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The UsuryFree Eye Opener is the electronic arm of the UsuryFree Network. It seeks active usuryfree creatives to help advance our mission of creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet. Our motto is 'peace and plenty before 2020.' The UsuryFree Eye Opener publishes not only articles related to the problems associated with our orthodox, usury-based 1/(s-i) system but also to the solutions as offered by active usuryfree creatives - and much more for your re-education.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seeking Usuryfree Creatives Who Will Double as SDI Entrepreneurs

Readers are invited to search for a unique, business opportunity with usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs, or simply add yet another stream of monthly earnings to your respective SDI Portfolios.

The paragraph below explains a bit about who “usuryfree creatives” are and what we are motivated to do.

“UsuryFree Creatives reject usury and the NWO (New World Order). What is usury? Usury is the correct word to to define 'interest on debt' as exacted by the creditor (the bank) on the debtor (the borrower). Usury is a scourge. It is never created and put into circulation by the banking institutions BUT it is exacted as a regular payment (usually monthly). The function of usury is to directly legalize plunder by the banks. If the debtor cannot pay both the principal and the usury portion of any loan or mortgage that bank has the power to steal the wealth from we-the-people. This action is absolutely immoral and it must be stopped. The control of the usury machinery by the banking syndicate will be stopped in this 21st Century when enough people are awakened to the greatest scam of the 20th Century.”

When I got notice that FB was going to be archiving these former groups, I created a page for “UsuryFree Network.”

You are invited to visit and “like” the page for “UsuryFree Network."

The paragraph below explains a bit about who “SDI entrepreneurs” are and what we are motivated to do.

“SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs are otherwise commonly defined as network or multi-level marketing distributors or associates. SDI entrepreneurs who are community-minded, are attracted to the SDI industry as it offers diversity and the networking element has the potential to play a leading role in the re-education process as well as the re-building of local community. Successful SDI entrepreneurs who are awakening to what is really going on in the bigger world of global politics and raw power are setting goals to not only acquire sufficient earnings from their respective SDI Portfolios to cover their living expenses but also to help fund “The UsuryFree Resolution” - that teaches ‘universal truth’ to those who are ready and willing to be ‘de-educated’ and ‘re-educated’ about topics that formal education neglects to teach.

This article ‘Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry’ offers essential background information for both UsuryFree Creatives, SDI entrepreneurs and/or otherwise.”

Yet another article that offers an abundance of background information for SDI entrepreneurs is titled: "The SDI Industry Likely To Offer Optimal "UsuryFree" Opportunities."

Making a decision to become a usuryfree creative who doubles as an SDI entrepreneur is the first step to help with the re-building our country that has been in economic decline.

Adding an honourable SDI opportunity to your SDI Portfolio is the next, best step to take a leadoing role is re-educating those who are ready and willing to be re-educated.

Together, it is our intention to do our part to improve the “health and wealth” of every SDI entrepreneur who enrols with our team of committed SDI entrepreneurs.

Look for the optimal SDI opportunity - one that offers far more than sales and marketing opportunity. When one is enrolled with our SDI team of usuryfree creatives - we will learn lots that formal education neglects to teach. Our database of SDI entrepreneurs are actively promoting noteworthy SDI opportunities as the optimal vehicles for (a) not only earnings solid sources of secondary income(s) but also for (b) networking the ‘truth’ to large databases of awakening SDI entrepreneurs.

Readers are invited to review the recent posts at The UsuryFree Eye Opener and at The SDI Eye Opener to determine if becoming a usuryfree creative who doubles as an SDI entrepreneur is a choice for you.

By promoting an optimal SDI opportunity - within the popular SDI industry, we are extending our influence both locally and globally.

Our SDI (Self Directed Income) team is making progress and moving forward with our intent to build a solid network of usuryfree creatives who are dedicated to maintianing and supporting our own loyal networks - that are connected locally and internationally.

Why buy from the giant trans-national corporations that are manouvering their selfish New World Order plans? Instead, we advocate buying locally (when possible) and/or from each other in our loyal networks of awakend and open-minded SDI entrepreneurs.

You are invited to read this post at The UsuryFree Eye Opener: “The UsuryFree Network Mibilizes.”

AND - I invite you to read “Networking Solutions and Aiding Debtors To Avoid Taxes and Evade Usury .”

Look for a unique, SDI opportunity that offers some truly amazing benefits and our SDI team continually seeks better ways to serve our own loyal network of usuryfree creatives.

We are committed to building a global network of usuryfree creatives (and ‘becoming usuryfree creatives’) - who will double as active SDI entrepreneurs, thereby earning secondary sources of income(s) to help finance the “usuryfree resolution.”

Informed and motivated usuryfree creatives who double as active SDI entrepreneurs are leading the way to re-educate people on the “truth” about modern money creation, and therefore, helping us promote the usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet.

Comments and feedback welcomed.

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy aka “Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy”

Monday, August 29, 2011

Powerpoint Presentation For the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity

We now have a powerpoint presentation available for SDI entrepreneurs who are marketing the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity.

Readers are invited to view it and share it with others.

Read more about the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity at this website:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The UsuryFree Network Mobilizes !!

- Using the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity as a Mobilizer, Fundraiser and an Online Community Builder ...

Usuryfree creatives have been talking about mobilizing - locally and globally - all across Canada and elsewhere in recent years.

We, the usuryfree creatives who double as SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs have decided to activate the UsuryFree Network and commence the mission of mobilizing debtors to action.

As our numbers are continually increasing, it is obvious that more and more debtors are being re-educated on the truth about modern, money creation.

Debtors are becoming aware that "usury" is the design flaw in our money system that is the root cause of "wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack" and all of the related problems, and as committed usuryfree creatives who double as active SDI entrepreneurs, they are acquiring first-hand experience from having the opportunity to exchange skills, goods and/or services by negotiating trades/exchanges using any usuryfree community currency as a complement with federal cash.

The UsuryFree Network is seeking leaders within the SDI industry - formerly referred to as the multi-level or network marketing industry - who support this mobilization idea to come forth, enrol with our SDI team and thereafter, offer to share their specific resources, financial and/or otherwise.

Send an email to: to offer your gift or donation if you have abundant financial resources and you are ready and willing to help adavance the mission for everyone on this planet to experience the reality of usuryfree living.

The UsuryFree Network has established a bank account at the Ottawa-Carleton Credit Union, 14 Chamberlain Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1V9. Account No. 2010866. Donations gratefully accepted to help advance the “UsuryFree Resolution.”

However, instead of direct cash donations it is recommended that each supporter commit to becoming a usuryfree creative who doubles as an SDI entrepreneur. At this time, we are networking the “Gemfortunes” SDI opportunity. Here is a link to one of our most recent enrollees: - where you can familiarize yourself with the uniqueness of the “Gemfortunes” SDI opportunity.

Supporters of the mission of the UsuryFree Network are enrolling NOW with this time-stamped, Gemfortunes SDI opportunity.Their individual and collective actions are proving this “Gemfortunes” SDI opportunity is a very effective mobilizing element. It is expected that many more debtors will choose to participate as usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs to expedite the long term mobilization process.

The UsuryFree Network has acquired a toll free number (Tel: 1.888. NOUSURY or 1.888.668.7879) to facilitate the mobilization process with the its growing network of SDI entrepreneurs. This telephone number will be used mainly to receive calls from active usuryfree creatives and/or prospective SDI entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to work with our co-operative SDI team.

The UsuryFree Network has acquired the domain name for “usuryfreeliving” - a place where we can share information, resources, products and/or services.

Over the years, the UsuryFree Network has hosted a number of meetings or gatherings in various locations in Canada. Now, and in the future, there are, and will be high-tech and social networking tools surfacing so that usuryfree creatives and SDI entrepreneurs can effectively communicate from their respective “home offices,” consequently, there may be less meetings at hotels or community halls and more “online meetings.”

We are exploring how the corporate and team leaders within our inter-connected, networks of SDI entrepreneurs can easily offer all participants the ability to barter and trade their talents, skills, goods and services by making the "usuryfree" LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) software a part of their marketing infrastructure using their own ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Years ago, both AOL and Microsoft have previously turned down John “The Engineer” Turmel’s proposal to launch an international "usuryfree" currency unit to facilitate trades/exchanges.

Committed usuryfree creatives remain hopeful that in the not-too-distant future, a leadership team within the SDI industry will emerge with a vision of the future of "usuryfree" e-commerce and launch a software that will facilitate our trades whereby we use a combination of any usuryfree community currency with federal cash.

