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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Seeking optimal SDI opportunities ...

Greetings readers:

We are networking with various SDI programs to raise money for our mission to usher in a usuryfree lifestyle. I trust that all readers are enjoying your networking experiences and that you are satisfied with the earnings for your efforts.

I have been active in the network marketing industry since 1979. I have also been teaching concepts that are not taught in our institutions of formal learning through seminars/workshops and from my website.

You are invited to visit the Economics Cyberclassroom; to view some of the information related to the design flaw of usury and the usuryfree community currency movement as it is expanding gloabally.

I have written many articles about the network marketing industry which I now refer to as the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry. You can read one of the articles at this website:

I am currently networking with leaders in the SDI industry as we seek creative ways to build an SDI Portfolio of earnings from more than one source so that we can network the 'truth' at a faster pace.

It is in this context that I ask you to request details of our selected SDI programs if you are entrepreneurial motivated. I respect whatever choice you make after you do your due diligence in assessing the information about any new SDI opportunity.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for ‘peace and plenty’ by 2020
Tom J. Kennedy otherwise known as ‘Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy’


New Economic Paradigms For A New Time

More and more people are awakening from the lies, deceit and deception of the New World Order advocates. We are recognizing that indeed we are not separate. Instead, each of us has a spark of divinity and together we are expressions of the unified field. But how do we demonstrate that we as a people are ready and willing to be identified as part of the unified field? An opportunity has presented itself as a possible connecting vehicle.

We as a group of awakening individuals now need to come together as a loyal network of supporters who display honesty and integrity in all that we do. It has often been said that we must become the change we aim to effect in this world.

To begin pulling the rug out from the oppressive transnational corporations which have become clients of the various levels of government we must make an immediate, conscious choice to spend our money differently. This means shopping from small to medium-sized community businesses and/or from home-based enterprises.

It is likewise prudent to build our economic lifeboats now before the economic titanic goes down. We can begin to do this by creating and spending our own currencies in our respective communities to use as a complement with our diminishing amounts of federal cash. Ultimately, we must re-build our monetary system, minus the design flaw of usury. This will create an honest and just economy that will reflect the values of the emerging new economic paradigm.

Our sincere actions will harness new energies and create and renewed spirit of vibrant community in a world that is tired of battling to overcome the economic slavery that has been enforced by the corporate elite and the global banking cartel for far too long.

Readers are invited to do their own due diligence by thoroughly researching SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunities. The evolving and perfected SDI (Self Directed Income) may not have yet been launched.

Look for a brilliant twinning of any initial, modest investment along with a unique, co-operative SDI Marketing strategy that can add significant earnings to any SDI Portfolio. Social investors with a conscience will be attracted to such an SDI opportunity as it permits them to avoid contributing to the obscene profits of banks and other evil, global corporations and choose a worthy investment alternative.

Please let me know your assessment of any unique SDI opportunity as a possible, optimal business opportunity that has the potential to create global and local networks of awakened SDI entrepreneurs. As empowered individuals with financial resources to make a difference our primary allegiance will be to humanity as a whole as we work together to create the new paradigms for the 21st Century – economic, energy, health and wellness, education etc.

I welcome any comments.
Tom J. Kennedy