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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bristol Pound Is Just One Example Of What Local Currencies Can Achieve

Councils in the UK and around the world are starting to recognise how local currencies keep money in their areas

By John Rogers

The budgets of local authorities are being cut while the needs of their populations remain the same. In this difficult financial environment, borrowing is rising. UK local authorities owed £81.8bn in the financial year 2011-12, costing hundreds of millions in interest on repayments.
However, borrowing on the money market is not going to do anything for the local economy. Faced with this reality, some councils are discovering that the use of local currencies offers an alternative to more cuts or debt.
Mayor Georg Moosbrugger from the Austrian village of Langenegg, which issues its own Talente currency, puts it best when he says: "Wherever the money rolls, there it has an effect. Local money doesn't roll very far and so it can get to work in my area."
The community council can decide which local taxes may be paid in local currency to subsidise the rural economy, keep purchasing power in the region and support cultural and educational organisations as well as solar energy generation. Social enterprises also accept local money in payment for local food, arts and crafts and holiday lets.
In Britain, local businesses in Brixton and Bristol can pay their rates in local pounds. The local authority uses this income to pay its employees, who then spend it with local businesses. The mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, takes 100% of his salary in Bristol Pounds (₤B) and the chief executive accepts ₤5,000 of her salary in "local". The city also earns local currency from market traders who use their ₤B earnings to pay their pitch fees.
Now 50 Lambeth council employees even receive some of their wages in Brixton Pounds through the payroll and so increase spending in the local economy. Leader of Lambeth council, Lib Peck, says the Brixton Pound "has proved to be a really good way to encourage people to think and act locally. It encourages people to shop locally, supports our local businesses and fosters an even greater sense of local pride."
The Brixton and Bristol Pounds are run by not-for-profit community interest companies, which helps ensure that the local currency is run in the public interest.
In times of austerity, cities want to attract employers and tourists, but have little cash for marketing. International media coverage of the Brixton and Bristol Pound launches was worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in advertising, and promoted their vibrant and entrepreneurial communities.
The city of Nantes, France has been even more ambitious. Citizens and businesses will soon be able to earn local currency and use it to offer goods and services, pay for bus tickets, car parking and after-school activities and pay their rates.
A lot of the pioneering work has already been done. The New Economics Foundation, Tudor Trust, Doen Foundation and Qoin have supported the Brixton and Bristol Pound teams to develop the technology for both e-payments and for circulating notes with full security features.
The potential of local currencies as an innovative response to austerity and recession is even becoming recognised at European level. A European Union funded project Community Currencies in Action is now helping the public sector to understand the purpose and function of local currencies through a series of pilot projects. They have also established the legal basis for local currencies with the Financial Services Authority. Twenty other UK authorities have shown a serious interest and a number are currently developing local projects.
Professor Jem Bendell of the University of Cumbria, which offers training for local authorities and others in how to create and scale local currencies, says: "There is a need to experiment with new systems, and replicate what works."
In the Great Depression of the 1930s many local authorities created their own currencies to help put people back to work. They were eventually closed down by central banks and central governments. But could a more enlightened policy like this work today? Taking this view, local authorities could lead the economic revival of Britain, and some councils are already showing the way.
John Rogers offers consulting and training about local currencies.
NOTE: This article is originally published at this website:
NOTE: Sepp Hassleberger writes: ""Quite some experimentation with local; currencies going on. Now city Councils catch on and accept them in payment for their rates and taxes."
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Crisis in Ukraine & Open Letter to Stephen Harper – Prime Minster of Canada

Among those 1.5 million Ukrainians who live in Canada - many of whom were born and matured in the USSR - I am wondering how many (openly or covertly) support the antifascist resistance to the US/EU/Canada/Zionist installed power in Kiev? Those who were born and matured in the USSR have knowledge to share – that the mainstream electronic and print media dismiss as “not newsworthy.”

The facts as revealed in the “Open Letter” indicate that the Banderovtsy neo-Nazi movement from the West Ukraine was craftily manipulated and their aims are being used to forcefully “ukrainalize” the rest of the nation.