The UsuryFree Network challenges usury free creatives and SDI entrepreneurs to build a very large database of informed debtors who will demand that their respective, corporate teams listen to what is most important to them - NOT paying "usury."

Usuryfree creatives maintain that as more and more SDI entrepreneurs learn how the design flaw of "usury" inflicts economic suffering and pain they will demand that SDI “home office” corporations set up and manage e-commerce accounts so that each participating SDI entrepreneur can not only purchase products and/or services from the “home office” company but also from each other.

Without a doubt, the "usuryfree" LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) software is evolving to where it can be used globally as well as locally. Given the ease of modern technology there is no reason why it could not immediately be added to the infrastructure of any SDI “home office” comapny.

The ultimate motivation could be created by explaining to each participating SDI entrepreneur, the amount of "usury" that will be saved by when the “home office” SDI Corporation agrees to provide the "usuryfree" software to facilitate trades among their active and growing networks. Indeed, even self-insurance (for vehicles and/or homes) is now possible with any growing database - especially an ever-expanding database of active SDI entrepreneurs.

During any transition period, traders can offer those products which have "usury-bearing" federal cash costs for sale at a negotiated ratio of "usuryfree" currency and "usury-bearing" federal currency. As participating traders find more and more places to spend their "usuryfree" currency they will use more and more of it and less and less of the "usury-bearing" currency.

During the last two weeks of August 2011, a number of usuryfree creatives have made a commitment to work the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity in co-operation with The UsuryFree Network. Each of these usuryfree creatives who now double as SDI entrepreneurs are now positioned to add new recruits as they set out to build their respective pyramid/cells of 13.

Currently, our SDI team is growing daily as those who are already enrolled are mutiplying and duplicating our efforts. Indeed, our SDI team is beginnign to grow globally and exponentially.

The pitch to acquire new enrollees with the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity is easy when people understand the mission of The UsuryFree Network.

All debtors are likely to choose to participate with the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity, when they know that all of the SDI entrepreneurs with The UsuryFree Network are invited to work co-operatively with the intention of creating sufficient monthly earnings so that each and every SDI entrepreneur will be in a position to commit a small percentage of their SDI earnings to further The UsuryFree network’s goal of mobilizing debtors - everywhere.

Readers are invited to read the examples of one SDI entrepreneur’s “Commitment.” Anyone is invited to adapt this idea of “commitment” to suit their individual abundance.

The UsuryFree Network is teaching each new SDI entrepreneur about the “Power of 13” the as the optimal method of building a solid SDI community. Additionally, each debtor who joins our SDI Team is encouraged to make a list of any talents, skills, products and/or services that they offer.

Eventually we will combine everyone's list and create a grand database so that we can purchase all of our products and servies from within our own loyal network.

Each new SDI entrepreneur in the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity will be invited to "gift-it-forward today" (GIFT) by offering a short-term, usuryfree loan of $300 (or less - depending on the amount needed) to motivated prospects for the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity, who are currently experiencing a shortage of cash.

As we increase our own loyal database we will accelerate the trading and exchange process so that we can use more and more of the "usuryfree" community currency and less and less of our "usury-bearing" federal cash. 

When 500,000+ debtors are buying and selling with a "usuryfree" community currency there will be evidence of political will to have governments create the "usuryfree" currency instead of borrowing from the banking elite and using our incomes taxes to pay them "usury."

(I am remembering and will paraphrase what Ottawa Mayor, Bob Chiarelli said during the municipal election campaign in November of 2000.):  "I do not see evidence of a political will at the municipal level of politics to initiate any project with the "usuryfree" LETS software."

Each new recruit to the SDI industry is encouraged to commit 13 hours each month towards "re-educating" themselves on "what they don't know they don't know." The Cyberclass Network is suggested as a starting place as it has various good cyberclassrooms where one can begin this "re-education" process for FREE. And, of course, the twin blogs, the UsuryFree Eye Opener and the SDI Eye Opener are recommended as regular places to visit and read the updates.

What's more, each new recruit with our SDI Team gets SDI (Self Directed Income) support for FREE as you set out to build multiple sources of income with your new SDI Portfolio.

As well, each new recruit with our SDI Team will learn about "grassroots politics" from the "libertarian" perspective. Though I do believe that "if voting worked to favour the common people, they (the usury elite) would make it illegal" there are ways that we can use the system against itself by taking advantage of “tax credits” for donations to officially registered political parties.

The UsuryFree Network will support groups and/or organizations which clearly understand that the mission is to create a "usuryfree" society. The UsuryFree Network will likewise support any active groups and/or organizations which are deemed to be doing critical work to help us to usher in this new age of "peace and plenty" by 2020.

For example, “the Kogi” who occasionally visit Canada from Columbia are worthy of our support as they are seeking to reclaim, protect and preserve planet earth and life itself.

The UsuryFree Network will be adding other worthy causes to a list as we move ahead to create a "usuryfree" scoiety.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for "peace and plenty" by 2020

I AM and I DO

Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy

PS: If you are debtor who is also (or is becoming) a motivated and a committed usuryfree creative, ready and willing to enrol with the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity as an active SDI entrepreneur - then you are invited to click on the link below and enrol NOW:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Principle of Usury Greed

By Tom J. Kennedy

Ten years ago I penned this article: “Usury-Freed Trumps Usury-Greed.” Ten years later the “Principle of Usury Greed” still dominates the orthodox, economic world of debt money.

The majority of people are still desperate debtors - that is they live in fear of their creditors because they owe sums of money that continue to grow because of the malfunction of usury. Our laws seem to favour the creditors who are granted the power to exact usury (interest) on the debtors’ loans and/or mortgages.

The fear factor emerges when debtors have trouble paying the principal and usury, because the creditor has the power to steal the property when the debtor cannot pay, and their “JUST US” court system commonly suppports the creditors. Most debtors live in fear and are unknowingly victims of financial and economic oppression because of this principle of usury greed.

The principle of usury greed is most destructive because it operates behind a smokescreen whereby formal education avoids teaching the t ruth about modern money creation.

The main objective of the principle of usury greed is to secure absolute control of all the wealth in this physical world. Indeed, the conquest of debtors is approaching its final completion, unless there is a quickening of the awakening.

Many debtors become dismayed when their self-imposed research reveals the truth about the design flaw of usury - the killer element within our modern, economic system of debt money.

Some debtors become so angry about being ignorant of the truth about modern (and historic) money creation that they stop their self-imposed research. They refuse to dissolve the money myths that have been built up over generations by the falsehoods accepted and promoted by fellow-debtors, church clergy, formal educators, misguided politicians and mis-informed media pundits.

Debtors are not expected to immediately believe or accept what they read in books, hear on CDs or view on DVDs for the first time however, to be honest with themselves, hopefully they will be motivated to pursue their own self-imposed research and acquire sufficient knowledge to aid them in making up their mind. Debtors are encouraged to study the facts and scrutinize them with the most powerful magnifying glass of truth.

The ultimate creditors - the global banking cartel - have discovered the secret of the principle of usury greed and apply it as masters of their craft in their mission (hidden agenda) of world power and dominance.

With a little effort and self-imposed research, debtors can become familiar with “what they didn’t know they didn’t know.” One of the key reasons the global bankers have been so successful with their lies, deceit and deception as it applies to modern money creation, is the incredible naivete of unsuspecting debtors, as well as the religious leaders and formal educators - all of whom fail to recognize and acknowledge the principle of usury greed. They fail to recognize and teach that the riches of the usurers have been accumulated through unscrupulous means.

Unfortunately, most debtors believe the Federal Reserve Banks in the Unites States are government owned. In fact, they are privately owned and under the control of the global bankers. These Federal Reserve Banks have a Board of Governors which compose the real shadow power that controls the federal government in the United States.

It was the policies of the Federal Reserve Banks that triggered the Depression of 1929, all subsequent recessions during the 20th Century and these multiple recessions of this 21st Century. Now they are intent on fomenting a forthcoming Depression that will make the 1929 Depression look like a Sunday picnic by comparison.

The time for action is now. The principle of usury greed must be explained to all debtors and the design flaw of usury must be exposed for the evil and immoral function that it causes on our modern economic system of debt money.

Indeed, we-the-people (the debtors) are in desperate danger of experiencing ultimate, economic slavery. In light of the crimes committed by the usurers pursuing the principle of usury greed against all debtors (individuals, families, municipalities, provinces/states, countries etc. various solutions must be explored.

Certainly, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry commands our attention as it is the leading sales and marketing industry of this 21st Century. A couple of SDI opportunities that are easily duplicated have been suggested as worthy vehicles to aid us in raising the necessary funds to network the optimal solutions that will lead us out of this current, worsening, financial crisis.

