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Monday, July 11, 2005

Stewart Best Warning - Part 2

Subject: Stewart Best Warning - Part 2

(This warning is LARGE but after reading it, feel that many of you might want to see and analyze this for yourselves.) POLITICAL CHANGES AND MOVEMENTSThe major news media outlets are full of stories of official government corruption at all levels of the government as we slide deeper and deeper into a state of lawlessness. The rise of lawlessness and corruption on the part of government in America is one of last signs before she implodes upon herself and the civilization is destroyed. There is an incredible evil and injustice growing all over America in our law enforcement operations at every level. Whereas police were at one time the protectors of the people, the guardians of righteousness and law and order, they are now taught that the citizen is their enemy. The federalization of all police, local, county and state is following the identical agenda used in Germany to bring about a Nazi police state, yet few notice it, and the vast majority cannot see it even when pointed out to them. Homeland Security is rapidly developing a full police state apparatus, with modern technology to identify, profile, and track innocent law abiding citizens. You may remember "TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS", the program developed by DARPA to gather all available information on every man, woman and child in America. There was a huge public uproar against it, and so the people were told that TIA had been disbanded. Guess what? It wasn't; they merely put the program into A SUPER SECRET BLACK OPERATION. Why? Because TIA is totally necessary for a police state to operate. All the systems and projects that the people complain about are simply moved to secret operations and funded through black budgets so no one knows about it.However, the trends are clear. The Constitution and its Bill of Rights are history as we move into the new order of things, a new world of constant surveillance, positive ID, fingerprints, iris scans, and eventual RFID tracking in the name of "fighting terrorism". Soon you will not be able to go into any city, or down any interstate without being stopped and asked for "YOUR PAPERS PLEASE", JUST AS IN RUSSIA, CHINA or any communist police state. You will be watched, and soon may even have to have permission to travel anywhere in the name of "terrorism". General Tommy Franks, a FIVE STAR GENERAL, told us in a speech that if there is one more terrorist attack in America, our constitution and bill of rights will be taken away from us altogether (even though totally illegal to do so), and we will go under full and complete Martial Law - a draconian military Nazi police state. The people will demand it for "security", he suggested!! What most people do not realize is that this was planned long ago and Bible Prophecy tells us who will do it, when and what the results will be. The prophets of the Bible are proving to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. It is all happening EXACTLY as they said. Our film "DANIEL AND THE FOUR BEAST POWERS" shows the rise of a NAZI STYLE POLICE STATE RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA. It is happening as he said it would. Another film "AMERICA IN TRANSITION, THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH" is also very telling.We have to ask the question, why are our representatives in Washington D.C. and state levels passing all of this draconian "anti-terrorism" bills placing America into a LOCKDOWN STATE? Why are they suspending long cherished freedoms and rights in the name of "preserving them"? Why did the Supreme Court just rule that the press can no longer refuse to reveal their sources when criminal activity is involved? IS IT TO SILENCE THE PRESS, OR TO DRY UP THEIR LEAK SOURCES? IS IT TO STOP THE PEOPLE FROM FINDING OUT ABOUT THE LAWLESS ACTIVITIES OF GOVERNMENT? It certainly appears so. What is really going on? The elite have already told you why; it's just that very few are paying any attention!! The Bible will tell you in its prophecies. The Book of Enoch will tell you. And you probably won't believe what they have to say, but it is all coming to pass with 100% accuracy. None of this is going on by "accident". It is by DESIGN. It is willful, and it is TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It is what we call "gradual treason", here a little, there a little, slow, but deliberate. Our lawmakers in Washington often use the excuse they didn't have time to read the legislation. PATRIOT ACTS ONE AND TWO were passed with almost no one reading the law. That way, when the American people find out what it really means, they think they will have an excuse for selling America out. So who is behind it? The Bible tells us it is the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH. The Book of the Kolbrin tells us it is the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH. The ancient book of Enoch tells us it is THE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH. These people are the leaders in the international banking rip-off, the Kings and Rulers of the Earth and the large corporate leaders!! They are in a MEGA CONSPIRACY TO TAKE THE WORLD OVER, ELIMINATE 5.5 BILLION PEOPLE, and then allow only ½ billion people to live ON THE ENTIRE GLOBE. Don't believe it? Drive to Georgia and look at the Illuminati GEORGIA GUIDE STONES!! You can actually see them in our documentary "ALTERNATIVE THREE"!!Is there really an attempt to utterly demolish our Constitution and way of life? Are we in the middle of a huge war, and no one knows it? Is it possible that we are in the middle of the most deadly war ever fought on American soil and the people do not even know anything about it? Has our government been infiltrated by "change agents" dedicated to her downfall? Could America, as we have known it, fall into enemy hands with no realizing it until after the fact? Could we be infiltrated and destroyed from within without a single shot being fired? Have you ever heard of "SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS"? We have a special report on it if you are interested. It was a paper written by someone who knew the inner workings of the FINANCIAL ELITE OF THE WORLD. They have declared war upon the American people and the people of the world. And so far, they are winning that war hands down. The war is silent, because most people do not understand economics. The weapons used are quiet, because the international banking cartels use the silent power of money to slowly gain a stranglehold over our lives, such as the recent SHOCK PRICE RISE IN OIL. The world is run by the power of money, not by the VOTE. The Bible tells us all about it in the pages of prophecy, and the story is not pleasant. It tells us all about how the international bankers came into America, set up the Federal Reserve System, which is neither federal nor a reserve, and proceeded to steal American wealth. We produced a number of videos concerning it, one called "THE COVENANT", the story of the international bankers and elite to steal America and subjugate her people and place them into virtual slavery. It works like this: 1. HARD COINAGE - LIKE GOLD AND SILVER. 