Mr. Putin has shown enormous patience with the ongoing and constant provocations from the US/EU/Canada/Zionist installed power in Kiev (Ukraine) BUT the world is still balancing on the edge of World War III.

I urge fellow-Canadians - Ukrainian and/or Canadian-born to protest Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s support of Kiev by signing the Petition (see below) and invite others in their respective circles of influence to do likewise.

NOTE: Readers are invited to print a copy of this ‘Open Letter” and sign it and send a copy to (a) Prime Minster, Stephen Harper and (b) Your  Local Member of Parliament and (c) The Court of Public Review - that's your family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues etc. 

No postage required when mail is sent to the House of Commons at this mailing address:

Name of Member of Parliament
House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario


K1A 0A6


OPEN LETTER to the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper:

Dear Prime Minister:

We are Canadians and proud supporters and carriers of the true Canadian democratic values such as freedom of speech and equal human rights, including a fundamental right to live. Having said that, we are concerned about the direction you are leading Canada in regards to what is fascism, a criminal war, and a genocide of antifascist/anti-Nazis population in Ukraine.

The stance that you are taking is far from reflecting the true state of affairs in that region. You are trying to convince the Canadian public that the conflict in Ukraine is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia, while completely neglecting the fact that the present Ukrainian government is BOMBING and literally subjecting to GENOCIDE the civilian population of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of former state of Ukraine.

They conducted a referendum on May 11, 2014 on the issue of establishing the “Self-Ruled” state with 75% referendum turn-around and roughly 96% voting in favor of independence from fascist-led Ukraine with open options of (1) staying within Ukraine if Ukraine commits to federalization; (2) joining Russia or (3) forming an independent country Novorossija.

The Crimea had a referendum on March 16, 2014 with 75% voter’s turn-around 96% voted were for separation from Ukraine. It joined requested Russian Federation to accept it so that the illegal act of forceful separation from Russia and adding it to Ukrainian Republic that was ordered by Mr. Nikita Khrushchev in 1954 had been overturned and the unification of Russian nation has succeeded. The Crimea was accepted by Russia, and there is peace and happiness in Crimea. 

What happened in Donetsk and Lugansk regions since the referendum of May 11, 2014 is very different:
(1)  The Ukraine leadership refuses federalization, it wants to forcefully “ukrainianize” Russians who live in Ukraine on historically Russian lands of Novorossija, illegally taken away from Russia and joined to Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic by Lenin in 1922.

Many generations of people there call themselves Russians, born there, lived there, built the economy, the cities, the industry, defended it from the German fascism, rebuilt the destroyed economy after the ww2. They speak Russian language. They reject forceful “ukrainianization” politics of Kiev.

The Kiev’s junta, in response, started a full scale war aimed on elimination of the spirit of resistance, and since it did not work, now is physically eliminating the antifascist population using a heavy weaponry, including prohibited by the UN phosphorus and cassette bombs and shells.

The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis publicly call for extermination of 1.5 million of the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Up to now, close to 2,500 civilians have already been killed by the Ukrainian Army.

In addition, over a hundred antifascists have been burned alive in Odessa on May 2, 2014 – a typical fascist type of a crime, with no consequences to the criminals, with no effective investigation, the government is covering up this horrifying crime.

(2) The second option did not work either: Russia is still hesitant to accept them into RF, or to recognize them as independent country.

(3)  They are left with the last choice – to build an independent country of Novorossija. They are not given any other real option but to take the arms themselves and to defend their freedom, their right to live to their will.

As Canadian citizens, we would like to point out: it is a dangerous path Canada is taking regarding this conflict. Supporting the Ukrainian government by shipping equipment that can detect the movements of Novorossija’s defence forces as well as other military gear you are encouraging further military escalation between the Ukrainian government and people of Novorossija.

It is de-facto a separate country that already has a Constitution, a functioning Parliament and the government, the ministries, the budget, the laws, the policies, and the army.