Readers are invited to read “Overcoming The Principle of Usury-Greed in the SDI Industry” to learn more.

Readers are also invited to arm themselves with true knowledge about modern money creation and make plans to host a local event to celebrate the forthcoming “Seventh Annual UsuryFree Week” from November 13th to 19th, 2011.

The 24/7 Digital Footprint of "Control"

Biometrics, RFID, CCTV & Linked Databases With Our Personal Information

I listened to Mark Lerner who was a guest on the radio talk show on GCN Live by Pastor Butch on Wednesday, August 24, 2011.

Mark Lerner invited readers to visit this website: where it is written:

“If you are not familiar with Safran you had better start getting familiar with this mega conglomerate.  As a result of Safran’s purchase of L-1 Identity Solutions, a U.S. headquartered company the next driver’s license you get will be a “Safran” license.  What’s that, “You do not care” if this company has access to your personal information, including your biometrics?  Would you care if you knew Safran is a French company, 30% owned by the French government and has had a nearly 40 year partnership with Red China?  I thought that might get your attention.  If you wondered how this sale took place without Congress interceding, the answer is simple; the sale did not require the approval of Congress, only the Treasury Department or more precisely the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States which falls under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department.”

Read the complete article at this link at the Constitutional Alliance website:

I learned that the Safran-Group which is twinned with Morpho has finalized the acquisition of L-1 Identity Solutions Inc., the leading identity management solutions provider in the United States. L-1 Identity Solutions also operates in Canada and elsewhere.

L-1 Identity is the global corporation with the technology used in drivers’ licenses, and as we progress into this 21st Century, the driver’s license is already being widely used for as a national identification card.

Timely and Informative Articles by Mark Lerner who is taking a leading role on exposing the movement towards a global ID card. Mark Lerner’s email:

1. Your Body Is Your ID

2. A Surveillance Society or a Free Society?

3. It's Time for a Real Discussion on REAL ID

4. Update on the Plans for a National ID

5. Will National ID Protect Us From Identity Theft?

6. Constitutional Tyranny

Other websites recommended by Mark Lerner:

Stop Real ID Coalition

Your Body Is Your Id

Readers are invited to share this information with others in cyberspace so that we-the-people are informed and ready to resist this 24/7 digital footprint of total control. Do not be fooled, it is NOT about ‘security’ it is about the ultimate ‘control’ of we-the-people.

NOTE: Readers who have any economic abundance are invited to contact Mark Lerner and offer a donation or gift to help with his work of exposing the 24/7 digital footprint of ultimate control.

Addendum: Readers are invited to buy Mark Lerner's book "Your Body Is Your ID" to fully inform yourself, your family, friends, neighbours and working colleagues.

A Couple of Informative You Tube videos:

Mark Lerner on Read ID:

Mark Lerner: Battling Biometrics

Real ID Exposed at National Press Club with Mark Lerner, Host

Your Body Is Your I.D. - Biometrics and Your Freedom - Part 1

Monday, August 22, 2011

Networking Solutions & Aiding Debtors To Avoid Taxes and Evade Usury

By Tom J. Kennedy
As we progress into this 21st Century, usury and taxes are enslaving the masses financially and otherwise. The philosophy of various levels of government has become tyrannical and oppressive.
Our politicians are supposed to be our servants however, during the past half-century they have assumed the role of dominating master. Too many fellow-citizens in Canada and elsewhere accept and foster this role reversal by requesting more protection and privilege from governments at all levels - municipal, provincial/state and federal.
The awakening ones are rejecting the various forms of dependence such as welfare, grants, licenses, subsidies etc. Their intention is to live as sovereign, responsible citizens refusing to continually see our liberties and freedoms being eroded. Overcoming financial enslavement is a significant issue in this mission to maintain our freedom.
According to hearsay, the three greatest lies ever told are: (1) I put the cheque in the mail yesterday. (2) I am a Baptist preacher, and I am going to speak only a few minutes. (3) I am from the government, and I am here to help you.
More and more people are asking questions and questioning the answers on all aspects of government agendas. The simple fact that none of the three branches of government are in control of the money supply is a key issue of ongoing discussion and revelations.
The most damaging element of the dishonest, orthodox, economic system of debt money is the malfunction of usury as it is applied to the Federal Reserve System, the fractional banking system, the commercial banking system, the credit card system etc.
Whether the Federal Reserve System in the United States or a similar financial entity in other countries of the so-called Western World, the vast majority of debtors have no idea that “money” and “credit” are created by private corporations.
In the United States, the Federal Reserve System is a private corporation owned by a cabal of greedy, global bankers. Since 1913, when the Federal Reserve System was established, four generations of unsuspecting debtors have accepted the false belief that it is part of the federal government. A small minority of re-educated people know otherwise, but the lies, deceit and deception is so entrenched that any opposition is commonly ignored.
Throughout the 20th Century and into this 21st Century meticulous researchers have uncovered a tremendous amount of information and made it available for debtors to re-educate themselves. Every debtor is encouraged to become informed and enroll as a student with a self-imposed course of study to learn what formal education neglects to teach. A good starting point is to read the posts at the UsuryFree Eye Opener.
Hopefully, the next generation will become better informed and take the necessary actions to regain their liberty while rejecting the devious plans of the New World Order advocates who are seeking total, financial enslavement of all debtors through taxes and usury, and the use of plastic cards where every transaction can be tracked. Personally, I prefer to negotiate trades or exchanges with a combination of paper notes of federal cash and paper notes of any usuryfree community currency.
Our last, best hope of ultimate change is for mass numbers of debtors to refuse to accept the modern government philosophy of lies, deceit and deception as it applies to not only economics, but also, education, medicine, religion, justice (courts) etc.
The question arises to determine the optimal vehicle to use to inform mass numbers of debtors in the fastest time possible. The answer is to network solutions that will aid debtors to “avoid taxes” and “evade usury” through the sales and marketing industry that has become known as the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry - formerly or otherwise referred to as the Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing industry.

A very good backgrounder about the SDI industry is this article titled: “Analysis, Projections, Obseervations & Proposals For The SDI Industry."
The SDI industry continues to grow at leaps and bounds locally, nationally and globally. SDI entrepreneurs are actively investing time, energy and money to build Portfolios of SDI opportunities that give them access to secondary sources of residual income(s) - rather than passively investing in the volatile stock market.
What makes the SDI industry unique is the globally, interconnected and ever-expanding networks of active SDI entrepreneurs who are willing and ready to re-educate themselves and thereafter share their newly acquired knowledge and resources with others in their respective SDI networks.
Also, leaders within the various active networks in the SDI industry have the power and potential to share information and resources with large numbers of people who are enrolled in their respective teams/groups/networks etc. By the click of a mouse, countless thousands of people can be informed instantly, not only about specific information related to the selected SDI opportunity, but also about other important information that is not readily available within our walls of formal education nor from the meddling, mainstream media.
Historically, the SDI industry has focused on offering selected products and/or services that consumers repeatedly buy on a monthly basis. There are numerous, conventional SDI opportunities offering various health and wellness products, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, communication services etc.
The majority of these conventional SDI opportunities require the participating SDI entrepreneurs to commit to a monthly purchase of products (usually in the range of $100. To $150.) to qualify for commissions as described in the respective compensation plans. Any one (or more) of these SDI opportunities are worthy of having in an SDI Portfolio.
Additionally, there are now numerous SDI companies offering unique online opportunities whereby replicated websites contain all of the necessary information about the selected SDI opportunity and accompanying products and/or services. Many of these new SDI, online, opportunities offer hybrid marketing plans whereby participating SDI entrepreneurs are placed in a revolving matrix system (from left to right) by using a time-stamped entry date with a priority alogorithm.

These matrices often group the participating SDI entrepreneurs on “boards” that split after a given number of new enrollees and move on to another “board.” Commissions are paid to those at the upper levels when a board splits. Some of these online SDI opportunities permit individual SDI entrepreneurs to purchase more than one position on the “board.”
A note of caution to SDI entrepreneurs - be certain that the SDI companies that you enroll with will permit you to be active with more than one SDI opportunity. Some of the conventional, SDI companies have restrictive policies that forbid their enrollees to be active with more than one SDI company.

