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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The 9th Annual UsuryFree Week – A Review

Sylvain Henry accepting his Winged Lion Award

Each year during UsuryFree Week meetings/gatherings are planned to (a) expose the lies, deceits and deceptions about our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money and (b) promote the usuryfree community currency movement as the last, best hope to save ourselves from the economic slavery being planned for debtors everywhere.
 And the Winged Lion Awards are distributed to "usury free creatives" who have been nominated for their initiative and leadership during the year.

The Winged Lion

It was yet another busy week of activities for the 9th Annual UsuryFree Week from November 13th to 19th, 2013.

On Friday, November 15th, 2013, The UsuryFree Network cohosted the evening program with Cinema Acadmeica at the University of Ottawa. Guest speaker Tom J. Kennedy, shared background details about UsuryFree Day and Week.

The Winged Lion Awards which are awarded each year during UsuryFree Week were presented to three individuals: John Jensen, Sylvain Henry and Gerard Dashel


The 37 minute presentation titled: "The UsuryFree Resolution: Time Will Usher In A New Age Of UsuryFreeLiving" along with a couple of shorter video clips about the usuryfree community currency movement were shown - followed by a discussion of topics/issues relevant to UsuryFree Week.

Patrick and Kadina accepting a Winged Lion Award

On Saturday, November 16th , usuryfree creatives were invited to the ConspiracyCulture Bookstore in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for another informative gathering.  Tom Gustar opened the meeting with a song titled: “The Money.”

Next I played an audio cassette with a song by Terry Canady titled: “We’ve Got Your Number World Bankers.” And then I recited this short poem: “It’s UsuryFree Week, 2013.” 

Our keynote guest speaker was Jason Erb from Waterloo, Ontario. Jason’s presentation focused on the highlights listed below in his presentation at Conspiracy Culture.

- What is money?
- Most money is created as debt
- Not fraudulent contract individually, but in the aggregate
- Gold has no intrinsic value
- Mis-definition of fiat money
- What is legal tender
- The U.S. Constitution doesn't say money should be gold or silver coin
- Constitutional money powers
 - Restriction upon the states from coining money or printing notes
- Colonial currencies - Pennsylvania Pound
- Articles of Confederation
- Continental Dollar
- Lincoln Greenbacks
- Bank of Venice
- Tally sticks
- 1933 gold confiscation, 1934 silver confiscation
- Privately vs publicly owned central banks
- Is fractional reserve banking fraudulent?
- Bank for International Settlements
- Fake quotations
- Mountain Hours, other local and regional currencies, - - 
- Bitcoin
- State banking
- Critique of the Austrian School
- Prominent monetary reformers

Jason’s blog is Exposing Faux Capitalism: which he started during the global financial collapse of 2008. Jason has been actively involved in the alternative research community since 2006. Since 2009, has guest hosted other radio programs and has been hosting his own weekly radio show since 2012.

NOTE: I have had the privilege of being invited to be a guest on Jason Erb’s radio talk show two times:

On Monday evening, November 18th, usuryfree creatives were invited to attend Sydney White’s lecture at the Free University of Toronto, about “Understanding the First, Second, and Third World Wars” as part of her ongoing series titled “Studies In Propaganda.” Sydney focused on the insanity of war and how the global banking cartel profit from all wars by craftily funding both sides - but offering just a little more funds to whomever they choose to be the victors.

Sydney White's article titled: "The Turn of the Screw" is now published at The UsuryFree Eye Opener. Other articles by Sydney White will be published in the future.

The Family Life Foundation – a regular co-sponsor of various events, once again sponsored events for the 9th Annual UsuryFree Week. The Family Life Foundation - a duly registered charitable organization, founded by Rev. Lindsay King in 1974, has been co-sponsoring events with the UsuryFree Network since the very first UsuryFree Week in 2005.

The Winged Lion

During the 9th Annual UsuryFree Week, numerous Winged Lion Awards were bestowed on individuals and/or groups for their ongoing efforts to help usher in a new age of usuryfree living for everyone on planet earth. 

This year Winged Lion Awards were earned by usuryfree creatives in Canada, USA, Germany and The Netherlands. The list of nominees for Winged Lion Awards for 2013.

During the 9th Annual UsuryFree Week, we talked about fundraising projects for the UsuryFree Network. Readers are invited to review the details of these unique fundraising projects offered by the SDI industry and enrol with whichever business opportunity appeals to you and/or purchase whatever quality products you need.

During the next year, we - the usuryfree creatives will continue to share our message about the possibility of everyone experiencing the reality of usuryfree living and we encourage usuryfree creaives everywhere to launch their economic lifeboats - a usuryfree time currency - in their respective, local communities as the last, best hope to free ourselves from the ultimate, economic slavery that the New World Order advocates (usury bankers) are planning for our future generations.

Let’s start planning events NOW for the Tenth Annual UsuryFree Week from November 13th to 19th, 2014. Forward details of your plans to: The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3V1 


NOTE: At the meetings during the 9th Annual UsuryFree Week, the attendees were invited to list their email addresses so that a follow up email with various links to relevant information could be sent to them. The email that was forwarded to the attendees is attached below with the various links.


Thank you for attending the gathering at Conspiracy Culture on Saturday evening, or November 16th, 2013 or the event at Ottawa University on Friday, November 15th, 2013.

As promised, this email communication is to share links to some relevant information that we talked about at the gathering.

For more relevant background information readers are invited to do a search at any search engine for any of these words or phrases of words:

usury, usuryfree, usuryfree day, usuryfree week, usuryfree network, usuryfree eye opener, usuryfree living, usuryfree time currency, usuryfree community currency, life without usury,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Impossible You Say?

By J.Speer-Williams

In a seemingly infinite universe of unlimited possibilities,
anything must be possible.
Mankind has, however, been held in an artificial box of
limited possibilities called the Matrix.
Many well-meaning souls only do their research within
the contrived confines of the Matrix box, disregarding
everything outside of it as not possible.
I believe that such investigators have long been
programmed by the Matrix ­ itself ­ to disregard any
thought that appears to be beyond it. In this fashion,
the Matrix will continue to suppress mankind,
untroubled by conspiracy researchers, as it has done
for untold centuries.
Conspiracy researchers, however, have long been stymied
by how extensive the Matrix control over human life has become.
“How was it possible?”
they ask.
“The Matrix had help, lots of it,” is my best answer. This article
is all about the nature of that help, even if it might be thought to be
impossible by some.
Have you ever had a thought that seemed foreign to your way of
thinking? Have you ever thought of doing something that would be
absolutely evil? If you are like most of us, you have had such thoughts,
thoughts you later feel ashamed of having had. I believe that in
most cases, such thoughts were probably not yours. Could they have
been given to you?
Given? Given by whom?
The more modern question should be, “Given by what?”
Have you ever heard of DARPA?
DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency                                   
and is a scantily promoted bureaucracy within the US Department of
Defense that develops new technologies for use by the secret services
and the American armed forces. Their exotic weaponry is light years
beyond what most people think is even remotely possible.
Anything DARPA develops today might be kept secret for decades.
For instance, weather control and modification for warfare use was
engineered before the Vietnam War. Although our military utilized
weather control during that war, such a capability is top
secret even to this day.
Another top secret is DARPA’s ability to use electromagnetics to implant
thoughts into the heads of anyone, especially those people who have slow
vibrations, which are brought on in many ways, most commonly by watching
too much mainstream television.
A gauge for human vibrations, commonly called vibes, is angry people
are thought tohave low, slow vibes, while happy individuals have quick,
high ones.
How do I know such things? I do not know them, I have merely deduced
them, after forty-five years of researching conspiracies. But actually, one
doesn’t need much research, good or otherwise, if their intuition is sharp
enough. And by the way, people with good intuition must have have high
vibes, while those with nasty thoughts have low ones.
For eons, however, man has been plagued with what I believe to be a more
basic reason for many of his unwanted thoughts.
The closest that ancient man came to understanding the source of those
negative thoughts came from his belief they were evil spirits. The Muslims
called them the Jen. The Gnostics called them Archons. Demons, they are
 called by Christians.
Oh, how right were our ancestors. But don’t tell that to modern
man as he has long been programmed to believe that evil spirits
and demons do not exist.
I wonder where those thoughts of denial come from. Could they come from the very
demons that modern man denies? Could these evil thought-making demons work best
when their presence is unknown? Might if we learn all about them nullify most of their
influence and thereby raise slow vibrations to quick ones?
If these beings are electromagnetic in nature, they would be able to lock into us by entering
our auric fields (a series of electronic energies that literally surround our bodies).
Wonderfully gifted people can see the colors of these fields, while technology can measure
them. Our friends at DARPA must know all about our auric fields, far more than they are
willing to tell us.
I believe it is reasonable to assume that these negative spirits do not possess our bodies,
but from their positions in our auric fields, they can and do influence the perceptions and
actions of our bodies, minds, and spirits.
And while in our auric fields, can these negative beings perceive our greatest fears, then
enlarge and broadcast them to us as if we originated those thoughts ourselves. In this
fashion, a sane being could literally be driven insane.
Psychiatrists and their prescription drugs are certainly not the answer to problems such as
these, as they will complicate the situation and make it much more difficult to handle.
Since negative beings probably operate from abysmally low and slow frequencies, we can
most likely avoid them in our auras and lives by keeping our own frequencies at a higher,
quicker vibrational rate. This is impossible to do while under the spell of psychiatric drugs.
Are such drugs meant to not only slow our vibrations, but to attract evil beings who can
cause us to think and act in ways that are acutely detrimental to ourselves individually,
and to society collectively?

Initially, antipsychotic medications can chemically produce soporific highs, which soon
become addictive. So addictive are these drugs it can take months or years to wean
onesself free of them; and even then, one risks becoming absolutely deranged in the
While on these psychiatric drugs one is easily programmable to think and do things they
would not even imagine otherwise.
Most of the gun violence that has recently hit our country came from psychiatric drugs
and programs administered by intensely dark elements from the intelligence communities.
(Research Psychiatric drugs/gun violence)
Why has this been done? Most probably to create a public reaction against private gun
ownership, even for self-defense, recreation, or hunting. A cowed and disarmed nation is
easier to suppress than one that is widely armed with weapons they know how to use.
Why all this thirst for cruelty and oppression from the institutions of government?
That question puts us into the metaphysical essence of this commentary.
First of all, man is restricted in his perception. All we can see comes through to us via the
rigidly limited spectrum of visible light, which is immeasurably small when compared to
the whole electromagnetic range, thought to be infinite.
It has been said that humans are basically blind, considering what they can see, compared
to what there is to see.
I suspect that our auric fields, which most of us cannot see, to be benign or harmful,
depending on our vibration.
If negative entities are electromagnetic in nature, could not these beings be able to lock
into the auric fields that approximate their low vibrations? Exorcists have concluded this
is what we call demonic possession, which could be far more widespread than suspected.
To avoid these evil spirits, who can ruin our lives, we must keep our minds and bodies
clean and free of street and psychiatric drugs. Television and pornography could also
lower our vibrations as does sickness, crime, arguments, bad news, stress, worry, lack of
quality sleep, genetically modified or processed foods ­ as well as aspartame, vaccines,
fluoride, ionizing radiation, and a host of other little-recognized hazards.
Additionally, the practices of elitism and revenge surely reduce one’s vibrations, as do the
lower emotions of fear and hate.
I have read that exceedingly low/slow vibrational men and women actually invite selected
negative beings into their auric fields.
Who are such people? All those who secretly worship Satan, practice black magic, want
power over others, lust after money, enjoy seeing people suffer, and are sexually
compulsive ­ always in a most perverted manner, usually with the practice of pedophilia.
There is a monstrous connection between the psychiatric insanity of pedophilia and the
twin evil of Satanism. Some researchers are convinced that most of the men and women at
the higher rungs of governments and mega-corporations are clandestine Satanists.
(Research Satanism/pedophilia)
I am convinced that guided by means of the devious and insidious thoughts coming from
their auric fields, these possessed humans are often able to worm their way into senior
jobs in corporations and into positions of power on local, regional, and national levels of
various governments ­ most becoming politicians, bureaucrats, or judges.
And by being clever, these possessed frauds mask their evil intent with double-talk that
seems plausible to the undiscerning ­ the bulk of the all voting populations.
To reinforce and strengthen the evil entities in their auric fields, it seems that these
possessed and psychotic individuals attend Satanic rituals that are ancient in origin.
Usually held at night, these secret rituals are attended by the pillars of society, whom few
would ever suspect of being Satanists.
Is it reasonable to assume that worshipers of Satan are literally controlling our world,
while these same evilly possessed beings pretend to be devout Christians, Muslims, or
Do these possessed mortals span the socio/economic strata of Earth’s societies?
Do the ones at the top of the hierarchical pyramids come from certain bloodlines from