2. PAPER MONEY TO TAKE THE PLACE OF GOLD AND SILVER. 3. FIAT MONEY WITH THE GOLD AND SILVER BACKING REMOVED. 4. THE INTRODUCTION OF CREDIT CARDS TO REPLACE PAPER MONEY. 5. THE INTRODUCTION OF DEBIT CARDS TO SLOWLY REPLACE CREDIT CARDS. 6. THE INTRODUCTION OF "SMART CARDS." 7. THE INTRODUCTION OF RFID TECHNOLOGY FOR REMOTE READING. 8. THE SLOW ELIMINATION OF CASH AS WE MOVE INTO A CASHLESS SYSTEM. 9. THE INTRODUCTION OF "DIGITAL ANGEL" CHIP IMPLANTS. 10. THE IMPLEMENTATION OF SATELLITE TRACKING USING RFID. 11. THE MERGING OF ID TECHNOLOGIES WITH ECONOMICS THAT WILL MOVE INTO THE "MARK" SYSTEM OF THE BIBLE. 12. THE MERGING OF PROJECTS "LUCID", "TESSERA" AND "MOSAIC"TO MAKE ALL THE PEOPLE OF EARTH A LIVING MOSAIC AND SLAVES TO THE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH. a) Have you ever wondered why George W. Bush changed all of the bankruptcy laws and handed the American people over to outrageous abuse by the credit card industry, and then closed the door for the people to escape? These credit card companies send out their bills late, hoping you won't make the payment on time, so they can charge a huge late fee, possible putting you over your credit limit, so they can hit you with an "over limit fee", and then jack up your interest rates to as high 35% or more!! b) Now it is said, that the credit card companies plan to DOUBLE THE MINIMUM PAYMENTS DUE IN OCTOBER OF 2005. Many people will not be able to meet this terrific increase of payments, and will have to file bankruptcy. That's when you find out you cannot escape the bankers, because bankruptcy laws now say YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY!Outrageous? You bet!! Payoff to the bankers? You bet. It's all part of a strategy to destroy the American middle class, to eliminate them altogether!! There will be, in the near future, ONLY TWO CLASSES OF PEOPLE: THE RICH AND THE POOR. There will be NO MIDDLE CLASS according to Bible prophecy. The Bible, The Book of Enoch and The Kolbrin all say the same thing - the MIDDLE CLASS MUST BE and WILL BE ELIMINATED. Why? Because the MIDDLE CLASS is THE CLASS OF PEOPLE WITH THE MOST POWER, THE MOST CLOUT, and often called the SILENT MAJORITY. Therefore they must be slowly and silently destroyed. If you would get our documentaries "THE COVENANT", "IRON MOUNTAIN II" and the "ATLANTIS CHRONICLES", YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING and also WHY IT IS HAPPENING. c) Ever notice how the banking system is tightening up regulations, especially in the area of identification and reporting activities to the Feds? Soon you will be required to provide biometric identification to prove who you are, even though you may have been a customer for over 30 years or more!! Did you know that the bank you do business at is REQUIRED to report any "strange" financial activity on your part? That you are being monitored right now? Like withdrawing cash when you normally do not? And that if you withdraw more than $3000 a report must be made to Washington? Did you know they are slowly forcing people OUT OF CASH and into either electronic transfers or plastic? That the government is making CASH A DIRTY WORD? That they are openly harassing people who carry large amount of cash, and even confiscating it when they find it? Why? Because cash IS PRIVATE, and there is no way they can TRACK WHAT YOU ARE REALLY DOING WITH IT. Because it is private, they cannot TRACK YOU OR YOUR ACTIONS. Therefore, in a world of total surveillance you could not be allowed to have cash. IT MUST BE ELIMINATED so they can collect DATA ON YOU. To collect more and more information until they have a complete profile of you. Its all part of a plan, an agenda, laid out long ago, to enslave the entire world into a financial prison. It's happening right under your nose!! Slowly, silently, just as the Bible said it would. You see the MARK OF THE BEAST is the apex to this CONTROL SYSTEM. When we step back and just take a look, we find an undeniable pattern emerging. Few are seeing it, even though it is as plain as day. Iron Mountain said the elite had to manufacture some fake global threats in order to get the people to give up their cherished rights and liberties, and once given up, they would never be granted back again. Iron Mountain was a report of HIGH TREASON against the American people. The use of fraudulent "threats" was constant in the agenda of IRON MOUNTAIN. All of them are in use today, and the American people are buying into it hook, line and sinker. Iron Mountain said the "threats", although totally fraudulent, had to appear to be REAL, TOTALLY AUTHENTIC, AND CREDIBLE. They cited such things as AN ALIEN INVASION FROM ANOTHER PLANET, RUNAWAY ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE, ETC. The threat would be backed up by the controlled media to make it appear real. That is why we are seeing all of these movies regarding an alien invasion of Earth, such as "INDEPENDENCE DAY" and "WAR OF THE WORLDS" etc.It is interesting that another EMERGING threat is the DANGEROUS VIRUS STRAINS (such as ebola and bird flu), and BIOLOGICAL WARFARE by "rogue terrorists". We are being warned every day about it and that draconian laws will be needed to "manage the population" (meaning give up your liberties and freedoms). All of the threats are GLOBAL, and all of the threats require a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT TO DEAL WITH IT, and they all require you to GIVE UP YOUR CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS in order to be "protected". All of this is part of the IRON MOUNTAIN AGENDA. It has been said that those willing to give up their liberty for security will have both denied them.Our films "IRON MOUNTAIN, BLUEPRINT FOR TYRANNY", "IRON MOUNTAIN II" and "IRON MOUNTAIN THREE" lay it all out for you. You might like to see our documentary "AMERICA IN TRANSITION -THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH", and "THE PROPHECY" as well. They tell you who, what, why and when. The agenda is carefully laid out, and so slowly implemented that the people do not realize what is actually happening. Everything we said would happen in those films is now being implemented. It is all coming to pass. The Iron Mountain Report, begun during the Kennedy Administration and published in 1967 by Dial Press, laid out a full agenda on how to ACTUALLY DECEIVE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD INTO ACCEPTING A NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. Most people, if they ever heard of it, and most did not, have long forgotten about it. It was an immediate hot potato and denials that it was real were issued. However, in the 1990's, a Pentagon officer admitted it was real, that it was the actual agenda to enslave America, and it WAS BEING IMPLEMENTED. He knew because he was the agent who met with Kissinger and the Illuminati and then took it to his superiors at the Pentagon. We knew it was real because it followed Bible prophecies concerning the rise of ANTICHRIST in spite of all the denials.1. WHAT IS STATE DEPARTMENT DOCUMENT 7277? 2, WHAT IS PUBLIC LAW 87-297? 3. WHAT IS BIO-DIVERSITY AND WHAT IS THE AGENDA OF THE UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21? 4. WHAT IS THE TRUE REASON FOR THE CREATION OF "HOMELAND SECURITY, THE AMERICAN VERSION OF THE GERMAN SS? 5. WHAT IS REALLY BEHIND PATRIOT ACT I AND II? 6. WHAT ARE RESTRICTED ZONES, INNER BUFFER AREAS, OUTER BUFFER AREAS AND CORRIDORS? WHAT ARE "ALL USE ZONES"? 7. DOES THE UNITED NATIONS REALLY HAVE PLANS TO CONFISCATE HUGE TRACTS OF AMERICAN LAND, AND DO THEY HAVE PLANS FOR THE TOTAL ELIMINATION OF "PRIVATE PROPERTY" IN AMERICA? 8. DO THE ELITE REALLY HAVE PLANS TO ELIMINATE OUR PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS and TO RELOCATE US INTO MAJOR METROPOLITAN AREAS? 9. WHY DO THE GEORGIA GUIDE-STONES CALL FOR THE MURDER OF 5.5 BILLION PEOPLE SO THE ELITE CAN BRING THE EARTH BACK TO A "GARDEN OF EDEN", UNDER A "SUSTAINABLE" HUMAN POPULATION? 10. WHY HAVE OVER 87 SCIENTISTS, ALL EXPERTS IN DISEASE CONTROL, BEEN MURDERED OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS? 11. WHY HAVE WE BEEN SEEING STRANGE VAPOR TRAILS ALL OVER THE WORLD THAT SPREAD OUT AND FORM A HAZE-LIKE APPEARANCE IN A MATTER OF HOURS? 12. WHY DID THE DR. EDWARD TELLER TELL THE ELITE THAT THEY HAD TO REFLECT BACK AT LEAST 1% OF THE SUNLIGHT IN ORDER TO AVOID FURTHER GLOBAL WARMING?
Did you know that the elite are deathly afraid of a NEW ICE AGE? It's all part of a super-secret research project called ALTERNATIVE THREE. It was, in effect, a more recent IRON MOUNTAIN TYPE OF PROJECT. The elite asked the smartest most brilliant scientists in the world, if the "MYTHOLOGIES" of the ancient past concerning the destruction of the human race could possibly be true, and they wanted to know if the Earth was headed for such a disaster. The answer shortly came back. YES, IT WAS NOT ONLY POSSIBLE, BUT IT WOULD HAPPEN. The research group gave THREE ALTERNATIVES. Alternative One was to stop global warming via draconian measures and population reduction. The chem-trail mystery is part of ALTERNATIVE ONE. Alternative Two was to develop a huge underground system of cities and highways, using high-speed "magnetic propulsion" railway systems to travel at tremendous speeds between the cities (ALREADY IN PROGRESS). Alternative Three was to establish secret bases on the moon and Mars (ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED AND STILL IN PROGRESS). See "ALTERNATIVE THREE" and "PROJECT REDSTAR". Also get our IRON MOUNTAIN SERIES AND "UNFRIENDLY FIRE".Did you know that Dr. Edward Teller, the father of the H-Bomb told the elite that if they did not begin to slow down global warming, we could enter a new ice age within several decades or sooner? Have you looked up into the sky and noticed very long and wide "contrails" for the last few years? Well, they aren't contrails, my friend, they are actually called CHEM-TRAILS (SHORT FOR CHEMICAL TRAILS), and if you watch them, they will spread out and soon form a haze high in the atmosphere, even though you may have had a perfectly clear blue sky!!Did you know that the chem-trail mystery is closely associated with the effort to stop global warming by dispersing "reflectants" in the upper atmosphere? Did you know that the military has piggy backed biological experiments on the American people using these "chem-trails? Insiders claim one of the code names for the project was "CLOVERLEAF". Deadly biological agents have been found in samples coming from the so-called "chem-trails". No official as yet will answer questions you might ask concerning these mysterious "vapor trails". Even the media refuses to speak about it!! These mysterious chem-trails are showing up all over the globe. Now you cannot spray over ANY NATION unless you get permission to do so. So the order coming down from the top of the elite IS A GLOBAL ORDER TO ALL THE NATIONS, and that should prove something to everyone. The order is coming from the global super-government! So what is it all about? OFFICIAL DENIAL IS AGAIN THE ORDER OF THE DAY. We cover the CHEM-TRAIL MYSTERY IN "ALTERNATIVER THREE".Impossible you say? Could never happen in America? Guess again, the policies of the communist/socialist/illuminist United Nations are being implemented all across America. The so-called GREEN MOVEMENT is really a deep red inside. With the UN CLUB OF ROME, MAN AND BIOSPHERE, AGENDA 21 and a host of other programs, America is being transformed into a socialist dictatorship!! Many people have already been forced to relocate because of the coming population control measures in relation to LAND USE PLANS. It is being sold to America under other names, such a "smart growth", etc. Private property is really under heavy attack, as the United States Supreme Court just issued a decree that local government can TAKE PROPERTY AWAY FROM PRIVATE LAND OWNERS AGAINST THEIR WILL and turn it over TO PRIVATE INVESTORS for "improvement". This concept of "reinterpretation" of the Constitution of the United States by activist judges has reached a new high with this decision, but it is in line with the all out assault upon the concepts of private property. It is the mindset of the UNITED NATIONS, and our Supreme Court judges are referring more and more to INTERNATIONAL CONCEPTS and less and less to the Constitution and what it actually says!! In the past, the FIFTH AMENDMENT stopped local governments from taking land unless it was for a government-funded project, such as a road, etc. NOT ANY MORE. This ruling was given to THE RICH to OPPRESS THE POOR, and is right on time for the march into the New World Order.The Bible calls these rulers "THE OPPRESSORS" and warns them of their impending DOOM AND ETERNAL DESTRUCTION. The United Nations has already stopped legal use of private lands near their so-called "heritage sites", which now comprise a good share of our national parks. They are slowly but surely destroying all concepts of private property and the right to enjoy it! The environmental movement may look GREEN to you, but it is totally RED, a communist, Marxist plot to take America by destroying PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS AND THE RIGHT TO ENJOY IT. Our film "UNFRIENDLY FIRE" will give you a complete history of how America is being changed into a socialist, communist nation right in front of the people!! "UNFRIENDLY FIRE" reveals to you the awful truth about the planned land redistribution, right from the documents and maps of the United Nations!! Most