Though this policy is outdated in this 21st Century of online, free enterprise marketing, some of the conventional SDI home offices still enforce it and close the account when it is determined that the particular SDI entrepreneur is marketing products and/or services from more than one source in the SDI industry. In this modern world where “snitching” is approved and promoted by government authorities, it seems to have also infiltrated our honoured and respected free enterprise system.
More and more awakening debtors are being attracted to the SDI industry as are usuryfree creatives who are seeking to be re-educated about (a) the current dangers of the present, faltering economic system (b) the cause of these dangers and (c) how to experience the reality of usuryfree living.
How is this being accomplished? Obviously, debtors (we-the-people) must be re-educated and thereby be better prepared to take matters into our own hands. This takes organization and economic resources. SDI entrepreneurs are optimally positioned in the marketplace to network with like-minded people and organizations that are willing to share their expertise, skills and resources.
The UsuryFree Network which offers a FREE online blog titled The UsuryFree Eye Opener is a leading network of usuryfree creatives, intent on sharing knowledge, resources and information with debtors who double as SDI entrepreneurs. Likewise, the Family Life Foundation is a duly registered charitable organization that is committed to advancing the principle of usuryfree living by promoting the usuryfree community currency movement.
Each of these organizations needs economic resources (money) to further their self-imposed missions of teaching what formal education and the mainstream media neglects to teach. Participating SDI entrepreneurs are invited to donate or gift a minimum 10% of earnings from their SDI Portfolios to either or both of the above-mentioned organizations.
If an official receipt is requested for income tax purposes (for those who are voluntarilty filing annual income tax returns), the Family Life Foundation is authorized to issue such receipts. If an official receipt is not required, gifts or donations can be made to the UsuryFree Network.
In summary, debtors (that’s 90%+ of people) are invited to explore the SDI industry. A good starting point is to read and review the posts at the blog - The SDI Eye Opener. When any debtor has acquired a cursory knowledge of the SDI industry, s/he is invited to enroll with a minimum of one conventional SDI opportunity and a minimum of one, innovative, online SDI opportunity to give them access to monthly residual income(s). This action will commence your personal SDI Portfolio - likely to be more profitable than any conventional Stock Market Portfolio during these volatile economic times.
As more and more debtors realize the power and potential of the SDI industry they will enroll and transform to become active SDI entrepreneurs. Likewise, they will be motivated to become committed usuryfree creatives seeking proven ways to “evade usury” and “avoid taxes” - eventually experiencing the reality of a usuryfree lifestyle.
Furthermore, when debtors who double as SDI entrepreneurs improve their respective financial situation, they will be capable of funding the movement towards usuryfree living by gifting or donating money to either the UsuryFree Network or the Family Life Foundation and they will likely be motivated to do so.
There are a few conventional SDI opportunities presented at the blog - The SDI Eye Opener. Readers are invited to explore those SDI opportunities as presented there and select any opportunity that appeals to you. Of course, there are literally hundreds of other SDI opportunities in the global marketplace and readers have the option of researching any SDI opportunity and eventually adding it to an SDI Portfolio.
It is my humble observation that historically, there has been a high rate of attrition in the SDI industry. Secondly, because newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs are often employees with little or no experience in entrepreneurship, they have difficulty enrolling new SDI entrepreneurs with their respective teams or networks.

Therefore, there is great appeal for the new, online SDI opportunities that require a minimum of two enrollees to qualify for commissions from the respective compensation plans. While earning solid sources of secondary income(s), SDI entrepreneurs also learn about “avoiding taxes” and “evading usury,” thereby having extra money to help advance the usuryfree resolution to live a life freed from usury.

The Family Life Foundation, 6 King’s Inn Trail, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L3T 1T7 is a duly registered charitable organization that supports the usuryfree community currency movement,

NOTE: Readers with specific questions are invited to forward an email to: with the name of the SDI opportunity in the Subject line.

Like Daniel Butts says: "What We Can’t Do Alone We Can Do Together."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seeking two usuryfree creatives

Greetings and welcome to the UsuryFree Eye Opener. I am seeking two usuryfree creatives who are ready and willing to enrol with me in a new and unique SDI opportunity. (Details below)

The UsuryFree Eye Opener focuses on the problems associated with our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money and offers solution-oriented ideas for usuryfree living. We refer to the leaders in this self-imposed, re-educational mission as usuryfree creatives.

Whether you are becoming a usuryfree creative or you are already a committed usuryfree creative, you are invited to give careful consideration to the content of this message.

If you have been frequenting my twin blog - The SDI (Self Directed Income) Eye Opener you will probably be aware of the power and potential of having an SDI (Self Directed Income) Portfolio. If you as a usuryfree creative have not yet visited The SDI Eye Opener, this is your invitation to do so.

The SDI Eye Opener is being read by growing numbers of SDI entrepreneurs who are seeking to be better informed about the SDI industry. Most of the articles are “generic” in nature, though I have posted information about a small selection of worthy SDI opportunities that are offering unique and quality products in the health and wellness industry.

I am pleased to report that more and more usuryfree creatives are enrolling in the SDI industry to earn solid sources of secondary income(s). Usuryfree creatives are encouraged to direct a portion of their SDI earnings to help fund the growth of the usuryfree community currency movement.

Since usuryfree creatives are open to “diverse interests,” permit me to introduce readers to Gemfortunes - one of the newest SDI opportunities. Gemfortunes has some amazing and unique characteristics that are appreciated by active SDI entrepreneurs.

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Our slogan is “One team, one goal.” Our intention is to work closeply with our team of SDI entrepreneurs who are building their respective SDI Portfolios, so everyone on the team cycles through the matrices at the Gemfortunes Business Centre.


Based in Switzerland. Launched in late July 2011 by Jeff Carey and his team. As of today, August 18, 2011, 450+ gemstones have been shipped all over the world. Total members as of August 18, 2011 are 1050 from 25 different countries. This is remarkable progress after only three weeks.

Gemfortunes uses Alert Pay or Liberty Reserve for purchases. With the one-time $300 entry (plus fees) active SDI entrepreneurs are cycling quickly through the $600 payouts and the $12,000. payouts.

My personal replicating website for Gemfortunes:

Gemfortunes FAQ:

I am networking the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity with Daniel Butts from British Columbia. Daniel’s favourite saying is: “The concept that we follow is what we can’t do alone, we can do together.”

Daniel Butts’ website:

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Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy

PS: Please forward an email to: with “Gemfortunes” in the Subject line, after you have enrolled with Gemfortunes. When my two enrollees are entered into the matrix, any additional SDI entrepreneurs will be placed at the next open space - from left to right.

Let’s build this unique SDI opportunity together and earn sufficient income(s) to help advance the usuryfree community currency movement as we progress into this 21st Century.

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.” - African Proverb

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The Eight Veils

Finally, I understand.

It's not that those who don't see that their freedom is vanishing under the leadership of the power-elite "don't want to see it," they simply can't see what is happening to them because of the unpierced veils that block their view.

All human endeavors are a filtration process:

Behind the first veil: There are over six billion people on the planet. Most of them live and die without having seriously contemplated anything other than what it takes to keep their lives together. Ninety percent of all humanity will live and die without having pierced the first veil.

The first veil:
Ten percent of us will pierce the first veil and find the world of politics. We will vote, be active and have an opinion. Our opinions are shaped by the physical world around us; we have a tendency to accept that Government officials, network media personalities and other ?experts? are voices of authority. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the second veil.

The second veil:
Ten percent of us will pierce the second veil to explore the world of history, the relationship between man and government and the meaning of self-government through constitutional and common law. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the third veil.

The third veil:
Ten percent of us will pierce the third veil to find that the resources of the world, including people, are controlled by extremely wealthy and powerful families whose incorporated old world assets have, with modern extortion strategies, become the foundation upon which the world?s economy is currently indebted. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die
without having pierced the fourth veil.

The fourth veil:
Ten percent of us will pierce the fourth veil to discover the web of Illuminati, Freemasonry and the other secret societies. These societies use symbols and perform ceremonies that perpetuate the generational transfers of arcane knowledge that is used to keep the ordinary people in political, economic and spiritual bondage to the oldest bloodlines on earth. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the fifth veil.

The fifth veil:
Ten percent of us will pierce the fifth veil to learn that the Masters of the secret societies are in possession of ancient knowledge and advanced energy technology they keep hidden, while they create oil wars for profit. They control the actions of their ?elected? politicians/servants/soldiers as offhandedly as we tell our children when they must go to bed. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the sixth veil.

The sixth veil:
Ten percent of us will pierce the sixth veil where the devils and demons are real and are the controlling forces behind the Masters of the secret societies. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without piercing the seventh veil.

The seventh veil:
I do not know what is behind the seventh veil. I think it is where your soul is evolved to the point you can exist on earth and be the man Christ was, and brighten the world.

