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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama is a MAN ?

NOTE: As of this posting at 1:11 PM (EST) today (March 26, 2014) 259.053 people have viewed this particular video clip since it was first published on YouTube on March 11, 2014. The transcript is added below the video.  Is this a "power of suggestion" video OR dies it really show "irrefutable proof?" Comments and Feedback welcomed.  
What do you think?

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama is a MAN 24/7

The President's homosexual lover, lives in the White House, and his name is Michael. 
[Note: the transcripts posted on this website, are here because we are well aware of the needs of the hearing impaired, and the needs of those who do not speak english, but want to enjoy reading the content - translated into their native language.  And for this reason, the translate button is located at the very top of every page on this website.]

(Girl singing)  “Oh say can you see?”

(0:11) This video, will present irrefutable, and scientific proof, that will establish, beyonsd any reasonable doubt, that Michelle Obama, is in FACT, a MAN! - who prefers to present himself, and who prefers to dress up, as a woman.

(0:30) This video will prove, that the person, commonly referred to, as “the first lady” of the United States, may be,
‘the first Queen’ at best – but he most certainly, is not a lady.  Let’s find out why.  This video will examine the following:

(0:49) It will examine Michelle’s male hands, male shoulders, male torso, male genitalia, and overall, male proportions.  It will also look at how, a carefully designed wardrobe, a wide hairdo, a persistent ‘facially distorting smile,’ and ‘carefully selected press photos,’ have all succeeded, in suppressing the revelation of Michelle’s undeniable, male, physical, form.

(1:18) While this information is “controversial and shocking” to say the least, it is being shared, because it is the 
Truth; it is being presented so that people can stop living the lie, that is being dished out by the U.S. Government, and the mainstream media.

(1:37) Many people are unfamiliar with the more ‘subtle physical differences’ that can be found between men and women.  While Michelle Obama works very hard to distort the more obvious differences, he fails miserably at hiding them all.  Let’s take a close look at some of the male traits that he has failed to conceal.  We will begin, by looking
at the hands.

(2:04) The scientific community, has known for a long time, that a man’s ring finger, is typically longer than a man’s index finger. Here are two clear pictures - that illustrate the differences in ring finger proportions, on male
and female hands. Notice how the man’s ring finger is visibly longer than his index finger.  While it is not uncommon for a woman to have the ring finger and index finger at very similar lengths, it is almost unheard of for a woman to have a visibly longer, ring finger.

(2:45) See for yourself, by looking at both of your hands.  Relax your hands. Put them flat on a table.  Pull the 
fingers together, and notice the length of your ring finger.  Now compare it to the length of your index finger.  Your hands will now testify, against Michelle Obama, every time you look at them.
[Special Note: if you have the DNA of a woman, and your ring finger appears to be longer than your index finger, then do not be alarmed. Some people who have the DNA of a woman, do in fact have ring fingers that appear to be longer than the index finger. According to the scientific community, the diagram at 2:04 in this video testifies that the woman's ring finger is typically 2% longer than her index finger. Because of the angle of the knuckles, the ring finger can appear to be a "similar length". The ring finger can appear deceptively longer than the index finger, by simply angling the finger tips away, from the thumb. Try it, and see for yourself.  Some people with arthritis may have ring fingers that appear to be longer for this reason. The term "man finger" was used in the video (see 17:29), not to describe any part of people who have the DNA of a women, but rather to describe a part of men - who typically have visibly longer ring fingers than index fingers.  "Michelle" - who is in fact a man, does indeed, have "man fingers" - all ten of them!  Remember to use common sense and reason while watching this video - because it is in fact the sum of all the proofs in this video, that allow us to say with confidence, that the fact that Michelle Obama is a Man, is IRREFUTABLE!  This is not a statement that is based on any ONE proof apart from all of the others.]

(3:13) If we look at this x-ray of a man’s hands, we can see how the bone structure of the ring finger, is visibly 
longer, than that of the index finger.

(3:26) If we look at an x-ray of a woman’s hand, we can easily see, that the tip of the ring finger appears to be 
slightly shorter than the index finger.

(3:37) In this photo of Barack and Michelle’s right hands, even at a distance, Michelle’s ring finger is noticeably 
longer than the index finger.  In fact, the ring finger is so long, that when we compare it with the one on the man next to him, it is easy to see, that the male trait, of prominent ring finger length, is even more pronounced, in Michelle.

(4:06) Here we see, a person [Ashton Kutcher] holding up their hand.  By the ring finger length, it is safe to 
conclude, that he is a man.