Americans would never believe it!! They will when they are forced to move!THE FIX IS IN AND THE SELL OUT IS HERE. THERE IS A REASON FOR IT ALL, AND IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. We make our money making films that are much more hard hitting than most warning Americans about what is coming and what they can do to protect their own interests and their loved ones. But this FREE REPORT is more than that, much more than that!! It is a WARNING, that as of 2005, THE AGENDA TO ENSLAVE AMERICA IS ALMOST COMPLETE. The Iron Mountain Agenda has been worked upon the American people right under their noses!! If you heed this warning, and you begin to realize the actual and literal danger you are in, and study the documentation we provide you in our films and DVDs you will at least RECOGNIZE what is going on all around you, and begin to make plans to protect yourself, your family and loved ones. If you do not heed the warning, you will enter into a NIGHTMARE TOTALLY UNPREPARED. The Bible tells us that the PRUDENT SOUL FORESEES THE EVIL AND HIDES HIMSELF FROM IT. How can you hide yourself from anything if you don't know what to look for? Remember what Jesus Christ said about it: THE ANTICHRIST SYSTEM COMES UPON THE WORLD WITH STEALTH, INVISIBLY, UNKNOWN TO THE WORLD AT LARGE. Our film "LUCIFER'S SONG" gives a number of clues on how to identify the real antichrist when he comes along or "arrives". Most people are not aware of it, but only one person actually fits all of the key descriptions of the antichrist, and he is dead!! Could he will suddenly break forth, suddenly coming out of NOWHERE? It seems impossible, but stranger things have happened. If we understand what to look for, the signs are everywhere, building more and more every day!! And Washington is right in the middle of it!! However, Jesus also said that HIS PEOPLE WOULD KNOW ALL ABOUT IT! PEACE AND SAFETY1 Thess 5:3For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.These three little words contained in Bible prophecy have a huge meaning for us today. It gives us the knowledge we need to hide ourselves from evil people, evil systems and times. We are entering a time of POLICE STATE BRUTALITY AND THEFT, of very real CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR DISSENTERS, LOSS OF LIBERTY, PRIVACY and a time of NATURAL and UNNATURAL INSTABILITY. It will be a time of RACE WARS, RIOTS, CHAOS AND REVOLUTION. We are approaching a time of suffering and dislocation unlike anything ever seen on planet earth. The Masonic motto "ORDO AB CHAO" HAS A VERY REAL MEANING, AND YOU BETTER KNOW AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS. Have you ever heard of: PROJECT LUCID? PROJECT TESSREA? PROJECT MOSAIC? DIGITAL ANGEL? ECHELON? RFID? These projects all concern POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION AND 24/7/365 TRACKING OF INDIVIDUALS. They are all related to PEACE AND SAFETY. The word "safety" is actually a mistranslation from the Greek. The word should be "SECURITY". Look it up for yourself if you don't believe it. The real translation is this: "WHEN THEY (THE LEADERS OF THE WORLD AND PEOPLE) SAY "PEACE AND SECURITY". Our leaders, from the Popes to our presidents, from senators to business leaders, have been saying PEACE AND SECURITY for a long time now. And they use that EXACT TERMINOLOGY. They do not say "SECURITY AND PEACE". They say OVER AND OVER AGAIN that we need "PEACE AND SECURITY". There is a reason for the sequence. It is deadly to the average person. It has to do with THE MARK OF THE BEAST, FOUND IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION AND IT IS COMING UPON US VERY FAST, WITH PEOPLE ALREADY GETTING "CHIPPED".Rev 13:16-18And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.Here is wisdom, let him who is of understanding count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man, and his number Six hundred threescore and six.Many popular prophetic Christian leaders are telling their followers that it is OK to take a computer chip in your hand or forehead (if an amputee), because it is just the next step in the financial evolution of things, and has nothing to do with the mark of the beast, which they claim is a RELIGIOUS MARK. We could not disagree more. BUYING AND SELLING ARE ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES. The MARK OF THE BEAST is the final APEX IN THE SYSTEM OF MAMMON, the top of the pyramid, so to speak. It is the LAST ASPECT OF TOTAL CONTROL over every man, woman and child. It is the apex of the system called for in "SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS" (WE HAVE A SPECIAL REPORT ON THIS MOST AMAZING AGENDA). Why is this MARK so vital to the elite, that they FORCE EVERYONE TO TAKE IT UNDER THREAT OF DEATH OR STARVATION?The answer can be found right in the Bible and why it is happening today in front of our noses. The word MARK coupled to the words SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX mean, in the most literal translation, an ETCHING PLACED JUST UNDER THE SKIN. Anyone familiar with computer technology knows that even the most miniature of computer boards IS AN ETCHING. This etching makes the lines in the chip for the current to flow. This is why DIGITAL ANGEL and their CHIP IMPLANTATION are so dangerous - because it is the forerunner of the MARK OF THE BEAST, AND IS BEING PRESENTED TO THE PUBLIC AS A GODSEND. It is being touted as the most secure form of identification there is. It is being sold to the people as being totally necessary for security for old folks, babies, and children. It is being sold as a tracking device. In short, it is being packaged as a totally necessary item in today's dangerous world of terrorism, kidnappings, abductions, etc. But there is a whole lot more behind it than that.PROFILES AND IDENTIFICATIONIn order to have PEACE, you must first of all be able to identify the ENEMIES OF PEACE. In other words, how does one SECURE THE PEACE? How does one make sure that PEACE REIGNS RATHER THAN ANARCHY OR CHAOS OR WAR? One cannot unless draconian steps to "secure" the state are taken against all POSSIBLE ENEMIES. The only way you can have assurance of TOTAL PEACE is through TOTAL SECURITY. The only way you can have TOTAL SECURITY is by a DICTATORIAL POLICE STATE. There is no other way. The call for "PEACE AND SECURITY" is the rally cry of the ELITE to bring in a DRACONIAN NAZI-STYLE POLICE STATE SO THEY CAN "SECURE" THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER. In order to get the people to buy into it, they either order "terrorist attacks" or agitate to get one, to SHOCK THE PEOPLE INTO ACCEPTING CONTROLS THEY WOULD NEVER ACCEPT OTHERWISE. It is a super con-game of the rich men of the Earth, and they do not care how many people they murder to advance the agenda. The Bible says they have no CONSCIENCE. It also says their destination is eternal ruin. The Book of Enoch tells us how they bow their knee to Christ when He returns in order to get favor, but Christ sends them to eternal ruin because they are THE OPPRESSORS of the people of the Earth. In order to BRING IN A POLICE STATE, they must SLOWLY FEDERALIZE ALL POLICE, AND USE THE MILITARY TO CONTROL THE CIVILIAN POPULATION. They must also DISARM THE PEOPLE so they cannot fight back. By slow implementation of law, by gradually taking away this right and that right, and by gradually putting in all types of surveillance apparatus, the people will not become alarmed. The rise of cameras EVERYWHERE is part and parcel of the agenda. It is being sold as "necessary" to prevent "terrorism" and "crime". But the agenda is very dark indeed. READ YOUR BIBLE, STUDY THE PROPHECIES and you will soon understand why the United States Government does not LIKE BIBLE PROPHECY, and labels those that accept it as "enemies of the state". Now the word PEACE is defined however the NEW WORLD ORDER WANTS TO DEFINE IT, which in this case, is defined as ALL THOSE THAT AGREE WITH THE ELITE OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. That is, those who agree with a SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM AND THE NAZI POLICE STATE ideology. All those that do not agree MIGHT, that is, THEY COULD, if they had the opportunity, BECOME ENEMIES TO THE PEACE AND SECURITY OF THE NEW ORDER. It is interesting to note, that in the past, the police duties, including the FBI, were to solve the crime AFTER it was committed. In other words, CRIME SOLVING was the order of the day, but in a police state we move quickly into CRIME PREVENTION. There is a huge difference between crime solving and crime prevention. In crime prevention you arrest and detain PRIOR TO ANY CRIME BEING COMMITTED. This enables the State to incarcerate ANYONE AT ALL FOR ANY REASON AT ALL. That is why the push is on for all of these "warrantless" searches. This is why the FBI pushed the Patriot Act. They want to be able to violate your protections under the Constitution against unreasonable search and seizure. Those constitutional provisions have all been eroded by Congress. If the "Modern SS" police find something in your home that indicates you MIGHT become a THREAT, they can simply arrest you, take you away and no one knows where you are. This is the kind of stuff that went on in Latin America. It is beginning here, and it is the RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST SYSTEM, POSING AS A BENEVOLENT PROTECTOR. The Bible calls them THE LAWLESS ONES, who, under the guise of LAW, are actually totally LAWLESS. Under the new system the State will now be looking for someone they THINK MIGHT COMMIT A CRIME, and then LOCK THEM UP SO THEY CAN'T. Hence we are seeing such a huge shift in LAW ENFORCEMENT that is gearing up for TOTAL CRIME PREVENTION in the name of fighting "terrorism". Dr. Von Braun said all of this was totally FABRICATED as did Iron Mountain. These are FAKE THREATS DESIGNED TO KEEP THE ELITE IN POWER. It is all by design. It was all planned a long time ago. HOMELAND SECURITY, THE PATRIOT ACT and other such legislation did not come out of the blue, but were planned for long ago!!But what is the definition of a criminal? Here is where the police states are so terribly dangerous to everyone. A criminal is defined as ANYONE WHO DISSENTS FROM THE STATE or who violates ANY OF ITS DRACONIAN LAWS. Now you have to understand it does not START OUT THAT WAY. It starts out with totally benevolent purposes. The leaders will tell you it is "necessary". Then usually "mass arrests" begin. They have. It was on CNN and FOX and the other TV media. This time they were all "criminals" of one type or another. It made a splash on the controlled media to plant a seed in the public's mind. It plants a SEED that MASS ARRESTS ARE NECESSARY TO "PROTECT THE PUBLIC". Mass arrests are the mark of a POLICE STATE. The public is being conditioned for a wave of MASS ARRESTS THE LIKES OF WHICH HAVE NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE! Don't believe it? You will, because they are coming. We are entering THE LAST DAYS and one of the MARKS OF THE LAST DAYS IS THE TOTAL CRUELTY OF GOVERNMENT OPPRESSORS IN THE NAME OF "PEACE AND SECURITY".Most people do not realize it, but there was a NEW CONSTITUTION WRITTEN FOR AMERICA some time ago, called the "NEWSTATES CONSTITUTION". The "NEW STATES" ARE TO BE THE 10 FEDERAL REGIONS ALREADY SET UP BY FEMA. The CFR just released their plans for a NEW AMERICA, that is to comprise MEXICO, AMERICA and CANADA. It totally eliminates all boarders, and all states, and makes the NEW NORTH AMERICAN NATION-STATE a FREE ZONE!! Even Lou Dobbs on CNN carried the news. The "NEWSTATES CONSTITUTION" REPLACES ALL GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS WITH "PRIVILEGES" that can be suspended upon some unnamed "emergency"! The people are sound asleep, in a comatose state. You must realize the Constitution and Bill of Rights are past history! The CFR is guilty of HIGH TREASON. They are enemies of the Constitution, but will anything be done? NO!! The New World Order marches on, and the groundwork for your arrest is being laid down right now, right under your nose. Why? Because you might be a dissenter!! But how can we know who might be a dissenter, who might rise up and do some "criminal act"? You cannot, unless you gather together in ONE PLACE, UNDER ONE ROOF all of the data that is available "out there" in the world. Enter TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS, HOMELAND SECURITY, PATRIOT ACTS, and the all new centralized intelligence-gathering arms of the government who will snoop into all of your activities.In other words, you scoop up the PAPER TRAILS left by people in all of their activities. You gather together all of their records, birth certificates, school and community activities, drivers records, military records, financial records, political activities, etc. You pull together ANY AND EVERY RECORD LEFT, and by that means you develop PROFILES of the citizens within that nation. You begin to make LISTS, lists of people. That is what all POLICE STATES DO. You see, they don't trust their own citizens. EVIL CRIMINALS IN POWER NEED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THOSE THEY VICTIMIZE AND OPPRESS. That's why they want your guns. That's why they want to know all about you. You feed all of this information into the computer. Then you make a list of things that the you think makes one a possible "protester". In other words a PROFILE IS MADE OF POSSIBLE DISSENTERS. The computer then searches through the DATA BASE COLLECTED, and the computer spits out MATCHES TO THE INSERTED "PROFILE". By this method they can put in different profiles and gather names for any thing they wish to search for. It is already being done by MAILING LIST COMPANIES. A possible profile would by like this: 1. DO THEY WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITORS IN PROTEST OF STATE or LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES? 2. DO THEY CALL IN TO TALK SHOWS AND MAKE COMMENTS AGAINST STATE OR FEDERAL ACTIVITIES? 