The eighth veil:
Piercing the eighth veil probably reveals God and the pure energy that is the life force in all living things-which are, I think, one and the same. If my math is accurate there are only about 60,000 people on the planet who have pierced the sixth veil.

The irony here is too incredible: Those who are stuck behind veils one through five have little choice but to view the people who have pierced the veils beyond them as insane. With each veil pierced, exponentially shrinking numbers of increasingly enlightened people are deemed insane by exponentially increasing masses of decreasingly enlightened people.

Adding to the irony, the harder a "sixth or better veiler" tries to explain what he is able to see to those who can't, the more insane he appears to them.

The veils and the state

Behind the first two veils we find the great majority of people on the planet. They are tools of the state: Second veilers are the gullible voters whose ignorance justify the actions of politicians who send first veilers off to die in foreign lands as cannon fodder. Their combined stations in life are to believe that the self-serving machinations of the power-elite are matters of national security worth dying for.

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth veilers are of increasing liability to the state because of their decreasing ability to be used as tools to consolidate power and wealth of the many into the hands of the power-elite. It is common for these people to sacrifice more of their relationships with friends and family, their professional careers and personal freedom with each veil they pierce.

Albert Jay Nock (1870-1945), author of "Our Enemy, the State" (1935), explained what happens to those who find the seventh and eighth veils: "What was the best that the state could find to do with an actual Socrates and an actual Jesus when it had them? Merely to poison one and crucify the other, for no reason but that they were too intolerably embarrassing to be allowed to live any longer."


And so now we know that it's not that our countrymen are so committed to their lives that, "they don't want to see" the mechanisms of their enslavement and exploitation. They simply "can't see" it as surely as I cannot see what's on the other side of a closed curtain.

The purpose of this essay is threefold:

1. To help the handful of people in the latter veils to understand why the masses have little choice but to interpret their clarity as insanity;

2. To help people behind the first two veils understand that living, breathing and thinking are just the beginning and;

3. Show people that the greatest adventure of our life is behind the next veil because that is just one less veil between ourselves and God.

Author Unknown
This post begs the question - just what determines who will penetrate any given veil and at what time in their development? And, what of those who have penetrated most veils but say nothing because they realize the futility of trying to explain what real life is all about? YOU DECIDE IF AND WHEN YOU PASS THROUGH A VEIL.

NOTE: A couple of revealing and supporting video clips.
1.   Slavery And The 8 Veils
2.   Slavery And The 8 Veils - Part 2

5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World

By Silver Shield, on June 23rd, 2011

"The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history. This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world. All human activity is controlled by money. Our wealth, our work, our food, our government, even our relationships are affected by money. No money in human history has had as much reach in both breadth and depth as the dollar. It is the de facto world currency. All other currency collapses will pale in comparison to this big one.

All other currency crises have been regional and there were other currencies for people to grasp on to. This collapse will be global and it will bring down not only the dollar but all other fiat currencies, as they are fundamentally no different. The collapse of currencies will lead to the collapse of ALL paper assets. The repercussions to this will have incredible results worldwide. (Read the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield to protect yourself from this collapse.)

Thanks to the globalization and the giant vampire squids of the Anglo-American Empire, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. It supports the global economy in settling foreign trade, most importantly the Petro Dollar trade. This money is recycled through the City of London (not to be confused with London) and New York. This fuels our corporate vampires that acquires and harvests the wealth of the world.

The corporate powers suppress REAL assets like natural resources and labor to provide themselves massive profits. This Fascist, Statist, Collectivist model provides the money into the economy to fund an ever increasing federal government. That government then grows larger and larger enriching its minions with jobs to control their fellow citizens. Finally, to come full circle, the government then controls other nations through the Military Industrial Complex.

This cycle will be cut when the mathematically and inevitable collapse of the dollar occurs. In order for our debt based money to function we MUST increase the debt every year in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before or we will enter a deflationary death spiral. When debt is created, money is created. When debt is paid off, money is destroyed. There is never enough to pay off the debt, because there would be not one dollar in existence.

We are at a point where we either default on the debt, willingly or unwillingly, or create more money/debt to keep the cycle moving. The problem is if you understand anything about compounding interest, we are reaching the hockey stick moment where the more debt that is incurred, the less effective it is and this leads us to hyper inflation. There are only two actors needed for this hyper inflation, the Lender of Last Resort, the Fed, and the Spender of Last Resort, the government. These two can, and will, blow up the system.

I believe they will wait until the next crisis and the whiff of deflationary depression before they fire up the printing presses. That crisis is coming very soon at the end of this summer or fall. The money and emergency measures are worn out. The fact that NONE of the underlying problems that caused the 2008 crisis have been resolved. The only thing that has happened is that instead of corporate problems, we now have nation problems. In this movie Greece will play the role of Lehman Brothers and the United States will play the role of AIG. The problem is there is nowhere to kick the can down the road and there is no world government to absorb the debt, yet… (Problem, Reaction, Solution.)

So this leads me to the Top 5 Places Not To Be When the Dollar Collapses." (snip) ...

Read the complete article at this website:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The History of Banking Control in the United States

(An article of Alain Pilote, first published in the Sept.-Oct., 1985 issue of the Vers Demain Journal.)

"The bankers' dictatorship and their debt-money system are not limited to one country, but exist in every country in the world. They are working to keep their control tight, since one country freeing itself from this dictatorship and issuing its own interest- and debt-free currency, setting the example of what an honest system could be, would be enough to bring about the collapse of the bankers' swindling debt-money system worldwide.

This fight of the International Financiers to install their fraudulent debt-money system has been particularly vicious in the United States of America since its very foundation, and historical facts show that several American statesmen were well aware of the dishonest money system the Financiers wanted to impose upon America, and of all of its harmful effects. These statesmen were real patriots, who did all that they possibly could to maintain for the U.S.A. an honest money system, free from the control of the Financiers. The Financiers did everything in their power to keep in the dark this facet of the history of the United States, for fear that the example of these patriots might still be followed today. Here are these facts that the Financiers would like the population to ignore:

The happiest population:

We are in 1750. The United States of America does not yet exist; it is the 13 Colonies of the American continent, forming “New England”, a possession of the motherland, England. Benjamin Franklin wrote about the population of that time: “Impossible to find a happier and more prosperous population on all the surface of the globe.” Going over to England to represent the interests of the Colonies, Franklin was asked how he accounted for the prosperous conditions prevailing in the Colonies, while poverty was rife in the motherland:

“That is simple,” Franklin replied. “In the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Scrip. We issue it in proper proportion to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to no one.”

The English bankers, being informed of that, had a law passed by the British Parliament prohibiting the Colonies from issuing their own money, and ordering them to use only the gold or silver debt-money that was provided in insufficient quantity by the English bankers. The circulating medium of exchange was thus reduced by half.

“In one year,” Franklin stated, “the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed.”

Then the Revolutionary War was launched against England, and was followed by the Declaration of Independence in 1776. History textbooks erroneously teach that it was the tax on tea that triggered the American Revolution. But Franklin clearly stated:

“The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters, had it not been the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English bankers on the Parliament: which has caused in the Colonies hatred of England, and the Revolutionary War.”

The Founding Fathers of the United States, bearing all these facts in mind, and to protect themselves against the exploitation of the International Bankers, took good care to expressly declare, in the American Constitution, signed at Philadelphia, in 1787, Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 5: “Congress shall have the power to coin money and to regulate the value thereof.”

The Bank of the Bankers:

But the bankers did not give up. Their agent, Alexander Hamilton, was named Secretary of Treasury in George Washington's cabinet, and advocated the establishment of a federal bank to be owned by private interests, and the creation of debt-money with false arguments like: “A national debt, if it is not excessive, will be to us a national blessing... The wisdom of the Government will be shown in never trusting itself with the use of so seducing and dangerous an expedient as issuing its own money.” Hamilton also made them believe that only the debt-money issued by private banks would be accepted in dealing abroad.

Thomas Jefferson, the Secretary of State, was strongly opposed to that project, but President Washington was finally won over by Hamilton's arguments. A federal bank was thus created in 1791, the “Bank of the United States”, with a 20 years' charter. Although it was termed “Bank of the United States”, it was actually the “bank of the bankers”, since it was not owned by the nation, but by individuals holding the bank's stocks, the private bankers. This name of “Bank of the United States” was purposely chosen to deceive the American population and to make them believe that they were the owners of the bank, which was not the case. The charter for the Bank of the United States ran out in 1811, and Congress voted against its renewal, thanks to the influence of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson:

“If Congress,” Jackson said, “has a right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use by themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.”