As a result of the current aggression of the Ukraine against Novorossija, over 2,500 civilians were killed, including babies, children, women, elderly. Many hundreds of antifascist soldiers fell on the battlefields. The Ukrainian Army’s losses are estimated to over 10,000 killed and over 10,000 wounded.

It is a humanitarian catastrophe of a great magnitude that forced over 730,000 refugees to have fled Eastern Ukraine to Russia seeking shelter and thousands displaced within Ukraine. Almost 850 000 people have been forced to flee their homes since the start of Kiev’s so called “Anti Terroristic Operation” [which is nothing but a criminal war and a genocide], according to data reported by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

The soldiers of the Ukrainian Army already started changing sides, or seeking a refugee status in Russia, because they do not want to participate in this criminal war. Fascism has no chance of winning in Ukraine; sooner or later Ukraine will be inevitably freed from the US-installed the fascist/Neo-Nazi/Zionist government completely. Its leaders will be brought to the International Criminal Court.

The Canadian government did not recognize the referendums in Crimea, in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, saying that these referendums were not approved by Ukraine, and that the referendum of entire Ukraine has to be held to allow these regions’ separation from Ukraine.

The fraudulent approach of Canada, of the West (US, EU) to the fundamental principles of self-determination of the nations is apparent. To be consistent with Kiev and the West, Russia then has to cancel the act of separation of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from the USSR in 1991 because Russians of the USSR never voted for separation of Ukraine and for splitting the Russian nation between two countries.

It is crucially important to keep in mind, that Ukrainian republic is located on historically Russian lands of Kievskaja Rus, Malorossija and Novorossija - all populated by Russians. The division of Russian nation in 1991 into two countries – Russia and Ukraine was similar to division of Germany in 1945 – on GDR and FRG as a result of Russians winning over fascist Germany.

In 1991 the Soviet Union has lost the cold war to the US; as a result, the US has hiddenly occupied both Russia and Ukraine. It’s the US CIA agents who wrote the Russian Constitution and worked hard to destroy Russian morality, ideology, politics, economy, and defence.

It is Mr. Putin, the current Russian President, who since 2000 put enormous efforts to re-build them, and he brought Russia back on guard of the multipolar world.

It’s Mr. Putin who prevented the US-inspired Georgian genocide in South Ossetia in 2008.

It’s Mr. Putin who first stepped across the US way to invade Syria in August 2013 under unproved and apparently false US accusations that Assad used chemical weapons against the rebels.

It’s Mr. Putin who granted asylum to Mr. Snowden and once again angered the US. No wonder, the terrorist state of the USA attacked Russia through Ukraine by installing in Kiev a fascist/Zionist junta and staging genocide of Russian people of Ukraine who are opposed to the fascist/Zionist coup in Kiev in February 2014.

It is also crucial to remember that in the Ukrainian referendum on March 17, 1991 the people  overwhelmingly voted to stay within the USSR, not to separate from it.

Only a few regions of Ukraine voted for separation from the USSR, with 60% of the votes for separation and 40 % against separation. And the rest of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic voted for staying within the USSR (with the vote of 80 – 85% in the majority of the regions for staying within the USSR). These facts conclude that the Ukraine, as a state is formed illegally, it is an illegal state. Its creation was a crime against the will of the people.

One more strictly scientific argument: the most recent genetic research shows that the Russians are genetically identical to the Ukrainians who live in the “green” areas of Ukraine shown on the map above; they are genetically also almost identical to the Finns. 

The Ukrainians living in “Brown” areas on the map, however, genetically are Tatars (Sarmats) and they previously lived for centuries under Austrian or Polish occupation.

This explains the dramatic differences in mentality, morality, culture, language between two kinds of Ukrainians – the Western Ukrainians (Galicians) and the Central, Western and Southern Ukraine where people’s genetic code is identical to the Russian’s code signifying their historical unity and integrity.

What the illegal state of Ukraine dealing with now is the National Liberation Movement of Russians, who are subjected to a forceful “ukrainianization” politics and daily practice in Ukraine. The history shows many times and shows once again: the national liberation movements cannot be stopped.

They always win, the sooner is the better. Canada, or any other country, has no legitimate business in interfering with other nations’ liberation movements.

