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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Message To Students Pursuing 'Formal Education' Beyond High School and/or University in 2009-2010

... OR whomever you are and wherever you are ...

By Tom J. Kennedy

The changes that you - the awakening students - envision will not occur without a committment to 're-education' which will hopefully complement the processes learned in formal education. Too many of my generation - your parents' generation - have been disempowered through the process of of formal education, though most adults will deny that they have been disempowered by the system that they once questioned, challenged and/or
rebelled against.

The process of 're-education' as advocated/promoted by The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network will in the hands of the 'willing and ready' students become a powerful instrument of reform and renewal as we move towards a trusting and co-operative, usuryfree society of abundance, peace and prosperity for all.

What we are moving away from is a greedy, impersonal and competitive, usury-based society that breeds violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack and steals our time by coercing us to work long and hard at our roles and duties just to earn sufficient money to pay 'usury' and 'taxes,' thereby not
permitting us the opportunity to research, think, discuss and ask questions and question answers about what is really going on in the world.

Your decision to pursue any self-imposed process of 're-education' by enroling any course hosted beyond the walls of formal education is a gift to yourself for which you will be forever grateful. Your 're-education' may require you to unlearn some concepts that formal education teaches, but more importantly it will open your mind to possibilities and unlimited potential when you are armed with your 'truth.' With this new knowledge based on your own 'truth,' you will assume responsibilities of which you must be forever mindful.

The gift of a self-imposed 're-education' as offered by self-taught researchers beyond the walls of formal education and facilitated by both The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network imposes yet an even greater responsibility of service since you can never forget what you learn in the 're-education' process - whether in the group session or while pursuing your own self-imposed research and study on the internet or otherwise. The Bible says: 'To whom much is given, much is required,' and when you are 're-educated' you will realize that indeed much has been given that is not normally given in your many years of formal education.

There will be no doubt that as a 're-educated' youth, you are up to the challenge. The fact that you are seeking 're-education' proves your mettle in important aspects. Self-imposed 're-education' is a classically demanding mission. It requires moving beyond your 'hassle free zone' and engaging in careful research and study. It requires deep and sustained thought and
internal reflection and it moves you beyond the usual expectations of formal education. By the way, don't be surprised if some of your peers and/or your parents, friends and neighbours seek to discourage you from pursuing nothing short of your absolute 'truth.'

From its founding in 2000, The Cyberclass Network has stood for a universal, usuryfree time currency for the whole world, complete with all of the basic moral truths and principles of 'usuryfree' living that are the foundations of true freedom. In the halls of cyberspace as well as elsewhere, evidence is presented that dissolves the ignorance of truth and facilitates your understanding of why all apsects of freedom are in dire jeopardy.

The UsuryFree Network was founded in 2001 and since 2004 it has been the prime promoter of UsuryFree Day and UsuryFree Week. On November 13th, 2009, we will be celebrating our Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day. During this Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week, from November 13th until November 19th, 2009 a series of workshops and seminars is being planned on various topics that formal education neglects to teach.

Hopefully, you will recognize how the ignorance of 'truth' about 'health and wellness' and 'energy' and 'religion' and 'economics' and 'world power and politics' and various other issues related to money and power are directly and/or indirectly related to the benchmark of freedom which has been eroded because it was not honoured and respected.

As we progress into this 21st Century, this understanding makes any self-imposed learning process unique in the context of formal education. Formal education has historically embraced the 'lies, deceit and deception' that aid and abet the counterfeit construction of the New World Order while deconstructing the local communities and disempowering the individual. The out-of-the-box gatherings of like-minded teachers and students that are occurring everywhere in small and larger groups challenge the status quo on many fronts.

Both The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network likewise challenge the status quo on many fronts, but focuse on exposing the fact that our conventional banks do not lend out depositors' funds, instead the evidence reveals that banks create brand new money and exact interest or usury (which is never created) on the debtor every time a new loan or mortgage is authorized.

True freedom consists in the ultimate liberation of every free will, full liability man and woman from the shackles of usury, taxes, greed, ignorance and evil. 'Re-education' as offered beyond the walls of formal education opens the students' eyes and the 're-education' as offered by The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network supports the classroom learning and seeks to further lift the student out of ignorance about the 'design flaw of usury,' thereby disqualifying the borrower from being a forever slave to the creditor.

Knowledge overcomes ignorance and the object of knowledge is to discover the universal 'truth.' The Bible says: 'Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.' 'Usuryfree' living liberates and is grounded in 'truth' and those who promote 'usuryfree' living are commonly referred to as 'usuryfree creatives.' A 'usuryfree creative' lives uprightly, fulfilling
his/her obligations to self, family, community, nations and to his/her Creator. A 'usuryfree creative' is not a debtor enslaved to the sheer will of a creditor.

By contrast, any individual submitting to our immoral, orthodox system of usury-bearing finance accepts the 'lie' and ignores the 'truth' and lives in defiance of moral law and is therefore still a slave, though different than the chattel slavery of old.

Usury-based finance (debt money on which the creditor exacts usury) is counterfeit and the moral enemy of 'usuryfree' finance. Ultimately, because usury-based finance is counterfeit, it is destined to fail simply because it is mathematically impossible to pay the 'usury' as exacted by the banker who creates the principal - by the stroke of a pen of the click of a mouse - as new money based on the promissory note signed by the debtor. Our destiny is not to be slaves of the lenders.

Tragically, the legacy of our formal educational establishments of this 21st Century are not commonly the firm supporters of all that is 'truthful' and enobling. Yet, such cyberspace learning places as The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network aim to nurture and guard the 'truth' with a sleepless vigilance.

