these two growing industries, we-the-people can take back our country from the New World Order elites whose agenda is to keep us forever enslaved as subservient debtors paying them usury for generation after generation.

Usuryfree creatitives who double as SDI entrepreneurs agree that these two industries are inter-connected and and that when twinned a new energy will be created by all who choose to participate. Working together, usuryfree creatives and SDI entrepreneurs will have the power and potential to take a distinctive leadership role in ushering in the forthcoming age of usuryfree living for everyone on this planet.

As active, usuryfree creatives, participants are invited to list their ‘offers’ and/or ‘requests’ of talents, skills, labour etc. Additionally, part-time and/or full time SDI entrepreneurs have access to products and/or services from selected supplier companies at wholesale prices. All SDI entrepreneurs who choose to participate are likewise invited to list these as ‘offers’ so that trades can be negotiated. Of course, trades can be negotiated to 100% of any usuryfree community currency or for any agreed upon combination of federal cash and usuryfree community currency. Each SDI entrepreneur knows how much federal cash is needed to cover any wholesale costs.

Hamburger University, which is the worldwide management training centre for McDonald’s restaurants has a physical location in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The leading SDI entrepreneurs enrolled with Organo Gold have create "OG University." The OG University is focused on the coffee industry in general and more specifically the Organo Gold SDI opportunity. The idea of the UsuryFree SDI University will have some similarities to "OG University" but it will be much more diversified and it will offer information not found at the "OG University."

Both the SDI industry and the usuryfree community currency industry need a generic training component designed exclusively to ‘de-educate’ and ‘re-educate’ all who choose to participate. Without the huge investment of usury-based, debt money, we cannot have physical buildings like Hamburger University.

As an innovative, alternative I suggest that instead of a physical location with expensive buildings, we-the-people can initiallycreate an online UsuryFree SDI University in cyberspace and our tuition will start by being FREE for those first few hundred who enrol and we will see what evolves over time.

At our UsuryFree SDI University in cyberspace, we will all have the opportunity to be students and teachers, for as we learn new information, we will be motivated to share it with others. We will track those who are enroling by observing the list of ‘followers’ at the twin blogs and at this group at Facebook - The SDI University at Facebook.

The Twin Blogs:

1. The UsuryFree Eye Opener
2. The SDI Eye Opener

An online publication is also recommended as compulsory reading for SDI entrepreneurs and/or usuryfree creatives freely enrolled with UsuryFree SDI University - The Agora National. Back issues of each of this publication are archived for easy reading access online or for downloading.

The Agora National and The Agora National at Facebook

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The DVD ‘Money As Debt’ which was created by Paul Grigon from British Columbia, Canada is also recommended as essential viewing for becoming usuryfree creatives. It is posted at google video and can be found from any search engine. This DVD is a the lesson on money creation that formal education neglected to teach.

Everyone with an entrepreneurial edge and/or a desire to experience the reality of usuryfree living is welcome to freely attend the UsuryFree SDI University. The DVD, the blogs and the publications are open for “de-education’ and ‘re-education’ for 24 hours each day, 7 days each week. Other resources will be added on a regular basis. The only prerequisite is that all who choose to attend must be willing to “learn what you don’t know you don’t know” and then share what you learn with others.

What is offered at The UsuryFree Eye Opener is what I refer to as back-end teaching. The lessons learned about our orthodox, economic system of usury-based 1/(s-i) system are essential background information for anyone to fully understand why we must shift from using their (the bankers’) money and stop paying them a fee (usury), and instead, learn how to create and spend our own money for FREE.

Also offered at The UsuryFree Eye Opener is an abundance of information and resources about (a) the faltering and failing, usury-based, debt money system of orthodox economics and (b) the growth and evolution of the usuryfree community currency movement from its re-birthing stages in the early 1980’s to its ultimate growth potential.

What is offered at The SDI (Self Directed Income) Eye Opener is essential background information about the SDI industry and its unique products and creative business opportunities. Indeed, the SDI industry has the potential to lead the way as the optimal, sales and marketing industry of this 21st Century. Our creativity as usuryfree creatives and SDI entrepreneurs, aided and abetted by software engineers and programmers, will facilitate the shift from ‘living with usury’ to ‘usuryfree living.’