Canada has to be concerned with keeping a positive friendly relations with the neighboring country of Russia and to establish a mutually beneficial cooperation, for example, over the exploration of the Arctic resources. Canada does not have a border with Ukraine, and the Ukrainian affairs have no priority for Canada.

When the Ukraine suffered the US-inspired fascist/Zionist coup in February 2014, Canada had a duty to condemn undemocratic act of the power grab. Instead, it hurried to approve it and to support by all means.

We understand, that there are 1.5 million Ukrainian Canadian voters, however, it cannot justify supporting neo-Nazist genocide of Russians taking place. It is apparent that Canadian government under your, Mr. Harper, leadership turned into harshly Russo-phobic entity, and this is done against the Canadian national interest of keeping positive neighborly relations with Russia, just like it does respecting another neighbor - the US. 

WE PROTEST against Canadian government’s support to the fascist, neo-Nazist terrorist state of Ukraine. Sending the military supplies like bullet proof vests etc. to Ukraine enables it to kill more civilians – more babies, more children, more women, and enables the Ukrainian Fascist Army to kill the civilians more effectively.

WE DEMAND that Canada condemns the criminal regime of Ukraine and recognizes the Novorossija’s independence as soon as possible. All kinds of support to Ukraine have to be stopped immediately, and a humanitarian help has to be sent to Novorossija in the form of food and medical supplies. 

          NAME:                             ADDRESS                           SIGNATURE





Additional Resources:

“None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies.” - Johann von Goethe

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Usury - The Root of All Evil?

Usury - The Root of All Evil?

By Peter Russell

The love of money is the root of all evil. — 1 Timothy 6:10

Why do people value money so much? There is, after all, nothing very attractive about grubby pieces of paper, dirty metal discs, or digital records in a database. Money gives us the ability to obtain the things or situations we desire. With money we can buy the security, power, recognition, stimulus, or whatever else we think we need in order to find fulfillment.
But money also has more pernicious effect upon society. 

It takes no great mind to see that financial expediency lies behind much of our inhumanity to each other and our callous treatment of other creatures. Some more radical thinkers have argued that money should be eliminated—and with it the notions of possession and property. 

It is certainly true that some of the less material cultures have no notion of property, possession or money; and have survived very well, and in greater harmony with the rest of life. But in the more-developed societies some means of symbolic exchange is essential—we may not always want to receive chickens in return for our solar panels.

Furthermore, eliminating money would only eliminate the symptom of the problem. It is not 'money' that is the root of all evil (as is sometimes misquoted) but 'the love of money'.


Our love of money not only causes us to make decisions that are not in our own best interests, it also leads to usury—the charging of interest on a loan.

Nothing wrong with that, one might think (particularly if you are the lender), everyone does it. Why should others not pay for the use of one's money? At the very least we should receive a sufficient return on our investments to keep up with inflation —and if we can make a bit more, why not?

But it turns out that the lending of money at interest is one of the principle causes of inflation in the first place. And, as we shall see, fuels many of humanity's other crises.


It is only in relatively recent times that usury has become a widely accepted practice. Though not that widely accepted. It is forbidden by the Koran, and today there are still many Islamic countries in which banks are not allowed to charge interest.

It was also originally outlawed in Judaism—and still is in some quarters. The Old Testament Book of Leviticus declares that 'Thou shalt not give him money upon usury nor exact of him any increase of fruits'. And in Ezekiel it is advised that the just man does not 'lend upon usury'. 

Yet, as happens with most religious traditions, the teachings gradually became diluted, distorted or ignored. By the time of Jesus the making of money on the lending and changing of money had become such an acceptable practice that it was even permitted within the precincts of temples. The upholders the Law, the 'good', were condoning the root of all evil. And so he threw the money-changers out.

The cultures of ancient Greece and Rome likewise denounced usury. Aristotle called it the most unnatural and unjust of all trades. Money, he said, was to be used for exchange, not the breeding of money from money. Plato condemned it on the grounds that it set one class against another and was therefore destructive to the state. In Rome Cicero, Cato and Seneca made similar censures.

Usury was outlawed by the Church of Rome's Canon Law, but people got around it by various means. One was to claim that it was impractical to lend money completely free. There were, after all, various small costs involved—the time and paperwork, and sometimes the shipment—and some borrowers failed to repay their loans.

Why should the lender lose money? So the Church allowed lenders to charge an interisse—the Latin word for 'a loss'—to cover these costs. Soon this 'loss charge' became a fixed percentage, and as greed reared its ugly head the percentage grew, turning the loss into a profit. Usury was back, but under a new name—interest.

The Reformation saw the full legitimization of usury. Calvin, one of the fathers of the Reformation dismissed Biblical references to the evils of making money out of money, arguing that they were irrelevant to his times, and that charging interest was as reasonable as charging rent for land. (Although American Indians and other cultures might wish to replace 'as reasonable' with 'as unreasonable'.) And when Henry VIII broke from Rome to set up 'The Church of England', he not only legitimized divorce he also gave the official seal of approval to usury.

The debate on the rights and wrongs of charging interest continued through the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but in the end the lure of easy money won the day. Today its hardly questioned; except perhaps by the person whose life is made a misery by the interest payments he cannot keep up. But certainly not by the governments and banks who make themselves so much money out of it. Nor by all the people who lend their money to these money-lenders on deposit.

Making Money

The impact of usury on our world runs far deeper than making the rich richer and the poor poorer—with all the social tensions that engenders. It exacerbates some of the most critical problems of our time.

In essence usury is wanting something for nothing. Lending money involves no input of human labor—apart perhaps from signing of an agreement and entering some data in a computer. Nor does the act of lending in itself produce anything. The borrower may well use the money to do something useful, but the lender has done nothing. Yet he or she still expects to receive something in return.

But where does this extra something come form? Most money-lenders are so concerned with their own gains they do not consider this question—or turn a blind-eye to it. Yet it is the ultimate source of this additional money that makes usury such an undesirable practice.

Let me explain a little further. Most of the money in circulation consists not of notes and coins, but credit—the money the banks have loaned out to individuals and corporations, and which 'circulates' as it gets transferred from one bank account to another. 

The banks, of course, demand their interest on all this money out on loan, and in order that this interest can be paid the amount of money in circulation must increase. This extra money does not grow on trees; nor, except in the case of gold, can it be dug out of the ground. It is the banks who supply the additional money, and they do this by making more loans.

These additional loans are, of course, made at an interest, with the result that the money supply must be increased yet further to accommodate them. And so on…

Adding Fuel To The Fire

Having continually to increase the money supply in order that the interest be paid has two undesirable consequences. First, it promotes inflation. This occurs because the increase in money supply does not in itself increase a nation's wealth. Increase in wealth comes from increased income from products and services. But seldom is this anything like as high as the increase in money supply. The difference is absorbed by inflation.

Let us take a very simple example—economists would make it a little more complex, but similar principles would apply. Suppose that the banks increase the money supply at the rate of 10% per year but the increase in economic growth is only 4%—quite an optimistic figure for most countries. 

For every $100 worth of real wealth a year ago there is now $104 worth, but the amount of money representing this new wealth has grown to $110. The net effect is that value of the money in circulation has been diluted by 6%. In other words, it takes more dollars to buy the same thing, This we call inflation.

Nobody likes inflation, particularly the money-lenders. If all the extra money supply is soaked up by inflation they make no net profit. Much better is to compensate for as much as possible of the extra money by increasing the real wealth. This results in a second undesirable consequence of continually increasing money supply—endless economic growth.

It is true that in our current system growth is deemed necessary for a 'healthy economy' and the maintenance of decent standard of living. But it is only necessary because of usury in the first place. And when we consider the wider impact of endless economic growth we are forced to question the real health of such an economy.

Nothing else in nature indulges in endless growth—except a malignant cancer, and from the perspective of its host that is far from healthy.