You are invited to continue studying with your formal courses while simultaneously becoming a voluntary student at The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network where you will be among the fortunate legatees of that sleepless vigilance who welcome the opportunity to have your minds illumined. With an illumined mind, you will optimally understand the nature and foundation of 'usuryfree' living and the responsibilities of all levels of government to immediately embrace and advocate 'usuryfree' time currency for the whole world.

I implore you today: Keep the flame of 'truth' alive during your remaining years of formal education - or even if you have completed formal education. Hand it on to others, glowing even more brightly so that your children and your children's children will benefit from the freedom that you envision.

March forward as proud 'usuryfree creatives' holding the flame of 'truth' aloft in your chosen career fields of business, law, medicine, science, journalism, music, the arts and education. As
students/teachers beyond the walls of formal education and with The Cyberclass Network's and The UsuryFree Network’s 're-education' mission be proud to be free will full liability men and women boldly illuminating the landscape of 'usuryfree' living for all whose lives you touch.

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Mailing address: P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1
Email: Tel: 1.613.824.1793

NOTE: Please pass this message along to others in cyberspace who will appreciate its content AND for more information about the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week visit this URL:

The Grapes of Wrath revisited: Dust to dust for the ghosts of Route 66

Seventy years on, Chris McGreal continues his series following John Steinbeck's fictional Great Depression journey, and finds life has bypassed the famous road's nearly deserted towns ...

"Tommy Loveless can't put his finger on the exact date that the modern world came crashing past and froze his town in time. Around the early Seventies, he says.

But he can still picture the day the waiters and smartly uniformed attendants working at his dad's cafes and filling stations stood on the pavement, stunned by the sight of an empty road that had been packed with cars as far back as Loveless could remember.

"We knew it was coming of course. But even then, nothing prepared us," he said, standing under the awning of the wreckage of his father's old Texaco station. "It killed the town. It killed a lot of towns around here. The only ones who stay are the elderly folk and a few school teachers and bus drivers. The young don't want to drive 50 miles to go shopping."

Loveless, 60, works as a waiter in the cafe that his father owned half a century ago before the vast Interstate 40 highway opened just a few miles away, sucking up the traffic and the life out of his hometown of Adrian that thrived by providing for the cars pressing bumper to bumper along one of the most famous and well travelled roads in the world, Route 66."
(snip) ....

Read the complete article at this website:

An Invitation To Participate and Celebrate the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week - November 13th to 19th, 2009 ...

While the conventional stock markets that function within our orthodox world of usury-based, debt money continue to flux as we progress to a major financial meltdown, more and more people are making a conscious choice to explore the alternative and more unorthodox world of usuryfree finance.

By so doing they are taking action to shop locally thereby spending their money differently. They are learning that they can create and spend their own usuryfree community currency as a complement with their diminishing amounts of federal cash.

Indeed, it is the turmoil in the orthodox world of usury-based finance that is motivating astute consumers to change their shopping habits by supporting the owners of small to medium-sized local retail businesses as well as the growing number of SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs who are operating home-based businesses.

Additionally, the current slump in conventional consumer spending is likewise motivating these community business owners and SDI entrepreneurs to find creative ways to persuade consumers to shop locally.

Enter the usuryfree creatives - that ever-expanding network of people who are bartering/trading locally with their products, services, skills, talents etc. - who are intent on offering others an opportunity to participate by implementing proven and workable models that utilize any usuryfree community currency.

Usuryfree creatives seek to help debtors break out of debt bondage and eventually throw off the yoke of usury. It matters not whether these debtors are individuals, families, businesses or government entities, they are invited to learn how they can become active traders who are willing to negotiate trades/exchanges with a combination of federal dollars and any usuryfree community currency.

Lack of money is a major motivator of change and in the case of thrifty and knowledgeable consumers, the abundance of usuryfree living is set to trump the ever-present shortage of money that is directly and/or indirectly caused by the design flaw of usury within our orthodox system of usury-based, debt money.

Ignorance about truth regarding money creation is being replaced by knowledge of the conventional untruths about money creation. As well, former acceptance of the untruth that poverty, scarcity and lack are necessary components of modern society is being challenged as re-education prevails.

In mid-November (13th to 19th) 2009, usuryfree creatives from all over the world and from all walks of life will gather in living rooms, community halls, board rooms, hotel rooms and/or otherwise to celebrate the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week.

Readers of this message are invited to host an informal meeting/gathering in their local community (home, community hall, church basement etc.) with the intent of sharing knowledge and resources with those who are ready and willing to be re-educated on topics that formal education commonly neglects to teach.

It matters not whether there is one attendee or a roomful of attendees, the point of the exercise is to network knowledge and resources with those who are motivated to attend. We need many people to come forth and take leadership roles now - especially in the usuryfree community currency movement.

We are preparing for the shift in consciousness (individually and collectively) towards the possibility and probability of we-the-people experiencing the reality of usuryfree living early in this 21st Century. The usuryfree community currency movement has been in the birthing process since the early 1980’s and it is now positioned to evolve into a significant role as a “financial saviour” for those who are suffering financial pain and/or are otherwise ready to throw off the burden of usury-bearing debt.

If there is a meeting planned and within driving distance of where you live, I urge you to create a car pool and make the effort to attend. If there is not yet a meeting planned in your area you are invited to host an informal meeting/gathering during the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week. Simply contact the UsuryFree Network (see contact details below) and resouces will be suggested and your event will be posted with an internet link. Watch for for details of meetings that are planned for Toronto and Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

For more background information about the UsuryFree Network and the history surrounding UsuryFree Day and Week, readers are invited to visit any search engine end type in any of these words or phrases.

usuryfree creatives, usuryfree community currency, usuryfree living, life without usury, The UsuryFree Eye Opener, Tommy UsuryFree

And readers are invited to read more information at this blog post:

The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 3V1
Tel: 1.888. NOUSURY Email:

For details about the various meetings planned for the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week you are invited to visit The UsuryFree Eye Opener. or send an email to the above listed email address with “UsuryFree Week” in the Subject line.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for “peace and plenty by 2020”
AND Know that it is time for usuryfree living in 2 oh oh 9
Tom J. Kennedy otherwise known as “Tommy UsuryFree”
Enjoy this day!
Working with you for “peace and plenty by 2020”

PS: You are invited to pass this message along to your friends and associates in cyberspace so that they will be informed about the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Web Of Debt" a good book by Ellen Hodgson Brown

"Our money system is not what we have been led to believe. The creation of money has been "privatized," or taken over by a private money cartel. Except for coins, all of our money is now created as loans advanced by private banking institutions — including the private Federal Reserve. Banks create the principal but not the interest to service their loans. To find the interest, new loans must continually be taken out, expanding the money supply, inflating prices — and robbing you of the value of your money.

Not only is virtually the entire money supply created privately by banks, but a mere handful of very big banks is responsible for a massive investment scheme known as "derivatives," which now tallies in at hundreds of trillions of dollars. The banking system has been contrived so that these big banks always get bailed out by the taxpayers from their risky ventures, but the scheme has reached its mathematical limits. There isn't enough money in the entire global economy to bail out the banks from a massive derivatives default today. When the investors realize that the "insurance" against catastrophe that they have purchased in the form of derivatives is worthless, they are liable to jump ship and bring the whole shaky edifice crashing down.

Web of Debt unravels the deceptions in our money scheme and presents a crystal clear picture of the financial abyss towards which we are heading. Then it explores a workable alternative, one that was tested in colonial America and is grounded in the best of American economic thought, including the writings of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. If you care about financial security, your own or the nation's, you should read this book." (snip)

U R invited to visit Ellen Brown's websites for more information:

AND here is an interview with Ellen Brown and Red Ice Creations:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The EconoChristian publishes "The Virtue of Giving Trumps the Vice of Greed"

The Virtue of Giving Trumps the Vice of Greed

House prices are falling and too many homeowners are discovering that the value of their home is less than the amount owing on the mortgage. Unemployment numbers are going up and estimates are that the rates for 2009 will spike beyond 8%.
Personal and business bankruptcies are surging with approximately 88,000 bankruptcies in Canada in 2008 and many more expected in 2009. Too many fellow-Canadians are experiencing serious financial troubles because of the downturn in the manufacturing and financial sectors of our economy. Why??

As we ponder the ?why? answer, it is worthy of note that the number one cause of these critical and depressing financial troubles facing individuals, families and small to medium-sized businesses is the growth of credit card debt due to the malfunction of usury. All debtors/borrowers are servants to creditors/lenders and are therefore victims of the modern tyranny of usury-banking practices.

Usurers commonly reduce oppressed borrowers (individuals, businesses, governments) to beggars. And for lack of knowledge, and because they too, are saddled with usury-bearing debts our fellow-citizens - the police, lawyers, judges and court staff - enforce the usury contracts and unknowingly become servants to their masters - the same greedy usurers.

Is the vice of greed a factor in what is currently happening in our orthodox financial system of usury-based, debt money? Is the virtue of giving a factor in the growth and expansion of the usuryfree community currency movement? And is usuryfree living not only a possibility but a real probability in this 21st Century? Let’s explore some facts as we seek answers to these timely questions.

Read the complete article at this URL:

James Hart says: "Congress Can Issue UsuryFree Money."

Stop Promising Tax Cuts We Can't Deliver - Issue Usury Free Money - Only Then Can We Cut Taxes

"The politicians who tell you they will cut taxes are playing you like the shareholders of Enron. Don't you believe it. The fact is that taxes can not be cut because the budget cannot be balanced because of usury, euphemistically referred to as interest on the national debt. This usury has compounded for years until it is now in the trillions of dollars. Why do American workers have to pay usury/interest on their own money? Ask you congressman. If the government can print usury bearing treasury bonds to finance the government, as they do today, why can they not just as easily print usury free dollars like Lincoln did? If he had not been assassinated, our national debt today would be zero. There is absolutely no reason why workers should allow bankers to claim a divine right to usury today any more than King George III had a divine right 200 years ago. My first task as congressman will to be vote to issue usury free dollars, only then can I cut your taxes.

The statutory authority that gives congress the power to issue usury free money is clearly derived from article 1 section 8 of the constitution, which gives congress the power to coin money and determine value thereof. Clearly, if the government has the right to issue usury bearing bonds as they do now, they also have the right to issue usury free paper money as Lincoln did. It is a waste of time, it not outright dishonesty to pretend that we can solve our financial problems with tax limitations, tax reform, tax relief, balanced budget amendments or spending restraints. What we need is honest usury free dollars and I propose to give you exactly that. Every year inflation destroys the purchasing power of our dollar. Today it is not even half what is was twenty years ago. Someday it will be zero. You can thank your congressman for that."

From the website:

James Hart is running for Congress in Tennessee.

Why Comox Valley (British Columbia, Canada) Is Launching Its Own Currency

'Community Way Dollars' aim to strengthen the local economy.
By Peter Tupper, 14 Aug 2009,

Vancouver Island's Comox Valley is launching its own community currency to revitalize the local economy and demonstrate that money can work in new ways.

Comox Valley's economy has suffered recently. According to the BC Check Up report for 2009, in the last three months of 2008, the Vancouver Island/Coast development region saw job numbers and business incorporations decline, while bankruptcies and dependence on unemployment and social assistance rose. According to the Mayor's Task Force on Homelessness, there are more than 250 people without homes and more than 3,000 others are at risk of homelessness.

To raise much-needed money without asking struggling local businesses to make an outlay of cash or stock, the Comox Valley Community Way non-profit will create a local currency, the Community Way Dollar. These dollars will cycle between local businesses, local community organizations, and people, functioning like a collective line of credit without interest and with a net value of zero.

Participating businesses donate local dollars to community organizations, such as 1,000 per employees, incurring a negative balance. Any business in the system can issue as much local currency as it thinks it can support. So far, businesses have granted roughly 97,000 community dollars to 14 registered groups, including Project Watershed, AIDS Vancouver Island and the Comox Valley Affordable Housing Society.

The community organizations use the community dollars at local businesses, trade to people in exchange for federal money, or pay people for volunteering or other donations.

A recent article in the Comox Valley Echo gave an example of why local businesses, charities and residents all might get a benefit from using Community Way Dollars." (snip)

Read the complete article and the comments by other readers at this website:

The Green American interviews Dr. Bernard Lietaer

"Bernard Lietaer is the author of the forthcoming Of Human Wealth and The Future of Money (London: Random House, 2001), and has been studying monetary systems for over 25 years. While at the Central Bank in Belgium, he co-designed and implemented the convergence mechanism to the Euro, the European single currency system.

He is the co-founder and chair of the ACCESS Foundation, an educational nonprofit that educates the public about best practices in the domain of complementary currencies. He is currently a Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Resource Development at UC-Berkeley.

This interview, conducted by Green America Editor Tracy Fernandez Rysavy, complements "Re-examining the Structure of Money," a piece that appears in the Spring 2009 issue of the Green American, From Greed to Green."

The Interview:

TRACY FERNANDEZ RYSAVY: Green America’s executive director Alisa Gravitz told me that you long ago predicted our current economic downturn and have been saying it’s going to last at least ten years.

BERNARD LIETAER: I’m not the only one saying that now. There have been a handful of people in the States who were predicting this. Paul Volcker was one. Nouriel Rubini at New York University. I was one of the early ones—I first wrote this in 1999, predicting that before 2010, we’d actually hit the wall.

Rubini said this recession is going to be long, deep, and brutal. Nobel Prizewinner Joseph Stiglitz, the ex-head economist at World Bank who’s currently at Columbia University, said that in the beginning of a recession, the debate between economists is whether it’s going to be a "V"—deep and short—or a "U"—not as deep but longer, as in three to four years. He says this one could possibly be in the form of an "L"—hitting the ground and staying there.

TRACY: Why did you see this coming, when very few people didn’t?

BERNARD: This problem is structural, and it is being treated as if it were a cyclical problem, or a managerial problem, in that things were badly managed. The kinds of solutions the federal government is doing, like dropping interest rates, saving the banks, saving some key businesses and doing big projects—all these things have been tried for 18 years in Japan. 18 years.

And Japan is now where they were then, 18 years ago [when the country entered its own banking and economic crisis].
When I say the problem is structural … let me give you a metaphor. Let’s assume I give you a car. And I say "By the way, that car doesn’t have any brakes, and the steering wheel doesn’t work one time out of two." Then I tell you to drive it across the Rockies.

Guess what? You’re going to have an accident! That’s pretty certain.
Now I come back to you and say, "What a bad driver you are!" And, "Oh, gee, they really didn’t do a good job on those maps. They didn’t warn you about that curve where you crashed."

What we’re doing with the regulations to "fix" the economic crisis is akin to saying that the way to prevent an accident in the car I gave you is to make better maps. Nobody is saying the car is the problem, i.e. the system you’re driving is the problem.
Our money system is structurally brittle. It doesn’t matter if you put a very clever guy or a stupid guy at the wheel. The clever guy will take a half hour to have an accident, and the stupid guy will take ten minutes.

I know the structure of money systems. If you have a professional look at the car, they can tell you, "Don’t drive that thing." That’s what I’m saying about the current money system: Don’t drive that thing. It will get into an accident.

TRACY: What is wrong with our monetary system today? Why shouldn’t people "drive that thing?"

BERNARD: Basically, for any complex to be sustainable needs to have a balance between two factors: resilience and efficiency. These two factors can be calculated from the structure of the network that is involved in a complex system. A resilient, efficient system needs to be diverse and interconnected. On the other hand, diversity and interconnectivity decrease efficiency. Therefore, the key is an appropriate balance between efficiency and resilience.

This is more understandable in ecosystems. One animal that can eat only one plant is going to get more easily on trouble than a more omnivorous one. If that plant gets in trouble, the animal will become extinct. If he eats 50 types of plants, when one plant gets in trouble, he can just eat some of the others.

The same thing is true for whatever eats that animal. It’s a chain of the appropriate levels of diversity and interconnections—which are the key to sustainability. We have know been able to measure quantitatively the conditions under which any complex flow network will be sustainable as a function of these two structural variables of diversity and interconnections.