What is offered at The Agora National is written at their website: “It is a cunningly coordinated response to establishment centric news-media conglomerates which are neither willing nor capable of adapting to the rapidly evolving Canadian consciousness and which consistently fail to represent the diverse interest of Canadains.” SDI entreprenneurs are invited to advertise their products and/or business opportunities in the Agora National.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Summer Foundation Visits Complementary Currency Systems

That what we now call "complementary money", used to be very "common" money in the past: for centuries cities or regions had their own currency with which people could pay within their "own economy". Besides this money there was also other money that was specifically used to trade goods from outside the own economy. Only in the past couple of centuries this regional money disappeared and made place for a national currency. A next step in this process is formed by the euro: a currency that is legally recognized in several countries as a "national currency".

However, over the centuries people have always tried to set up complementary money systems alongside the national currency. Complementary money, also called "community currencies", can be interesting for several reasons: it can, for instance, be used to strenghten the economic development of a region, to start using unused capacity of companies, or to strenghten the social climate.

Since the financial and economical crisis in dozens of places around the world interesting experiences are being held with complementary money systems. At the end of 2013 the Summer Foundation visited a few of these (completely different) systems.

In the Summer of 2013 the Dam was launched in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, a mutual clearing system in which (small) entrepreneurs and freelancers can trade with each other using the Dam as means of payment. Making it possible to buy goods and services without using the Euro.

In Leuven, Belgium, the Summer Foundation visited the RES. The founder, Walther Smets explained the intention and lay-out of this complementary money system and showed how the RES works in practise. Within 15 years the RES has grown into a currency that is used by 3,500 entrepreneurs (all small and independently owned; national or internationally operating companies cannot join the RES).

In the London neighbourhood Brixton, where approximately 60,000 people live on or below the poverty line, we spent the day with Nehul Damani, who showed us on site how the Brixon Pound functions. The Brixton Pound exists in paper and in electronic format (also known as “Pay by Text”, in which you pay via a text message from your phone). On the one hand the Brixton Pound is designed to support Brixton businesses and encourage local trade and production while on the other hand strengthening the social identity of Brixton at the same time.

In Blaengarw we found an impressive example of real "community" money. Blaengarw is a former mining village in the Garw Valley of South Wales. After the social and economic downturn due to the closure of the mines by Margareth Thatcher in the 1980s, Blaengarw Time Centre brought back social life and a sense of pride in a very unusual way. For every hour spent on a community project supported by Blaengarw Time Centre, citizens receive one Time Credit and this gives a person access to attend one hour of a time-entry social, educational or cultural event, etc.

All these projects are described in our Initiatives Database.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bitcoin: The Sexiest Non-Solution Of All Time?

