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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Kiwi Kid" from New Zealand - Lifestyle-preneur

I'm a "Kiwi Kid" from New Zealand that quit my plumbing job to live a better way of life..
I travel to exotic locations all over the world and experience things many people would only dream of. At the ripe old age of 23 I am blessed to live the life I now live.
I am my own boss now, I work on my own terms..
But you see, it wasn't always like this.
My journey to success did not come easy.
In fact I DROPPED OUT of school at 15 and began to work in a hardware store because I didn't want to be trapped in a classroom all day.
I grew up on the beach and was very fit. I loved to surf and did almost every day, I would train at the gym when the waves where flat to keep myself In good shape.
I never knew what I wanted to "be" when I grew up.
In fact I didn't really like that question because it felt like I was forced to do only one thing for the rest of my life. My father was a plumber so naturally I "followed in my fathers footsteps" and began a plumbing apprenticeship.
I worked for 5 years working 45+ hours per week and I was earning GOOD MONEY for my age, but I sacrificed my lifestyle to do that. I would save up for 6 - 9 months to go on 3 week vacation if I was allowed the time off work.
I had dreams of travelling to Bali and surfing Uluwatu. I wanted to sail the Pacific Ocean and surf "Cloudbreak" in Fiji. I heard the cuisine in Vietnam was amazing..
I wanted to do it all at once and work on the road, live a simple life with no stress or physical demand, but during those years of hard labour I swept my dreams under the table and forgot about them.
I though if I had a lot of money then I could live the life of my dreams.. But that didn't happen.
I was too involved with work..
It consumed my life and took a toll on my health.
I remember crawling under a house that was being built, running pipework for the plumbing. There was over spill of concrete on the ground from the piles so I had sharp pieces of concrete digging into my ribs and back.
It was so cold and wet when I got to side of the house I was lying in a puddle soaking wet.
The wind was crisp, there was hail bouncing off the ground and hitting me in the face… I could barely move the house was so low to the ground but I reached my phone with my numb hands to call my boss.
I called him and said it was stupid me being there as I was soaking wet in an icy puddle, I need a hand and the rain needs to stop..
But he didn't want to hear about it. The conversation was over before you know it and I was left to slave in this horrible situation.
I continued to work and could feel my body begin to shut down. My immune system was almost out of juice it was freezing cold.
I was over it.
Over Plumbing!
I was busting my body for this guy and he simply didn't even care.. It was a ridiculous situation.
Something had to change.
When I got home late that night feeling sick and tired I had a warm shower and went straight into bed. My dad knew something was up as I didn't say a word when I walked in the door. I decided to get on my laptop to search for ways to "make money while travelling".
I had heard of travel bloggers before, who make money while backpacking around the world but didn't know if it was possible.
I found something. A system I could plug right into and sell information products. No overheads, no physical products to ship..
Could this be the Holy Grail?
"It's a JOKE" I thought.
I have heard of these things before, out to rip people off while selling "the dream", but I was DONE with the situation I was in so got in without hesitation. I had to take a look.
I was welcomed to a group and soon realised that this was REAL. These people where REAL and this lifestyle could become REAL.
This was it.
I would do whatever it takes to become successful and do exactly what my mentors told me to do. I dug deep into training and crafting my new skills because I knew this could get me to where I wanted to be.
It worked and people started following what I was doing.
I would get inspiring emails daily from people with dreams of their own, reaching out for help as they wanted to create a better life for themselves. By helping these people I found more money would flow my way and my business started to EXPLODE!
It was time.. I cleared out all the junk I had accumulated over the years and move into my backpack.
I was to travel with no boundaries.
Explore the world like never before. I no longer need to return home to save for my next adventure. Crawling under houses is behind me now and that memory keeps me moving forward.
Warm weather, palm trees and white sand beaches are usually the the first choice of location but I am so grateful to have the ability to travel whenever and wherever I choose.
If you are interested in learning the exact system I use to live this lifestyle than you can take a look at this video..
Send me a message now so we can discuss your dreams and goals.
P.S. if you really love your job this is not for you
See you on the beaches of the world!
Nathan ~ Lifestyle-Preneur

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The UsuryFree Eye Opener Celebrates 3,000,000 Visitors

Just reached the magic number of 3 million visitors to my blog - The UsuryFree Eye Opener during the day on Monday, June 23, 2014.