antiquity, which were specifically designed for possession by the negative beings from
higher, unseen realms of existence? Has it been these selected bloodlines that have been
our kings, prime ministers, presidents, media moguls, corporate CEOs, financial oligarchs,
and so forth?
Do negative extra-dimensional entities invade the auric fields of their choice human
bloodlines and guide them into becoming society’s leaders of mass destruction and death?
Is there a better explanation for the psychotic leadership in our world of continual wars
and devastating poverty in a world of plenty?
Can we conclude that it is the lower human emotions of fear, misery, depression, pain,
terror, and panic that energetically feed these negative extra-dimensional entities, without
which they would die? Is that one of the main reasons for wars without end?
Has it been through our demon-possessed leaders and the negative entities sent in to guide
them that a race of incontrovertibly vile inter-dimensional beings have effected their
Matrix reality on Earth, which seeks to bring about the utter enslavement of man?
Certainly, it was not the Bush, Clinton, or Obama possessed-puppets who did any of the
planning for the New World Order. They are only well tutored PR spokesmen for it.
Our presidents, outside of Jefferson, have never possessed even a small fraction of the
intellect needed to orchestra the Illuminati’s Matrix reality. They must have had massive
help from elsewhere. Extra-dimensional help?
With this help and mankind’s ignorance of its existence, the Luciferian empire has grown
incalculably large and noxious.
For the novice, in the field of esotericism, it may take a while for them to come to grips
with the idea of extra-dimensional beings controlling the possessed leaders of Earth.
If it were not true, why would the British government ask internet service providers to
censor all esoteric material from the net? But does it not makes sense? Esotericism holds
the potential to move public awareness closer to not only seeing major parts of the whole
picture of worldwide tyranny, but bringing it to an abrupt halt.
Epicurus, the ancient Greek philosopher, asked six important questions.
In response to Epicurus, I would say that the source of all that has been, is, or will be, has
created a freewill universe, of which suffering caused by evil has become a part ­ perhaps
an important part.
Eckhart Tolle has said, “Suffering has a noble purpose ­ the evolution of consciousness,
and the burning of ego.”
In a freewill universe, we all have a choice between the negative and the positive, good or
evil. But in order to make good choices, we must expand our view of what is possible.
It seems that a freewill universe is necessary in order for life to organically evolve to
higher states of being. Positive beings take a quicker route to divinity, while others choose
a longer way, burdened with lifetimes of negativity of their own making.
I believe that in a freewill universe, such as ours, all we need to do to free man from his
chains of ignorance, poverty, and pain is for enough of us to begin to understand what has
been happening in the world of geo/politics on an esoteric basis and then to disagree with
In spite of the uncomfortable dissonance it may initially cause, the first step is for us is to
chose critical thinking over the promoted and popular worldview, which is routinely
pushed upon us all by the corporate media.
What science and the mainstream media does not tell us can often be more damaging to
us than their lies.
Limit what a person believes is possible, by limiting their access to what is actually
possible, and you have rendered him or her helpless in the onslaught of the Matrix.
The final wise step for mankind would be for him, en masse, to make a positive postulate
for a just world of plenty for every life form.
“Impossible!” you say?
Conceivably if we all expand what we believe is possible, mankind will come to know
how our humanity and dignity was expropriated by the state and how we can regain them
J. Speer-Williams
NOTE: This article is originally published at this website:

"It's The Usury, Stupid!" - Understanding The Modern Money Con

By James Farganne

As I was in New York City on 9-11-01, lived through the trauma of that event and its aftermath, and later learned that it was perpetrated by Mossad in tandem with a domestic bunch of zionist dickhead traitorous scumbags (Cheney et. al.), I would like to commemorate the 12th anniversary of that event by dealing the elite money power – which plans, funds, and executes all such false-flag, black magic events – a good, hard kick in the nuts.
Let me begin with a disclaimer. Though I studied philosophy and classics, and am quite able to deal with subtleties where they count, when it comes to politics, or finance, or any other area of human activity that is rife with dishonesty and corruption, I am extremely simple in my approach. This is because I have found simplicity to be a valuable tool – a samurai sword that cuts straight through the knot of confusion that inevitably arises from systematic dishonesty, legalistic chicanery, and institutional perversion.
Simplicity, or common sense, or seeing your nose in front of your face, or calling a spade a spade, and not giving a rat’s ass who tries to talk you out of it with fancy language, is an inborn faculty that is stunted and discouraged in the process of “higher education”. Exercising it can save you a lot of time and mental energy otherwise wasted dealing in arcane systems of false logic designed only to obfuscate crime, to justify fraud, and to make criminals seem like legitimate members of a free and functioning society (not).
That said, if you read this thing all the way through, please don’t bother writing to me arguing about the finer points of whatever complex reality-model you have chosen. In this article I am just going to use that samurai sword to cut to the black, putrescent heart of the matter, and I don’t care if there are a few factual casualties along the way. My point will stand.
I am going to talk about money. I am not an economist, not even an armchair one. I don’t bother with long, arduous diatribes about fiscal matters. I don’t care about all the complicated lingo, nor am I intimidated by people who brandish it. As far as I am concerned, it is primarily a lexicon of misdirection. Austrian economics doesn’t fool me for a minute. Libertarians can get bent. Goldbugs I can understand, but sometimes they just fill me with contempt. Gold can serve as a stopgap to save your ass and get it through yet another financial catastrophe engineered by the global money power. Having your stash of gold does nothing to fix a monetary system in which insecurity and angst are so endemic that you feel the need to hoard it in the first place. Your stash does nothing to make the world a better place for posterity. You can’t eat gold, much less paper, so who cares if there’s gold behind the paper? Well, the very rich do. Gold has always been the King’s metal, and it always will. It seems obvious to me that any system favored by the congenitally wealthy is going to be anathema for us commoners. Money is created and controlled by vampires and rapists. They love gold more than anybody. They are about as evil as people can get, so I don’t see anything positive coming from them.
Anyway, although I am not well-versed in the finer points of economics and finance, I can see some basic facts (to be further illustrated below) that I have learned about modern money and those who issue and control it, and I feel comfortable letting common sense take it from there.
Common sense tells me this:
The world financial system is a circuit board. The designers of the circuit board rule the world. Currency (current) is inducted and regulated (via institutional and regulatory components analogous to those on your computer motherboard) so as to achieve the results that the rulers want. It is all a rigged game. When they amp up the current, we get booms; when they cut the currency, we get busts. The magnetic induction mechanism is called usury. Modern “money” isn’t money, but implicit debt. That’s because the circuit board masters create it out of nothing and lend it into circulation (to corrupt governments) at interest. When they cut the current, and the debt cannot be repaid, they take real wealth as collateral. In today’s world, collateral includes people. Your birth certificate is a bond. Sad but true. The bankers own you.
Another way to look at this debt-based monetary con is that it is a form of black magic. All magic is ultimately a psycho-spiritual phenomenon, and black magic money is no exception. The magic money witches and warlocks conjure the stuff into existence – think a goat-headed parlor magician pulling a twelve-headed medusa pig out of a yarmulke – and once they have quickened it with value by tethering it to people’s greed, they use it to harness and exploit our most basest fears and desires. This is not difficult to see. After all, everybody needs food and shelter. Everyone fears being homeless, hungry, going without the basic comforts and necessities of life. In this black magic money system, virtually the only guarantee of securing these is obtaining and hoarding money that is in fact debt. In the context of rampant consumerism, this debt-money transmutes fear into greed, and in doing so, it demeans our spirits and degrades our souls. It makes us slaves who think they are free. But worst of all, it is not even the guarantee of survival and comfort it is supposed to be. With one nod of a dapper head in some lofty suite in the City of London, all your hard-earned black magic debt-credits can be atomized. Just like that. In the meantime, it is being dissolved, corroded, eaten away, slowly, day by week by month by year, in the form of inflation, a kind of occult voodoo tax. You see, black magic money is a commodity, and the magicians exact a price (interest) for its use. Usually the price is your time, your labor, and some degree of your divine spirit. When wars are fought to protect or extend the banksters’ control, the price extends to flesh and bone.