Since the rate of interest charged on a loan is a compound rate, the growth in the money supply and the consequent need for economic 'growth' increase exponentially. A dollar invested at 10% compound interest would be 'worth' $1.1 after one year; $1.21 after two years; $2.59 after ten years; $117.39 after fifty years; $13,780.65 after a hundred years; and around $2.473,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 after a thousand years—which is about ten trillion times the weight of the Earth in gold (at its current value). Imagine trying to collect the interest on that.

It is little wonder then economies based on usury eventually collapse.

Debt Across The World

We are trying to apply similar accelerating growth to the global economy. For a while the effects were absorbed by the growing size of the population and increasing industrialization. But now that population growth and industrialization are reaching their limits, the environment is beginning to pay the cost.

Meanwhile the banks, ever in search of new borrowers, entice the less-developed countries to take out enormous loans. 'You need not remain peasants, with our money you can grow cash crops, trade with other countries, set up new industries, manufacture things you need, create new wealth. 

Why not become a 'developing nation' and enjoy the advantages and comforts of economic growth? Then you can live as we do and buy lots of the nice things we produce (which you don't really need, but which we need to sell).

'Like anyone else, you'll of course have to pay interest on this loan (but in our money, please; not the worthless stuff you print). If at first you can't manage to pay us back, don't worry, we'll lend you some more to tide you over. And if, as the interest mounts, you still can't pay, we'll help you out by buying some of those nice resources you have—but at a knock-down price.

The net result of usury? Rain forests are consumed even faster. Species become extinct more rapidly than we can classify them as endangered. More and more Earth is torn up to meet our ever-growing demand for minerals. And the extra waste generated by all this additional activity fouls the air, pollutes the water and poisons the land.
Meanwhile we continue to preach that endless economic growth is healthy.

Usurers One And All

Some would argue that things would not be quite so bad if industry were not always so concerned with maximizing profit. They could contain much of their waste, recycle many more resources and be more energy efficient. But that costs money and reduces profit.

And who benefits from all these profits? I have yet to meet a greedy corporate director out to rape the world in order to line their own pocket. Most are on salaries, concerned more with job-security than making themselves more money, and as worried about the environment and the future of the planet as anyone.

The profits they are making go to their investors. Banks that fund new enterprises do not lend money at a mere ten or fifteen per cent as they do to you or me. Businesses are much more risky; many fail and never repay their loans. And to cover this extra risk the banks demand 25%, or even 40% per annum on their loans. This is what causes many growing businesses to cut environmental corners. If it's a choice between foreclosure and a little pollution, guess which one is chosen?

And then there are the shareholders; the people-in-the-street who invest (or rather loan) a little of their money. They have very seldom invested this money out of the kindness of their heart, or because they really believe a particular company is doing good and should be supported. The usual criterion (ethical-investment included) is where will the most money be made. Whose shares will rise the most? Who will pay the best dividends? And the directors of the company, answerable as they are to the shareholders, do what they are told.

In how many shareholder meetings do you hear the shareholders voting for lower dividends and a little less pollution? Far too few. We have lent our money to the company, and was want as much usury in return as we can get.

So let us not too hastily condemn the official money-lenders. Let he who is without usury cast the first stone.

The Cultural Hypnotists

Sustained economic growth requires, as we have seen, the production of more and more goods. Most people in the more-developed countries already have the things they need for their physical well-being, so they have to be persuaded to buy them for other reasons. The obvious candidate is the satisfaction of their psychological needs—the needs for security, approval, self-esteem, power, stimulus, love and suchlike.

But the producers of all these superfluous goods are only pretending that they would like to satisfy these inner needs. If we were to become inwardly fulfilled we would no longer fall such easy prey to advertising and not buy so many of their goods—and this is the last thing they want. Instead contemporary economic systems must ensure that these inner needs are never actually satisfied—or rather that we never feel them to be satisfied. We, the consumers, have to be kept convinced that if we only had a little more we would be that much happier.

Society is caught in a vicious circle. Our belief that material well-being is the path to inner well-being underlies our love of money. Our love of money leads us to want to make more money out of the money we have, and so to the charging of interest on loans. The charging of interest leads to the need for continual economic growth, and to the need to produce and sell more and more superfluous products. And to keep us buying all these products we have to be kept believing that material well-being is the path to inner-well-being.