Our economy is precisely a complex flow network where money circulates, similar to biomass circulating in a natural ecosystem. When you apply what we learn from ecosystems to money systems, it’s clear that our current money system is a monoculture, and that creates problems. Just imagine that you plant one type of plant on the whole planet and eradicate everything else.

It’s very predictable that one day, that crop will get in trouble. We don’t know have to know from what—whether a new microbe or climate change or whatever. It is structurally brittle. Look at any financial institution, at any bank. They’re all photocopies of each other. There’s no diversity of institutions and even less diversity of currency. Therefore, just as you say its very logical that an ecosystem like this will collapse, it’s very predictable a monetary system like this will collapse, too. And it hasn’t finished collapsing, by the way." (snip) ...

Read the complete article at this URL:

Friday, August 21, 2009

FOOD INC. - A Revealing Film Documentary

FOOD INC. - A Revealing Film Documentary
By Tom J. Kennedy

I attended two showings of Food Inc. at the Bytowne Theatre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. One on Wednesday, August 19th and again on Thursday, August 20th, 2009. First I will share an excerpt from the Bytowne Cinema and then I will share some information that I learned from Food Inc.

Food Inc. is 94 minutes in length and it is scheduled to return to the Bytowne Theatre from two more showings on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009, at 9:00 PM and on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009, at 5:00 PM.

More details at this website: Wherever you live watch for Food Inc. to show up in your local theatre.

The excerpt from the Bytowne Cinema, July/August 2009, pg. 13:

“You are what you eat. It is a simple expression that bears scary implications as you watch Food Inc. Director Robert Kenner draws upon the searing reportage of authors Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) and Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) to explore how modern devlopments in food production pose grave risks to our health and environment.

These writers aren’t radicals or even vegetarians (Schlosser admits that his favourite meal is a hamburger and fries), but they are crusaders when it comes to exposing problems naming offenders.

Foof Inc. makes their critiques vivid by taking us into the lives of people who are fighting back. The documentary never resorts to stunts to make its point - just solid journalism, including hidden cameras that reveal unseemly practices. Food Inc. cogently explains how unfettered corporations exploited laws and subsidies to create shocking monopolies.

In one example, we learn how the food conglomerate Monsanto expanded its control over soybeans from two per cent of the American market to ninety per cent in the last dozen years. Monsanto has the legal backing of a Supreme Court decision, enabling them to litigate aggressively against small farmers. The decision was written by Justice Clarence Thomas, who happens to be a former Monsanto lawyer.

Food Inc. carefully dissects the cozy relationships between business and government in both political parties. In opposition to these powerful interests, we meet people from all walks of life, from a Republican mother, whose two-year old son died of E. coli poisoning, to the founder of Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt, who flouts conventional left-wing dogma by seeing a positive side to Wal-Mart.”

A quote from Thom Powers, Toronto International Film Festival: “The faces and landscapes are beautifully photographed by cinematographer Richard Pearce. Two decades ago, he directed the drama “Country” which heralded the declibe of the family farm. Now his camera captures the industry that replaced that era. Along the way, we hear stories of heartbreak and outrage, but the film carefully channels these emotions towards opportunities for activism. Watching Food Inc. gives you a strong appetite for better meals.”

What I Learned Watching Food Inc.

I learned that we are disconnected and ignorant about the source of the foods we commonly eat. I learned that the major food corporations have dropped a veil so that ordinary consumers can no longer follow the food chain to the source - where they would find factories rather than family farms. Food Inc. explains that these major corporations do not want this story told. Indeed, the industrial food system has become unfriendly to we-the-people so that we won’t see the truth. One farmer says: “If we put glass walls on the giant food processing plants we would change the industry.”

Food Inc. clearly shows that the way we eat has changed more in the past 50 years than in the previous 10,000 years. I learned that the average supermarket has 47,000 items on the shelves and that the average American eats 200 pounds of meat each year. The average meal travels 1500 miles from where it is grown to the supermarket to your dinner plate.

One hamburger will have meat from thousands of different cattle. Amonia hydroxide is used to make hamburger meat filler in 70% of hamburgers. Faster, fatter, bigger, cheaper has become the modern way where farmers’ decisions are now outsourced to corporate boardrooms.

Food Inc. explains that in the early 20th Century, one farmer typically produced enough food for 68 people, in this 21st Century, one farmer is now producing enough food for 126 people. Ethylene gas is used to ripen fruits and vegetables which are commonly picked when they are not yet ripe. The narrator refers to tomatoes as “notional tomatoes” that is to say they are not real, traditional tomatoes but rather an “idea of a tomato.”

Food Inc. also points out that there are no bones in our meats at the supermarket and that small groups of transnational corporations control our food supply in this 21st Century. Food Inc. reviews the history of McDonald’s from the 1930’s to the present showing that it was the McDonald’s corporation that created the revolutionary idea of employing each worker to do one thing only. As with most major corporations, there is much evidence to support the statement that - “each new step in efficiency leads to new problems.”

Such a strategy made it easy to find replacement staff and these part-time workers are commonly paid minimum wage with little or no benefits, but this concept of uniformity, conformity and cheapness introduced many unintended consequences.

McDonald’s was mainly responsible for changing the way ground beef is produced since the corporations demand for burger meat expanded so rapidly in the mid-20th Century.

In 1970, five beef packing corporations controlled 25% of the meat industry. In 2008, four beef packing corporations controlled 80% of the meat industry. Tyson is currently the biggest meat packing corporation in the world. Tyson churns out chicken and all chicken farmers have contracts with Tyson. It is noteworthy that Tyson owns the chickens from birth to the point when they are packaged as meat for consumers.