So, in a nutshell, here’s the con. Private bankers create money from nothing. Bribed governments borrow it into circulation. The bankers create the principal, but not the interest, making the debt mathematically impossible to repay. The collateral is real wealth – land, infrastructure, resources, even people. There are a lot of details I am leaving out, such as the fractional reserve credit creation system practiced by commercial banks – a con of dizzying proportions – but that’s modern debt slavery in a nutshell. An intelligent grade-school child undamaged by the bankers’ poison vaccines could understand this scam, and yet it eludes most grown adults.
The world of fraudulent finance is confusing because it has to be. If it wasn’t, the crimes of the bankers would be way too obvious. Its mendacious and unnecessary complexity attracts con artists and lazy buttholes who like to hoard gigantic batteries of current while watching those deprived of it kill each other in induced wars, or die in induced starvation. The black magic money conjurers are intergenerational satanists. Most of them are Khazarian (imposter) Jews who worship the Devil and called it G-d. They believe that their god’s dispensation, along with their genius for using deception to enslave people, makes them a superior species. According to their holy book the Talmud, the rest of us are mere animals to be robbed, raped, and otherwise exploited. They are eugenicists. To keep their business in the family and their DNA pure, they inbreed and intermarry. They abduct children from loving families via “child services” divisions of governments they own, and those children end up in pedophile rings, or on the altar of sacrifice.
These crime families’ most notorious names are Rothschild and Rockefeller. More info on the top 13 bloodline families can be found here:
One way these bloodline families control this energy ranch we call home is that they create huge foundations which in turn fund think tanks, research institutes, and universities, where brainy people with inferior moral intelligence are handsomely paid to generate ideas that are generally positive for them (the bloodlines) and bad for the rest of us. Among those who partake of bloodline foundation funding are the mainstream econotards, who are paid to further the fraudulent monetary system, give it an air of respectability, and make it as dauntingly confusing as possible so that the average man or woman will never learn the simple facts of what modern “money” really is and where it comes from.
So it is possible, in certain circles, to encounter people who have spent years and years studying economics, becoming econotards, so-called experts in the “field”, and they will tell you, with a straight face, that this “field” of economics, of which they have gained such mastery, is a “science”. In fact, yes, finance is every bit as much a science as electronic engineering is. But that’s not what they mean. They wouldn’t understand the circuit board analogy, and if you told them the most elementary facts about what modern money really is, and where it comes from, and how it works as a scam to separate real wealth from the producers of it, they wouldn’t know what to say. Their brains, by the time they have been rewired to internalize and retain all the jargon and bullshit, have been retrofitted with circuit breakers. Like the circuit breakers in that panel at the back of the storage closet in your house, they are designed to “throw” when the circuit suffers overload. So you have to humor them when they talk about how their “field” is a “science”, because they are just flashing a kind of Buck Rogers badge, a trinket credential they were given to whip out during cocktail talk in return for lobotomizing themselves for Mammon. In fact, they know nothing about the real science of black magic money. This rather astonishing fact is nonetheless true.
As much as it nourishes the econotards’ egos to become experts in a needlessly and dishonestly complex “field”, the reality is really dead simple. The reality is that private interests create money from nothing and bribe government officials to borrow the stuff into existence, putting up their nation’s land, resources, and people as collateral: the collection of which is – thanks to the mathematical impossibility of repaying such a debt – INEVITABLE.
That’s the scam. That’s it. Everything else is just needless obfuscation. Everything else is a smokescreen. I am not impressed when Ron Paul goes on about “auditing the Fed”. Ron Paul should know by now that the Federal Reserve is a privately-owned banking cartel, and that it has enslaved America with debt currency. If Ron Paul was a real hero of the people, then Ron Paul would be risking his neck to communicate this great truth, to make it common knowledge – but doesn’t, and he won’t, because if he did, the black magic money warlocks would crunch him like a potato chip, and he knows it. That is how dire the situation is. To see the simple truth of it, and to watch the stupidity of all public financial debate steeped in ignorance of that simple truth, is to live in ongoing pain and frustration. It feels like being consigned to the special needs ward of a prison where the drooling inmates are attempting to discuss theology.
Here is what needs to happen if we are to create a tolerable world for our descendants:
First, we must rip the banking families, the circuit board masters, the black money magicians, out of their palaces, divest them of all their ill-gotten wealth, put them into prisons, and study them until we understand every cause and every symptom of their underlying psychopathy.
Second, we must outlaw usury, especially as it takes the form of debt currency. A lot of people bitch about fiat currency. That’s not the issue. Usury is the issue. No more private entities creating money out of nothing and lending it to governments at interest. PERIOD. What will replace interest as an incentive for investors? Instead of relying on collateral to ensure a profit, investors will have to take calculated risks, and choose their investments more wisely. In a usury-free world (as can be seen in sharia or Islamic banking), investors only make money if the investment is profitable. If it fails, they lose money, and that is the price of their poor judgment. The investor takes responsibility for his choice; it doesn’t come out of the flesh of the borrower, unless the borrower has been grossly negligent or is guilty of fraud.