(4:16) Here, we see someone [Angelina Jolie], whose ring finger length clearly shows that she was born, a female.

(4:25) But in this photo - wait a minute, “Houston, we have a problem!” The ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger – proving that Serena Williams, the famous tennis player, was in fact born: a male.  [Note: this 
conclusion, was drawn after taking into consideration a number of telling signs, in addition to finger length.  In other words, "proving" - after the fact] Both the shoulders, and flamboyant behavior, are quite telling as well.

(4:47) Here is a good photo of Michelle’s hands. The ring fingers are both, visibly, longer than the index fingers.

(4:58) Once again, we have clear view of the hands. It is undeniable: those are the hands, that emerged from the womb, on a male, child.

(5:10) Now that we have established, that Michelle has the hands of a man, let’s look at Michelle’s shoulders.
The shoulders are surrounded by bulging muscles - that appear to be very masculine. Notice how the carefully tailored clothing, hides the neck muscles. Let’s find out why.

(5:32) Both the neck muscles, and the bulging shoulders, look like they belong on a man.

(5:39) In this photo, the hair and the clothing both serve to camouflage the neck muscles. Michelle’s face may 
appear quite “feminine” - to the undiscerning eye; but after taking a closer look, isn’t it amazing, what the very best make-up artists and hair stylists, can do to any person, who has enough money? 

(6:01) And to help add to the illusion, Michelle often slouches forward.  This is done to make the shoulders appear smaller, but the masculine shoulders remain.

(6:13) Wild hair and dangling earrings, can pull the eye away from the shoulders, but once you have spotted them, they just don’t seem to go away.

(6:24) To make matters worse, men have more prominent brow features than women. As you can see, Michelle’s eyebrows are generally painted on, in such a way that they wrap around the male skull bone, that protrudes out at 
the eyebrows. 

(6:42) Close up images of the eyebrows reveal a tremendous effort, at wrapping the paint, all the way around, this very prominent male, facial feature.

(6:54) Once again, the painted eyebrows, do not match the size of the brow bone.

(7:01) Now what most people do not know about human anatomy, is that the body is ‘naturally proportioned’ - 
based on a ratio between overall body height, and the size of a person’s head! In this illustration, you can see how perfectly proportioned, a typical human body of each gender is! This illustration also reveals, a description, of how the shoulders are measured. 

(7:30) On a woman’s body, the shoulder width, is typically equivalent, of 2 ½ times, the width of her head.

(7:41) Here we have an example of a healthy woman. As you can clearly see, her shoulders are about two and a 
half times the width of her head. 

(7:53) A man’s shoulders, are typically the equivalent, of three times, the width of his head.  In this illustration, it is easy to see that this person, is in fact a man - based on the width of his shoulders, in relation to the width of his 

(8:11) And here, we have an image of an extremely athletic man, whose gender is confirmed, by the width of his shoulders, in relation to the width of his head.

(8:23) Now, if we take an objective look at Michelle, we see that the shoulder width, is not compatible with 
the shoulders of a woman, in relation to the size of the head. The dress, the pearls, the fancy hairdo, and make-up,can re-direct the observer’s attention, away from the proportions; but all the illusions, cannot make the physical reality that Michelle is a man, go away.

(8:54) Now let’s take a closer look at Michelle’s body proportions. Notice in this illustration that the height of a 
typical healthy man, is roughly eight times the height of his head. The height of a typical healthy woman is roughly seven times the height of her head.

(9:14) This illustration reveals that Michelle stands at eight heads tall. At this point in human history, there is no amount of surgery that can change his body proportions. His overall height is exactly 8 times the height of his head – proving, that Michelle cannot POSSIBLY be a woman. The jacket was carefully chosen to diminish the ‘manly’ appearance of the shoulders. Notice how there is a wide gap at the waist, to create an optical illusion, that the hips are wider than the shoulders. Michelle is also wearing flat shoes. He does not tend to wear high heels because if he did, while standing at five feet eleven inches tall - he would TOWER over almost all of the women, as well as most of the men, who were standing nearby.

(10:11) Here we can see Michelle standing next to a woman. Notice how the woman’s shoulders on the far left are 
no match for Michelle’s man shoulders. There are many ‘tricks of the eye’ going on in those dresses. Someone has added a few pounds of necklaces to downplay the bulging shoulder muscles. It is easy to see how Michelle arches his shoulders forward, to help with the illusion, just a little bit more.

(10:41) This illustration reveals how the hip and shoulder proportions, are naturally different, between men 
and women. While men’s hips are smaller than their shoulders, a woman’s proportions, tend to be the opposite. I am not able to show you an image of Michelle at the beach.

(11:01) However, when Serena Williams appears on a beach walking next to an actual woman, it is quite easy to 
see the physical differences between the body structure of a man and a woman. Even when a man has breasts that are formed by hormone replacement therapy, the hip bones remain much narrower than the shoulders. It is interesting to note, that Serena’s thin upper body and heavier lower torso, are almost identical to Michelle’s.

(11:34) So how then, is it possible, for Michelle to pose next to a man, and appear to have female body 
proportions? Simply by turning the shoulders away from the camera, the shoulders appear to be narrower.

(11:50) Notice the difference when the shoulders are square to the camera.

(11:56) In this photo, we can see Michelle, turning the shoulders away from the camera.  And then, simply by 
bending the wrist, while relaxing the biceps, the upper arms appear to be more feminine.

(12:11) But look at what happens when the shoulders are square to the camera, and the man arms are plain to 
see. The wild hair and stacked up jewellery can only do so much, to distract you from the uncomfortable truth.

(12:28) The biceps are fully flexed, because they are now carefully concealed, under a custom tailored jacket, 
with exaggerated shoulder pads, that make the arms appear smaller.  It is quite an effective illusion.

(12:44) But when Michelle is put next to a real woman, the male features simply jump out of the photo.

(12:53) In order to trick the eye, into perceiveing the illusion of wider hips, Michelle typically wears dresses that are tight above the upper waist, but then flare out, at the hips.  In this image, we can see why Michelle will most likely avoid a simple V neck in the future.

(13:14) A square front view reveals the broad shoulders and the neck muscles.  But the super wide hair style, 
creates the illusion of smaller shoulders, and the stacked up jewellery steers the eye away from those massive neck muscles.

(13:32) But in this image, there is a convincing first impression, that these two people are both women.  And so 
how do they present the illusion that they are both female?  It is really quite simple:  The woman wears a loose shirt and tight pants, while, Michelle wears a tight shirt and loose pants; add a few feminine externals, and there, you have your illusion!

(14:00) In this image, it is quite easy to see, just how large Michelle’s shoulders and neck muscles are - especially when compared with the ones Barack has hidden under his suit jacket - with the padded and extended shoulders. The bulging muscles under the big hair, were perhaps the inspiration for this image, that has been circulating on 
the web…

(14:24) So apparently, I’m not the only person who knows that Michelle is a man - and a very strong man at that, I might add!

(14:36) You will not find many pictures like this one, because when Michelle frowns, the fact that he is ‘a man’ frowning, becomes very plain to see.

(14:47) And when Michelle drops the charade, the feminine false externals drop like a lead balloon
[Caption suggestion] “My, what a very feminine and slender neck you have.  I wish I had one like that!”

(15:03) The manly features often stand out like a sore thumb - when the guard is let down, and the photo is unexpected.

(15:15) Let’s not forget the Adam’s Apple.  What most people don’t know, is that the appearance of the Adam’s 
Apple can be diminished through surgery; but it cannot be fully removed. In this image, you can clearly see Michelle’s, Adam’s Apple.

(15:33) Once again, Michelle’s Adam’s Apple, is not too difficult to spot.

(15:39) The Adam’s Apple stands out in this earlier photo as well.  Notice the bulging neck muscles and heavy 
man brows, even on the wedding day!  Speaking of ‘the wedding day’, you must be wondering what happened to Michelle’s ‘male’ genitalia?

(15:57) There are certain undergarments, that some people wear, in order to hide their male genitalia.  It is similar 
to a ‘Sports Cup’ that men wear while playing contact sports.  In this photo, you ca see a surprising bulge, that appears to be Michelle’s special cup. This wardrobe malfunction, was revealed by the wind that was blowing, against him - revealing the contour of his form.  But that’s not the only wardrobe malfunction.

(16:28) In this picture, the lighting cast “the most unfeminine shadows” on Michelle’s manhood. This photo begs 
the question, "How could the audience not notice?!"

(16:43) In this earlier wedding photo, Michelle’s body proportions are a close match to Barack’s.  Years of 
hormone replacement therapy may provide a touch of extra fat in certain areas, or a more, feminine looking skin tone, or change the voice a bit; but there is no amount of hormones or feminine gestures that will change the skeletal proportions of A MAN!

(17:09) Michelle’s body structure can not possibly be that of a woman!

(17:15) Even Barack’s heavily padded shoulders, and the silhouette of a feminine mirror cannot hide the fact that Michelle’s shoulders are those of a man.

(17:29) Puffy dresses and big hair help to maintain the illusion of being a woman, but there are some things that simply cannot be hidden - like that protruding MAN finger!

(17:43) However, in this image, Michelle’s MAN finger [referring to his ring finger] isn’t the only issue! The biceps 
and triceps are disproportionately large; and while the dress pulls the eye downwards, it still can’t shrink those shoulders!

(17:59) Even the children who accompany Barack and Michelle play a part in the illusion.  Because, who would 
have suspected that the two girls might have been adopted?  Perhaps someone should tell them, that similar facial expressions, cannot change the genetic evidence. But it sure is nice to see some truly feminine shoulders, on the daughters.

(18:23) Have you figured it out yet? Are you ready for your reality check? Brace yourself, here it is: The United 
States of America does not have ‘a first lady’. But rather, the United States of America, has, it’s very First Queen - it’s first Drag Queen that is!

(18:45) Michelle has the hands of a man. Michelle has the shoulders of a man. Michelle has the physical 
proportions of a man

(18:58) Michelle has a male anatomy. Hormone replacement therapy and surgical treatments cannot 
change the fact, that every cell in Michelle’s body, is stamped and sealed, with male chromosomes.  As a woman, I have absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind, as I proclaim it from the rooftops! - that Michelle Obama, is MOST CERTAINLY NOT, A LADY”!  I am a REAL woman. I have gone through school and earned a degree in Criminal Justice. I have learned a lot about people, and why they do the things they do.  While studying for my degree, I took many classes on forensic psychology.  I also studied 'the basics of forensics', and investigative skills. Throughout my travels, I have had many encounters with trans genders and transsexuals. And so with all this background knowledge and experience, it is with great confidence, that I now proclaim, MICHELLE OBAMA HAS DECEIVED THE NATIONS!  I have absolutely no doubt, that Michelle Obama is in fact, a man.  And now, a word from my husband.

(20:14) As my wife and I were working on this video, we thought about all the American Soldiers, who are risking 
their lives overseas, to fight illegal wars - based on the whims, of their Commander and Chief.  How is it, that so many people in the military, are prepared to go to their death - so that the President, can feel safe and secure in his White House? 

(20:40) he cuddles up every night, to his male friend, who prefers to dress up as a woman, and 
deceive everyone, from behind that big smile. Many people in previous generations have laid down their lives, for a noble cause. But frankly, we are quite baffled, at this current point in American history; and, at what has become, of what once, was, a great nation. I am speaking as one, who not only has a military background, but I am also a retired law enforcement officer. The first seven and a half years of my career were spent as a police
officer in Trinidad Colorado – a place that was well known as, "the sex change capitol of the world". While I was on patrol there, it was not uncommon to encounter people who had traveled there, to seek gender reassignment surgery. I can clearly see that Michelle is a man.  And I hope that you, can now tell the difference, as well.

(22:00) Time will tell, how the truths that have been revealed in this video, will transform America. But one thing is 
for certain: like it or not, Michelle Obama, is now, OUT, OF THE CLOSET!

(22:19) The production of this video, would have been impossible, without the help, of the Two Witnesses.  If you enjoyed this video, and are not afraid, of learning more ‘shocking truths’, about the current realities in which we are now all living, visit Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com – but you had better fasten your seatbelt!

(22:44) Because hearing the Truth, is not always comfortable.

(22:54) [Petrus Romanus speaking] "You (referring to a man), shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination" [Leviticus 18:22]

(23:09) [Mary Romanus speaking] "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put 
on a woman's garment..."

(23:20) [Mary Romanus speaking] "...for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God."[Deuteronomy 22:5]

(23:28) [Husband speaking]  "You wanted an Obama Nation?"

(23:21) You Got It!

(23:32) But now... "A DOUBLE WOE" has come to America!

(23:37) Behold your QUEEN!

(23:39) The QUEEN of Sodom!

(23:41) [The voice of Americans everywhere] Behold your queen, the queen of Sodom.

(23:41) [The sound of a very large audience applauding their queen.]

(23:50)  [The Two Witnesses Testifying in unison before all the Nations]  Behold your queen, the queen of Sodom.

(23:56)  [This is the actual inverted image with no altering or photoshopping whatsoever.  If you believe the image was tampered with, simply take a 
snapshot of the image from 23:40 and invert it yourself.  You will then see, that the image inverted, is identical, to what is shown in the video.  Notice how the color inversion of Michelle's white teeth, results in a black bar - that appears to be a man's mustach.  To close the video, we decided to simply zoom in for a closer look at Michelle's manly facial features, as the image faded out.  The absolutely horrific image that appeared next as a result, was not intentional; but we decided to leave it in the video, to help people better understand, that what lies beneath Michelle Obama's false externals, is "not what most people were expecting". If you have access to a photo or video editing program, or know someone who does, simply follow the steps described, and you will most certainly find identical results.]

(23:56) [Girl singing]  “Oh say can you see?


NOTE: In this video clip titled: "Obama Refers to His Wife as "Michael" Why?

NOTE: Another website asks: Is Michelle Obama a Transsexual Man? ... You Decide

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why Farmers are Committing Suicide In Disquieting Numbers!!

Note: I authored and published this article in the late 1980's. It is as relevant now as it was then.

By Tom J. Kennedy

Politicians are but the minions and marionettes of "high finance." In simple terms politicians are only agents of the bankers. The national and international bankers control the mulit-national corporations as well as the politicians, through their power to control. In the U.S.A. these money-lenders have private ownership and control of the Federal Reserve System. It is this network of "high finance" that dictatorially controls the wealth, the citizens and the destiny of nations worldwide.

It is this International network of private bankers who determine which politicians will win and which will fail by only extending abundant campaign funds and press support to those politicians who accidently or by design do the bankers' bidding. In western countries of the so-called free world, the respective Federal Governments are supposedly the sovereign power of the nations, but they are, in reality, just debtors of the international bankers network. 

This situation completely usurps the powers granted to governments re: the creation of money. We do not owe the "National Debt" to ourselves, as we are mistakenly taught; we owe it to the moneylenders who create the principal (but never the usury) by the stroke of a pen hiding behind the usurious monetary laws put in place by their pupeteer politicians.

Every year taxpayers must labour night and day just to pay the INTEREST on this "National Debt." Whatever controls are assumed by the "know-it-all-Federal-Politicians" over the lives of the people, these are assumed at the urgent prompting of the bankers. This is a little known but fundamental political reality.

Multi-national companies are controlled by the big banks through interlocking share holdings and directorates. Both are inseparably tied to the monetary flows of the national and international banks. As described in The Truth In Money Book by Theodore Throren Throren and Richard Warner it is the commercial banks which create money and thereby create "primary debt." Consequently, the preponderance of power lies with the banking industry which has a legal monopoly to create money out of thin air-nothing but book entries in ledger accounts - and loan it into circulation demanding annual interest payments in addition to real assets and income as collateral for these loans. 

At a whim, bankers can expand their loans and the "business cycle" goes on the upswing causing prosperity to reign. In a similar fashion bankers can contract their loans and the "business cycle" goes on a downswing.

Systematically and ruthlessly, the bankers then proceed to foreclose on the assets of their defaulting debtors - the producers of the real goods and services; the farmers, the small businesses and the homeowners. These assets are then transferred to the bankers' controlled corporations, leaving in their wake a trail of dispossessed and destitute labour that has absolutely no recourse whatsoever against this parasitic monetary system that currently envelops and enslaves our beloved Canada and indeed the entire world. Multi-national companies donate funds to politicians who sponsor appropriate legislation and act in a manner that is authorized by the bankers - or they won't get re-elected.

There are examples of horrendous injustices caused by our defective monetary system. During the great Depression, the selfish bankers left millions upon millions of families destitute and dispossessed. In the coming collapse of the dollar and the breakdown of the international financial structure as we know it, the network of international bankers will leave in their wake not merely "the exquisite agony" of poverty and deprivation, but also the reality of mass starvation and revolution, together with the devastation of nuclear annihilation.

The Federal Government bestows a preferred status on the private money monopolists. Recall the words of Meyer Ameschel Rothschild, founder of the international banking House of Rothschild, "Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation, and I care not who makes it laws." Recall also the words of Sir Josiah Stamp, former President of the Bank of England, "Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin...if you want to continue to be slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers continue to create money and control credit." At this very moment the good citizens of our beloved country are being progressively taxed to death just to service our debts to the private bankers.

The stranglehold of international finance and its subservient judiciary has already reached all-persuasive dimensions. Politicians and economists never mention this dictatorial control exercised by the private money monopolists and the body of parasitic monetary law that enables them to sustain their power. History, though, is replete with the conspiratorial machinations of international finance so capably described in such works as "Money Creators" by Gertrude Coogan and "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins. 

In the USA the War of Independence was fought to rid the people of excesses of the private monopolists who then owned and controlled the Bank of England. It is a little known fact that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because he dared to follow the Constitutional Mandate and permitted Congress to issue INTEREST-FREE "greenbacks" in defiance of the dictates of international finance.

The Federal Reserve Act (USA) of 1913 was passed through the intrigues of the international bankers in order to finance World War I and commence the enslavement of the citizens of the western world. The Great Depression of the 1930's was systematically planned to consolidate the plunder and power of the international bankers. And now in the 1980's, the compounding burden of national and international indebtedness has brought the world to the brink of global financial collapse that will leave millions of people destitute and dispossessed.

The interest manipulations of the Federal Reserve System, coupled with its policy of MAXIMIZING imports, are destroying the family farmer. Manufacturing business and their employees are also victims of the international debt crisis. Millions of jobs have been lost in Canad and the USA because the debt crisis forces debtor nations to reduce their consumption of North American products and increase their exports in Canada and the USA decline, debtor nations, Argentina and Brazil in particular, continue to expand production. The countries, desperate to pay INTEREST, are taking their own citizen's food to sell to obtain money. Statistics show an increasing incidence of malnutrition in both Argentina and Brazil as they increase their exports more rapidly than their production.

The North America Farmer is being pulverized between the anvil of debt and the hammer of demand. He is being systematically dispossessed of his land by the legalized piracy of the bankers as the perpetrate their foreclosures on a scale unparalleled since the Great Depression. The farmer is being systematically robbed of his savings and driven into the cities of "high finance" to exchange his skills and labour for some meagre wage to produce produces for the sole benefit of the moneylenders. 

The plight of the automobile and steel industries is the same. Both are being systematically destroyed through the onslaught of foreign imports mandated by the international bankers through their subsidiary organizations such The World Federalists, Parliamentarians for World Order, The Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, cabals of international bankers, industrialists, academicians and marionette politicians. These organizations are coordinating the destructive of sovereign nations through the compounding levels of taxation required to service the maximization of parasitic international trade. They are also orchestrating the creation of a One-World Government under the dictatorial control of international finance.

The increase of foreign imports is effectively destroying the domestic manufacturing markets in North American. The politicians in cahoots with the powers of international finance and their mulit-national cronies are advocating more imports and in so doing are leaving in their wake displaced, impoverished and destitute farmers and factory workers who cry out for justice but who are confronted only by the callous contempt of an alien press and the perfidious prevarications of venal politicians and self-serving "economists." 

How long will it be before the impoverished people will express a desire follow course of self-study to learn to understand the totality of financial power before they will ever be able to present cogent and persuasive arguments against the current Babylonian banking system. Politicians show little sympathy for the financially financing the projects of farmers and small business people so that they (the bankers) can dispossess the debtors of their land, belongings and earnings.

The real power and objectives of the international network of financiers is never truthfully addressed in the mainstream media. Alternative newsletters are increasing in numbers because they offer information dismissed as NOT NEWSWORTHY by the establishment press which is dictatorially controlled by the money monopolists. The establishment press is permitted to discuss any subject except "the power and conspiratorial objectives" of the international financiers. 

Traditionally, whenever an forbidden topic is even peripherally addressed, the establishment press orchestrates armies of faithful, expert pundits, politicians and learned economists to regurgitate the conventional propaganda of international finance, euphemistically called "economics", thereby concealing the truth from the people and legitimizing the perpetuation of the unbridled rapacity of the bankers.

While most people are not aware of the power of the international financiers, the ranks of the enlightened are growing daily - facilitated by internet learning and a general raising of consciousness. The banking industry must be understood for what it really is and not for what it is perceived to be. Then the objectives of the bankers must be thwarted and their injustices redressed. This requires the presentation of knowledge by those who have already learned about the realities of international finance. 

The banking industry, the multi-nationals and the politicians are but individual facets of the collective power structure of national and international finance. Since all facets of this power must be confronted, intellectual abdication is a luxury that cannot be afforded at this critical time.There must be a Revolution of Understanding. A new Intelligentsia is being invited to bear the light of truthful concepts about money. The conceptual incarceration foisted upon the world by the manacles of establishment propaganda must be destroyed. 

The people of North American must be freed from the tentacles of international finance and the pernicious influence of the multinational companies who are charged to do the bankers's bidding. Insidious, subversive legislation will no longer be tolerated by informed citizens who are armed with the "truth" about money.

Our Founding Fathers fought and died to bequeath us the sacred right to free speech. People must exercise this right and speak out eloquently against the powers of international finance. An infusion of light must be projected into a domain normally enveloped in darkness. It must be done now!!

Readers are invited to visit often The UsuryFree Eye Opener to commence any self-imposed courses of study. 

With few words, these two ancient proverbs speak volumes in honour of those who are learning and teaching others.

"A hundred candles can light a city. 
 A thousand candles can light a nation. 
 A million candles can light the world. 
 A single candle can light the way."

"If you think one year ahead - sow a seed. 
 If you think ten years ahead - plant a seed. 
 If you think a hundred years ahead - educate the people."  

Monday, March 24, 2014

In Preparation for the End of Times

By Marshall Masters

I'm Marshall Masters and I've been writing and publishing on space threats and Earth changes since 1999 and I have a question for you ̶ especially those of you who've followed my work over the years.

If you could buy one more day of life for yourself and your loved ones for just a few dollars, would you?

This is an honest question because we have an honest answer - one that goes to the heart of our mission. We’ve launched a totally new effort to offer simple, time-tested, effective and affordable health resources. Why? In a word, it's about survival.

We know the elites have their own survival plans, including well-stocked, deep underground bunkers, doomsday seed vaults and a strategy of controlled abandonment to ensure that as many as possible will perish through ignorance. Ergo, survival health has a special meaning for us, because it is really about survival of the meek.

The saying the "meek shall inherit the Earth" is adapted from the Beatitudes from Yeshua's Sermon on the Mount. However, this word, meek did not come into existence until the beginning of the 12th century. When it was first used, “meek” referred to people who were gentle, kind and patient.

In a mean twist of fate, today's new definitions use demeaning terms like docile, submissive, compliant, spiritless and tame to describe the very same people. From my point of view, it's just another deception of the elites, designed to debase and degrade the people they fear most - the meek.

Why? Because while elites have the deepest pockets, it is the meek that have the deepest souls and if enough of them survive, the elites will certainly lose and they know it.
Over the years, I've met more of the meek than I can count and their ranks are swelling as more of them come into awareness each day. I've likewise learned that the importance of survival health care in the difficult days ahead is really more about discipline and nutrition than anything else.

Discipline and Nutrition

Discipline means you begin surviving the worst of times by surviving the best of times. In other words, don’t put it off: Start surviving today!

This is why transition is the mission for 2014. We all need to begin incorporating survival habits into our daily routines so that we'll be better able to get through the end times and to the backside, the time when humanity sees blue skies once again.

Granted, there is a real need for beans, bullets and bunkers. While these are pretty straightforward items for most folks, survival health remains a fuzzy patchwork of ideas for most.

Nonetheless, survival nutrition means having the stamina to endure hardships and to resist disease through the worst of times and beyond.
Catching a coldToday it's hard to imagine such times but have you ever heard the old saying, “don't catch your death of cold?” This is a life or death question folks.

Look at it this way. What do we do when we catch a cold today? We call in sick, take a few tablets, turn up the furnace, snuggle under a blanket, sip hot tea with honey and watch I Love Lucy reruns. Hey, it works for me ̶ but ask the folks who've been through a recent disaster after they've lost their power and gas for days or weeks on end. Ask themhow easy it is to recover from a cold when you're sitting in the dark with frost coming off your breath.

That is why a new direction for our mission is to help the meek prevail, with simple, time - tested resources they can afford and benefit from, starting on day one.

And yes, some curmudgeon is always accusing me doing this work for the money or that I work for the government. If there were anything at all to that nonsense, where the heck are my dental benefits! But more to the point, what are these people bringing to the picnic, other than vitriol and large jars of ants?

So yes. Mea culpa. I sell books that I author and/or publish because they help support the work and like everyone else, I have bills to pay. While there are much easier ways for me to make a living, I do what I do because I love the meek as much as I despise the elites. I've seen what the elites are doing to us and our planet and the thought that these soulless bastards could win again boils my blood. There it is, had to say it!

So by helping the meek with survival health resources, it's my hope that enough of them make it through, so that the elites of today can become the junior dinosaurs of the fossil record.
Mother and SonHow will the meek eventually accomplish that? Those who make it to the backside will know, because they'll be the boots on the ground. So instead of speculating on what they'll do ̶ let's just trust them to do that when the time comes. Let’s focus on what we can do today. It’s about the numbers. More meek equals less elite.
Ergo, getting the meek to that distant tomorrow is what's important, because survival health is not something you store in the garage for an uncertain day. 