3. ARE THEY ACTIVISTS? 4, DO THEY SHOW UP AT PROTEST RALLIES? 5. DO THEY HAVE A POLICE RECORD OF ARRESTS FOR ACTIVISM? 6. DO THE BANK RECORDS SHOW CONTRIBUTIONS TO "QUESTIONABLE" ORGANIZATIONS? 7. DO THEY SUBSCRIBE TO MAGAZINES THE STATE DEEMS "SUBVERSIVE"? 8. ARE THEY CHRISTIANS OR ORTHODOX JEWS? 9. DO THEY BELIEVE IN THE LITERALNESS OF BIBLE PROPHECY? 10. DO THE BOOKS LISTED AS "SUBVERSIVE" APPEAR ON THEIR CHECKED OUT LIST AT THE LOCAL LIBRARIES? These are profile questions that are fed IN, and the results come out. This LIST is then taken to some JUDGE IN A STAR-CHAMBER type of atmosphere who issues arrest warrants and those people are rounded up and put into "concentration camps" in a PREVENTIVE MOVE to KEEP THE PEACE AND SECURITY!! All of these items are very important to determine WHO IS, and WHO IS NOT LIKELY to be a threat to the New World Order. Any government that keeps such LISTS and DATA is a POLICE STATE, pure and simple, and their denials don't mean a thing. They then move into CRIME PREVENTION, which is what we went into right after 9-11, in the so-called WAR ON TERROR!! As President Bush said, "THOSE WHO ARE NOT WITH US ARE AGAINST US"! These are the words of a dictator and of a POLICE STATE, and the AMERICAN PEOPLE CHEERED. Do you see how powerful propaganda is? IT WORKS, TIME AFTER TIME. If it works, WHY CHANGE IT? The elite, sadly, are correct when they claim that the American people do not deserve any Constitution or Bill of Rights, because they will do nothing to PRESERVE IT. The average American is not ALERT ENOUGH to see any danger. They do not see the enemy within, even though their paper trail is a zillion miles long, and their so-called "conspiracy" is right out in the open!! All one has to do is READ THE WRITINGS OF THE ELITE!!!President Bush and Congress passed a very draconian new bit of legislation called the FREEDOM INITIATIVE, which requires that all children be given "mental health" exams. In the name of FREEDOM we will soon have FORCED EXAMINATIONS!! Right now, they say, it is voluntary, but you know what happens to all "voluntary" things! It is no different than the PATRIOT ACT, which makes a mockery of the word. The elite do those kinds of things because they hate the American people and mock them by this method. Of course, the elite socialists define the definition of what constitutes "mental health"!! And they are the enemies of the American way of life, and the enemies of freedom!! Anyone displaying any concept of "freedom" or independence would be subject to further investigation. We cannot have independent thought in a beehive mentality. All must bow to the state, and all must think as ONE. We move from individual rights over to the people's (the states) rights. America was formed as a REPUBLIC, and designed to protect INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. We are now moving into a "DEMOCRACY", represented by THE STATE, where INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS ARE REMOVED AND THE RIGHTS OF THE "MULTITUDES" are paramount. It never seems to dawn upon anyone that NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHTS AT ALL IF THERE ARE NO "INDIVIDUAL" RIGHT PROTECTIONS. The Constitution is a document about INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS that protects the INDIVIDUAL from mob rule. It is also a document that protects PROPERTY RIGHTS, which is why they are under such an assault by the globalists on the Supreme Court!! But how can freedom and liberty have any role in a POLICE STATE or "beehive" operation where all the people are simply "worker bees", except the elite? They cannot, and that concept must be stamped out of the people, especially THE YOUNG, as we enter the new "freedom initiative" for mental health!!Anyone found that "might" have a "mental problem" is to be put on drugs. SOON IT WILL BE MANDATORY. If the parent objects, the child will be taken away, because you are endangering the child's welfare, and you would be guilty of abuse. This is FORCED MEDICATION, and is a payback to the large pharmaceutical corporations who supported George W. Bush. Included in this legislation, which most Americans are totally unaware of, are interrogations concerning FAMILY LIFE, GUNS AT HOME, PARENTAL POLITICAL LEANINGS, AND ALL OF THAT TYPE OF THING. It is part and parcel of DATA COLLECTION for the New World Order. If you don't believe this, you soon will if you have children going to any PUBLIC SCHOOL, for it is coming in the 2005-2006 school year, so get ready!! DATA PROFILING gives the police state all the information it needs to identify all possible enemies of the state or "enemy combatants", and then "round-up" all possible "enemies of the state". Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Mao did it and all dictatorships do it. The New World Order is a dictatorship with such immense power that the people of the world say "WHO CAN MAKE WAR WITH THE BEAST?" Indeed, no one can!! OK, so now we know why the great push to collect all of the data on people. But how do we connect all of this data to the person? How do we know if that person REALLY IS who he or she claims to be? How can we prove POSITIVE IDENTITY? So the next step in all of this is to be able to TIE THE DATA RECORD TO THE ACTUAL PERSON. In order to do that, we must come up with some form of POSITIVE ID SYSTEM, ONE THAT IS VIRTUALLY FOOL PROOF. One that the police can use when they stop you and say "Your papers, please". Only your papers will be your national ID card, soon to come. Right now because of Homeland Security laws, your driver's license will be your ID card, and soon to come, a national card of some type, and then your right hand or your forehead. A simple scan will positively identify you, and then link that to the central database to find out all about you!! And you thought it could never happen? Guess again!! Everyone is so concerned about "terrorism" that now the push is on to establish a means of positive ID. Iris scans, fingerprint scans, facial recognition devices, DNA samples, government national ID cards and all of that are being talked about daily. But there is only one form of ID that is the most secure of all - THE INSERTION OF A COMPUTER DATA CHIP INTO THE RIGHT HAND OR THE FOREHEAD that identifies the bearer. There is no other way, which is why "SILENT WEAPONS" CALLED FOR A COMPUTER CHIP IN EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH as the final apex to the entire financial system. The ANTICHRIST SYSTEM IS ESSENTIALLY A FINANCIAL SLAVERY SYSTEM with every financial move tracked and recorded. The excuse? So the elite can "fine tune" the economy!! The real reason? To track and control every single person on earth, just as the Bible said!!Each computer chip is a Tessera chip. Tessera chips are the single