Third, each nation must establish its own debt-free fiat currency. Yes, FIAT. That simply means the money is a public commodity, a convenience that enables commerce, and not a disguised form of public debt. The job of economists will then be to adjust the money supply so as to avoid paucity or overabundance, thereby keeping prices stable and goods affordable and avoiding the boom and bust cycles that the current money masters engineer so as to transfer real wealth from us to them.
Fourth, we must construct the new financial system in such a way that dishonest behavior becomes somehow automatically self-defeating. I’m not sure how this will be accomplished, but I am sure that it can. For starters, we should subject every potential manager of the money supply to a battery of psychopathy tests. In fact, this should go for every candidate for every political office. On top of that, we can look to examples like Ghaddafi’s Green Book, in which that admirable man, despicably murdered by globalist-paid thugs, described a true democratic system of government in which it was all but impossible for any public official to get away with fraud, because political service was non-career and mandatory, like jury duty, and everyone was watching everyone else like a hawk to ensure they were not profiteering from their position. Ghaddafi’s system of democracy shows that such built-in anti-corruption safeguard measures are feasible. Maybe that’s one reason why the banktards and govtards at the UN had to destroy his beautiful country – that, and the fact that he refused to betray his people by borrowing their money into circulation from the same private banktards that arm NATO and own the UN.
Recently it was reported that Hungary had paid off the IMF money masters, kicked them out of the country, and begun to issue debt-free national currency. If that is true, then it is the best news I have ever heard in all my life. The only way out of the debt slavery system that is modern finance is to ban usury and jail anyone guilty of it. A strict prohibition of all usury, and the institution of national debt-free currencies which are nothing more than public utilities to facilitate trade – this is the only solution to debt slavery, and any discussion or proposal that does not include these measures is just more bullshit to be shoveled off the path and into the ditch.
One writer and activist who is doing everything in his considerable manly power to promote this message is Anthony Migchels of the Netherlands. His articles on the subject have dealt a great deal of damage to the goldbugs and other precious metals shysters who have been profiting from people’s insecurity and ignorance in these apocalyptic times. Anthony knows exactly what the problem is, and he is tireless in pointing it out – usury, usury, usury. As long as the issuing bank is charging usury, and as long as the commercial and investment banks are practicing fractional reserve lending, it’s the same old con despite new appearances. Usury must be banned, destroyed, the very concept enshrined in the reliquary of eternal evil. When I posted the story about Hungary on Facebook, Anthony wasted not a nanosecond in calling bullshit on it. He claims that actually the Hungarian forint continues to be a debt-bearing currency. He sent me the following video to back up his claim:
I’m not yet sure what the situation in Hungary really is, but I sure do appreciate Anthony for his ruthless skepticism. It is needed. We are living through an apocalypse, which means literally a “revealing of things hidden”, and in the process we are able to behold not only the revealed ugliness, but also the universality of the deceit that has done the hiding. Sorting out the criminals, restoring justice and sanity to our broken world, will require specialists in complexity, but it will also require people of simplicity who resolutely point to the simplest and greatest truths and who insist that they be seen and recognized, and who will never rest until the last bullshit artist has been clapped in irons, until the last false smokescreen solution has been discredited and thrown away. Anthony Migchels is leading the way. I strongly suggest you visit his blog, and connect with him on Facebook if you are so inclined.
Please spread this simple message wherever, however, and to whomever you can:
“It’s the usury, stupid!”
One final word on money utility. It might be argued that money, as a utility, commands a rent, or a fee to cover costs of upkeep. Let’s examine this notion by considering an analogous case of rental.
You want to move house, but you don’t want to buy a big truck to move all your stuff. It’s a lot of trouble to buy the truck, and you have to worry about whether you can fence it for a profit, or take a loss. There are people who own trucks for rental. They maintain the trucks. That maintenance costs them. Eventually the trucks become unrepairable and die, so they must be replaced. These business costs, along with the labor of keeping the rental business together, justify the rental charge.
So, you do the rational thing and you rent the truck.
Money does not wear like a truck. It takes no more maintenance than the brainpower required to keep the supply stable. Brainpower, compared with fossil fuel and spare parts, is relatively cheap. Even a 6% interest charge is a travesty, a scam of monumental proportions, and it must be stopped.
If a nation decides to issue a non-debt currency, there might conceivably be a very small tax to cover the costs of printing and the salaries of the economists charged with keeping the currency viable and stable. My ballpark estimate is that this charge would constitute far less than 1% of the currency issued. This charge would not qualify as usury, but as a business expense every bit as justifiable as that charged by the rental truck company.
NOTE: This article is originally published at this website:
NOTE:  Another article with a similar title: "It's The Usury, Stupid!"