Thus do we remain locked in to a set of out-dated assumptions. This is the root of our collective cultural hypnosis.

So Near And Yet So Far

As far as present-day economies are concerned, the worst thing that could happen would be for people to wake up and discover that we do not need most of the things they want us to buy—to realize that there other routes to inner peace than continual consumption. Could this be one of the reasons that our materialist culture seems unwilling to take inner development very seriously? 

Does it suspect, perhaps unconsciously, that if we became less attached to the material world, less addicted to what we have and do, then this would spell its end?

Whether or not it is deliberate the effect is the same. A line is drawn across our development. The system that has raised many of us out of poverty, physical suffering and hardship and freed us from many of the limitations of the material world, suddenly says 'Stop!' It blocks the door to further liberation, telling us this is all there is. This is the best path to peace.

But as far as humanity is concerned, waking up is the best, not worst, thing that could happen. It would not only free us to discover other paths to the inner fulfillment we each seek, it would also remove the root of our malignant tendencies that are today threatening to destroy us.

We have to break the vicious circle society has caught itself in. And we have to break it at its origin. Just as a doctor does not heal a patient by only patching up the symptoms—if he does not look to the underlying cause the symptoms will more than likely reappear at some later time—so too, we will not eliminate the charging of interest and all its ramifications by outlawing it. In one form or another it will re-emerge—as history has shown.

To solve the many problems facing us we have to tend the root cause—our addiction to the world of things and the love of money to which it leads. This is the virus in our mind, the root cause of our malignant tendencies.

NOTE: This article is originally published at this website:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

US Intel Reports Imminent Terror Attack on US!

Red Alert! Share!

Note by Glenn Lee Canady

Please friend me on Facebook if you are a Truth Warrior!   I’m urging all truth warriors to go to Facebook and LIKE the “VT Truth Warriors” page – huge stories breaking there and we are taking ACTION!  Also get my free ebook  “How to Spread 1,000 Times More Truth” using simple tips.  Visit my Youtube channel also for VeteransToday Radio and much more!   We are being lied to by our fake news and the lies are increasing every day.  We have no more time to waste!  Let’s WIN this thing by spreading more truth!  Let’s do it together!

This episode of Veterans Today Radio is a special broadcast. It’s very important!  To stop the coming terror attack planned by the neocon faction of the shadow government as described in this interview, it’s critical that all patriots share this information by all means available.  This attack will be blamed on Iran to start another war.  We can back them off if all of you do your job to spread this information!   It’s also important that you stop supporting the gatekeepers of alternative media who are aiding these neocons and censoring all articles by US Intel (  If the person you listen to in alternative media is not talking about Veterans Today and their articles and broadcasts, they are working for the bad guys and are traitors to the country!  

Support Veterans Today (VT) – they are the patriots in US Intelligence and our Vets bringing out all the truth.  Nobody has better intelligence than VeteransToday (VT) because they are literally US Intel!  They have people on the ground in Ukraine.  They had people sifting through the wreckage of MH-17!   They broke the biggest story of 2014 where VT proved that 9/11 was a nuclear event!  VT stopped the Syrian war by releasing the video footage showing the rebels launched the gas attack and not Assad!  VT also released the footage of the missile shot at MH-17 and proved it was fired by Ukrainian forces!  

They have the guns and badges behind the scenes and it’s up to all patriots to get the word out so they can gather more forces behind them to make more arrests when the time comes!  Listen to them now and take the final red pill and never support gatekeepers who censor their information.  The people behind VT have already made arrests and forced out crooks in Congress that were told to announce retirement or leave in handcuffs!  

Notes from Broadcast
Gordon Duff relates how he now has multiple confirmations of a coming Terror Attack on the United States to be blamed on Iran to get a war started with Iran which has always been the goals of the Neocons.  Stew Webb hosted this round table discussion of the latest Intel from Veterans Today and was also joined by Jim Dean and Preston James.  Make sure you click the links on each of these men and read all their articles!

Here are a just few notes from this broadcast. Please share and “Veterans Today Radio” broadcasts with as many patriots as possible. Illuminati gatekeepers such as the “tip of the spear” man in Austin that has censored all of their information and tells you instead to get your news from Matt Drudge who is funded by Illuminati scumbag Rupert Murdoch as reported by VeteranToday’s Gene Chip Tatum on Veterans Today Radio.  Gene Tatum was a super spy for the CIA and NSA and is one of the few surviving spies that know where all the bodies are buried in the Bush / Clinton crime syndicate.  
Here are just a few things covered!

1. US planes hit ISIS targets for the first time. ISIS is an Israeli run and financed operation. ISIS is murdering people wholesale in Mosul. They are getting aid from Saudi and have full access to US satellites through Israel.
2. Kurdistan is closely aligned to the US. US artillery (105mm howitzer) was blasting Erbil Kurdistan! Obama sent (2) F-18′s that took out the weapon.
3. ISIS designed to take the entire middle east. ISIS originally said they would defend Gaza and nuke Israel but said nothing during entire Gaza war. We have evidence the Israeli government murdered the teens that were claimed to be the reason Israel attacked even though the bombings started months earlier.
4. The Gaza war has been going on for years with Israeli strikes – plan is to entirely destroy Gaza.
5. We have a civil war going on within the United States right now between the holdout Neocons and the true patriots that know the evil that the Israeli government has done against the United States and are tired of the wars.
6. The neocons next plan is to pull off a major attack in the coming weeks if they are able to do so and blame it on Iran to start another war. They have caught Ukrainians and Chinese terror cells coming across the border. The border has been opened wide open by the Neocon faction.
7. The Ukraine army is getting smashed badly and that’s why the neocon faction and rogue military units are assisting the puppet Ukrainian government.
8. The rogue neocons faction plans to use the star wars death ray weapons to take out Russian tanks along the border to take over the entire middle east!
9. Neocons pushing impeachment of Obama because he’s not going along with the NWO war plans right now.
10. Tea party Republicans are agents of a foreign power (Israel) and are entirely on the take. Rand Paul is one of them.
11. Illegals coming over the border are tied to political group represented by Fox News (Sean Hannity etc) (Neocons).
12. The neocon faction are stripping the country! The Southwest is being especially stripped. Mormons have infected the NSA, Justice Department, CIA and have done so multi generationally.
13. Headquarters of this neocon faction is Fort Huachuca, Arizona which is an army Intel base that was supposed to seal the border using technology. They are the ones that have opened it and are taking orders from the Mexican drug cartels. Sierra Vista, Arizona is another headquarters of the rogue neocon faction.
14. There are militarized police departments across the south west, being run by cartels and controlled by Israel. The neocon rogue units are supported by alternative media operatives gatekeepers who censor all US Intelligence reports at   
Stew Webb reports that Dr. Croft who has been on Veterans Today Radio in the past has got confirmation by 38 doctors that there are over 30 cases of Ebola within the US! This has been kept secret!
15. The Ukraine air force only had a handful of advanced SU-27 and SU-29 aircraft and suddenly they now have dozens!
16. An American air force base is supporting the Ukrainian air force as are an Israeli base, a Polish base and a Romanian base!
17. 24 Nations have charged Israel with War Crimes!
18. Timothy McVeigh (official Oklahoma City bomber) is still alive! He was given the backdoor treatment by Daddy Bush. They injected him with a drug that slowed his heart to one beat per minute and revived him afterwards, gave him plastic surgery and a new identity. (Note by Glenn: the details of this were covered in other Veterans Today Radio broadcasts) 80% of DC involved in buying out our puppet government. 3 of supreme court justices are tied to organized crime.
19. Many of the state governments are controlled by drug cartels now.
20. Our satellites can now see all minerals under the ground. They have found that Africa is sitting on top of a sea of oil. Africa has the largest supply of oil on the planet.
21. Chinese intelligence has been caught coming over our open borders.

Much more is covered in this interview! Get it out to ALL facebook walls, groups, twitter, social networks etc.

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