Thus ended the history of the first Bank of the United States. But the bankers did not play their last card." (snip) ...

Read the complete article at this website:

10 Reasons America will Collapse very soon

"The 10 economic charts that you are about to see are completely and totally shocking. If you know anyone that still does not believe that the United States is in the midst of a long-term economic decline, just show them these charts. Sometimes you can quote economic statistics to people until you are blue in the face and it won’t do any good, but when those same people see charts and pictures suddenly it all sinks in.

What is great about charts is that you can very easily demonstrate what has been happening to the economy over an extended period of time. As you examine the economic charts below, pay special attention to what has been happening to the U.S. economy over the last 30 or 40 years.

The truth is that what is wrong with the U.S. economy is not a great mystery. All of the economic problems that we are experiencing now have taken decades to develop. Hopefully the charts in this article will help people realize just how nightmarish our economic problems have become, because until people start realizing how incredibly bad things have gotten they will never be willing to accept the dramatic solutions that are necessary to fix our financial system.

The sad fact of the matter is that we have been living in the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world over the last 40 years. All of this debt has purchased a wonderful standard of living for the vast majority of us, but all of this debt has also destroyed the economic future of our children and our grandchildren. Someday future generations will look back on what we have done in absolute horror.

The 10 economic charts posted below are meant to shock you. Most Americans today need to be shocked before they will be motivated to take action. Please share these charts with as many people as you can. Hopefully we can wake enough people up that something will be done about all of these problems while there is still time. (snip) ...

Read the details of the 10 Reasons America Will Collapse very soon at this website:

The Credit River Decision

"An honest judge rules honestly on money matters.

A Minnesota Trial Court's decision holding the Federal Reserve Act unconstitutional and VOID; holding the National Banking Act unconstitutional and VOID; declaring a mortgage acquired by the First National Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota in the regular course of its business, along with the foreclosure and the sheriff's sale, to be VOID.

Full report:

This decision, which is legally sound, has the effect of declaring all private mortgages on real and personal property, and all U.S. and State bonds held by the Federal Reserve, National and State Banks to be null and VOID. This amounts to an emancipation of this nation from personal, national and State debt purportedly owed to this banking system. Every True American owes it to himself/herself, to his or her country, and to the people of the world for that matter, to study this decision very carefully and to understand it, for upon it hangs the question of freedom or slavery.


The "Credit River Decision" handed down by a jury of 12 on a cold day in December, in the Credit River Township Hall, was an experience that I'll never forget.

The Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court had phoned me a week before the trial and asked me if I would be an associate justice in assisting Justice Martin V. Mahoney since he had never handled a jury trial before. I accepted, and it took me two hours to get my car running in the 22 below zero weather.

I got to the court room about 30 minutes before trial, and helped get the wood stove going, since the trial was being held in an unheated store room of a general store. This was the first time I met Justice Mahoney, and I was impressed with his no nonsense manner of handling matters before him. My OB was to help pick the jury, and to keep Jerome Daly and the attorney representing the Bank of Montgomery from engaging in a fist fight. The court room was highly charged, and the Jury was all business.

The banker testified about the mortgage loan given to Jerome Daly, but then Daly cross examined the banker about the creating of money "out of thin air," and the banker admitted that this was standard banking practice. When Justice Mahoney heard the banker testify that he could "create money out of thin air," Mahoney said, "It sounds like fraud to me." I looked at the faces of the jurors, and they were all agreeing with Mahoney by shaking their heads and by the looks on their faces.

I must admit that up until that point, I really didn't believe Jerome's theory, and thought he was making this up. After I heard the testimony of the banker, my mouth had dropped open in shock, and I was in complete disbelief. There was no doubt in my mind that the Jury would find for Daly.

Jerome Daly had taken on the banks, the Federal Reserve Banking System, and the money lenders, and had won.

It is now twenty eight years since this "Landmark Decision," and Justice Mahoney is quoted more often than any Supreme Court justice ever was. The money boys that run the "private Federal Reserve Bank" soon got back at Mahoney by poisoning him in what appeared to have been a fishing boat accident (but with his body pumped full of poison) in June of 1969, less than 6 months later.

Both Jerome Daly and Justice Martin V. Mahoney are truly the greatest men that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The Credit River Decision was and still is the most important legal decision ever decided by a Jury." (snip) ...

NOTE: This article by Bill Drexler is published at this website:

Other websites re: The Credit River Decision

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Usury and the Collapse of Empires

By Daniel Lemire

"The American government recently played Russian roulette with its economy by threatening to default on its debt. Of course, nobody actually thought that the Americans would truly default at this time. After all, the Americans can quite literally print dollars to pay their debt. But it is also possible that the USA has entered a state of decline: massive public and private debts without growth quickly leads to collapse.

While it is a cliché, I am fascinated by the analogy between the American superpower and the fall of the Roman Empire. The economics of the Roman Empire during its decline bear some similarity to our current situation.

Rome partially moved away from a gold-based currency some time during its decline. It started to mint coins with less gold content. Similarly, the Americans switched to a fiat currency in the seventies under Nixon. The American government no longer guarantees a gold equivalent for the American dollar. In both cases, the currency became backed by the great economical and military power of the government. Unfortunately, this type of backing loses its efficiency when a decline is hinted. Your dollars are only valuable if you think that the USA will keep growing stronger. If you think that the American economy might suffer on the long term, then American dollars are much less interesting. Thus, predictions of decline become self-fulfilling.

During the fall of the Roman Empire, many citizens were enticed to borrow from the super wealthy. Eventually, the peasant class was wiped out: they became serfs. Serfs live in conditions where they cannot possibly expect to improve their conditions. They constantly owe more than they earn. They are, effectively, slaves.

The Catholic Church, which emerged at the time, correspondingly considered usury to be a sin. While it seems that the stance of the Catholic Church on usury is quite a bit more flexible today, religions like Islam still forbid usury. Judaism only allows usury toward non-Jews.

What is usury? Lending money knowing that it will make people poorer. Correspondingly, most consumer debt is usury. It is a transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich which makes us, overall, poorer. Lending money to Greece at this time is also usury.

Could the religious stance against usury be wise?

Economists who expect people to be rational won’t believe in usury. Surely, people borrow money to be better off. Yet the average credit card debt per household is over $15,000 in the USA (and it grows all the time, of course). Does anyone believe that these $15,000 are invested in highly profitable ventures? (They would need to be highly profitable since credit cards often charge over 15% for loans.)

Conclusion: This is meant to be a lighthearted commentary. I am an amateur economist. But can anyone convince me that credit card companies produce wealth by charging exorbitant interests to people who use the money to buy beer and chips? When more and more of our economy is based on such usury, is it not a sign of decline? Won’t the American peasants become serfs at this rate?

Note: 45 million of Americans are dependent on government food stamps. According to Business Insider, credit card debt is growing much faster than the median household income. Despite massive defaults on mortgages between 2007 and 2010, consumer debt has remained stable." (snip)....

NOTE: This article is originally published at this website:

Four Things You Can Do To Control Your Destiny In 2011 And Beyond

By Tom J. Kennedy

1. Research the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry with a goal to enroll as an SDI entrepreneur and create your own SDI Portfolio.

2. Establish a part-time, home-based, SDI enterprise

3. Network with local currency groups and agree to accept community currency as partial payment for any negotiated sales of products and/or services offered by your SDI enterprise.

4. Take advantage of the ‘tax credit’ machinery for federal political parties that is available for anyone who files an income tax form in Canada.

Indeed, if you are seeking to lead a balanced life on your own ‘economic lifeboat’ in 2011 and beyond, it is highly recommended that you take immediate action on the four above-mentioned suggestions.

Whether you are an employee, a salaried professional, a commissioned salesperson or the owner of a conventional business with employees, you are probably struggling to make ends meet after you pay the monthly usury, taxes and utility bills. You are exceptional if you have any time and/or energy left over to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

Based on current events and ongoing statistics your job or business security may be threatened by the shifting economic paradigm as we progress into this 21st Century. Why are you faced with these dilemmas?

The grim reality of the changing marketplace is that there is no longer any loyalty from the employer nor the employee. Either one can quickly become the next victim of our fragile and fickle economic system of usury-based economics.

What To Do?

The optimal strategy is to do your own research on our faltering, orthodox economic system and find out why the majority of your earnings is siphoned off to pay ‘usury on debt’ and ‘multiple forms of taxes.’ It is noteworthy that the greatest tax is ‘income taxes’ and a high percentage of every dollar of ‘income taxes’ goes directly to pay for debt service – which is correctly defined as ‘usury’ on government debt, at all levels, municipal, provincial/state and federal.