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Message To My Oppressors ...

By Frankie Gotz

My parents and sister fled from a communist country and came here to Canada as refugees. My godfather told me my father was well versed in political ideologies and was some what like me when it comes to my activist aspects. Maybe I really do have resistance in my bloodline. RIP dad I miss you, wish you were here so I could converse with you and you could tell me about communism. 

I'm the first generation of the Gotz family, my bloodline comes from Europe. I don't know who any of my grandparents were, I know nothing about who my family was. Well I am going to make a bloodline of resistance. It is royal families that are running the world, they don't want any other famliy to stand up to them. That's why they want to destroy the family unit. 

I'm against the power European American Canadian Elitists who wish to bring in socialism and marxist communism as one world government controlled by a one world bank using fiat digital currency. From my research Right now we live in a Corpoartist Facism. 

I have never been happier in my life, I have never been not depressed as much as I am right now. I've never had more energy to learn, research, investigate, do journalism, make videos, make songs, travel the land doing activism and truth it out hard in this info war against my oppressors, 

I can feel the resistance flowing through my veins, everytime I learn more and more about how things are. I've been learning since 2008 and my knowledge is only getting bigger. I feel the energy of every slave that has died from these intergenerational bloodlines. I feel their pain and anger, I feel nothing but resistance and ambition in my soul.


Just leave us alone, release any and all oppressed information including secret archeological discoveries, discoveries you've made in science, discoveries you've made about the earth, discoveries you've made about humans, discoveries you've made about the cosmos, secret technologies you have, and any and all knowledge that can let humanity be free and help humanity advance towards greatness. 

Stop spying on us and trying to control us through the educational system and the media. 

Stop poisoning us, and the land that you live on. Stop messing with nature including genetically modifying and/or engineering plants, animals, humans and diseases. Stop creating weapons of mass destruction including nuclear and oppressed weapons that the public doesn't know about.

Stop abusing the people with usury and credit. Let the market be free, the economy be driven by the people, not by all of you.

All of you have the power of the world, why can't we live in peace. Do good things for the people and they will love you and you can stay in power, stop abusing us and start loving us.

There are many of us and our numbers are growing, and generations of resistance members will be born into this movement and we won't stop until we see change.

I will never change, I will use my skills to participate in this info war against you. I will research and do what ever I can to bring change by positive actions. We will and can have this revolution without violence.

I have faith in the people, I don't think they are all dumb. I have faith that if I and the rest of the resistance info warriors just keep doing what we do our numbers will just grow and grow. 

And once there is enough of us and our numbers are insanely large you will see us make bigger moves against you. Please just set us free or we will set ourselves free. I promise you that.

NOTE: This post was originally posted at Frankie Gotz's wall at Facebook at this link:

NOTE: Frankie is one of journalists on the team and one of the main contributors to the informative postings at the Canadian Awareness Network.