By Brandon Smith
A few years back, at the end of 2009, I was approached on two separate occasions by people claiming to be “representatives” of a digital alternative currency format. I was, of course, intrigued by the initial proposal, being that I had been writing for some time on the concept of non-participation as a way to insulate average Americans from the dangers of our unstable fiat driven mainstream economy. Before that, I had already dealt with just about every currency alternative one could imagine; from paper scripts backed by goods, to scripts backed by time or labor, to gold and silver laden currency cards, etc, etc. All of them had the advantage of NOT relying on private Federal Reserve notes, and all of them had flaws as well. The proposed digital script, which the representatives called “Bitcoin”, was no different.
The idea was to recruit my website as a promoter for bitcoin, but I had many questions before I would stick my neck out on a brand new high-tech anti-currency, and most of these question were not answered in any satisfactory manner.
There is no shortage of “solutions” in Liberty Movement circles, but many of these solutions require that we work within the system according to establishment rules (which they can change at any given moment). They assume that the system will abide by some kind of internal code, that our candidates will be treated fairly, that elections will not be rigged, that a better methodology or technology will be acknowledged and eventually adopted, that the “majority” of the public will someday see the light and back our cause, that the elite will not simply decide to put a bullet in our head.
The reality is, if a solution is dependent on a paradigm controlled by the corrupt system you are trying to change, it is no solution at all. Because of this, my focus has always been on methods that separate Americans from reliance on the system as much as possible.
When first confronted with bitcoin activism, I recognized almost immediately that this was NOT a method that operated outside the system, even though it tried very hard to appear that way. It was high-tech, it was sexy (admittedly far sexier in its presentation than gold and silver), and it catered to the egos of the digital generation, the loudest voices in media today. This thing was certainly marketable. However, just because something is highly marketable does not make it a good idea, or a meaningful alternative.
The Tantalizing Allure Of Non-Solutions
When a person invests a sizable amount of capital into an idea, not to mention a sizable amount of philosophical faith, they tend to lose a measure of objectivity. This is not just a struggle for proponents of bitcoin but for proponents of ALL methodologies. I do believe that many bitcoin promoters have the best of intentions, and that they are seeking some way to break from what they understand is a corrupt financial structure. That said, there is an escalating streak of elitism within the bitcoin culture, and I have witnessed on numerous occasions the kind of anger and immediate dismissal the average statist would spew when they are confronted with criticism. If you dare to question the greater details behind Bitcoin, be prepared to be accused of anything from “conspiracy theory”, to “jealousy” for missing the boat on bitcoin profits, to “ignorance” of the genius of cryptography.
What I came to realize through my questions to bitcoin followers was that many of them were not actually involved in the deeper aspects of the Liberty Movement, constitutional activism, sound money, self defense, and so on. Almost none of them had a preparedness plan, few of them had experience with precious metals, none of them owned firearms, and none of them had any inclination towards the building of local networks for mutual aid. Worst of all, many of them had no understanding of the wider threat of economic collapse that America faces today. In fact, when the possibility of full spectrum collapse is brought up, many Bitcoiners actually respond with the same brand of shallow dismissals that one would expect from the Paul Krugman's and Ben Bernanke's of the world.
This reaction is not necessarily shocking. Most people imagine themselves accomplishing heroic feats, and why not? It is one of the more noble and beautiful traits of mankind. For the crypto-engineers of the new century and the digital generation overall, heroics have felt unattainable. Elections are finally being recognized as the sham they represent, while protest activism has fallen flat on its face. The concept of peaceful redress of grievances has been met with rather frightening displays of state violence and censorship to which a physical response for the common protestor is unthinkable. The signs and slogan chants may have inspired the education of some, but in the meantime, they have accomplished very little in terms of political or social change. The bottom line is that the establishment LOVES non-aggression protests – they have no plan, few concrete goals, and present no overt threat to the elite.
The system only grows more despotic, more invasive, and more dangerous. Anti-establishment champions have been searching for something that goes beyond mere “education”, or clamoring like caged monkeys for media attention. They want to storm the castle, they want to fight back, but they haven't the slightest clue how. They desire an intellectual method of combat, something with far less fear, far less risk, and far less pain. Enter Bitcoin.
Bitcoin gives the digital generation the chance to feel heroic where they never could before. They don't have to face the machine head on. They don't have to fight. They don't have to suffer. They don't have to die. All they have to do is utilize some cryptographic wizardry within the supposedly anonymous safety of the web, buy bitcoins en masse, and the system would crumble at their feet, rebuilt in the name of free markets by the electronic commons and without a shot fired. Again, very sexy...
Unfortunately, the real world does not necessarily lend itself to the demands of the digital. The digital world is at the mercy of physical. The real world is rarely sexy; often it is ugly, brutal, hypocritical, illogical, and psychotic. The real world, at times, can break, and when it does the digital will break with it. The digital world is in large part a fantasy supported by the whims of the real. Which leads me to the core failings of the bitcoin adventure...
Bitcoin Theater