As a starting point for your self-imposed process of re-education, it is recommended that you purchase or rent a copy of the recently released DVD entitled ‘Money As Debt.’ Watch this DVD as many times as needed for you to grasp the critical economic concepts that formal education neglected to teach you. Then share the content of this DVD with your family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues and anyone else who is ready and willing to be re-educated. These newly enlightened people will become your dedicated team of networkers who will likewise be motivated to control their own destiny in 2007 and beyond.

For full details about how to buy or rent the DVD ‘Money As Debt’ forward an email to with ‘Money As Debt’ in the subject line or telephone:1.888.NOUSURY

The SDI Industry:

Your next area of research is the ever-expanding SDI industry. This industry includes any part-time or full time home-based enterprise that offers consumers products or services or any combination thereof. Basically, any enterprise or portfolio of enterprises where your earnings are self-directed qualifies as a duly identified SDI enterprise. Certainly, any direct sales enterprise including any network marketing, multi-level marketing or referral-based enterprise is correctly defined as an SDI enterprise.

Firstly, you are invited to read the article ‘An Analysis of the SDI Industry’ which is posted at this URL:

Then review and remember these staggering statistics about the SDI industry. There are approximately 20 million SDI entrepreneurs in the United States. Routinely, Canada has about 10% of that number (2 million) since Canada’s population is about 10% of the population of the United States. The SDI industry is currently generating about $32 billion in annual revenue when we include both Canada and the United States.

Newsweek Magazine has published an article explaining that 50% of all households in the United States are operating a home-based enterprise – which fits the definition of an SDI enterprise.

The Small Business Administration Department of the US Federal Government released an Annual Report in 2005 called ‘The Small Business Economy: A Report To The President.’ In this report, it is written: ‘Direct selling has grown more than 91% in the last 10 years and currently enjoys sales of $100 billion worldwide.’ This report also states that these SDI entrepreneurs who operate home-based enterprises work on average 10 hours less each week than those entrepreneurs who own conventional, non-home-based businesses.

Why Is The SDI Industry So Popular?

SDI entrepreneurs are launching their enterprise(s) with minimal investments of money – often less than $100. – while maximizing their investment of time and energy with knowledge learned from competent mentors. Few SDI entrepreneurs have previous business experience when they launch their first enterprise of the SDI Portfolio, yet this low risk industry boasts of ever-increasing earning potential for all who choose to pursue their goals.

The success of SDI entrepreneurs is related to their mentors who share their talents, skills, experiences and resources as well as adapting proven marketing plans for enrolling wholesale customers and serving networks of preferred retail customers.

It is amazing that the SDI industry generates significant revenue – locally and globally – while the mainstream media dismisses this phenomenon as ‘not newsworthy.’ Perhaps this is because little money is spent with the high profile, electronic and print media for conventional advertising.

Instead, the SDI corporations and distributor networks rely on word-of-mouth networking and they find this method of advertising the least expensive and the most effective.

Historically, the SDI industry has excelled on networking to build trusting partnerships that result in expanding sales. This partnership-based model of doing business is destined to grow as more and more astute consumers seek to spend their money within their own loyal networks of family, friends, working colleagues who double as business associates.

Additionally, SDI entrepreneurs qualify for significant deductions based on the cost of doing business and therefore, benefit from tax savings not otherwise available to employees or salaried individuals.

The other appealing element of the SDI industry is that monthly, residual earnings can be generated from one or more sources as one builds an SDI Portfolio.

When you are ready to explore some worthy SDI opportunities with the intent of choosing the optimal one to start (or add to) your SDI Portfolio forward an email to: with ‘SDI Opportunity’ in the subject line or telephone: 1.888.NOUSURY.

The Community Currency Movement:

The third activity that is a natural twin with any SDI enterprise is the growing awareness of accepting any community currency for partial payment of any negotiated sales. The key to maximizing this creative element is to treat any paper notes of community currency as having a value equivalent to paper notes of federal cash.

Any SDI entrepreneur can agree to accept any community currency as a complement with federal cash, but in order to get your products and/or services listed on any database you must enroll or join with an active community currency group or network.

It is common practice for an SDI entrepreneur to request federal cash to cover the wholesale costs of any product or service and agree to accept any community currency for a portion of the retail mark up. The percentage of community currency accepted is at the discretion of the SDI entrepreneur.

To familiarize yourself with the community currency movement, you are invited to view some CDs, DVDS, videos and/or read some books or literature and/or attend a seminar or workshop that explains the many benefits of participating.

To request the latest and best resources and/or to attend a workshop or seminar about the community currency movement, forward an email to: with ‘Community Currency’ in the subject line or telephone: 1.866.NOUSURY.

In spite of the chaotic economic times that are currently being forecasted by the economic experts, you can take control of your destiny and build your own ‘economic lifeboat’ by taking action on the ideas explained in this article. DO IT NOW!!

The ‘Tax Credit’ Machinery:

The fourth tool that is recommended for implementation by SDI entrepreneurs is the ‘tax credit’ machinery that is available for use by anyone filing an annual income tax form in Canada. The Elections Canada Act supervises the ‘tax credit’ machinery so that the common people who choose to participate in the political process can earn back some money from the federal government.

For example, with a donation of $400. to a duly registered, federal, political party, the donor gets a $300. ‘tax credit’ back from the federal government when the annual income tax form is filed. This percentage of ‘tax credit’ decreases as the donated amount increases.

Historically, less than 1% of those who pay income taxes take advantage of the ‘tax credit’ machinery as offered by the Elections Canada Act. In 2007, let’s increase that percentage significantly.

Active usuryfree creatives are currently communicating with various duly registered, federal (fringe) political parties seeking one or more that are willing to engage in mutually beneficial political activities.

Hopefully, a leader of a duly registered, federal, political party will come forth and authorize EDAs otherwise known as (Electoral District Associations) and permit them to be as automonous as the Elections Canada Act permits them to be.

Usuryfree creatives can implement this ‘tax credit’ machinery within EDAs to raise funds with a goal to advancing the agenda of monetary reform. Eventually, our goal is to control our political destiny and implement the necessary laws that will guarantee each of us the experience of usuryfree living and ‘peace and plenty’ by 2020 !!

For details of when and how and which political party to make political donations forward an email to: with ‘Political Donation’ in the subject line or telephone: 1.888.NOUSURY.

Message to Leading SDI Entrepreneurs

I am motivated to share this detailed communication with leading SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs because I view them as potential .001 percenters. Who are SDI SDI entrepreneurs? SDI entrepreneurs are otherwise or formerly known as multi-level marketing distributors or network marketing or referral marketing associates. I prefer the term “SDI entrepreneurs” as it leaves behind the negative energy associated with the multi-level marketing and network marketing industry in the latter years of the 20th Century.

Who are .001 percenters? They are that tiny minority of fellow-citizens who are awakening to what is really going on in the local, national and global circles of usury-based debt-money, energy, religion, sickness and disease, raw power and political greed, as well as what is going on in the usuryfree community currency movement, alternative energy, health and wellness, community re-building and spirituality. I see leading SDI entrepreneurs as potential “usuryfree creatives” thereby deserving to be referred to as .001 percenters.

Usuryfree creatives are those re-educated fellow-citizens who are now advocating usuryfree living as the preferred lifestyle of this 21st Century. They are creating their own loyal database of traders/barterers who are committed to spending their money differently by making a commitment to shop with home-based businesses and small to medium-sized community businesses. Using a usuryfree community currency as a complement with federal cash when negotiating trades is a definite trademark of any usuryfree creative.

I highly recommend that SDI entrepreneurs view the DVD set entitled ‘Money As Debt I & II’ (search for it at google video) and the DVD ‘Money: Who Creates It, Who Controls It’ so that they will understand the evil of the design flaw of usury and the power and potential of usuryfree living and how it has the potential to create peace, prosperity and abundance for everyone on this planet. Leading SDI entrepreneurs are potentially key personalities to aid in the building of this new database of usuryfree creatives.

I have agreed to commit to changing the way I spend my money for the next 13 months, and my first step in that direction is to commit tonpurchasing a minimum monthly purchase of $200. (Canadian Funds) from selected SDI companies. When open-minded and co-operative leaders emerge in our respective SDI Networks, then all who participate will reap the benefits of mutual co-operation each month. As this happens, we will be grateful and we will spend any extra earnings promoting and advancing the cause of usuryfree living for the mutual benefit of everyone on planet earth.

Please, share whatever research turns up about any optimal product lines as offered by various SDI companies as we seek to promote the best options of quality products and/or services for our loyal networks.