chips that make up a tile mosaic, like you see in swimming pools or fancy walls. Each person is a tessera, and the human population makes up the mosaic. Hence the super secret Black Project Tessera and Mosaic fulfill Bible prophecy to the letter. Project LUCID is the satellite hardware and software to track EACH TESSERA OF THE MOSAIC. In other words, the elite considers you as simply part of a living mosaic, and we all will be tracked in our movements and activities by LUCID, a play of words on LUCIFER!! Yet few people even know all of this is happening!! You see, the elite want to be like God, and know everything about everyone!! The 666 system is well advanced. We are now living under an inverted 666 system, the 999 systems of tracking individuals. If you watch carefully, almost all movies imbed the number 666 in their films. The occult thinks it brings them good fortune, for 666 is a power number to them. You will see it in advertisements on TV as well. They sneak it in, so you don't notice it. For example, someone walks into a hotel and they show a clock that reads six o'clock. Then the person moves over to an elevator and pushes the number six. Then they ride up the elevator and the light flashes six!! There you have 666 right under the noses of the dumbed down population who are being mocked at every turn by the occult elite!! Soon, however, the 666 system will come right out into the open, but it will be "debunked" as having nothing to do with prophecy. We are now being told that the Bible number for the beast is not 666, but rather 616, and that 666 is a "misinterpretation"! Here is how the 999 systems works today:1. Your BANKING SYSTEM NUMBER - This is NOT your account number, but the BANK TRANSACTION SYSTEM NUMBER - on the bottom of your checks, on the far left, usually, you will find a NINE DIGIT NUMBER, and that is your BANK TRACKING NUMBER, that tracks you through the entire system - the Fed, the global system, anywhere your check goes to. It makes the entire system work. Without it, no transaction would work!! The BANK TRACKING NUMBER IS THE KEY NUMBER. It has NINE DIGITS. 2, Your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER - It is the NUMBER OF YOUR NAME. In place of your surname, you are simply given a NUMBER. The Bible claims that God gives you your name, but does so through your parents. In other words, THEY THINK they are naming you, but God actually puts your name in their hearts and minds. You are a person, a soul, a SPIRIT BEING. You are important to God and His plan for the world. If God knows when any living thing dies, and is aware of it, how much more so does He care for you? However, to the elite, who are godless, who do not believe in any of the values you hold, you are merely a NUMBER!! You are called A USELESS EATER, and CANNON FODDER, fit only to work for the state and then be done away with when your usefulness to society is over. They are LOVELESS, and have NO COMPASSION, NO CONSCIENCE. To them, the world is merely a machine to be used as they wish, and you are merely a cog in that machine. Part of the living mosaic, just one more WORKER BEE in the hive of humanity. Hence to them your name is nothing more than a PART NUMBER. You are now called a HUMAN RESOURCE. You are also classified by the United Nations, if you read their documents, as an "enemy of nature". You are the enemy of all animals, who hold a higher place on the scale of worth than human beings. Your number, the NUMBER OF YOUR NAME, was not supposed to be used for identification. That's what the government told everyone when it conned them into accepting the Social Security Card. Now, however, as was planned even back then, your social security number is used for drivers licenses, banking ID, military ID, medical records, credit card companies, just about everyone demands you social security number to prove who you are! THE NUMBER OF YOUR NAME HAS NINE DIGITS. 3. Your ZIP CODE - check it out, it has NINE DIGITS. With all of the new Homeland Security regulations going to operation, you cannot open a Post Office Box without supplying proper identification. Included is your actual name, physical address, length of time at that residence, etc. They know where you live. New regulations also require that if you even rent or buy a new home your name is run through HOMELAND SECURITY so they also know where you live. The noose is slowly tightening, all in the name of "terrorism" the new manufactured enemy to bring in the New World Order. Did you know that the first domestic spies in America were the Post Office? Did you know that a UPS driver actually was the cause of the siege at WACO against the Branch Davidians? The driver reported what he thought was "suspicious" activity at their home and church. A senseless slaughter was the result. Did you know that the government is attempting to turn all delivery people into SPIES? YOUR ZIP CODE HAS NINE DIGITS. So there you have it - the 999 system in full operation, the inverted 666 system!! Remember the Bible says that everything becomes INVERTED, that is, good becomes evil, and evil becomes good. The good people are slowly labeled as criminals, and criminals are elevated TO LEADERSHIP AND CALLED GOOD. The 999 system is simply an upside down 666. You see, you are nothing but a RESOURCE, that must be educated to work within the system, used and then discarded when you are no longer a "productive" citizen. The Bible claims that the antichrist system rises up over a long period, silently, unknown, not identified by the people of the world for what it is. Suddenly, without any warning, IT COMES INTO PLACE. How close are we? VERY CLOSE. The rise of HOMELAND SECURITY IN AMERICA, the result of the 9-11 attack, has moved the prophetic NAZI POLICE STATE TRANSITION OF AMERICA INTO HIGH GEAR. Our book "BABYLON IS RISING" published back in 1988 told all about it. That book was so controversial that it was banned from Christian bookstores, radio advertising and few would carry it. Why? Because it identified everything going on and they were afraid to touch it!! We still publish it, but it is in a format for three-ring binder as a study guide. We also have "THE AMERICAN-BABYLON CONNECTION" (a six-hour revealing documentary), "WHY AMERICA IS BABYLON", and a complete an 8-hour audio set "BABYLON IS RISING" taped at a seminar we did. We also did a seminar in Dallas Texas that was filmed for us called "THE DALLAS SEMINARS - AMERICA BABYLON". It is happening exactly as we said it would!! The elimination of Constitutional restraints against government intrusion via the Patriot Acts will soon turn into the total and complete elimination of all restraints of government. ANTICHRIST IS TOTAL LAWLESSNESS IN GOVERNMENT, or GOVERNMENT WITH NO RESTRAINTS, that goes on a rampage of murder. The target: All people that hold to normal ethical values and that believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, God and good!!