In 1950, it took 70 days to grow a chicken before it was big enough to kill for meat. Tyson has highly mechanized everything about growing chickens so that it now takes only 48 days to grow a chicken for meat - and all chickens are fed a diet of mainly corn and grown to be precisely the same size. These chickens never see sunlight and many die in an dark environment of dust and feces.

Few chicken farmers dared to talk for fear of punishment by Tyson. Carol Morrison was one chicken farmer who dared to talk on Food Inc. She explained that the bones and internal organs grow so fast that their legs cannot support the weight. That’s why many die every day. Carol explained that anti-biotics is put into the chicken feed on a daily basis.

At night the workers (mostly African-Americans and Latinos) employed by Tyson come to the chicken farms and catch the chickens and load them into transports to be taken to the meat packing plant.

Carol explained that Tyson keeps the chicken farmers under their thumb by making sure that they are saddled with debt that exacts interest or usury. It costs about $300,000. to construct one chicken barn and then Tyson demands upgrades and this keeps the farmers in forever in debt. A typical chicken farmer with two chicken barns will have about $500,000. in debt.

Neither Tyson nor Perdue - two of the big chicken corporations would accept to be interviwed for Food Inc.

Food Inc. focused on corn with a beginning statement: “Corn has conquered the world.” One hundred years ago a corn farmer produced about 20 bushels of corn per acre. Now corn farmers produce aboput 200 bushels of corn per acre. It is noteworthy that 30% of the landmass in the United States is planted with corn.

Farmers are encouraged to grow as much corn as possible as the major food corporations have found ways to engineer our food. Food Inc. states that 90% of processed food with contain a corn derivative or a soy derivative or a combination of both. Corn is the main food for cattle, pigs, chickens and farmed fish. How un-natural is that? Aren’t cattle herbivores? Don’t fish eat water plants or other fish?

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) is the name commonly given to the large feedlot operations where thousands of cattle are coralled and fattened for market by being fed lots of corn. The problem is that cattle evolved by consuming grass. Feedlot life for cattle is most unpleasant. They are forced to stand ankle-deep in manure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The run-ff from these feedlots increases the risk of E.coli.

In the 1970’s there were thousands of slaughterhouses in the United States. Now there are only 13 slaughterhouses left. Though the government has regulatory agencies, these are considered to be toothless, since they are commonly controlled by companies they are commissioned to oversee.

Food Inc. interviews a mother who lost her two-year old son (Kevin) to a disease called “hemoragic E.coli.” She became an activist with a goal to re-instate “Kevin’s Law” - a new law that would give back to USDA the power to shut down meat processing plants that were guilty of contamination. In summary, it is clear that the meat industry is more protected than the consumer.

Food Inc. spends some time following a Mexican family who buys fast food because they cannot afford good quality food. The topic of obesity is also addressed. Food Inc. explains that we have skewed our food system so that the masses commonly eat bad calorie foods. These so-called bad calorie foods are commonly subsidized from commodirty products like corn, wheat and soy. Such diets are leading to an epidemic of diabetes. Statistics now indicate that one in three children born after 2000 will get diabetes.

Food Inc. visited the largest slaughterhouse in the world (Smithfield) at Tar Heel, North Carolina where 32,000 pigs are slaughtered every day - that’s 2000 pigs slaughtered every hour. At the Smithsfield factory there are many illegal immigrants working on the line. Workers are considered temporary and often treated as human machines doing the same monotonous taks every day. Many of these workers come from Mexico where cheap corn from USA has put 1.5 million Mexican farmers out of work.

The government has been turing a blind eye to the corporations that are hiring illegal workers. Recently, the government authorities have been arresting some Smithfield workers at early morning raids at the trailer parks where they live. They made some sort of deal with the Smithfield executives to arrest smaller numbers of illegal workers each day so that the production lines will not be affected. But no Smithfield executives are ever arrested. In summary, the ever-increasing environmental, societal, health costs etc. are all directly related to the greedy, industrialized food industry.

Food Inc. interviewed a real farmer who expressed a desire to produce the best food in the world without comprimising integrity. His family keeps grass fed cattle, chickens that are outdoors and pigs that are likewise free to roam outdoors.

Food Inc. explained how Wal-Mart rushed into organics because of economics, not moral enlightenment.

Food Inc. put the spotlight on Monsanto to show how this giant corporation has revolutionized our way of life. Traditionally, farmers saved their best seeds for re-seeding. Now Monsanto genetically modifies seeds, thereby owning them. Monsanto has private investigators spying on farmers who save seeds. Anyone caught saving seeds can now be charged with patent infrigement. Food Inc. interviewed Moe Parr, a farmer who owned seed cleaning equipment. Monsanto sued Moe Parr and put him out of business for encouraging farmers to break patent law. It seems that Monsanto seeks to riun selected farmers to scare the other farmers into submission. Monsanto seeks to control the soy industry from seed to supermarket. Now Monsanto has a patent gene for 90% of soybeans grown in the United States.

Since there is a revolving door of executives from corporations and government appointments there has never been much political debate about radical changes to our food system. Centralized power is being used against farmers, factory workers and consumers.

Food Inc. also discussed topics relating to: cloned meats. country of origin labelling and the fact that one can be sent to jail for criticising a major food corporation.

Food Inc. discusses how the tobacco industry’s control was broken and suggests that we-the-people have the power and potential to radically change the food industry. Eating nutritionally sound food will help us reach the noble goal of having less people hospitalized.

