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Friday, May 27, 2011

"Usury-Freed" Trumps "Usury-Greed"

"Usury-Freed" Trumps "Usury-Greed" was penned by myself in 2001 and posted at The Cyberclass Network. Though the article is dated by 10 years, the content is applicable in 2011 and in the future. Below is an excerpt from "Usury-Freed" Trumps "Usury-Greed."

"Usury-Freed" Trumps "Usury-Greed"

"Since its creation in 1983, the LETS software has gained world-wide recognition and respectability as the perfect software for establishing and maintaining a "usury-free" banking system.

After reading and re-reading John’s conclusions about the design flaw of "usury" and how it causes malfunctions in our orthodox system of "usury-bearing" economics I (as have many others) have been committed to playing our respective roles in helping to usher in a new age of abundance and prosperity by teaching others "what they don’t know they don’t know" about "usury greed" and "usury-freed."

The truths that I have learned and am still learning resonate with me. I am now 52 years young. I have been aware of the "usury-free" LETS software since 1983 and I am an active trader within the Ottawa LETS network of people who regularly exchange goods and/or services using a "usury-free" community currency known as "eco dollars." I have been trading approximately 2000 eco$ annually for the past three years.

As an advocate of the "usury-freed," I promote the Ottawa LETS in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada market and at The Cyberclass Network, on the Internet, I advocate the concept of a Global LETS whereby everyone can exchange a "usury-free" time currency locally, nationally and globally.

I have hosted seminars/workshops for groups of up to 100 people where John C. "The Engineer" Turmel and other advocates for the "usury-freed" reality of living have re-educated those whose presence indicates that they were ready and willing to be re-educated about "usury-greed." Many of us have also re-educated smaller groups and/or individuals at restaurants and in kitchens and living rooms.

We teach those who are willing and ready to learn the "truth" because as excited students armed with a gnosis of having the truth, we enjoy being beacons of light in a wilderness of ignorance and indifference. We enjoy, not only the challenge of re-educating, but also the opportunity of challenging people in positions of authority to take leadership and implement political action to expedite and maximize the benefits of the "usury-freed" concept of economics so that the greatest number of people may experience the maximum benefits in the quickest possible time.

We also learn everyday how little we know and we contemplate how the so-called economic experts demonstrate that they know nothing of the differences between the "usury-greed" and the "usury-freed" economic concepts despite being referred to and respected as "experts."

New ideas conceived with input from listeners/readers inspire unique possibilities and offers of support (financial and/or otherwise) are greatly appreciated. This ongoing learning process has not been an exercise in futility as family, friends, and close associates often warned.

Indeed, we learn from our adversaries as much as from our supporters and whatever knowledge we acquire can be applied to the eventual implementation of a "usury-freed" economy which can be established and managed by any level of government to ensure that all citizens have access to a "usury-free" currency for the mutual benefit of everyone.

Though any level of government can implement a "usury-free" currency for its constituency I am of the belief that the initial model will have to be created and developed as a pilot project within the infrastructure of a municipal government. It will prove itself in a very short time period and then the politicians from other levels of government (provincial, federal, global) will beat a path to the doors of those newly prospering municipalities to ask: "What are you doing to overcome "usury-greed" and how are you helping you constituents become "usury-freed?"

How does one keep the dream of creating a economy which will be "usury-freed" in spite of very little noticeable progress for the past 20 years? This question is often asked of those of us who are actively advocating the concept of a "usury-freed" society BUT it is asked more often of a leading activist such as John C. "The Engineer" Turmel who has been speaking of the "usury-freed" concept publicly in 52 election campaigns.

Our repeated response continues to be that one day in the not-so-distant future we will expand our database of people who understand the power of being "usury-freed" to the magical 3% required to effect change and there will emerge a political will to initiate action at the municipal level of government.

This long and arduous journey of teaching the truth about the significant differences between "usury greed" and "usury-freed" - when "lies, deceit and deception" have become so engrained in the psyche of the populace - is a grave challenge indeed. Understanding that forces of "mind control" and/or other means of conditioning paralyse most ordinary citizens into a mode of acceptance of the orthodox, "usury-greed" economic system is essential to furthering the cause. The first step in moving beyond what David Icke refers to as the "hassle free zone" is to re-educate people and then motivate them to action. One of the best steps is to encourage people to join and/or create a local LETSystem and commence trading immediately so that they can experience being "usury-freed."

Once you admit that "you’ve been had" by a "usury-greed" system that you bought into as a youth and you believed in until now – only then can you address the issue of re-education by committing to follow self-imposed course of study to teach you how to become "usury-freed." You will question your years of formal education which has so-conditioned you that you have resisted questioning any authority about any topic - especially those so-called complex economic theories.

The resources now available on the Internet make this re-education process possible at a minimal cost. Jeff Rense hosts a very informative radio talk show wherein he interviews guests that are never invited as guests on the mainstream electronic media. He archives these radio talk shows and everyday he posts news and information as resource material for those pursuing the "truth." There are numerous "re-educational" websites with much relative information.

Over time, meticulous research will verify the "truth" and expose the "lies, deceit and deception" about the "usury-greed" economic system that you have been accepting and following.

I guarantee that you cannot accept "usury" as a necessary component of a "usury-greed" economic system when you learn the "truth" about how "usury" is a devious, design flaw and that it can be completely erased with the benefits of modern technology so that you can truly experience "usury-freed" living.

Substantial "truth" awakens a gnosis within the individuals who grasp the simple fact that "usury" is the killer machine driving our "usury-greed" economy. The "truth" becomes woven into our being "usury-freed" and it expands our minds as we get more confirmation of its possibilities.

Much conversation has been made of John C. "The Engineer" Turmel’s passion for the creation of a "usury-freed" society. His relentless 20 year mission (though it may not be the way you or I would have done it) has awakened many people to the point where they are asking questions and questioning answers about "usury-greed" and "usury-freed." In his recent 50th, 51st and 52nd election campaigns during the fall of 2000 the concept of "usury-freed" was given a higher status and more credibility.

Towards the end of John’s 51st campaign (The Municipal Campaign in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) the newly elected Mayor of Ottawa, Bob Chiarelli, agreed to meet with John C. "The Engineer" Turmel, myself and other "usury-freed" resource persons to explore how the LETS software might be used for funding municipal programs. During John’s 52nd campaign, the federal election of 2000, John challenged both the mainstream fringe political parties to openly endorse the LETS software as the perfect model of a "usury-free" banking software.

John C. "The Engineer" Turmel is a champion for a "usury-freed" economy and his example speaks loudly to anyone who dares to commit to a re-education process to learn the "truth" about "usury-greed" orthodox economics. For me, John has it right – he correctly identified both the problem of "usury-greed" and he has had a significant role to play in funding and promoting the "usury-free" LETS software as the "usury-freed" solution. To know that abundance and prosperity of a "usury-freed" society is knocking at our door is indeed an inspiration to experience.

On examining the brief history of LETS development and one notes the correlations between "usury-free" community currencies and the evolution towards prosperity and abundance within the participating communities and the struggle with scarcity and lack within those communities which are still fully dependent upon "usury-bearing" federal currency. It appears that more and more of those who participate as traders within local LETS communities are experiencing the differences of "usury-greed" and "usury-freed."

Any municipal, provincial and/or federal politicians who take note of the evolving history lessons of these "usury-freed" communities which are trading with "usury-free" community currencies ought to be motivated to take immediate action to ensure that their respective municipal communities trump "usury-greed" and win with "usury-freed" thereby assuming a leading role in establishing the new age of abundance and prosperity for all." (snip)...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

National Endowment Proposal For Canada

On Sunday, May 15, 2011, I attended a COMER (Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform) meeting hosted by the COMER Chapter in Kingston, Ontario.

One topic that was addressed was a “National Endowment Proposal.” Don Findlay whose website is: brought forth the idea of a one-time, national (cash) endowment payable to every individual at the suggested age of 25 years.

According to Don Findlay’s proposal this national endowment could be considered as a usuryfree line of credit in the amount of $250,000. The idea would be that the recipient would use this national endowment - which would be usuryfree, tax free and non-repayable - to consolidate all debts and pay them off in full and any remaining amount would be available for the individual to spend a s/he determines. As I understand this “National Endowment Proposal” it would be issued and authorized by the Bank of Canada.

Don Findlay has authored an article titled “A Good First Step” and posted it at his website at this url:

I invite you to read Don Findlay’s article and then offer your comments/improvements and ideas of how to improve and/or implement such an idea as the “National Endowment Proposal.”

At the end of the article Don writes: "We may need to start a new political party." Obviously, he knows that none of the current duly registered political parties will take up the challenge to make a real difference! Maybe one of the so-called “fringe political parties” would be open to the idea?

A Good First Step
By Don Findlay

“At the end of 2007, the total value of all shares listed on all global stock exchanges was $64.47 Trillion US. By the end of 2008, that same global share had dropped to just $33.73 Trillion. In one year, $30.74 Trillion of paper wealth vanished into thin air. $30.74 Trillion is more than five times Canada’s total net worth in 2008 ($6.07 Trillion). In just one year, the value of 5 Canadas just disappeared.

We’re in deep trouble here folks. Speculative financial gaming has created a worldwide bubble machine and in 2008 about half of our retirement savings burst into nothing. The global financial system is out of control and governments around the world appear to be in cahoots with the crooks who scammed us.

So if all this paper wealth is just smoke and mirrors, what then is real wealth? If you look at Canada’s National Balance Sheet Accounts, you will see that Canada’s non-financial assets (non-paper wealth) amounted to $6.1 Trillion in 2008.

This figure includes all of our land, buildings, machinery and equipment, inventories and durable consumer goods (goods of significant value like cars, boats, major appliances etc.) So if you are looking to sell our country to someone and wanted to establish a fair asking price, $6.1 Trillion is it. According to Statistics Canada, after paying off all of our financial liabilities with all of our financial assets, $6.1 Trillion is all Canada is worth.

But wait a minute, the two most valuable assets we have aren’t even listed on our National Balance Sheet. Surely our human resources and material resources are our two greatest treasures. All of the assets that are listed are simply a byproduct of bringing human and natural resources together. So why aren’t these resources included in our accounting system? Herein lies the solution to our problems of usury and debt.” (snip) ...

Read this complete article “A Good First Step” at Don Findlay’s website at this url:

An Invitation From John “KingofthePaupers” Turmel

By John "KingofthePaupers" Turmel

Request to be a friend with John “KingofthePaupers” Turmel at Facebook – for a Hell of a Ride to Heaven.

If you're only getting your Adventures of John The Engineer in the postings at Yahoo Groups, you're missing 90% of the jokes. Of course, the humour is only for insiders and posterity who possess the key to the code.

What humanity could do to save itself? I'm sure everyone feels we should throw every resource we have at cleaning our environment, putting out best minds to work on saving our planet from catastrophe. Good idea?

Is there anyone who would not want us to get organized to maximize useful industrial output with all our scientists and technicians all full time working to save our biosphere while the rest of us are working to provide them food, clothing, shelter. Make sense? Good idea?

So we'll feed and clothe them as they work to save us. Good idea? Oops. No money for them to obtain food and clothes. No go. We have the human, material and tools but everything is stalled for lack of tokens to trade. How silly. Not enough poker chips to run the game right.

Contemplating the switch from Hell to Heaven, banking done on Earth as it is in Heaven, was always rosy thinking for me. What a great heaven we'll end up building with all this great technology once not-wastefully used.

But after Fukushima, with Heaven switched finally on, looks the first few thousand years are going to be spent cleaning up the radioactive mess left from when the Rothschild Gang were in charge of the world's credit.

Well, ASA, (Amnesty, Security, Anonymity) forgive and forget, let me turn on the levers of industry to full financing for productive enterprise and zero financing for non-productive enterprise (war, etc) and we'll skip the Nuremberg Trials for those who oppressed us while we were caught in Satan's Mort-Gage Death-Gamble trap. ASA may be one reason I'm still around. is where I post all the interesting news URLs I find in a day with whatever comment or joke I can think of. It takes me just a few seconds to post the link with the comment I left at the site. Ten, maybe twenty different yuks a day I just could not post to these newsgroups. Everything I post to USENET groups I link there too!

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But if it's on a Big Lie being exposed, that makes my wall, if it's on how to save ourselves with baking soda and sea salt from nuclear poisoning and other relevant data, it makes my wall.

LETS were called anti-poverty systems in the UK, financial "life-boats" in Australia. I've developed a Person to Person P2P anti-poverty lifeboat for global use. If you don't set up your lifeboat and start developing trading networks now, you'll only gain more misery. Timetrading is the work of the future, published volunteer Hours is the medium of exchange.

Get set for a Hell of a ride to Heaven as we reprogram money-lending on Earth as it is programmed in Heaven.

John Turmel's email:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Credit Card Usury And The Christian Failure To Stop It

In November of 2010, Bishop Paul Peter Jesep, published the second edition of a book titled “Credit Card Usury And The Christian Failure To Stop It” with a subtitle “A Call To Social Justice Against The Money Changers.”

On pages 7 and 8 under the title “Call To Action” it is written: “The interconnected industries of banks, credit bureaus, and collection agencies have an enormous impact on the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of families and individuals.

Darwinian capitalism, evidenced in part by an absence of corporate ethics and responsibility, has caused a human rights crisis and many religious leaders do nothing about it. Fortunately, some are beginning to see the magnitude that debt (usury) has on the spiritual, emotional, and physical lives of their parishoners. Individual and collective consumer debt, which provides banks with a permanent, if not long-term revenue source, is increasingly being compared to modern slavery or debt serfdom. As banks exploit or enslave consumers, executives in the financial service industries are expected to receive a record $144 billion in benefits and compensation in 2010. It is a 4% increase over last year.

In light of the harm these industries are causing to families and individuals that range from arrests to driving some to suicide a response is needed comparable to Jesus chasing the money changers out of the temple.” (snip) ...

On page 75 and 76 it is written: “Here are further reasons why Christians should call for Jubilation and better monitoring and regulation of unjust gain:

- As of 2--8, 78% of America’s households had one or more credit cards;
- As of June 2009, Visa credit had 309 million cards in circulation;
- As of September 2009, MasterCard had 2111 million cards in circulation;
- In 2008, 26.5 billion credit card transactions occurred;
- About 88% of the credit card market were controlled by the top 10 credit card
issuers in 2006;
- About 14% of disposable consumer income went to service debt in the 4th quarter of
- Almost 15% of U.S. families ‘had debt exceeding 40% of their income;”
- Young adult households spent about 24% of income on debt payments;
- As reported in April 2009, 34 million Americans have been late making a credit card
payment and 18 million citizens have missed a payment;
- Based on April 2009, 58 million Americans admit not paying bills in a timely
- In 2009, $20.5 billion in penalty fees on credit cards will be assessed;
- According to a November 2007 survey, 90% of African-American families with an
income between $10,000 and $24,999 had credit card debt;
- In April 2009, 9 in 10 undergraduates reported paying for direct education with
credit cards; and
- Most people put credit card debt at the top of things to be discussed." (snip) ...

On page 79 is it written: “Credit card companies, by the way, refer to those who pay off debt each month as ‘dead beats’ and ‘free loaders." (snip) ...

On the back cover of the book it is written: “In this second edition, Bishop Paul Peter Jesep, documents that credit card usury is legal, widespread, and perceived as a legitimate form of commerce. Yet it causes despair, hopelessness, physical pain, emotional torment, and financial servitude. Long-term consequences due to a poor credit score include difficulty finding employment, higher car insurance, the ability to secure safe and affordable housing, and in some cases ineligibility for needed educational loans.

At a time when greed is at an all time high, Christian leaders have consistently failed to use their pulpits to speak our against credit bureaus, collection agencies, and credit card companies. Christians have long advocated for social and economic justice, but have overlooked the serious injuries this sector of the economy causes.” (snip) ...

The book is now available at Amazon at this link: and probably at other book stores also.

To communicate with Bishop Paul Peter Jesep, contact him by these details:
Bishop Paul Peter Jesep, Ukranian Orthodox Church, 1737 Union St. PMB 464, Schenectady, New York, 12309 Tel: 1-518-496-2096 Email:

NOTE: On October 5, 2009 I posted an article at my blog - The UsuryFree Eye Opener titled: “Letter To Mainstream Religious Clergy About Usury.”

It is posted at this url:

I have sent this letter to various clergy from different religious organizations and I either got a form letter back which says thank you for you letter or in most cases there was absolutely no response at all. If any reader knows any clergy members who are ready and willing to address the evil and immoral aspects of usury, then please invite them to (a) read Peter Paul Jesep’s book and (b) spend some time reading the information compiled at The UsuryFree Eye Opener.

NOTE: More highlights from Paul Peter Jesep’s book at this website:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The UsuryFree Network Takes Action To Go Viral

The UsuryFree Network is a private network of usuryfree creatives who emphasize a deep belief in true freedom as well as a conviction that fellow human beings ought to be enjoying the benefits of "usuryfree" living while being fairly ruled by common law, not by laws made by the "usury elites" - many of whom are there by an accident of their birth. It is indeed time to enlighten the masses in a way similar to the French Revolution and the American Revolution - only this time, in the information war, instead of using weapons that kill, we will use the bullet of "usury" to help us network the "truth" and when we have successfully implemented "usuryfree" finance we will abolish "usury" forever.

"The UsuryFree Eye Opener is the electronic arm of the UsuryFree Network. It seeks active usuryfree creatives to help advance our mission of creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet. Our motto is 'peace and plenty before 2020.' The UsuryFree Eye Opener publishes not only articles related to the problems associated with our orthodox, usury-based 1/(s-i) system but also articles about the solutions as offered by active usuryfree creatives - and much more for your re-education."

Just as thousands of honest, pioneering and awakened citizens demonstrated their support for the Boston Tea Party in 1773, so will millions of pioneering and awakened citizens demonstrate their support for The UsuryFree Network in this 21st Century. A little time invested in research will uncover the fact that the design flaw of "usury" as
exacted by the greedy, global banking cartel in the 18th Century against the debtors, was the real cause of the Boston Tea Party.

This excerpt from a book titled "Pawns in the Game" written by William Guy Carr in 1958 explains the real reasons behind the Boston Tea Party. From Chapter 5, " The American Revolution" it is written:

“In order to understand how men who obtained control of the Bank of England, and the British National Debt, also obtained control of the trade and commerce, and the monetary system of Britain’s American colonies, it will be sufficient if we pick up the threads of the story at the time Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) went over to England to
represent the interests of the men who had been associated with him in building up the prosperity of the American Colonies.

Robert L. Owen, former chairman, Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, explains the matter on page 98 of Senate Document No. 23. He states that when associates of the Rothschild's asked Franklin how he accounted for the prosperous conditions prevailing in the colonies, he replied : "That is simple. In the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Script. We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry."

Robert L. Owen remarked that not very long after the Rothschilds heard of this they realized the opportunity to exploit the situation with considerable profit to themselves. The obvious thing to do was to have a law passed prohibiting the Colonial officials from issuing their own money and make it compulsory for them to obtain the money they required through the medium of the Banks. Amschel Mayer Rothschild was still in Germany but he was supplying the British Government with Mercenary Troops at £8 per man. Such was his influence that in 1764 he succeeded, through the Directors of the Bank of England, in having laws passed in accordance with his dictates.

The authorities in the Colonies had to discard their Script money. They had to mortgage the Colonial assets and securities to the Bank of England in order to borrow the money they needed to carry on business. Referring to those facts Benjamin Franklin stated. "In one year the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed." Franklin stated : "The Bank of England refused to give more than 50 per cent of the face value of the Script when turned over as required by law. The circulating medium of exchange was thus reduced by half".[1]

Mr. Franklin disclosed the primary cause of the Revolution when he said: “The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the Colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.” (snip) ...

Read more of Chapter 5, "Pawns In The Game" at this website:

Likewise, in this 21st Century, the design flaw of "usury" as exacted by the greedy, global banking cartel against the debtors, is the real cause of the ongoing social upheaval locally, nationally and internationally. You are encouraged to do your own research and read about the current "Lawful Rebellion" in England. Do some further research and you will find plenty of stories about "usury" or "riba" behind the stories about the chaos and unrest in the Middle East as well as in your respective local communities.

The remaining content of this essay will focus on Canada, though much of it can be applied to other countries as well.

Is your local, provincial and federal government honest? Do these respective levels of government serve the Canadian people in a manner that our ancestors would be proud of? Are the various levels of government working in cahoots  - by design or by accident - with criminal conspirators, the likes of which will one day make Adolf Hitler or Genghis Khan look like a grandfather out on a Sunday stroll? Are you "green" to the fact that the various levels of government create, project, and promote certain lies, deceits and deceptions?

Have you been trapped and/or harassed by coercive government, by insidious inflation, by the government mafia (the raging agents at Canada Revenue Agency) and by fear of the questionable judicial? Are you ready to take action to restore your Canadian Sovereignty and Heritage? Has you local media kept you well informed about the growth and expansion of the usuryfree community currency movement? It is of “No Interest” to you that you are indebted to the banking cartel for most of your productive, working years?

When honest citizens who are victims of coercive government dishonesty take action as individuals to resist, picket and/or display civil disobedience against such dishonest government, they are often unfairly branded criminal or portrayed as “oddballs” by the meddling, mainstream, electronic and print media. But now we have our alternative, social media networks where peaceful activists are lauded as heroes for exposing the lies, deceit and deception while advocating truth, honesty and integrity.

When any level of democratic government that is supposed to be “by and for the people” allows itself to be manipulated and/or conned by a small, clandestine, international group of criminally-minded men - to satisfy their own selfish greed for profit - using fraud, treachery, deception and fear at the expense of the trusting, unsuspecting and ill-informed masses, that government can best be described as an over-ripe and rotten criminal government. The western world, including Canada is full of such governments.

Is Democracy a fraud? Many people think so. In fact, I recently found and read a brief article authored by an Australian man titled "The Fraud of Democracy." Additionally, I have learned about a book published by Larken Rose titled "The Most Dangerous Superstition." According to Larken Rose, that most dangerous superstition is our belief in "authority” - otherwise commonly referred to as “government.”

Ponder this brief quote from page 2 of "The Most Dangerous Superstition"- "The belief in "authority", which includes all belief in "government," is irrational and self-contradictory; it is contrary to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in "authority" is the arch-enemy of humanity."

I highly recommend Larken Rose's book "The Most Dangerous Superstition" for your personal library. Check it our at Larken Rose's website:

Larken Rose's research shows how nearly everyone, as a result of one particular unquestioned assumption, is directly contributing to violence and oppression without even realizing it. Will we-the-people abolish "The Most Dangerous Superstition" in the near future? Probably not immediately anyways. Will any level of government in Canada exist to serve the people in the 21st Century? How will government evolve?

All levels of government in Canada can be "by and for the people" of this 21st century, if "green" people take action to grow immediately. Step one is to accept that you have been "green" and make a conscious decision to re-educate yourself with facts based on your own mission of self-imposed, truthful research.

Step two is to decide who has authority as "the boss" - you - as a living, breathing flesh and blood, free will, full liability man or woman, or the various levels of government that have been granted to rights of a "person" even though they are corporations.

Step three is to actively involve yourself in the learning process so that eventually you will be qualified in your role as "the boss" to effectively discipline any or all of the various levels of government. The learning process can be refined in many innovative ways, but each creative action requires knowledge and support. Each citizen must be willing to listen and learn, then, multiply and duplicate any newly acquired knowledge about inalienable rights of Canadians and follow up by claiming, demanding and enforcing those rights from and on every level of government.

The UsuryFree Network is an alternative communications and education network that co-operates with other like-mined individuals from the various social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Ning, etc. Some of our allies on social media networks are:

Grasshopper Media:
Genisis Communication Network:
Jeff Rense:
The Agora:

The ultimate goal is to strengthen, unite, teach and hopefully inspire and motivate the existing and growing numbers of "usury evaders," "untax crusaders," "bank bashers," "freedom fighters," "sovereigns" "lawful rebellers," as well as the "wage slaving millions" who have been so busy earning money to pay "taxes" and "usury" that they have not yet noticed their freedoms slipping away.

The UsuryFree Network will not be liked by any criminal government, nor will those people who earn their money by serving (directly and/or indirectly) any criminal government. In fact, most politicians and bureaucrats and their ilk will do all they can to stop the multiplication and duplication of the "sheltered information" that the UsuryFree Network distributes about the "untax crusaders" and about monetary reform and the proposed implementation of "The Innovative Proposal."

The sole purpose of The UsuryFree Network is to seek out, find and distribute information, knowledge, resources and items that are deemed “not newsworthy” and are therefore unlikely to be published by the mainstream media. After learning new knowledge, usuryfree creatives - who are members of the UsuryFree Network - will teach it to others as quickly as possible and encourage others to multiple and duplicate the "teaching process" for "to teach is to learn twice."

It has become blatantly obvious that the mainstream media is content to meddle in news items that foster or at least do not expose the criminal conspiracy that is rapidly leading to a "New World Order" controlled by that small international group of criminally-minded greedy usurers. Since the mainstream media neglects to broadcast "truth," it has become necessary to create this alternative vehicle of informing the masses who through no fault of their own are innocently ill-informed and ignorant of the multiple hidden agendas.

Marketing experts of this 21st Century have identified the concept of (SDI) Self Directed Income(s) industry - formerly known as multi-level marketing or network marketing as the most effective method of reaching the greatest number of people most quickly in this modern high tech world. For an abundance of articles related to the SDI industry readers are invited to read the articles that are posted at the SDI Eye Opener:

The UsuryFree Network expects to grow at an exponential rate as some aspects of the SDI industry have been tailored and adapted to provide wheels for the UsuryFree Network machine, so that the "greening process" can be brought to a screeching halt. It is assumed that many people are prepared to grow at an unprecedented rate when they are exposed to the “truth” and offered a vehicle to share their newly acquired knowledge
at an exponential rate.

The SDI industry offers a marketing model with very simple concepts and great potential leverage to quickly eliminate years of "censored knowledge." Over the years, much disinformation and misinformation has entrapped countless millions to believe that government is expanding in the name of our welfare and benefit. Many now know the "truth."

Given the ease of modern technology, it is my aim as an active usuryfree creative to share this particular essay with a minimum of 1000 people in Canada, asking each of them to read it and re-read it, and then invest a few minutes of time to forward it to others.

As a recipient, my request is that you email this essay to a minimum of 20 personal, email contacts. If you multiply this out you will realize the power and potential of the SDI marketing model. Consider this: The initial 1000 people send off the essay to the minimum suggested 20 people. Not everyone checks emails every day, so let’s be very generous and allow a 7 day turn around. Within 7 days of the initial emailing, 20,000 people will have received this essay.

Then if those 20,000 send off the minimum requested 20 copies to their personal email contacts, 400,000 will have received this essay within 14 days, and if those 400,000 send only 20 copies. Within the next 7 days 8,000,000 (or almost half the number of eligible voters in Canada) will have received this essay within about three weeks. Now if
those 8,000,000 each send only 20 copies within 7 days, the message will have reached more than 6 times to entire population of Canada - well before the next federal election scheduled for some date in 2015. Now consider the impact of the awakened Canadians on the next election day!!

Of course, in real life, mathematical progressions and numbers don’t very often work out to perfection when the human factor is added. But at least, it is interesting to consider the perfect mathematical progression and then be satisfied that in a relatively short period of time the message of the UsuryFree Network can reach a significant number of Canadians who will be anxious and willing to learn how simple and beneficial it is to set up a part-time enterprise at home to sell quality products and/or services to our own loyal networks while promoting and fostering “truth” at the same time.

Such a home-based, SDI enterprise could co-publish and distribute updated information packets along with selected products and/or services and thereby qualify for significant income tax deductions not formerly available to them as wage earners.

Another bonus coming from this communication is that we can create our own loyal database of products and/or services that each of us has available for trades or exchanges. Then we can negotiate trades using a combination of federal cash and any usuryfree community (or personal) currency.

One can easily see that the steps towards regaining control of our country can be hastened by implementing concepts from the SDI marketing industry. When the citizens of Canada once again decide to work together in a spirit of trust and dependability, then they will quickly recognize that their inalienable rights can not be regulated, granted, legislated, taxed, licensed or otherwise infringed upon by any level of government in a free society. In his wisdom, Benjamin Franklin warned the people: "Man will ultimately be governed by God or Tyrants."

As gratitude for learning about The UsuryFree Network, at your discretion you are invited to voluntarily send a token of appreciation to each of the three people listed at the end of this essay. Some people choose to send an email of thanks or gratitude and invite them to continue their own self-imposed research. You might even suggest that they do a search at any search engine for any of these words or groups of words: usury, usuryfree, usuryfree living, usuryfree community currency, life without usury etc.

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You might receive unexpected gifts either electronically or by mail. You might even profit from your frugal investment of time and energy. (After all MONEY is: My Own Natural Energy -Yes)

In any case, you cannot lose when you take action to start the process of taking our country back from the tyrants who are now in control.

Information will be made available to the UsuryFree Network about the coercive force of dishonest government and how lies, deceit and deception are used to entrap the wage earning masses. You will be privileged simply by having the opportunity to learn, know and teach inalienable rights endowed every Canadian by their Creator and by claiming, demanding, and enforcing those rights on government. We can again own our government, our money, our pride, and our integrity in Canada as the Canadians our ancestors hoped and trusted we would become. If we don’t take action collectively, then we as individuals will continue to slide into the sewer of Federal Government deception in the name of our welfare benefits. The choice is yours!

The following people were moved to action and they are responsible for you receiving this communication:

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Membership & Building Our Own Loyal Database Form:

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Let's unite Canada from sea to sea. No level of modern day government is capable of doing it, but we must move to action now! It can be great as we are great for we are Canadians.

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You will also be emailed updates listings of like-minded thinkers who live in proximity to your area as well as resources and “newsworthy items” that have been brought to the attention of the UsuryFree Network.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

What I Learned -- when I ran for Parliament

Jerry Ackerman was a candidate for "The Canada Action Party" in the 2006 federal election. This is his summary report of his adventures during the campaign and revelations of what he learned.

Jerry Ackerman's story brings back memories of 1993 when I was a candidate for the Abolition Party of Canada in the federal election of 1993. The record shows that I received 80 votes:—Orléans

The programs that we promoted for the Abolitionist Party of Canada in 1993 were drawn up by our Leader, John Turmel and are posted at this website:

Just as The Canada Action Party was ignored by the mainstream print and electronic media in 2006, so was the Abolitionist Party ignored in 1993 - even though we had 80 registered candidates - 50 in Quebec and 30 in Ontario.

Here is a link to a couple of articles about The Abolitionist Party:

Readers should know that he ultimate goal of the mission of The Abolitionist Party was to abolish the chains of usury.

Jerry Ackerman's Story from the 2006 Federal Election:

"Maybe I did know some of this ahead of time, but much was "in my face" without any reflection time before having to act. A couple of "upfront" things that really helped my campaign:

...I took Catherine's corny suggestion about CAPers wearing thinking caps and ordered dozens of "Thinking cAp"s to distribute. I wore one most of the January campaign. I'd advise voters that this election was the most important to date. They had to put on their own thinking cap and not just vote like their ancestors.

....Having been born and "raised" in the riding, and having returned to build a retirement cottage here, served to authenticate me. My family name was known, at least in the local area.

....And sporting my long silver hairdo in the leaflets I sent out made me easily distinguishable as a "Willie-Nelson" look-alike, though no one asked me to play a guitar or sing.

ACT is a multi-meaning word, as is ACTION. Since I was determined to run a reasonably civil campaign, I seldom referred to the other parties as "the INaction parties". The "thinking" voters knew what I was referring to when I criticized the major media's presentation of the campaign as an exhausting run between TWEEDLEDUMB and TWEEDLEDUMBER.

I did recognize that I was wrong to expect anyone to vote for (or against) some one or something they were not sure they fully understood. And since the dumb things that were/are happening called for a careful, thoughtful consideration ON THE PART OF THE ELECTORATE, I saw my efforts as a candidate primarily as those of someone from the "ed biz".

I didn't expect much help from the major media (identified as an Ottawa paper, a Kingston paper, and CBC/CTV), and I was right about that. On Election Night, Peter Mansbridge searched his mind fruitlessly when trying to name more than 5 of the 15 parties with registered candidates.

Just listing what I was MAD as HELL about served me well in getting attention. But it was insufficient to (a) communicate the necessary detailed explanations; (b) verify the information and allow for a give-and-take discussion; (c) convince some one who had yet to consider the importance of changing the course of past events. What could I do about this? In 20 days? "Not a snowball's chance," proclaimed the first guy I talked to about the election and the party I was running for. All I could say was,"This is a winter election, and I can make snowballs with the best of them!"

The most I could figure to do was:

1. Meet the deadlines for qualifying as a candidate.

2. Study the riding. It consists of 3 large counties with only 6 places big enough to need a map in order to find a second street. More rural than rural for most of the 87,000 qualified voters. What issues are at the forefront of those foreheads? How could I bridge to them -- in words?

3. Plan a campaign. (That's after persuading a friend to be my the essential official agent and finding a local accountant to be the required auditor, getting endorsed by CAP so the party name was on the ballot, and getting 125 names and addresses and signatures of qualified electors who didn't object to my becoming a candidate, i.e., would nominate me.)

4. Money to fund my efforts? Not from a party that got less than 2% of the total vote in the previous election! I learn that I have to deposit a $1000 retainer with Elections Canada (to ensure that my agent, auditor, and I get the necessary paper work done in time!). I note that there's a maximum I can spend -- nearly $1 per qualified voter. I realize that the incumbent won't even need to spend that much of his party's money, let alone his own. He won't need to contribute much more than his presence at the all-candidates forums, an occasional interview, and a few handshakes and baby kisses. (And when his votes are counted, his party will receive $1.79 per vote each year until the next election. His 30,000 votes will bring his party $54,000 @ year.)

Here's what I decide to do:

1. Make a website. That will help communicate with a curious voter who has a computer and has yet to make up his/her mind. (But there wasn't time to adequately fill the space, so it only contains my leaflets plus a link to CAP.)

2. Do a flyer. The only possible way to reach those farflung, cynical, disinterested voters and non-voters (29,000 in the last election) is to write a leaflet I can mail to everyone via Canada Post.

I decide to do that. Well, I try. There are hitches and glitches to be encountered -- Staples using the wrong paper for my leaflet, Can Post changing their rates, postal agents who hope if they give you enough problem you'll give up and quit bothering them.

After getting feedback via phone calls and emails from constituents, I realize I even need to do a second leaflet, one which builds bridges to the vital issues in this particular riding. Meaning to give the project my best, I get some crucial computer help from a fellow CAP candidate in the next riding and some friendly advice from the local postmistresses. I proceed to a second leaflet and mail it. Some I hand out at all-candidate forums, some I give to businesses in towns I didn't blanket thru the post office.

3. In between mad 2-3 hour dashes across the icy riding for forums with the other 6 candidates, I respond to emails and phone calls.

"I've been thinking what you're thinking," they say. PAYDAY!!!!!

Always, really good questions and comments. More agreement than I expected. Several ask me to put a sign in their yards. "Nope, none this time," I have to say. Campaign costs are already looking like nearly $10,000 -- 50% more than estimated.

4. There was lots of good help from the riding. Some of the local community papers provided nominal coverage. The weekly paper sponsored two all-candidate forums. The monthly one did a December survey of the candidates and welcomed the varying viewpoints. A not-very-local TV offered 10 minutes for each candidate. Two town papers tried to catch up after their local all-candidate forums. Civic groups set up evening all-candidate "debates". Lots of people turned out to hear us, in spite of sleet and snow.

On the Saturday following the election, four of the losing candidates converged at my home to review and share our experience. We found three or four common grounds "for next time" and verified that we learned much from one another. If we were to institute proportional representation in time for the next election, I think you'd find more than one of us headed for Ottawa. We expect to call on each other and share our activism on the issues in the riding that aren't getting enough attention.

Who could have ever convinced me that the experience would be this interesting, this challenging, this exciting?" (snip) ...

This article is originally published at Jerry Ackerman's website at this url:

NOTE: Money Meltdown - a series of 8 video clips of Jerry Ackerman at a seminar in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 2008:

Jerry Ackerman's email:

"Tragedy and Hope" - A Book Report by John Turmel

... a great book authored by Dr. Carroll Quigley

Dr. Carroll Quigley is best known as Bill Clinton's professor of history at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University. He
also taught at Princeton and at Harvard.

His 1300 page book "Tragedy and Hope" is unique among other history books in its exposure of the role of International Banking cabal behind-the-scenes in world affairs.

He does not spend a lot of time explaining what he calls "unorthodox" financial methods as opposed to "orthodox" financial methods which can be be distinguished by the fact that "orthodox" finance has governments allowing banks to create the money and then borrowing that money from them at interest to create massive growth of public debt whereas "unorthodox" finance has government Treasuries create the money and borrowing that money from the Treasury without interest to create a stable debt where all payments go against the principal.

The recurrent theme of these historical texts is the oppression of the poor by the International bankers. When I speak of Rothschild and Rockefeller (R&R), I am treating them as the epitome of the parasitic usurer families for according to the golden rule, those who have the gold makes the rules and throughout most of recent history, the Rothschild and Rockefeller families have been the most prominent owners of the gold.

Blame for all the genocides and most murders of recent history can be laid at their feet though it is a responsibility shared by their banker cronies the world over. I know that if Christ came back and had a whip in hand, it's these moneylenders he's go after, once again.

Over and over, Quigley details governments acting for the benefits of the owners of money to the detriment of the poor to the
point where the poor strike or riot rather than face starvation quietly.

Quigley, on a regular basis, mentions orthodox versus unorthodox financial methods without ever detailing the unorthodox methods responsible for the happiness of the citizens though he goes into great depth about the orthodox financial methods which result in such oppressive misery.

Whereas orthodox financial methods can be best explained as government licensing private banks to create the money and then borrow it from them at interest whereas unorthodox financial methods can be best explained as government Treasury creating the money and paying no interest to middlemen.

I will be studying his book in conjunction with the greatest book about monetary systems in antiquity, David Astle's "Babylonian
Woe," in anticipation of a major improvement on the current unsafe engineering design of money, I will be arguing that the unorthodox financial methods we will be studying are better than the orthodox financial methods that now are enslaving all the planet's nations to insurmountable debt." (snip) ...

Read John Turmel's complete book report at this website:

The Fight Against USURY

by Jüri Lina


"Lending money at interest has been condemned by men such as Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, Seneca and Cicero, early fathers of the Christian church; the majority of popes and councils up to 1830; likewise modern authors such as Goethe and Wagner.

The fight against usury goes back to the earliest known beginnings of civilization. From the days of Sumer to the present, decent people have struggled against this tool of the forces of darkness. Charging interest was condemned by the ancient Greek, philosophers. Money was to them something dead; something dead cannot be allowed to grow. Aristotle wrote in his work Politics (Book One, part X): "The most hated sort, and with the greatest reason, is usury, which makes a gain out of money itself, and not from the natural object of it. For money was intended to be used in exchange, but not to increase at interest. . . Wherefore of all modes of getting wealth this is the most unnatural."

Up until the end of the Middle Ages it was forbidden for Christians to charge interest. To charge interest on a loan was tantamount to murder and robbery. Later, those who charged interest were treated as heretics.

Martin Luther stated plainly: "All usurers are thieves and belong in the gallows." Everyone who lent money at an interest rate of 5 to 6 percent was considered to be a usurer. During the Middle Ages only Jews were allowed to lend money with interest: In Deuteronomy a Jew is forbidden to charge interest from his brother. But the goy (non-Jew) was not his brother. And to Jewish extremists plunder was not unfamiliar.

In ancient Babylonia the legal interest rate was 30 percent on money and 50 percent on grain. In Assyria there was no upper limit for interest rate. The farmers were often so deep in debt that they starved to death along with their families. This led to ruthless exploitation of the soil.

Martin Luther, the founding father of the Lutheran Protestant Church, and others of his era condemned usury, Fiery preacher Jakob Strauss conducted a violent campaign against usury and tithes. Thomas Muentzer, an unruly genius, combined his own ingenious liturgical reforms with a program of holy war.

In the city of Uruk in Sumer there lived two brothers who lent money with interest. When a borrower no longer could repay his loan, he lost his house and had to start working for free for the brothers. The slave could be lent also to other employers. This is a classical example of economic slavery.

Almost 3,700 years ago the ruler of Babylon, Hammurabi (1848-1805 B.C.). who was descended from the Amorite dynasty, forbade through his legal acts (containing 93 paragraphs) the taking of interest on interest, which meant that the borrower had to give in addition to the assets he had borrowed the same amount in goods or money. Anyone who broke the rule was severely punished, though very few abided by it. The 282 statutes of Hammurabi, written in Akkadian, were found in 1901-02 at excavations at Susa in ancient Elani (now Iran).

The tribune Tiberius Gracchus of the Roman Empire tried in 133 B.C. to reduce the power of the moneychangers through stricter laws against usury and to limit the legal land ownership to lugeri (about 600 acres) per family. He was murdered the same year.

In 48 B.C. Julius Caesar deprived the moneychangers of the right to coin money and had it done himself. With a larger money supply he was able to erect many public buildings. Common people adored Caesar for his contribution to making money more available. After the murder of Caesar there was an end to the abundance of money. The money supply was reduced by 90 percent. Taxes rose sky-high. As a result most people lost their land and their homes. The slander of Caesar goes on even today.

The Freemasons wanted to acquire as much wealth as possible in order to serve their demons during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Irish economist Margrit Kennedy has pointed out that a 1 percent loan is doubled in 70 years. A 3 percent loan with accumulated interest doubles in only 24 years. A 6 percent loan doubles in 12 years, and at 12 percent the amount is doubled in just sis years.

If anyone had lent one cent in A.D. 1 and charged a 4 percent interest; in 1750 he could have bought gold weighing as much as the whole Earth. (At 5 percent interest it would have been possible as early as the year 1403.) [n 1990 he would have been able to buy 12,246 such ''nuggets."

These extreme examples show how madly interest damages each country's economy.

After the so-called French Revolution the use of paper money was widespread.

The gold traders began practicing economic fraud to become even more powerful. They lent secretly part of the gold that had been deposited with them and kept the interest they made on such illegal loan. The gold traders then issued more receipts (bank notes) of gold deposits than they had gold, then lent these notes and charged interest on them Far more money was lent than what the creditor had cover for. Soon these money crooks lent as much as up to 10 times more than they had gold deposited.

This breach of trust has become common in all areas in the world of the Freemasons. The American banks have the right to lend 10 times more money than they actually have. This means that their interest actually is close to 80 percent and not 8 percent, which is officially claimed. The Masonic bankers create money out of nothing and force us to pay interest thereon." (snip) ...

This is a lengthy article with an abundance of background information. Read the complete article at this website:

NOTE: More about 'usury' at this website:

Economy, Banking, Credit Cards And Usury - Why You Need An Alternative Payment System

By Jim Olivero

"Modern world recognize and use two sciences: mathematic and economy. Long time ago, Albert Einstein said: "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax." For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Interpretation of Einstein law is very simple: Unfortunately, one of our two sciences is guilty for the worst crimes ever committed.

In simple terms the new money comes into circulation through the banking system, issued as a debt to the banking system. This money is created out of thin air and is backed by nothing. There is a significant difference between a nominal value and printing costs of the money. Here we are talking about enormous profit, also called seigniorage. What's worse, with fractional reserve banking like in Euro area, we have the same money in 50 different places at the same time. In the case of money lending like this one, generated interest on initial deposit becomes unbelievable number.

It's not finished yet: You have to repay public debt, interests, inflation, other hidden taxes, and who knows what else... Finally, world is full of enemies so you have to fight them before they have a chance to attack you. It's a war that you're losing for twenty centuries. What is hidden behind the Central Banks independence and autonomy? Privately owned corporations and lost of "democratic countries "monetary sovereignties?

Some Little-Known Facts

All revolutions have one common thing: no one changed a monetary system. Existence of Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and similar organizations. On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.

On June 23, 2005, Former IRS CID Special Agent Joseph Banister has been acquitted of tax fraud and conspiracy. The government was unable to prove that US law requires income tax withholding or filing. On September 15, 2005, a Justice of the peace in the southern Italian town Lecce has decided that the Italian Central Bank's practice to retain the seignorage (signoraggio) on paper money for its own profit is illegal and that the money should be turned over to its rightful owners - the citizens of Italy. Existence of hundred of trillions invented values of financial derivatives.

Negative Effects Of Credit Card

The magnetic strip was introduced in 1970 and ushered in the information age and the credit card industry boom which has driven this economy now for decades. Though we don't have a debtor's prison as in the days of Babylonia, nor is usury lawful (though a good argument might be presented that it is from time to time), we do seem to have come full circle. Remember all those farmers back 3000 years ago who went to prison and could not grow thereby starving there countryman? Well, what do you suppose drives our economy? It's credit. And what horrible condition continues to rise in epidemic proportions as a result? It's bankruptcy.

Per an article Can You Afford It? The national balance on credit cards, auto, and other non-mortgage loans rose to a new record figure in April 2001 at $1.58 trillion. Delinquent credit card payments (30 days past due) has risen to new high of 5% delinquency. There is a 17.5% increase in the already staggering number of bankruptcies filed. The credit card has been the single major pivot in creating a boom in bankruptcies. Do you suppose it might be possible to have enough consumers declare bankruptcy so that the entire economy might implode upon itself? It did with the farmers in early civilizations. I would say it is very possible when your castle is built of plastic." (snip) ...

This article is originally published at this website:,-Banking,-Credit-Cards-And-Usury---Why-You-Need-An-Alternative-Payment-System/31423

The hunger to come in Egypt

By Spengler

Egypt is running out of food, and, more gradually, running out of money with which to buy it. The most populous country in the Arab world shows all the symptoms of national bankruptcy - the kind that produced hyperinflation in several Latin American countries during the 1970s and 1980s - with a deadly difference: Egypt imports half its wheat, and the collapse of its external credit means starvation.

The civil violence we have seen over the past few days foreshadows far worse to come.

The Arab uprisings began against a background of food insecurity, as rising demand from Asia priced the Arab poor out of the grain market (Food and failed Arab states, Asia Times Online February 2, 2011). The chaotic political response, though, threatens to disrupt food supplies in the relative near term. Street violence will become the norm rather than the exception in Egyptian politics. All the discussion about Egypt's future political model and its prospective relations with Israel will be overshadowed by the country's inability to feed itself.

Egypt's political problems - violence against Coptic Christians, the resurgence of Islamism, and saber-rattling at Israel, for example - are not symptoms of economic failure. They have a life of their own. But even Islamists have to eat, and whatever political scenarios that the radical wing of Egyptian politic might envision will be aborted by hunger.

The Ministry of Solidarity and Social Justice is already forming "revolutionary committees" to mete out street justice to bakeries, propane dealers and street vendors who "charge more than the price prescribed by law", the Federation of Egyptian Radio and Television reported on May 3.

According to the ministry, "Thugs are in control of bread and butane prices" and "people's committees" are required to stop them. Posters on Egyptian news sites report sharp increases in bread prices, far in excess of the 11.5% inflation reported for April by the country's central bank. And increases in the price of bottled propane have made the cost of the most widely used cooking fuel prohibitive.

The collapse of Egypt's credit standing, meanwhile, has shut down trade financing for food imports, according to the chairman of the country's Food Industry Holding Company, Dr Ahmed al-Rakaibi, chairman of the Holding Company for Food Industries. Rakaibi warned of "an acute shortage in the production of food commodities manufactured locally, as well as a decline in imports of many goods, especially poultry, meats and oils". According to the country's statistics agency, only a month's supply of rice is on hand, and four months' supply of wheat.

The country's foreign exchange reserves have fallen by US$13 billion, or roughly a third during the first three months of the year, Reuters reported on May 5. The country lost $6 billion of official and $7 billion of unofficial reserves, and had only $24.5 billion on hand at the end of April. Capital flight probably explains most of the rapid decline. Egypt's currency has declined by only about 6% since January, despite substantial capital flight, due to market intervention by the central bank, but the rapid drawdown of reserves is unsustainable.

At this rate Egypt will be broke by September.

Egypt imported $55 billion worth of goods in 2009, but exported only $29 billion of goods. With the jump in food and energy prices, the same volume of imports would cost considerably more. Egypt closed the 2009 trade gap with about $15 billion in tourist revenues, and about $8 billion of remittances from Egyptian workers abroad. But tourism today is running at a fraction of last year's levels, and remittances are down by around half due to expulsion of Egyptian workers from Libya. Even without capital flight, Egypt is short perhaps $25 billion a year.

Price controls and currency depreciation have made it more profitable for wholesalers - including some employees of state companies - to export rice and cooking oil illegally. According to the daily al-Ahram, hoarding of rice by wholesalers has pushed up the price of the grain by 35% this year, while 200 containers per day are sold to Turkey and Syria.

"What is happening," the newspaper claims, is that that traders are storing basic items such as rice and barley, hoarded in barns and in large quantities, and are reluctant to send it to the rice mills in order to raise the price of this strategic commodity". The al-Ahram report, headlined, "Conspiracy to Monopolize Rice," demands physical inspection of containers leaving Egyptian ports.

The rest of the story is predictable. Once the government relies on young men with guns to police its merchants, hoarding will only get worse. The Egyptian revolution has cracked down on the commercial elite that ran the country's economy for the past 60 years, and the elite will find ways to transfer as much of its wealth to safety as it can. The normal chain of distribution will break down and "revolutionary committees" will take control of increasingly scarce supplies. Farmers won't get fuel and fertilizer, and domestic supplies will fail.

The Egyptian government will go to the International Monetary Fund and other aid agencies for loans - the government reportedly will ask for $7 billion to tide things over - and foreign money at best will buy a few months' respite. The currency will collapse; the government will print IOUs to tide things over; and the Egyptian street will reject the IOUs as the country reverts to barter.

It will look like the Latin American banana republics, but without the bananas. That is not meant in jest: few people actually starved to death in the Latin inflations. Egypt, which imports half its wheat and a great deal of the rest of its food, will actually starve.

Revolutions don't only kill their children. They kill a great many ordinary people. The 1921 famine after the Russian civil war killed an estimated five million people, and casualties on the same scale are quite possible in Egypt as well. Half of Egyptians live on $2 a day, and that $2 is about to collapse along with the national currency, and the result will be a catastrophe of, well, biblical proportions.

Spengler is channeled by David P Goldman. Comment on this article in Spengler's Expat Bar forum." (snip) ...

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Obama Exposed Once and For All ...

Obama Exposed Once and For All!!

Is Harrison J Bounel or Bounel Harrison J = Barack Obama = Barry Barry Soetoro? Check this SSN: 042-684-425

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Regime Change at the IMF: The Frame-Up of Dominique Strauss-Kahn?

by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, May 19, 2011

"The arrest of IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn has all the appearances of a frame-up ordered by powerful members of the financial establishment, in liaison with France's Nicolas Sarkozy, whose presidency has served the interests of the US at the expense of those of France and the European Union. While there is for the moment no proof of a plot, the unusual circumstances of his arrest and imprisonment require careful examination.

Immediately following Strauss Kahn's arrest, pressures were exerted by Washington to speed up his replacement as Managing Director of the IMF preferably by a non-European, an American or a handpicked candidate from an "emerging market economy" or a developing country.

Since the founding of the Bretton Woods institutions in 1945, the World Bank has been headed by an American whereas the IMF has been under the helm of a (Western) European.

Strauss-Kahn is a member of elite groups who meet behind closed doors. He belongs to the Bildeberger. Categorized as one of the world's most influential persons, he is an academic and politician rather than a banker. In contrast to his predecessors at the IMF, he has no direct affiliation to a banking or financial institution.

But at the same time he is the fall guy. His "gaffe" was to confront the Washington-Wall Street Consensus and push for reforms within the IMF, which challenged America's overriding role within the organization.

The demise of Strauss-Kahn potentially serves to strengthen the hegemony of the US and its control over the IMF at the expense of what former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called "Old Europe".

Blocking Strauss-Kahn, the Presidential Candidate

In recent years, a major shift has occurred in Europe's political landscape. Pro-American governments have been elected in both France and Germany. Social Democracy has been weakened.

Franco-American relations have been redefined, with Washington playing a significant role in grooming a new generation of European politicians.

The presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy has, in many regards, become a de facto US "client regime", broadly supportive of US corporate interests in the EU and closely aligned with US foreign policy.

There are two overlapping and interrelated issues in the DSK frame-up hypothesis.

The first pertains to regime change at the IMF, the second to Strauss-Kahn as a candidate in France's forthcoming presidential elections.

Both these processes are tied into the clash between competing US and European economic interests.

Strauss-Khan as a favorite of the Socialist Party, would have won the presidential elections leading to the demise of "Our Man in Paris" Nicolas Sarkozy.

As documented by Thierry Meyssan, the CIA played a central undercover role in destabilizing the Gaullist party and supporting the election of Nicolas Sarkozy (See Operation Sarkozy: How the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic, Reseau Voltaire, September 4, 2008)

A Strauss-Kahn presidency and a "Socialist" government would have been a serious setback for Washington, contributing to a major shift in Franco-American relations. It would also have contributed to weakening America's role on the European political chessboard. It would also have changed the balance of power between America and "Old Europe" (namely the Franco-German alliance). It would have had repercussions on the internal structure of the Atlantic Alliance and the hegemonic role of the US within NATO.

The Frame-Up?

Fifty-seven percent of France's population, according to a May 17 poll, believe that Strauss-Kahn was framed, victim of a set-up. He was detained on alleged sexual assault and rape charges based on scanty evidence. He was detained based on a complaint filed by the Sofitel hotel where he was staying, on behalf of the alleged victim, an unnamed hotel chamber-maid."
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By John C. Turmel, B. Eng.


"All Economics is based on the false premise that "interest fights inflation" when the truth is that "interest causes inflation." Almost everyday in every financial story of every newspaper and radio or television program, it is repeated over and over the interest fights inflation. They all agree that interest causes unemployment but all have been conditioned to believe that it is necessary to fight inflation. "Inflation is coming so we'll have to raise interest rates" is hypnotically chanted like a mantra.

The word "mort-gage" is derived from the French word "mort" meaning "death" and "gage" meaning "gamble". Bankers create the money supply when they make loans. Producers are forced to gamble by borrowing newly created Principal(P) to pay for production costs and then inflating their prices to recuperate both the created Principal and the non-created Interest (P+I) from their sales. Because total goods priced at (P+I) can never be sold when consumers only have P dollars available, a minimum amount of goods must remain unsold and a minimum number of producers must fail and suffer foreclosure. The economist Keynes likened the mort-gage death-gamble to the game of musical chairs. Just as there are insufficient chairs for all to survive the musical chairs death-gamble, so too, there is insufficient money for all to repay (P+I) and survive the mort-gage death-gamble.

The equation for the minimum inflation (J) we must suffer is the same as the equation for unemployment (U) because the fraction of the people foreclosed on is the fraction of collateral confiscated. Though we are led to believe that inflation is caused by an increase in the money chasing the goods (Shift A), actually, it is caused by a decrease in the collateral backing up the money (Shift B) due to foreclosures. Though both inflations shifts feel the same, the graph shows inflation is not the inverse function of interest, it is the direct function exposing the Big Lie that interest fights inflation. You can test this out yourself with the Game Theory example at the end of the LETS Engineering Mathematics at

Every economist in world has been taught that inflation is Shift A. No Economics curriculum mentions the other possibility, Shift B. This is not accidental. Yet when most people who have not been conditioned by Economics studies are asked whether prices will go up or down when the interest rates are raised, they are quick to agree that a merchant must pass on increased interest costs by raising prices. And yet, very few notice that this logical conclusion that interest is passed on in higher prices is in direct contradiction to the Big Lie which is repeated over and over in all our media and Economics text-books that interest reduces prices." (snip) ...

Read the complete article at this website:

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Tom Greco Comes To Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From: Glen Alan <>
Date: May 18, 2011 10:25:28 PM GMT-04:00
To: MINT Film Festival <>
Subject: MINT Update - Thomas H. Greco to be Filmed at MINT Film Festival Screening - May 26th 2011 @ 6:30pm

Hello MINT Supporter,

Due to the great deal of interest in our May 26th screening, I thought I'd include a short write-up that you can forward to those you think would be interested in attending. This is a rare opportunity to meet one of the leading economic thinkers of our time: Thomas H. Greco.

I am thrilled Tom has agreed to come to Toronto to speak with us. And Tom's May 26th presentation will be filmed by award-winning Toronto Director Gregory Green. If you haven't had the opportunity to read Tom's books The End Of Money and The Future Of Civilization and Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender, MINT has copies of them available for purchase.

He will be in Toronto for 4 days (May 26 - May 29) for workshops (May 28th from 3:00 - 5:00 pm May 29th from 1:30 - 3:30 pm) and media appearances on the subject of alternative economic exchange systems.

For more information on the seminars and film festival, please email or check out our website at

I look forward to seeing you next Thursday, May 26! And don't forget to arrive early to hear the formidable talent of Toronto singer-songwriter Leh-Lo from 5:30 - 6:30pm. You can also get your book personally signed by Tom before the screening begins.

Glen Alan
Toronto Dollar President
MINT Executive Director
Founder of Find A Way
(416) 707-1077

MINT Film Festival Screening of The Economics Of Happiness – Thursday, May 26th at 6:30pm, Rainbow Cinemas Market Square (80 Front St. E.

This screening of the award-winning feature film The Economics Of Happiness is co-hosted by The Toronto Dollar and Transition Toronto. Thomas H. Greco, internationally known Community and Monetary Economist, will lead the post-screening discussion on alternative economic systems, providing inspiration and new ideas for a healthier economic future.

Leh-Lo will be the evening’s musical guest and will perform from 5:30–6:30pm in the theatre. The featured short for the evening will be Home Grown by Toronto Director Jennifer Renaud. Jane Hayes of Garden Jane will be present for the announcement of a $10,000 Toronto Dollar grant towards an innovative breakfast program in the St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood Area. Gregory Greene, award-winning Director of The End of Suburbia and Escape From Suburbia, will be filming Tom's post-screening talk. Find out more about Gregory's work at

Advance tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors, and can be purchased in person at the Rainbow Cinemas Market Square or from selected Toronto Dollar representatives and businesses. Tickets at the door are $12. For more info please visit

Synopsis for The Economics Of Happiness: This critically acclaimed documentary describes a world moving simultaneously in two opposing directions: governments and big businesses continuing to promote globalization and the consolidation of corporate power, while people around the world are resisting these policies. Citizens are demanding a re-regulation of trade and finance; and, far from the old institutions of power, they’re starting to forge a very different future. Communities are coming together to re-build
more human-scale, ecological economies based on a new paradigm – an economics of localization." (snip) ..

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Thomas H. Greco, Jr. Email:
Mobile phone: 1-520-820-0575
Skype/Twitter name: tomazgreco
Tom Greco's latest book, "The End of Money and the Future of Civilization" can be ordered from Chelsea Green Publishing,, or your local bookshop.