We've all heard praises lavished on bitcoin, not only from the web activists but from the mainstream media itself. Establishment controlled outlets like Reuters and Bloomberg have an astonishing number of bitcoin stories per week, and most of these stories paint the crypto-currency in a positive light. We've heard about bitcoin's “unbreakable” cryptography. Its finite supply. The inability to duplicate the currency from thin air. Its rising acceptance in the corporate world. The Cinderella stories of bitcoin investors buying Lamborghinis and New York brownstones. Even Ben Bernanke seems to have a soft spot for bitcoin:
But is bitcoin's rise really all it's cracked up to be? Here are just a few of the problems which lead me to believe the digital currency is ultimately a clever distraction.
Who really started Bitcoin?
One of my first questions to bitcoin representatives back in 2009 was WHO, exactly, founded the operation? Well, Satoshi Nakamodo, everyone knows that, right? But who the hell is Satoshi Nakamodo? Who is the original designer of bitcoin? Who holds the foundational key to the structure of bitcoin's cryptography? Is Nakamodo a person, or a group? Why should we trust him, or them, to safeguard our wealth any more than the Federal Reserve? The fact is no one except maybe Gavin Andresen, the chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation, knows who is behind the digital currency. We actually know more about the banking elites behind the Fed than we do about the founders of bitcoin.
The common response to this concern is to suggest that it doesn't really matter, bitcoin is secure, it is open source, it is cryptography's holy grail, the creators are protecting their identities against retribution from the establishment, and the excuses go on...
I'm sorry, but this attitude constitutes an act of blind faith in a currency mechanism, which is exactly what proponents of the dollar are guilty of. If an activist individual or group is going to offer a solution to the movement, then they had better be willing to take the risk of being personally available to the movement. If you don't have the balls to show your face to help legitimize your idea, I can't take your idea seriously. Maybe I'm just old fashioned...
For all we know, bitcoin is a creation of the establishment, not a creation countering the establishment.  After all, the globalists WANT the destruction of the dollar - why not let the public destroy the dollar using a mechanism that ultimately does not represent a threat to the greater bankster cartel?
The Media Love Affair With Bitcoin
During the first and second Ron Paul campaigns, the mainstream media made a blatant and obvious effort to purposely ignore the candidate, his arguments, and his successes. Coverage was next to nil. His expansive crowds of supporters were edited out of news footage. His high polling numbers were censored. If not for the independent media, you wouldn't have known the guy existed. When someone or something presents a legitimate threat to the establishment, the establishment's first tactic is to make sure no one knows.
Bitcoin, on the other hand, has received a steady flow of positive media attention, with the random critical piece thrown in for good measure. Overall, the establishment has embraced, if not directly fueled, the bitcoin trend. This is rather surprising to me considering the “destroyer of the dollar” has only been around for four years.
When an anti-establishment vehicle suddenly becomes the center focus of establishment affections, and when globalist monsters like Ben Bernanke throw flower petals in its path, I have to wonder if Bitcoin is a real threat, or just a ruse.
Bitcoins Can Indeed Be Confiscated
Some of the early hype surrounding Bitcoin claimed that the currency could not be confiscated, making it “better than gold” (the better than gold motto has been widely espoused by Gavin Andresen). This claim turned out to be false when the FBI became the holder of the world's LARGEST Bitcoin wallet:
I find arguments that this is only a temporary condition and that the feds will eventually auction off their holdings a bit laughable, but indicative of the denial inherent in Bitcoin culture.
Bitcoin Values Can Be Manipulated
Another claim heard was the assertion that bitcoins cannot be created out of thin air, they must be “mined” using powerful computers, which removes centralized manipulation of value. This may be true in certain respects (for now), but anything digital can be exploited in one way or another.
Bitcoin malware, for instance, hijacks the computers of unwitting people and uses them to artificially “mine” the currency.
The bitcoins mined are then transferred into the hands of anonymous hackers. This represents a serious threat to the stability of bitcoin because it creates an invasive form of attack speculation. Bitcoins can be removed from the market and deliberately hoarded. Hackers, or governments could conceivably kill bitcoin by mining a large portion of them out of circulation, artificially hyperinflating the value of the remaining coins (like a speculator would do with commodities), or dumping a large portion and abruptly cutting the value. Major bitcoin hoarders could use their massive bitcoin stakes to shift values at will. As long a Bitcoin operates on supply and demand, it can be threatened through speculation like ay other commodity (if you consider digitized numbers floating around the web a commodity).
Bitcoin Is Not Private
While bitcoins can apparently be stolen or criminally mined by anonymous persons or organizations, honest users are subject to considerable scrutiny. A disturbing aspect of bitcoin is the group surveillance that goes into tracing transactions, otherwise known as the “proof of work system”. The bitcoin network is constantly dependent on decoders who track and verify bitcoin trades in order to ensure that the same bitcoins are not used during multiple trades or purchases. Anyone with the desire could decode the transaction history of the network, or “block chain”, including governments. Though Bitcoiners are considered “partially anonymous”, tracking the individual identity of a bitcoin trade is not difficult for entities such as the NSA because every transaction leaves a digital trail..
The use of anonymising browsers like Tor also have not produced the kind of privacy that was promised when bitcoin was introduced.