We can vote to change the food system three times day. Food Inc. says: “You can change the world with every bite.” The final question is: “Are you hungry for change?”

What people are saying about Food Inc.

"Don't take another bite till you see Food, Inc., an essential, indelible documentary." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.
"Required Viewing. One of the year's most important films." - Rossiter Drake, 7x7
"See it. Bring your kids if you have them. Bring someone else's kids if you don't." - David Edelstein, New York Magazine
"Excellent in every respect." - Pete Hammond, Boxoffice Magazine
"A cleverly written and well produced documentary. Kenner crafts an intelligent, visually compelling argument grounded in old-fashioned investigative research and journalism." - Maria Garcia, Film Journal International

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week - Nov. 13th to 19th, 2009

Here is a brief backgrounder about the forthcoming “Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week. For more background information visit this blog - The UsuryFree Eye Opener: and/or these social networking groups for UsuryFree Creatives: &

There is also more relevant background information posted at the UsuryFree Network:

UsuryFree Day is expected to become even more popular than Earth Day as people learn the 'truth' about the problems associated with usury and the solutions as offered by usuryfree creatives. Did you know that Earth Day has become one of the most popular global celebration to date, with an estimated one billion people participating in the activities in thousands of places all over planet earth.

By the way, the first Earth Day was on April 22nd, 1970. The first UsuryFree Day was on November 13th, 2005. When will there be one billion+ usuryfree creatives celebrating UsuryFree Day? Let's make it happen at an even faster pace!!

UsuryFree Day is celebrated each year on November 13th. The week from November 13th to 19th is designated as UsuryFree Week. The focus on UsuryFree Day and Week is (a) on the problems attributed to the design flaw of usury as the killer machine that keeps debtors in financial slavery, generation after generation and (b) the optimal solution as offered by the usuryfree community currency movement. Indeed, usuryfree creatives are re-educating themselves and others about the evils of usury on our orthodox, economic system of debt money and about the power and potential of we-the-people learning how to create and spend our own usuryfree community currency.

There is now much evidence that our orthodox economy of usury-based, debt money is crumbling before our eyes. During UsuryFree Week (and during the other 51 weeks of each year) usuryfree creatives are inviting people everywhere to re-educate themselves on the 'truth' about money.

As we make plans to celebrate the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day & Week from November 13th to 19th, 2009, we are inviting people everywhere to organize local events during that week. Our kick-ff event is scheduled to take place at Conspiracy Culture in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Friday evening, November 13th, 2009. Watch for follow up details of this event and other events during this Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week.

Guest speakers are commonly invited to talk about how usury is the direct and/or indirect cause of wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack and how usuryfree living is possible for everyone on this planet as we progress into this 21st Century.

These usuryfree community currencies are commonly referred to as the 'economic lifeboats' that we will need to rely upon when their usury-based Titanic goes down. Let's make this Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day & Week widely known through the process of viral marketing by 'word of mouth' and by 'word of mouse.'

Read more about the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week at these URLs:

AND take time to view these video clips at YouTube that offer some background information and promote the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day and Week.

UsuryFree Week Pt1:

UsuryFree Week Pt2:

Monday, August 10, 2009

UsuryFree Day - November 13th - every year...

This video clip was made to promote the Fourth Annual UsuryFree Day & Week from November 13th to 19th, 2008. Readers are invited to read the notes at the right side of the screen at this URL:

Plans are now underway to celebrate the forthcoming "Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day & Week from November 13th to 19th, 2009.

Watch for follow up details. Others are invited to host gatherings/meetings in your local area to help us celebrate this Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day & Week. An event can be planned any day or evening starting on Friday, November 13th and continuing until Thursday, November 19th, 2009.

If you do plan an event please share details.

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A short video clip about "ending usury."

"Action in Montgomery (AIM) a congregation-based advocacy group in Montgomery County, Maryland, has joined with the 17 other groups in the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation in a campaign to cap credit card interest rates called 10 percent is enough."

U R invited to review the video at this website:

Actually, they ought to be saying that "zero percent is enough" since "interest" is "usury" and all of the Holy Books forbid "usury."


Truth Attack

The UsuryFree Eye Opener shares noteworthy information on topics related to 'economics' AND let's face it, everything is either directly and/or indirectly related to economics.

I listened to Joyce Riley interview Tom Cryer on The Power Hour this morning (Monday, August 10, 2009) and I am sharing this information with readers and inviting them to likewise network it far and wide...

Welcome to Truth Attack, a coalition of Freedom Movement organizations and patriots dedicated to the restoration of the limited and distant federal republic guaranteed us by our Constitution. Truth Attack is unfolding a coordinated plan of action that will put the government back in its box—one tentacle at a time!

The first tentacle is the IRS's fraudulent, unlawful and economically, morally and socially destructive application of the income tax to Americans living and working here at home. America must wake up to the Truth!

Tom Cryer is the driving force behind Truth Attack.

"Tommy K. Cryer, also known as Tom Cryer (born September 11, 1949 in Lake Charles, Louisiana), is an attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana who was charged with and later acquitted of willful failure to file U.S. Federal income tax returns in a timely fashion." There's more about Tom Cryer at this wikipedia website:

Tom Cryer is also the driving force behind Tea Party Squared:

From the wesbite Tea Party Squared:

"The name of the project is "Tea Party2 . . . Truth Attack-The Next Level" and will be the largest political protest event since Selma. Hundreds of high visibility vehicles dressed up with flags and banners embarking on a 1,100 mile, two week Motor March around the entire state, stopping for ten well-publicized and well-attended rallies and six one-day seminars on what has gone wrong, where we will end up if we do not act now and, most importantly, what we can do, without personal risk or injury, to turn it around."