Investing and Donating ‘Money & Time’ Differently in this 21st Century

Indeed, it is time to harmonize our spending with the intention to help us re-build the ‘spirit of community’ – which somehow eluded us in the latter years of the 20th Century.

Are you ready and willing to start channeling your hard-earned money away from the giant, transnational corporations and towards small to medium-sized community businesses and home-based enterprises? Are you likewise, ready and willing to gift your charitable donations to those registered charitable organizations that are really making a difference in helping others to experience the reality of usuryfree living?

As a becoming usuryfree creative and a conscious, social investor are you willing to begin screening your investments so that you are NOT contributing to the obscene profits of banks, nor to the evils of war and violence and the related problems of poverty, scarcity and lack.

As the Iraq War rages on, more and more conventional investors with a social conscience are divesting their shares to avoid earning profits for any companies that are directly and/or indirectly connected to the military war machinery.

Astute investors are learning that indeed, they have an impact and corporations are learning that common human dignity can no longer be ignored as we progress into this 21st Century.

Awakening investors are seeking to support solution-oriented enterprises, thereby raising the bar and causing all corporations to eventually improve their questionable practices.

Young, debt-free corporations are emerging in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry with a new and unique vision that attracts community-minded investors who are seeking to invest their federal cash with creative investment vehicles whereby their dollars will help to rebuild the ‘spirit of community’ locally, nationally and internationally.

By merging with key global industries under one umbrella, any privately-owned company could offer its participating SDI entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in several industries at the same time and/or the ability to work in as many or as few as they choose.

One SDI company is likely to lead the way in the SDI industry with its plan to permit participating SDI entrepreneurs to invest a specified fee to enrol and maintain customers who have purchased products and/or services after viewing infomercials. This innovative marketing strategy will attract ethical investors with a community-minded vision. No longer will SDI entrepreneurs be expected to enrol family, friends, and neighbours to build up their earnings in their respective SDI Portfolios. As the paradigm shifts, they can seek investors who are willing to purchase these active customers and earn a reasonable profit every time that customer purchases a product and/or service in the future. This would be an absolutely a brilliant twinning of an investment and SDI marketing strategy.

This timely and unique investment strategy would fit with the current shift in buying habits of consumers as more and more of them are making a conscious choice to spend their money differently, thereby helping to re-build local community. Indeed, the rush to the big box stores and giant transnational corporate retailers is expected to decline steadily as the SDI industry continues to attract astute and aware consumers who are ready and willing to shop at small to medium-sized community businesses and at home-based enterprises where federal cash is accepted as a complement with whatever usuryfree community currencies that are in circulation within local networks.

Whatever products that can be accessed at wholesale prices, can be marketed to customers within our circles of influence whereby we request federal cash to cover any wholesale and distribution costs and agree to accept a usuryfree community currency for the mark-up portion of the sale. Any new lines of products (which are free of toxins) would be ideal for marketing locally for partial federal cash and partial community currency.

Notice that the usuryfree community currency movement is likewise attracting national media coverage as this shift to home-based shopping transforms local community. In June 2005, the Canadian MoneySaver, a renowned, national, financial magazine in Canada published an excellent article entitled ‘Print Your Own Money.’ Those interested can read that article at this URL:

This is significant as the SDI industry is ideal to be twinned with the usuryfree community currency movement. As mentioned above, time-traders need access to products and/or services at wholesale prices so that they can be marketed for a portion of federal cash and a portion of any local usuryfree, community currency.

The SDI industry offers multiple opportunities for people to access various products and/or services at wholesale prices, which can then by requesting federal cash to cover the wholesale costs and accepting any usuryfree community currency for the retail markup portion of the sale. And leaders in the the SDI industry can bring forth large networks of people to enrol with ‘Hour’ Third Market Network as participating time-traders.

Enter the Family Life Foundation. Historically, the usuryfree community currency movement offered from zero to a low rate of return to any investor BUT participants within the movement keep relating how their lives are being transformed in profound and wonderous ways. As a duly registered charitable organization, the Family Life Foundation welcomes generous donations from supporters who are interested in helping to advance any participating, usuryfree, community currency projects.

Investors who are ready and willing to turn away from traditional investing - with its singular goal of maximizing personal profit - are similarly ready and willing to turn away from the traditional solicitation of funds by those conventional charitable organizations that are not achieving the results expected by the grassroots workers and donors. Indeed, donors of federal cash are needed and appreciated by the Family Life Foundation as it is the key charitable organization funding the growth and development of the usuryfree community currency movement.

Let’s encourage all participating SDI entrepreneurs to not only implement the best practices of ethical investment in regards to ‘money and time,’ but also to channel their donated ‘money and time’ to help people experience the reality of usuryfree living. This is best achieved by supporting the Family Life Foundation in its efforts to expand the database of time-traders enroled with ‘Hour’ Third Market Network so that it serves us locally, nationally and internationally.

Special Invitation to long-time supporters/readers at The Cyberclass Network:

I am invite readers to carefully review this information and share it with others. I am seeking to enrol one SDI entrepreneurs, who are ready and willing to be re-educated about the benefits of becoming ‘usuryfree’ and ‘toxicfree’ while understanding that we are still required to function within the currency financial system. In this regard, it is my intention to network with leaders who are promoting the idea of becoming ‘usuryfree’ and becoming ‘toxicfree’ while earning a paycheque to advance our ultimate mission for everyone on this planet to experience the reality of ‘usuryfree living’ and ‘toxicfree living.’

I am seeking to network with SDI entrepreneurs who will assume a leadership role in helping to build the UsuryFree Network and the ToxicFree Network so that all who participate are enroled with ‘Hour’ Third Market Network as time-traders who are ‘ready and willing’ to market their respective products and/or services using partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

If you have questions you would like answered, please email me at: OR call me at: 1.613.824.1793

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Usuryfree Creatives are invited to support The Dorean Group who are exposing the banking fraud, speciifically in the area of mortgages.