This is exactly the kind of currency system global bankers have sought for some time - total information awareness of all financial transactions and purchases within the system. While bitcoin proponents claim that their currency is a revolution against centralized oversight of monetary transactions, the truth is they have built the perfect centralized surveillance solution. Paper dollar purchases are difficult to trace. Gold, silver, and barter purchases are nearly impossible to track. Bitcoin, though, is the most traceable form of currency on the planet, and this is basically REQUIRED by the network itself. The entire trade history of every bitcoin is recorded. The digital landscape is the ultimate form of privacy invasion, especially for the likes of super computer wielding agencies like the NSA. Bitcoin aids the development of this intrusive system.
Bitcoin Relies On The Continued Survival Of The Open Web
Yes, bitcoins can be stored on physical wallet devices, but the majority portion of bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining requires the continued operation of the web. The internet is NOT a creative commons, as many believe. It is in fact a controlled networking system that we have simply been allowed to use. The exposure by Edward Snowden of NSA activities has proven once and for all that nothing you do on the web is private. Everything is tracked and recorded. Period.
Web access can also be easily denied by governments, and power centers around the globe have been utilizing this option more and more. During a national crisis, whether real or engineered, the continued function of the internet as we know it is not guaranteed. A currency relying on a government dominated internet is not truly independent. A grid down situation would also make bitcoin stores virtually useless.
The Suspicious Nature Of Bitcoin
Bitcoin is consistently touted as a superior option to precious metals as a way to decouple from central bank fiat. Under examination, though, it appears to me that bitcoin is instead a deliberate distraction away from gold and silver, and other tangible solutions; in other words, I believe it to be a form of controlled opposition.
A vital aspect of physical gold and silver investment is not only to break from the dollar, but to also remove physical metal from the system and starve international banks that issue millions of fraudulent unbacked paper certificates. The strategy, which I still stand by, is for the public to absorb as much of the precious metals market as possible until manipulators like JP Morgan finally have to admit that they don't have the coins and bars to back all the fake ETF's they have been issuing investors for years. In the process, we decouple from the dollar AND do damage to the banking cartel itself. The bitcoin fad, in my opinion, is designed to lure the public away from overtaking the metals market while banks and foreign governments vacuum up remaining physical in preparation for a dollar collapse.
Bitcoin's market value is not only extremely volatile, the currency is also subject to replacement at any time. Anyone with an interest can create a cryptocurrency. There is nothing particularly special about the bitcoin design, and if someone offered a digital currency tomorrow that was truly anonymous, it could quickly supplant bitcoin. Though its cryptography makes it difficult to artificially inflate (again, for now), other digital currencies can still be produced out of thin air. Bitcoiners desperately want to equate cryptography with tangibility, but the truth is that there is no comparison. Physical gold and silver cannot be artificially produced by anyone, anywhere. Digital currencies can be produced at will and hyped like Dutch tulip mania.
The most unsettling aspect of bitcoin, however, is not its distraction away from precious metals. Rather, it is the distraction away from localized solutions. Bitcoin proponents may be searching for decentralization, but they seem to have forgotten the most most important part of the process – localism. The trade of digital mechanisms over impersonal web networks and online marketplaces is not conducive to local economic stability or sustainability. Bitcoin does not encourage people to build local markets, to adopt useful trade skills, to prepare for a grid down scenario, or circulate wealth within one's community. Bitcoin only furthers the removal of independence and self sustainability from local economies by fooling activists into thinking that buying things without dollars is enough.
If Americans in particular want to pursue any solution to the threat of globalism or dollar collapse, they are going to have to start with themselves, and the community around them. Online trade is the last thing they should be worried about. Only when neighborhoods, towns, and counties become producers and self suppliers will they be safe from financial instability. Only when those same communities band together for mutual aid and self defense will they be safe from tyrannical political entities. Bitcoin accomplishes nothing in either of these categories, making it possibly the most popular non-solution for liberty to date.
You can contact Brandon Smith at:
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"A great critique.
Establishment controlled outlets like Reuters and Bloomberg have an astonishing number of bitcoin stories per week, and most of these stories paint the crypto-currency in a positive light.. When someone or something presents a legitimate threat to the establishment, the establishment's first tactic is to make sure no one knows.
Bitcoin, on the other hand, has received a steady flow of positive media attention, with the random critical piece thrown in for good measure. Overall, the establishment has embraced, if not directly fueled, the bitcoin trend. This is rather surprising to me considering the “destroyer of the dollar” has only been around for four years.
When an anti-establishment vehicle suddenly becomes the center focus of establishment affections, and when globalist monsters like Ben Bernanke throw flower petals in its path, I have to wonder if Bitcoin is a real threat, or just a ruse.
As long a Bitcoin operates on supply and demand, it can be threatened through speculation like ay other commodity (if you consider digitized numbers floating around the web a commodity). I believe it to be a form of controlled opposition.
Bitcoin does not encourage people to build local markets, to adopt useful trade skills, to prepare for a grid down scenario, or circulate wealth within one's community. Bitcoin only furthers the removal of independence and self sustainability from local economies by fooling activists into thinking that buying things without dollars is enough."