I visualize SDI networks as a way to grow the database of usuryfree creatives which is currently being crafted in various local communities so that participants can purchase products and/or services from fellow SDI entrepreneurs and/or from local small to medium-sized retail businesses by using partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

I have been promoting this idea of we-the-consumers making a conscious choice to shop within our own loyal database since early in 2000. Many people have said it is a worthy goal BUT to my knowledge, absolutely no one in a leadership capacity within the SDI industry has come forth to support and implement the idea as of this current date.

Some of my friends and associates within the various SDI infrastructures have had some discussions to consider the idea of supporting our own loyal database but no definitive action has been taken. In the meantime, various communities have commenced to build the local databases of participating traders with the Serenity Dollar, the Unity Dollar, the Calgary Dollar, the Ithaca Hour and the Tamworth Hour etc. Hopefully, others from the usuryfree community currency movement will join with entrepreneurs from the SDI industry and our own loyal database will begin to take shape in 2011.

No matter which SDI companies we choose to support, we are in the ‘people’ business and the ‘product’ business is secondary to this primary motive. It’s all about building partnerships with people who are willing and ready to share experiences and learn from each other.

In fact, before I register with any SDI Team to become a ‘preferred customer’ I intend to seek a commitment from the leadership of that SDI network that they are ready and willing to learn about and promote the concept of usuryfree living and how they can implement any usuryfree community currency to promote and expand their SDI enterprise(s).

A membership within any participating group offers one many benefits. One benefit will be to re-build our respective local communities by spending our money with local entrepreneurs. Another potential benefit is to become a follower of the blog - the UsuryFree Eye Opener. Yet another benefit will be discounted admissions to various meetings and workshops.

Our willing supporters – the true .001 percenters – recognize that we are currently entering a significant transition time. During this transition time we must earn some federal cash to complement our usuryfree community currency because we cannot yet acquire all of our personal, family and business needs solely with a usuryfree community currency.

You, who have earned your degree as a true .001 percenter, know that the debt increases exponentially because of 'interest' which ought to be correctly called 'usury.' And it is also correct that when 'usury' is eliminated from the money equation there will be abundance, peace and plenty for everyone on this planet. If you have not yet visited the UsuryFree Network, I am inviting you to read some of the information posted there.

We, who understand that the design flaw of 'usury' is the killer machine that is the key cause of violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack are indeed true .001 percenters. Those who do not yet understand are the 99.999 percenters. It has been determined by mathematicians that we need to awaken only 3% of the population to the 'truth' about 'usuryfree economics' and this will create the critical mass needed to 're-educate' the masses at a very rapid rate.

I envision this happening within the next two to five years but we – the ‘usuryfree creatives’ must take a leadership role now to make things happen. That’s what I am doing.

I see absolutely no point in dismissing any SDI company’s products as too expensive during these transitory times. We the .001 percenters, the ‘usuryfree creatives’ need to walk in and out of as many circles’ of people as possible. To bad-mouth or dismiss one SDI company’s products as too expensive and keep buying the cheaper products from the giant retail stores will only ensure the same result that we have been experiencing for far too long. We need to unite and do it NOW!

Our self-imposed mission is to re-educate as many 'usury keepers' as possible in the quickest time possible. Those who will choose to NOT to truly understand what 'usury' really does to our orthodox system of money will soon reveal themselves regardless of which SDI infrastructure they are associated with.

I am choosing to invest my time with awakening individuals who are just now learning that banks do NOT lend out depositors' funds. Indeed, more and more people are ready and willing to listen to committed .001 percenters who have an abundance of relevant resources to share.

If I had not been open to walking in various SDI circles in Montreal, Ottawa. Toronto and elsewhere, I would not have been able to influence some selected SDI leaders to awaken to the ‘truth’ about ‘usury.’ More significant, is the fact that these SDI leaders are now realizing that their respective SDI networks have many talented individuals with skills and/or services and/or products other than the products offered by their respective SDI product supplier.

They are realizing the advantage of having everyone in their respective SDI networks listed on a common database, whereby everyone is encouraged to spend their money within this database when purchasing products and/or services, thereby creating a different result. Currently, we are seeking to enroll individuals in one or more of the active databases and offering them a FREE listing in a forthcoming directory which could be printed and/or online.

We are teaching people how to create and spend their own 'usuryfree' community currency. I have made a decision to invest my time with individuals who are open and out-of-the-box thinkers who are willing to spend their money differently in 2011 and beyond. I choose to not argue/debate with 'usury keepers' who are intent on defending a wrong that must be corrected.

We are seeking to network with leading SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs who are enrolled with ethical and leading SDI companies whereby we teach people the importance of spending their money differently. That is to say, instead of continuing to spend money with giant retailers, big box stores and large franchises we teach people to shop within our own loyal database of home-based businesses and small to medium-sized businesses in our respective local communities.

Our long term mission is to connect every home-based and small to medium-sized business in Canada and the United States (and eventually the world) into one large database where we can create and spend our own usuryfree community currency – which will likely be a ‘time currency.’ This database could be referred to as the Third Market Network.

I have openly supported the concept of SDI entrepreneurs building an SDI Portfolio whereby, each individual is earning income from multiple sources. I maintain that as SDI entrepreneurs we have the right to purchase and operate a distributorship with more than one SDI company. Likewise, we have the right to network selected products from any SDI company for partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency within our circles of influence – family, friends, neighbours and working colleagues.

Alternatively, we can negotiate purchases of products and/or services from fellow SDI entrepreneurs rather than enrolling as an active distributor for that particular SDI company. We can initiate inter-trading of products and/or services. It is important to understand that when we negotiate any trade or exchange, we should request federal cash to cover any wholesale costs. The retail mark-up of the negotiated sale of any product can be accepted in any usuryfree community currency.

For example, if I purchase a product at a wholesale cost of $60.00 and it retails for a price of $100.00 I can accept $60.00 federal cash and $40.00 of any usuryfree community currency when I sell the product to someone on our own loyal database. Obviously, the more SDI companies that we welcome to be on our database, the more powerful our database becomes.

Understand also that during these transitory times, eco-friendly products are becoming popular and this is a first step in the right direction. For example, I put a spoonful of a conventional dishwasher detergent in some aluminum foil and squeezed it tightly and left it on the counter. Within 5 minutes, the foil was making noise and emitting smells and gases.

This simple demonstration shows the chemical being released from the conventional dishwasher detergent. A similar demonstration of a selected eco-friendly dishwasher detergent emitted no chemicals, no odours, and no gases. This simple demonstration was sufficient to have three friends make a decision to purchase the eco-friendly dishwasher detergent.

My point is that these friends still purchase pharmaceutical vitamins etc. and yet they have decided to change the way they spend their money for dishwashing detergent. By winning them over as customers of eco-friendly cleaning products, I will now have an opportunity to share more information with them as they seem ready to be re-educated.

If I had dismissed the eco-friendly SDI company as no better than the corporate products on the shelves of the giant retail stores and/or the big box stores or the big franchises, then I would have missed this small opportunity. I am of the opinion that the current lines of eco-friendly products are not perfect BUT they are a step in the right direction.

Amway is one of the key pioneering SDI companies. An SDI company started this year may indeed be a new SDI opportunity. There are many SDI companies that are somewhere in between and, any of these companies may choose to play a significant role during these transitory times. Each SDI company has many products that are different from other SDI products products. Every time an individual buys a products from an SDI company, a number of participating individuals within the respective SDI infrastructure get paid a commission. The SDI marketing model is perfect for motivating consumers to spend their money differently.

On of my friends who understands the potential of bartering/trading with any usuryfree community currency filed for bankruptcy in June 2002. He and his wife started their SDI enterprise in July 2002 and shortly thereafter, they are earning $3000+ every month and their income is rising very fast now as they have a solid foundation of repeat customers
buying products every month.

Such financial achievement is noteworthy and respected by myself and other ‘usuryfree creatives.’ We know that we can share our acquired knowledge with others and promote selected SDI products within our own loyal database and earn some federal cash and some usuryfree community currency at the same time.

I fully expect one or more SDI companies to emerge in the not-too-distant future that will be embrace the concept of ‘usuryfree’ living and make a usuryfree community currency a part of their infrastructure from their initial launch. This will make them more popular than existing SDI companies unless these existing SDI companies incorporate the idea of a usuryfree community currency within their already existing infrastructure.

Who knows? Anything is possible!! I welcome your feedback and constructive critical comments.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
AND 'Let’s celebrate usuryfree heaven in 2011’

Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy otherwise known as 'Tom J. Kennedy'