Though I opened The UsuryFree Eye Opener in 2005, I did not make many postings until 2009. So to reach the first one million readers it took about 5 years. The amazing statistic is that the milestone of 3,000,000 visitors took less than two months after I had reached 2,000,000 visitors - and I have not used any SEO tools - all readers are by way of referral.

I do not know who was the visitor who was number 3,000, 000 BUT many thanks to the new readers and the regular readers at The UsuryFree Eye Opener. You inspire me to keep researching and sharing information that the mainstream media dismisses as "not newsworthy" and that "formal education neglects to teach."

Readers come from all over the world. This chart shows the readers for the past 24 hours. Countries with less that 250 visitors are not shown on the chart.

United States
Readers are remind that there is a twin blog titled "The SDI (Self Directed Income) Eye Opener" that focuses on (a) health and wellness issues and topics and (b) the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry - otherwise referred to as network marketing, multi-level marketing, referral marketing or consumer-direct marketing.

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NOTE: Way back on January 22, 2013, I was excited that for the very first time, The UsuryFree Eye Opener had recorded 1000+ visitors for a single day and I wrote about that milestone in this article: The UsuryFree Eye Opener.

On January 11, 2014 when The UsuryFree Eye Opener achieved the milestone of one million visitors I posted this article titled: The UsuryFree Eye Opener Celebrates 1,000,000 Visitors

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Just by the increasing number of visitors from all over the world who are visiting my blog there is evidence of "awakening" and "consciousness raising." The chart below shows a summary of the daily number of visitors for the past month and every day the numbers are well above 15,000 with some days as high as 25,000. Each the count starts at 8:00 PM (EST).

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

John Turmel Makes It A Third Hat-Trick Of His Election Career

The last two days were the wildest nomination signatures effort of my political career. Got in under the wire with 4 minutes to spare. I thought I had 1!! 

I was hoping the have all my signatures done on Friday so I could attend Ray's Triple Appeals in Quebec's highest court on Monday. Biggest and funniest in the highest! What a show!

I was hoping to have a bunch of Gold Stars waving 150-gram bags of herb to draw people to a table where I could sign them up. But my main draw was too sick to come and only 
Wayne Phillips showed. 

I can guess Wayne had the time of his life. He'd never done anything like accosting people in the street to sign for something but was so exhilarated at the response, especially from the nice women, that he spent too much time chatting with them and only got 25 signatures his first time out. . 

By 3pm, I knew we wouldn't make the 4pm closing of the Returning Office on Sundays so we got another hour of signatures before calling it quits with 95. Incredibly, 9/10 weren't residents!I'd have to skip my biggest show in Quebec's highest court. Would have been nice to see the reaction of the 40 lawyers in the room after brain-slapping 5 judges below in silly errors. 

I got back Sunday around 11am, thinking it wouldn't take too long to get the last 20 or 30 I'd want to feel comfortable to cover for dummies who don't know what riding they live in. I don't know the streets so there are often some bad ones. 

I made an incredibly almost-fatal error. I'd remembered that 420 Bathurst was 4 blocks down the street from College Ave and about 1:40, I started walking down toward the Returning Office. Then I noticed that the numbers had started going up, not down. Shit! Senior Moment! I'd been walking down College St., not Bathurst and was 5 blocks away from Bathurst with another 4 blocks down to the Office. 

So I started running, realized I'd never make it, saw a young guy waiting at a red with his passenger window half open, ran up, said I'd gone in the wrong direction and could he give me a lift up to Bathurst. He immediately rolled up his window. 
I took off running but knew I couldn't make it. I saw this young Asian guy smiling at the sight of a grey-hair in a suit running like a maniac, ran over, indicated he roll his window won, he did, I explained how I had to get up to Bathurst in minutes, he said hop in and raced down to Bathurst, took the left down to the R.O. and got me there at 1:58! I screamed thanks and raced out and around the building and inside the door. There was a huge reception counter and I jumped on it, lay on my back and screamed: "I made it! I'm in!" 

Funny thing, a big crowd of workers and people and they all gave a great cheer and laugh as I chortled over my luck and the Good Samaritan. Lesley Singer, the Returning Officer, came out and said: Oh John, it's only 1:56, you still had 4 minutes." 