It's something you begin doing today, so that it's already a good habit for when you'll need every advantage available to you. It's why we say transition is the mission. You begin preparing for the worst of times in the best of times.

With this in mind, let's be perfectly clear. I am not a healthcare professional, neither a nutritionist nor a therapist. I'm a 60-something with the usual aches and complaints of age and for me, the movie character Indiana Jones said it best. “It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.” And Lord, don't they just seem to pile up?

The same holds true for many of the meek I've met. They've piled up their own miles but that hasn't stopped them from preparing, but what does this kind of preparation look like in our new modern age?

What Does Preparation Mean in 2014

In California we are told to prepare for a possible earthquake by making sure we have enough water and flashlight batteries on hand for three days.
Wagon with OxenSo imagine you've just traveled back through time and you're sitting next to someone driving a Conestoga wagon across the open prairie. As you stare at the East end of a westbound team of oxen you say to the driver, “I'm from the future and I have a three day supply of water and flashlight batteries!” Somewhat befuddled, the driver points at the oxen and says, “so where do you stick the batteries?”

Not because it's about a difference of technology, but rather, because it's a difference of age. For the wagon driver, it's still the end of the Agrarian Age. The first, 10,000 years of human civilization.

What does the Agrarian Age look like to those of us living in today's information age? Much like those old cast iron grinders we find in antique shops. Nice as decorations, but after an EMP attack whacks our technology and throws us all into another agrarian age; these ancient cast iron devices will still do a nice job of grinding whatever we need.

Time-tested Agrarian Age Survival Solutions

The point here is that if we know a global catastrophe will eventually throw us into another Agrarian Age, can we risk the uncertainties of modern gizmos and potions, knowing that few have ever passed the most difficult certification test known to humankind. The test of time.
Sure we have prestigious institutions that certified this and certify that for us today, but who certifies the certifiers and what's in it for them? Ergo, only the test of time offers real certainty, because when people do something for centuries, it's because it works. Not because it hurts.
Danjeon Breathing
Case in point is what first led me toDanjeon Breathing. It is a survival breathing system that dates back to the early days of acupuncture. The wealthy and the elites of Korea ordered its development and practiced it, to deal with the aches and complaints of life and most of all - to survive. 

They were never worried about going hungry or finding their inner ya-ya. They were terrified at the prospect of catching their death of cold and they wanted a simple solution.

Consequently, Danjeon Breathing is much easier to learn and do than more expressive self-healing art forms like Tai Chi and Yoga. Granted, watching someone do Danjeon Breathing is about as interesting as watching paint dry, but this ancient self-healing energy art works fast and you learn it quickly.

So the bottom line for Danjeon Breathing is that if you are willing to pay a few dollars for one more day of life for you and your loved one, this is a time-tested agrarian age survival resource that delivers, because it has done so for thousands of years.

The same holds true with the whole foods I found from UHTCO Corporation, an amazing line of nutrient dense products that can’t compare to anything out there in the market. With this in mind, let's go to the other side of the Pacific Ocean for another time-tested Agrarian Age survival solution.

A Time-tested Peruvian Survival Resource

I want to share with you the story of how I came to know UHTCO founder and CEO Jorge Urena and how that led to me his products and the wonderful difference they've made in my life.
Jorge UrenaIn a recent video posted on our website, we featured images from a citizen observer, Jorge Urena. At the time he approached me to offer his help with our research, I vetted him as I do with all of the stringers (ad-hoc reporters) who work with us on a volunteer basis.

Jorge is a volunteer stringer for us, but his day job is being the President and CEO of UHTCO Corporation, a well-recognized company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of a unique line of food products from Peru.

When he approached me to offer his help, he was planning his next business trip to South America. What he offered was to take a different air route during his next business trip to Peru, so he could attempt a photographic observation near sunset, of an object I dubbed Bluebonnet. I explained to him what we needed and that we were just hoping to obtain corroborating imagery.

At the time, we were tracking from a volcano camera in Costa Rica and his flight plan would put him in a good position for a possible observation. As it happened, he hit pay dirt and we published his imagery in my July 2013 documentary titled, Planet X System Observation and Orbital Analysis.

Jorge took many images during that trip and kept detailed notes of what he'd done. So the debriefings were lengthy and I found him to be a very likable fellow of great passion and integrity. Along the way, we talked about mutual interests and the things happening in our lives, including those nagging aches and complaints that come up on conversation from time to time.

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