Learn more about Tea Party Squared at the website:

Tom Cryer was a guest with Joyce Riley on the Power Hour on Monday morning August 10, 2009.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Quotes about "usury"

Mohammad Soliman (from Egypt) forwarded these significant quotes about "usury."

2:275 Those who devour usury will not stand except as stand one whom the Evil one by his touch Hath driven to madness. That is because they say: "Trade is like usury," but Allah hath permitted trade and forbidden usury. Those who after receiving direction from their Lord, desist, shall be pardoned for the past; their case is for Allah (to judge); but those who repeat (The offence) are companions of the Fire: They will abide therein (for ever).

2:276 Allah will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity: For He loveth not creatures ungrateful and wicked.

2:277 Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

2:278 O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers.

2:279 If ye do it not, Take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger. But if ye turn back, ye shall have your capital sums: Deal not unjustly, and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly.

2:280 If the debtor is in a difficulty, grant him time Till it is easy for him to repay. But if ye remit it by way of charity, that is best for you if ye only knew.

This last one describes (as i replied to u on my wall ) the concept of good loaning in Quran .. after the usury verses i put also some verses that encourage believers to do the "good loaning "

3:130 O ye who believe! Devour not usury, doubled and multiplied; but fear Allah. that ye may (really) prosper.

4:161 That they took usury, though they were forbidden; and that they devoured men's substance wrongfully;- we have prepared for those among them who reject faith a grievous punishment.

2:245 Who is he that will loan to Allah a beautiful loan, which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply many times? It is Allah that giveth (you) Want or plenty, and to Him shall be your return.

57:18 For those who give in Charity, men and women, and loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a liberal reward.

57:11 Who is he that will Loan to Allah a beautiful loan? for ((Allah)) will increase it manifold to his credit, and he will have (besides) a liberal Reward.

64:17 If ye loan to Allah, a beautiful loan, He will double it to your (credit), and He will grant you Forgiveness: for Allah is most Ready to appreciate (service), Most Forbearing,-

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Money As Debt II

Money As Debt II is now available from The UsuryFree Network. This new set of 2 DVDs is being used as a fundraiser for the forthcoming "Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week" - from November 13th to 19th, 2009. For your copy please forward $30.00 to The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 3V1

All Honour To John "The Engineer" Turmel

John “The Engineer” Turmel has penned some very unique, re-educational documents of the modern economic world, but few people are yet aware of their impact and their power and potential to become the catalysts that will usher in the new age of usuryfree living.

In summary, John recommends that debtors STOP paying “interest” - which ought to be correctly called “usury” - to bankers. Yet, as we progress into this 21st Century, too many individuals, families, small-to-medium sized businesses, giant corporations and all levels of government (municipal, provincial/state, federal) are forever debtors, immersed in mountains of continuously growing debt while continuing to pay “usury” to the global banking empire.

As we make plans to celebrate the forthcoming “Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week” - November 13th to 19th, 2009 - and give special honour to noteable, usuryfree creatives, it is right and proper to reflect on the ongoing, self-imposed, life mission of John “The Engineer” Turmel.

Without question, pride of economic acumen must be bestowed on John “The Engineer” Turmel as author of these two revealing documents: (a) The Big Lie: and
(b) Bank Math:

It was Bishop Peter Selby, Bishop of Worcester, in his book, “Grace and Mortgage,” ISBN 0-232-52170-0, page 116 who recognized the absolute importance of John “The Engineer” Turmel’s brilliant research when he wrote: "As Galbraith remarks, higher interest rates, it is hoped, will curb inflation. These comments of Galbraith illustrate why, although the raising of interest rates is the weapon against inflation chosen by those who profit by it, it is also clear that as a method it cannot finally work. John Turmel, a Canadian civil engineer and campaigner against usury, has in two long articles brought algebra, plumbing and poetry to bear on the task."

And, John “The Engineer” Turmel wrote these words on the cover of the booklet “Affidavit & Balled of the Banking Systems Engineer” - a kiloverse of narrative poetry which he published in 1991: “There is something seriously wrong with the engineering design of the money system. This Affidavit provides a detailed mathematical analysis of what is wrong and what can be done to correct it. It explains alternate historical money systems which could be of use today. It contains the reason behind Christ’s mission and why he assuaulted the money-lenders in the temple.”

This summary document is a “kiloverse of narrative poetry” that focuses on money, banking and related matters. It stands as a brilliant exposé, rebuke and a high hurdle to the greedy creditors (global bankers) who continue to oppress the subservient debtors who are economically enslaved for generation after generation simply because they are victims of the killer machine - the design flaw of usury on our orthodox system of debt money.

Read the complete article at this website:

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More about vaccinations

This is a really important reupload. There is NO exemption to the up and coming swine flu h1n1 vaccination. If you refuse you will be put before a court of law and even vaccinated by gun point.

Retired Vax Scientist Would Never Vaccinate His Kids

"If I had a child now, the last thing I would allow is vaccination."
-Retired Vaccine Researcher to Jon Rappoport

This interview was posted by Jon Rappoport in early January 2002. You will discover by reading it that the very issues we now face of FORCED vaccination of a laboratory-created vaccine to "protect" us against a laboratory-created "disease" (Swine Flu, Bird flu, etc.) was set into motion a long time ago.

Read the complete article at this website:

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