Lesley Singer had been the Returning Officer when I ran in the Spadina federal byelection in 1981. That was memorable for the big fight during a debate where a moderator who wouldn't let me answer a question too was flipped off the stage after he'd pushed me off once first! And for the presence of 2 Rhinoceros Party candidates (they wanted to split the vote) when there was no rule that said a party could not present two candidates! 

Lesley could tell people that Canada's longest-running candidate was with Canada's longest-serving Returning Officer too! She said she'd called Ottawa at 1:50 to report I hadn't yet shown up so when she heard the whoop of victory, she must have guessed I had arrived. 

What a day. And I'm going to take the time to hold a little church and pray that Asian Good Samaritan who made it all possible a decade's worth of Eight (Good Luck) while asking God to take the decade's worth from the prick who wouldn't help an old guy in a suit in seeming distress. And boy, was I distressed at the thought of hoofing it the last 8 blocks in 6 minutes. Could have done it in 4 minutes in my youth but better odds on begging for a ride. 

So the third Hat-Trick of my election career was recorded. Registered in #80 the Provincial General Election in Brant, #81 the Brantford Mayoral Election, and #82 the Trinity-Spadina Federal Byelection. 

But #82 was the closest under the wire of all. I've had 15 minutes before, but never 4 (thinking 1)! 

And it's the right arena to be talking about Repeal!!! Could that have blown a grand opportunity to get the Gold Star Message out! I can't believe my luck. Then again, I've got a lot of angels rooting for me in Heaven. Don't remember not being lucky whenever it really counted. 

And Gold Star Wayne Phillips stood in to become my Official Agent for Laurence who was too sick to sign. 
John C. "The Banking Systems Engineer" Turmel, KingofthePaupers, Great Canadian Gambler, TajProfessor, Author of the UNILETS interest-free time-based currency United Nations Millennium Declaration C6 in the See

NOTE: John Turmel's website:


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Court Ruling Sets Back Property Rights For Canadians

Ontario Court of Appeal Orders Bruce and Donna 

Montague to Forfeit Entire Firearms Collection

Toronto, Ont. (June 3, 2014) In a stunning setback for 
property rights, the Ontario Court of Appeal for Ontario 
today ordered Bruce and Donna Montague to forfeit 
ownership of their entire firearms inventory, an asset 
valued at $100,000.

“This decision basically allows government to use 

punitive forfeiture laws to help itself to the life savings 
of Canadians who have violated the law, even when 
the crime committed caused no harm to anyone,” says 
Marni Soupcoff, executive director of Canadian 
Constitution Foundation, which represents the 

A talented gunsmith, Bruce Montague purposely let his 

firearms business licence and firearms acquisition 
certificate expire as an act of protest. He then 
challenged the constitutionality of the gun laws until 
he was finally charged and sentenced to 18 months 
in jail and 90 days community imprisonment.

“Unfortunately, imprisoning Bruce wasn’t enough 

for the government,” says Soupcoff, “The federal 
government has been given the go-ahead to take 
all his valuable firearms and sell them for cash.

"Seizing Bruce's life savings is an unfair and 

disproportionate punishment for Bruce’s victimless 
crime. Forfeiture laws are supposed to be about
preventing criminals from profiting from their 
wrongdoing. Bruce has not profited a cent from his 
offense. But if it has its way, the government will."

Bruce and Donna have not made a final decision 

about whether to appeal this criminal forfeiture order 
to the Supreme Court of Canada, but if they do, the 
CCF will support them.

Read more about Bruce and Donna's fight: 

Quietly Sacrificing For Liberty
The Canadian Constitution Foundation (“Freedom’s 
Defence Team”) is a registered charity, independent 
and non-partisan, whose mission is to defend the 
constitutional freedoms of Canadians through 
education, communication and litigation.

- 30 -
The Canadian Constitution Foundation (“Freedom’s 
Defence Team”) is a registered charity, independent 
and non-partisan, whose mission is to defend the 
constitutional freedoms of Canadians through 
education, communication and litigation.
For further information, contact:

Derek From
Staff Lawyer
Canadian Constitution Foundation
cell (587) 226-7037
business (403) 272-5843


Marni Soupcoff
Executive Director
Canadian Constitution Foundation
(416) 549-1616

Canadian Constitution Foundation

Bruce Montague's website: